New Children’s Book ‘A Day at the Waterhole’ Celebrates Friendship and Harmony in the Jungle

BURLINGTON, Ontario — A heartwarming story comes to life in “A Day at the Waterhole” (ISBN: 978-1779416230), a captivating children’s book penned by the late James Marck. Originally written in 1993, this timeless tale has been rediscovered and brought to new audiences by Carol Perdic, with the help of talented illustrator, Chris White, and esteemed editor, Sandy White.

When two bull elephants both want to be the leader of the herd, a fight is bound to happen. Join the jungle’s cast of giraffes, monkeys, sloths, hippopotamuses, and other quirky creatures as they flock to preserve the harmony of their waterhole. Will the elephants find a way to get along?

James Marck was not only a journalist, author, artist, and musician but also a devoted husband, brother, uncle, and friend to many. Known for his kindness and gentle spirit, James poured his heart into crafting “A Day at the Waterhole.” His original handwritten manuscript remained tucked away until Carol Perdic stumbled upon it in her archives nearly 30 years later.

After rediscovering James’s story, Carol Perdic felt compelled to share its timeless message with young readers everywhere. Teaming up with illustrator Chris White, whose vibrant artwork breathes life into the jungle setting and its colorful cast of characters, Carol brought “A Day at the Waterhole” to life for a new generation of readers.

Perfect for children of all ages, “A Day at the Waterhole” is a timeless tale that reminds readers of the importance of friendship and harmony. Brimming with humor and fun discoveries on every page, this charming book is sure to captivate young hearts and minds for generations to come.

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“A Day at the Waterhole” is now out through Tellwell Publishing (RRP $24.95) and available through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Indigo and more.


Title: “A Day at the Waterhole”

Author: James Marck



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Genre: Children’s

Released: March 28, 2024

PAPERBACK ISBN-13: 978-1779416230

Publisher: Tellwell (

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