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Elite Miss Pennsylvania Partners with 20+ East Coast Hotels – Projected to Prevent More Than 1 Ton of Plastic Waste from Landfills

PHILADELPHIA, Pa. -- Danielle Alura, Elite Miss Pennsylvania, received the 2020 Olive Branch Certificate of Recognition from the Coalition for Peace Action for her efforts against climate change, to build a green economy. One of the achievements this year was Danielle held a socially distanced green talk outside Philly for hotel owners.

The hotel association she met with as her first step of influence was AAHOA, the Asian American Hotel Owners Association, the majority being immigrant owned. The attendees interested in her green program represented more than 140+ east coast hotels. She has already been able to convince more than 20 hotels so far to pledge against their plastic waste!

By choosing to adopt at least one of her suggested plastic prevention initiatives into their business operations, this will successfully prevent over 1 ton of waste from our communities' landfills by 2021. She is still meeting with more hotels and franchises as they voice interest in her free green program to reduce plastic waste and save money while going green. A new hotel franchise with more than 100 hotels is on board to implement her "No Excuse for Single Use" Program across their whole franchise.

Danielle is the current Elite Miss Pennsylvania, a member of the United Nations of Greater Philadelphia, a member of their event committee, a member of the Coalition for Peace Action and a supporter of Family Promise, a non-profit helping the homeless. She has sat on their Executive Board as the Secretary, Chair of the event committee and Vice President of Family Promise of Orange County (FPOC). Danielle has helped raise more than $400,000 for charity in the past few years, of which $82,000 was raised virtually over the course of 24hrs for FPOC in the middle of this pandemic for the families.

Danielle admired how green conscious her mother was when growing up. Being the oldest of 4 adopted kids, she remembers, wearing hand-me-downs, recycling and repurposing things they simply couldn't throw away.

"I still remember leaving swim team practice and dropping the empty glass bottles into the recycling bins and hearing them break, or pulling over and watering neighbor's thirsty plants on their porch with our water bottles as we drove by."

After traveling to 9 countries last summer, from the Galapagos Islands, to China - she came across trash everywhere. Upon returning to the states, she searched for ways to create awareness and discovered there was a pageant system designed for such green leaders. Her platform: No Excuse for Single Use (NEFSU).

"First, I encouraged people to begin a zero waste home during the pandemic by taking simple green steps. I post a new sustainable video tip weekly to help you add new green habits to your lifestyle. However, going 'green' to impact climate change does not strictly rely on us as individuals. We need corporations to contribute their efforts for climate change. Otherwise - as individuals alone - we won't even make a dent in pollution. Therefore, the other side of my platform focuses on business. I have partnered with hotels as well to pledge against plastic waste."

Danielle has also lobbied alongside PennEnvironment, United Nations Greater Philadelphia and the CFPA against single use plastics in front of many elected officials. They also talked about the horrors of landfill pollutants into our water, air and food and the importance of increasing Electric Vehicle infrastructure. Danielle's platform "No Excuse for Single Use" will now be utilized by Rep. Ronni Green as a Zero Waste Home resource for the community.

Danielle Alura has recently written a number of original songs - all to the tune of climate change. Her whole life she has written original music but kept it only for her family to enjoy. Now, she will be releasing the first song ever entitled "Can You Hear Me." The original work also features a number of familiar celebrity faces endorsing her efforts for plastic reduction.

Write your elected officials, write your favorite brands on how it's important to go green and remember - there's "no excuse for single use." Danielle is competing for Elite Miss Earth USA in January.

For more information and to follow her journey go to:

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*Photo caption: In her first single release happening soon, Danielle Alura has made outfits completely out of single use items. Here she wears one made out of newspaper.

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The 2019 DangerMan Hero Awards Show and Concert Celebrates TV’s First Black Superheroes Actors Carl Lumbly and Simone Missick

LOS ANGELES, Calif. -- The Fourth Annual DangerMan Hero Award Show and Concert will be super special this year! Among the numerous honorees for the night being acknowledged for their community activism are two celebrated thespians who have portrayed history making superheroes on television.

Actors Carl Lumbly, the star of "M.A.N.T.I.S." the first primetime African-American superhero on network television and CBS "All Rise" star Simone Missick, TV's first black female superhero, Misty Knight, on Marvel's "Luke Cage," will be celebrated alongside nine additional illustrious recipients. The occasion is produced by actor, mentor and philanthropist Roger I. Tinsley, the founder of the DangerMan Urban Superhero brand and CEO/President of the DangerMan Education Foundation, Inc., a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization.

The show will take place at the California African American Museum located at 600 State Drive in Los Angeles. The red carpet and VIP Reception start at 5:30 p.m. with the concert and show starting at 6:45 p.m. and ending at 10 p.m. Aetna Foundation is the event sponsor.

The DangerMan Hero Award Show and Concert will be hosted by America's premier R & B historian, Tyrone DuBose. Posthumously receiving the top 2019 DangerMan Hero of the Year award is Rep. Elijah E. Cummings, a United States House of Representatives from 1996 until his death in 2019. In addition to Lumbly's and Missick's superhero portrayal acknowledgment, Missick will also receive Best Actor Award for her role as the activist judge, Lola Carmichael, in the CBS legal drama, "All Rise."

The other 2019 honorees include LA City Council President Herb J. Wesson Jr.; youth organizer, Croyce Allen; writer/actress, Adilah Barnes ("Roseanne"); president and CEO California Black Chamber of Commerce, Jay King; education advocate, Rita Loof; Worthy of Love founder, Sister ("Sista") Mary; executive director of Anti Recidivism Coalition, Sam Lewis, and teacher/entertainment specialist, Nicshelle "GoDaWork" Farrow. HBO's "Insecure" will receive the DangerMan Hero Award Best Comedy Series.

For the first time, this year's ceremony will be accentuated with a live concert. Performances include Wu-Tang rapper, Solomon Childs; Aretha Franklin tribute artist, Vicky Love; R & B soul singer, Marva King, R & B soul band LeGrand Sinatra, comedian Sherwin Arae and a special guest appearance by Charles Wright, president of the Watts 103rd Street Band.

"This year is the 21-year anniversary for DangerMan, the fastest growing superhero brand in the world," cites Tinsley. "We are really excited about adding concert entertainment to our affair and we look forward to celebrating the noteworthy accomplishments of all our honorees. DangerMan has remained committed to keeping our streets safe and these heroes are helping to get the job done! The DangerMan Superhero brand is a symbol for justice not for some, but for all Americans."

As a 'real life' urban superhero, DangerMan is an advocate for children's rights promoting literacy, safety and good health. He wages against bullying and also fights human trafficking. DangerMan visits schools and community events encouraging his audience with a motto of "No gangs, guns, drugs, alcohol or tobacco." He has traveled throughout America and Haiti, empowering children to live their best life. "Protect, Promote and Provide" are the pillars DangerMan lives by.

"The DangerMan Chronicles," an internet crime series, is available on DangerMan's YouTube Channel ( ). To hear the DangerMan theme song, remixed by Wu-Tang rapper Solomon Childs, go to .

The DangerMan Hero Award Show and Concert will be live streamed and covered on various social media platforms. For tickets to the Fourth Annual DangerMan Hero Award Show and Concert go to and

Makeda Smith
Jazzmyne PR

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New Book Showcases the Career of Actress, Pinup and Artist’s Model Eva Lynd: A Lost World of Glamour and Men’s Pulp Adventure

HOLLYWOOD, Calif. -- The latest installment in the acclaimed Men's Adventure Library series from editors Robert Deis and Wyatt Doyle, "Eva: Men's Adventure Supermodel" (ISBN 978-1943444397) has been released. The book chronicles model, pin-up, and actress Eva Lynd's remarkable career.

Showcased are hundreds of glamour photos, paperback and magazine covers and interior illustrations Eva modeled for in the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s. It tells the colorful story of Eva's life and career in her own words. It also includes many previously unpublished photos from Lynd's personal archive.

"Eva: Men's Adventure Supermodel" is available in a big, deluxe 186-page hardcover and an abridged 114-page softcover with alternate cover art that focuses primarily on Lynd's work in men's adventure magazines (MAMs).

Learn more at:

A 40-page preview of the book is available on at

In the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s, Eva Lynd's image was seen by millions of American men and women in TV shows, plays and movies, on the covers of men's magazines and women's romance and confession magazines, in paperback cover paintings, and in the wild cover and interior illustrations used by men's adventure magazines (MAMs).

Born Eva Inga Margareta von Fielitz, Eva is a bona fide Swedish Countess. She's the daughter of Count Asti von Fielitz and Countess Margareta von Fielitz. Eva's mother brought her from Sweden to New York City in 1950, at age 12.

By age 16, she was winning beauty queen contests. Soon, under the stage name Eva Lynd, she was appearing in popular TV shows produced in New York, such as the Steve Allen Show, Garry Moore Show, Perry Como Show and Jonathan Winters Show.

After moving to Hollywood in 1959, she appeared in various TV shows, including the "Thin Man," "Peter Gunn," "The Texan," "Hogan's Heroes," "Desilu Playhouse," "Bourbon Street Beat," and "Cagney & Lacey." She also had roles in several movies, including the 1960 cult horror movie "The Hypnotic Eye" and the 1975 caper film, "That Lady From Peking," in which she co-starred with Carl Betz, Nancy Kwan and Bobby Rydell.

One of Eva's most-seen roles was as the sexy woman who emerges from the tube in Brylcreem's 1964 "Girl the Tube" TV commercial (, which Entertainment Magazine named of the "50 Best Commercials of All Time."

In the '50s and '60s, Eva was a popular model for pinup magazine photos taken by many top glamour photographers. She was also a go-to model for several top illustration artists who did cover paintings for paperbacks and cover and interior artwork for men's adventure magazines.

In some MAM cover paintings and interior illustrations, Eva is a damsel-in-distress being tormented by Nazis, Commies or motorcycle gang members. In others, she is an alluring femme fatale or a gun-toting heroine.

Eva is now 82 and living in Hollywood with her husband of over 40 years, veteran actor Warren Munson. Eva and Warren both still act occasionally and sometimes work together, as they did in a recent Campbell's Soup commercial in which they played grandparents.

Eva: Men's Adventure Supermodel is available on Amazon in the US ( and worldwide, Barnes & Noble and other online booksellers, including The Book Depository site, which offers free shipping worldwide.

For more information or to arrange an interview with Eva Lynd, contact the co-editor of the book, Robert Deis (305-304-6494 email: or Waltona Manion 818-404-7271

Information can also be found online at:

*PHOTO link for media (SFW):
*Photo caption (L-R): Book jacket, "Eva: Men's Adventure Supermodel" and Eva Lynd today.

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New York’s Daughter Seeks Community Support

NEW YORK, N.Y. -- New York City native Faye has launched a Lifestyle and Travel vlog featuring NYC landmarks and cultural institutions from Lincoln Center to Highline Line Park. 'Life of Faye Vlogs' follows Faye as she builds her brand from New Face to Agency Represented Runway Model!

Faye once suffered a slip and fall accident which landed her on bed rest for 16 weeks with a fractured spine. Now with the help of Mount Sinai St. Luke's Hospital Physical Therapy Center she is back on her feet, hopeful and sharing her experiences on YouTube with new vlogs every Thursday.

"Starting a Modeling career as an able-bodied disabled person is extremely trying. It takes consistency, dedication, and a lot of implemented research. My latest goal is to walk the runways of New York Fashion Week as a curve model in Spring 2020. Bringing an audience along as I build my personal brand adds an element of excitement that pushes me to reach for the stars," says Faye. "This year I launched where I am featured in monthly fashion editorials. I think It's important to document these personal milestones, which is why I picked up my camera and began vlogging. I just want to be 100% creative and hope that watching the vlogs inspires others to follow their dreams as well."

Featuring New York was also important as Faye graduated from Fashion Industries High School on West 24th Street, Studied Theatre and Film at Hunter College up on East 68th, and obtained a bachelor's degree in Entertainment Technology from The New York City College of Technology in Brooklyn. "People are still so shocked to meet a Manhattanite; it blows their mind every time," she laughed.

Faye has amassed a loyal community of subscribers from local New Yorkers to international travelers who plan to visit to the city soon.

Support 'Life of Faye Vlogs' by subscribing to her YouTube channel here: - and turning on the notification bell.

She is seeking 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of watch time in order for her YouTube channel to be eligible for advertising which fosters the high quality content we have come to expect from our favorite content creators. NYC! Let's work together to get America's eyes on New York's Daughter.

More information:

About Faye:

Faye is a first-generation American; Senegalese-Ivorian model based in New York City. She is the owner of editorial site and vlogger for YouTube Lifestyle and Travel vlog 'Life of Faye Vlogs' where you travel along with Faye, as she gives you a glimpse inside the life of a budding Runway Model in New York City and beyond.

*(Photo 72dpi:

*VIDEO (YouTube):

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Latina Actress and Activist Yubo Fernandez Exposes Mental Health and Defeats Hidden Abuse in The Industry, Off Broadway This Summer

MANHATTAN, N.Y. -- Yubo Fernandez was a sponsored child from the Dominican Republic by a U.S. school; now she's an awarded actress, producer, director, activist and entrepreneur, presenting her third play in Off Broadway NYC. "Late for Martinis" is part of the Summer Play Celebration at the Manhattan Repertory Theater this July 18, 20 and 21, 2019 in Manhattan.

A monologue starring actress and woman advocate Yubo Fernandez, "Late for Martinis" shows the struggle and unfairness in the acting business - it gives everything to some and nothing to others.

Actors don't quit the business; the business quits them. To survive emotionally and psychologically they need to earn a living and nourish their self-esteem or ego. Some are manipulated and abuse by powerful people in the industry while others choose to lower their instincts to get recognition, this often drive them to depression and toxic live styles.

Written and directed by talented Cuban Playwright, Screenwriter and Director Alejandro Normand, adapted to English language by Yubo Fernandez.

For tickets go to:

Yubo Fernandez, 39, born and raised in a neighborhood with significant poverty at Dominican Republic, became a sponsor child of Plan International USA since age 8 by Wheeler School in Providence, Rhode Island. Today Yubo is an emerging multi-talented artist who's been recognized local and internationally for her work as an actress, producer and filmmaker.

In 2017 she visited Wheeler school to meet their sponsors who she called "angels" and gave thanks. She was nominated "Woman Of The Year" by a relevant newspaper in the Dominican Republic for her work as woman advocate. The actress started a #metoo kind of movement, being among the first announcing sexual harassment issues to her and other women in the industry.

Also, Fernandez is making the film documentary "Invisibles," which addresses sexual crimes in the Dominican Republic and other parts or the world like India, Brazil, Venezuela and London with real victims' testimonies, and interviews with actual condemned rapists.

As an entrepreneur, she has founded Obuy Films and is developing a vegan skin care line.

More information:
Follow Yubo on Instagram at:

VIDEO Download for Media (mp4): Caption: Yubo's visit to the Wheeler School:

Videos by Obuy Films:

Video trailer for "Invisibles" documentary:

IMDB page:

Media queries:

Link references:

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800Casting Introduces a Quick and Easy Fix to All Casting Problems – Cast Assist

MIAMI, Fla. -- 800Casting ( Company is always vigilant about finding ways to serve and has secured its place in the entertainment industry as the number one innovator of casting software which continues to expand and develop exciting new services for filmmakers, casting directors, and talent representatives.

Today, the company is introducing a completely FREE new service called Cast Assist(TM) which helps all casting directors and filmmakers simplify and enhance their work process by selecting the right cast.

An important part of a film production includes having to cast the right talent for the role. But how do you know when you are casting the right person for the part? Using Cast Assist(TM) service will enable you to increase your chances of selecting a suitable talent for the project.

Donald DiPrima, co-founder of 800casting, says, "Working with Cast Assist is a piece of cake, user doesn't have to learn any software or fill out long forms; users simply have to email their breakdown and details to and a complete package, which movie producers and casting directors can review, will be created for them."

Your time and energy is everything. With the number of people having access to the public breakdown lists, you can be sure that the casting will have hundreds (if not thousands) of submissions minutes after the job is published, which always results in an excessive amount of unqualified talent submissions which can hinder the selection process.

In an interview, Akash Kava, a software architect behind the creation of Cast Assist(TM) said, "Cast Assist is designed to combat the unqualified submission problem. Our team of trained casting assistants works closely with your production staff to eliminate unqualified submissions, request self-taped remote auditions from those who are qualified and present the qualified talent for your review. You can choose how many auditions you would like to receive, and every rejected audition is stored in a dismissed folder for immediate recall".

The casting process can be frustrating and monotonous. Which can force you to make the rookie producing mistake of rushing through the casting process.

When you settle with a cast you are not satisfied with, it could lead to some major problems on the set later when it's too late and too expensive to recast.

Producers, directors, network and studio executives, agents, photographers, production companies, advertising agencies, modelling agencies, etc. will benefit a lot from this new service Cast Assist(TM) which breathes life into projects by making life easy and helps to choose the perfect cast for a film, TV show, play, or other production.

Cast Assist(TM) is the only casting service that offers a free service which streamlines the casting submission process to save you time, energy and money with a fully integrated talent casting solutions thereby eliminating an unqualified candidate.

800Casting urges all casting directors, producers, talent agencies and all industry professionals to take advantage of this never before service Cast Assist(TM) free of charge.

There is no doubt that until today 800Casting in the entertainment industry has always remained at the forefront and continues to help clients receive, review, and manage audition notices and submissions.

There is absolutely no restriction regarding the number of submissions that clients should receive for review, which makes Cast Assist(TM) more outstanding and worthy of its praise.

800Casting maintains the entertainment industry's leading integrated talent database and casting software. This software narrows submissions by specific criteria such as performance skills and physical attributes, add promising candidates to a personalized list while searching talent and exporting submittals for easier casting outreach and management, all in one central dashboard through the website

If you are currently considering working with 800Casting to start utilizing the Cast Assist(TM) feature or other talent-related services, feel free to get in touch anytime. Their multilingual and adept staff is available for any questions you might have.

For more information about Cast Assist(TM), go to and register for FREE to create a unique username and password.
Once you have created your free account, you will be able to manage all of your registered talents from one single dashboard, receive notices, responses and submit all from one account.

"CAST ASSIST(TM): Virtual Assistant for all your Casting needs."

Social profile information:

To know more please contact:
Company Name: 800Casting
Contact Person: Donald DiPrima & Akash Kava
Country: United States
Phone: +1-701-401-0836

VIDEO (YouTube):

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Veteran Actor Stephen Rollins Heads Cast in New Sitcom Pilot

LOS ANGELES, Calif. -- Actor Stephen Rollins has been cast as the series lead in "Bob," a half-hour sitcom about a single dad loving the single life alone. That is, until one day, suddenly his daughter and her little girl show up unannounced at his door, homeless. Things go downhill for Bob from there, in a series of hilarious, life-altering events.

For Rollins, this is a return to a sitcom lead. Rollins has appeared alongside Matt Damon and Sandra Bullock to name a few, acting in over 30 film and television productions. In the 90's, Rollins was cast in a half hour sitcom that had just began production when their potential broadcast network, UPN, ended operations.

Rollins is excited for the opportunity. "This is such a clever and well written show. I couldn't stop laughing when I read the script and knew immediately, I had to be a part of it."

The show's producers are excited about Stephen's work and feel confident that the network will want to pick up the series after seeing his performance.

The show's creator Chris Taylor states: "Stephen was born to play Bob! I hope audiences get to experience his creative magic. So funny!"

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Arts Detroit Launches Spectra, a Theatre Program for Students on the Autism Spectrum

PLYMOUTH, Mich. -- A new theatre education program will be offered by Arts Detroit for students on the Autism Spectrum and with Aspergers inside of their performing arts studio at PARC - Plymouth Arts and Recreation Complex. Spectra will be a course to help students on the Autism Spectrum learn theatre techniques that can help them develop life skills as well.

The course will be taught by a local professional actor and arts educator, Taylor Morrow Johnson, who has been working on theatre for people with specials needs for more than five and half years. She will focus the class on the processes of character development, memorization, repetition, and creative thinking, which will help students begin to make connections between performing and self-awareness. The class will focus on using preexisting plays and characters to enhance their stage presence and help develop personal characteristics.

Ms. Johnson says she is excited for Spectra because she "has seen first-hand how influential theatre can be on people, regardless of age or ability, and theatre consistently fosters an environment of creativity, thoughtfulness, and fun." She further believes that students who participate in Spectra will "be a part of an ensemble that will work as a team and gain a support system within each other."

Arts Detroit Executive Director, Adriane Galea, says creating a program for students with special needs has been on her radar for quite some time. "Creating theatre is a powerful tool for developing empathy, encourages out-of-the-box thinking, and creates a real sense of belonging. I have heard from parents and other folks who work with students on the Spectrum that these kids often want to get involved with theatre but don't have traditional access to it, so I'm very proud that Arts Detroit can provide an outlet for students of all abilities."

While Arts Detroit is currently only offering Spectra classes at their location in Plymouth, there are plans to expand programming to their Allen Park location as well as to open it up to other avenues of the performing arts.

Spectra will be offered for students ages 14 and up on Thursdays from 4-4:45 p.m. and students ages 11-14 on Thursdays from 4:45-5:30 p.m. a part of their normal programming, and for students ages 4-6 on Fridays from 11:15am-noon through Plymouth PEP, a joint programming effort between tenants at PARC and the Plymouth YMCA.

The PARC family is also excited to bring this type of programming into their building. Gail Grieger, the PARC Executive Director, said, "We are delighted that Arts Detroit will be offering the Spectra Theatre Program at our facility. This program makes a great addition to the other opportunities already provided by the performing arts and educational organizations located at PARC and will be a great resource for the entire community."

Students interested in studying with Arts Detroit but cannot afford tuition are encouraged to contact for scholarship information.

To learn more, visit:

About Arts Detroit:

Arts Detroit was founded in 2010 as a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation under the umbrella of Center Stage Studios. In 2015, the studio expanded into a storefront location in Allen Park and opened a second studio in Plymouth in 2018. Arts Detroit is proud of their current students and alumni, who have excelled in all areas of the arts. Students have gone on to study Music/Theatre in some of the top programs in the country and are in or working toward professional careers in the arts.

Many of our students have been recipients of the North American Invitational Championship awards in both Broadway and Classical Voice, American Guild of Music All Around winners, received ratings of 1 (the highest ranking) at Michigan Solo and Ensemble and Michigan Thespian Festival competitions, and have won more than one thousand competitive awards and trophies collectively. Arts Detroit is involved in giving back to the community as often as possible and strives to create a fun, dynamic environment in which to learn and that others can enjoy. Learn more at:

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Actress Rayven Ferrell Lands Pivotal Career Role in New Tupac Film

ATLANTA, Ga. -- When Rayven Symone Ferrell was born, her mom had a strong vision for her. She knew her daughter was destined for great creativity and named her after Raven-Symone, her favorite character on "The Cosby Show." Twenty-one years later and mom's intuition has proven true. The young aspiring actress has already landed a career defining role, playing Sekyiwa Shakur, the baby sister of rap icon Tupac Shakur, in the soon to be released blockbuster film, "All Eyez on Me."

Directed by Benny Boom, and starring another newcomer, Demetrius Shipp Jr. as Shakur, the film is slated to hit theaters on June 16, the late rapper's 46th birthday.

The role is the opportunity of a lifetime for the aspiring young actress who performed her first play in the sixth grade and booked her first on-camera gig at 17 years old. The film's debut follows a string of successful appearances for the budding thespian, including the Oprah Winfrey executive produced series "Greenleaf" on OWN and working with Academy Award nominated director, Lee Daniels on the popular Fox series, "STAR," starring Queen Latifah. To say that Rayven is on a roll is an understatement. Under the tutelage of Atlanta based talent agents, Christopher Young and Tay Smith at J Pervis Talent Agency, Rayven is quickly building up the kind of screen credits that actors dream of in Hollywood.

A Cincinnati, Ohio native, residing in Atlanta, Rayven is currently an undergraduate at Kennesaw State University majoring in Communications, Media Studies. She is humbled by her selection to play the famed actor's sister. In fact, Rayven reveals that the role struck a special chord with her as she shared similar childhood experiences with her character.

"I have never connected to a character in an actual project as much as I connected with this one," reveals Rayven. "Sekyiwa Shakur and I shared similarities in our childhood, so I found myself really relating to her. My mom was a single parent of six so we didn't have much at all. Some days we would have to go without food, water, and electricity, so I understand that struggle and the pain she experienced in her early years."

"Sekyiwa was the baby of the family so she depended on Tupac. As her big brother, he was the first man in her life and in a sense, the head of their family. They had a very close relationship early on. My mom had to work multiple jobs at times throughout our childhood so I know the importance of that sibling bond. It's that feeling that your family is all you have so you must be there for each another. As Tupac's baby sister, they shared a very distinct relationship and I am honored to bring that bond to life on the big screen."

"All Eyez on Me" is one of the year's most anticipated films, detailing the life, times and controversy of one of hip hop's most prolific figures, Tupac Shakur. The movie is named after the artist's last Death Row Records release.

With her appearance in the film, Rayven Ferrell is creating her own legend, just like her mother knew she would. Like her namesake, Raven-Symone, she brings depth, authenticity and passion to her roles. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram at @RayvenFerrell. Catch her in "All Eyez on Me" on June 16, 2017.

Official Twitter:



Makeda Smith
Jazzmyne Public Relations
Phone: 323-380-8819

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Determined Actor Steve Comisar Attempts Comeback After Prison

HOLLYWOOD, Calif. -- Steve Comisar is best known for being the only Hollywood actor who is also a famous fraudster. While in prison Comisar skyrocketed to social media fame by acquiring close to one million Twitter followers and over one million YouTube views.

Comisar will be released from federal prison on July 21 after serving a 15 year sentence for fraud. He will be placed on home confinement in Beverly Hills until his sentence officially ends on April 16, 2018.

Comisar has personally contacted some of Hollywood's most powerful actors, directors, producers, and agents, and asked them to help jump start his acting career upon release.. Some of these industry heavyweights include, Sean Penn, Mark Wahlberg, Ben Stiller, Adam Sandler, Ethan Coen, Steven Spielberg, Brian Grazer, Ari Emanuel, Seth Rogan, Jim Toth, Graham King, Bryan Lourd, J.J. Abrams, Judd Apatow, Oprah, and Jack Dorsey.

"Hollywood A-Listers are known for their kindness and generosity when it comes to helping the underdog," says Comisar's publicist, Laura Levine. She adds, "Steven's brute determination is exactly what it takes to make it in this business. I really think he's going to get the help he needs."

Jennifer Gray, CEO of Gray Entertainment, says, "Here's a white, Jewish actor from Beverly Hills who just survived 15 years in prison. Everyone in the industry should want to help him."

Comisar hopes to join the exclusive list of other celebrity felons who have served prison time and came back to become very successful. Some of them are Tim Allen, Wesley Snipes, Robert Downey Jr., Mark Wahlberg, Danny Trejo, Martha Stewart, and Christian Slater.

Comisar began acting at a young age and has appeared in numerous movies, television shows, and commercials. He has written a book on fraud prevention and appeared regularly on The View and Dateline NBC as an expert on fraud and scams.

Laura Levine, Publicist
Celebrity News LLC

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