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Berkeley Coding Academy Opens Doors with Summer Camp in Machine Learning and AI

BERKELEY, Calif. -- Berkeley Coding Academy, a new computer science team of credentialed teachers, is offering summer camps to empower youth in Python Programming, Data Analytics, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence.

Machine Learning has not been an option for middle school and high school students until now. Machine Learning is the ability of computers to make predictions from data without being explicitly programmed. More importantly, Machine Learning allows systems to problem-solve and refine themselves again and again, making it the most valuable skill in the economy today.

Corey Wade, chair of the math department at Berkeley Independent Study and lead author of "The Python Workshop," developed BCA to bring Machine Learning to a wider and younger audience. A multiple grant award winner, Wade has run after school coding clubs with students to create iPhone Apps, design websites, and analyze big data. Wade realized that bringing Machine Learning to the high school curriculum, however, was a slow process. The urgency and potential of high school students to become acquainted with Machine Learning inspired Wade to start BCA right away.

BCA partnered with Hands-On!, Berkeley's first STEAM lab run by credentialed teacher Tracy Hollander. Hands-On! provides STEAM camps during summer for ages 5-11. BCA will provide Machine Learning & AI camps at the same location for ages 12-18. All instructors at BCA and Hands-On! are Berkeley credentialed teachers with deep experiences in the classroom.

According to Wade, "Many talented people understand Machine Learning, but very few teach Machine Learning to high school students. It's definitely a challenge. When I look at what my students accomplish in math, I know they can learn Machine Learning. Our students, given the right guidance and motivation, can do anything."

What makes BCA special is that Bay Area middle school and high school students now have the rare opportunity to learn Machine Learning & AI with an experienced and passionate teacher.

Here are 5 facts about Machine Learning & AI in the world today, from Finances Online. (

1. 80% of companies plan to adopt AI for customer service by 2020. (

2. 97% of mobile users use AI-powered voice assistants. (

3. $28.5 billion - The total funding allocated to machine learning worldwide during the first quarter of 2019. (

4. $13 trillion - The potential global economy that AI could deliver by 2030. (

5. 74% of companies say ML will transform jobs and industries. (

Here are 5 reasons why Bay Area students should enroll in a Machine Learning & AI summer camp with BCA.

1. Machine Learning is a game-changer - Students who build Machine Learning models will gain an edge. Machine Learning is usually reserved for upper division college students, graduates, and data science professionals. BCA changes the status quo by making Machine Learning available to teens.

2. Big data is bigger than ever - BCA students learn how to program in Python and analyze big data. Using Python to analyze big data is the work of a data analyst and typically commands a large salary.

3. Friendships and mentorships can transform lives - Learning from and working with like-minded peers can help solidify technical skills and forge lifelong friendships. Moreover, BCA encourages developing relationships with mentors, potentially leading to exciting opportunities that extend beyond summer.

4. Limitless opportunities for social impact - Working with big data and coding in Python is valuable to many people. Opportunities to help others in camp will arise, and opportunities to help local communities may surface.

5. BCA teaches professional coding skills through "real-world" datasets - The code that BCA teaches is the real deal. It's the same code used by professional data scientists.

For more information about BCA, visit - or email

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Corey Wade
Founder, Director
Berkeley Coding Academy
(510) 270-5542

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IMPACT 2020 Conference, Held In Las Vegas, to feature speakers from Netflix, Honeywell, Microsoft and MGM Resorts International

LAS VEGAS, Nev. -- Computer Measurement Group (CMG) is thrilled to be hosting our 45th Annual IMPACT Digital Transformation Conference, February 9-12, 2020 at the Westin Las Vegas Hotel and Spa.

Unlike many other tech conferences, CMG IMPACT is a boutique style, non-vendor run conference with sessions from some of the top industry-leading professions in the tech world.

These sessions range in variety from professional roles including Executives, Cloud & DevOps, Data Center, and Mainframe Experts, as well as much more from some of the top leading brands around the world!

During this three-day conference, attendees will participate in over 40 sessions and demos, 8+ keynote presentations, 11+ tech expo hours, and 3+ digital badging opportunities. With peer-to-peer networking opportunities, hands on workshops, and one-on-one sessions, attendees will gain real world knowledge.

"Whether your interests are in development, performance engineering, data center and capacity management, or technologies like AI and machine learning - we have an amazing set of speakers and topics for this year's conference," said Elisabeth Stahl, Distinguished Engineer, IBM, and the 2020 IMPACT Program Chair.

CMG IMPACT 2020 is thrilled to have speakers that include Ed Hunter, Engineering Lead at Netflix; Elena Seiple, VP of Information Security at MGM Resorts International; Abel Wang, Senior Cloud Developer Advocate, Microsoft; and Heather Wilde, CTO and Unicorn Whisperer at Las-Vegas based Roceteer. The majority of the conference presentations are by practitioners who are sharing their own experiences in the field which is an incredible education opportunity.

"The IMPACT conference is a more intimate conference where you see familiar faces and new faces that become familiar as the conference carries on," said Michael Chadwell of his previous IMPACT experiences. "By the end of IMPACT, I had spoken to nearly everyone at some point - sharing ideas, swapping speaker notes, and taking away best practices and ideas back to my organization."

The conference is supported by leading companies such as Broadcom, Moviri, DataKinetics, and BMC who will participate as exhibitors and lead their expertise to special session throughout IMPACT.

For more information on the 2020 IMPACT, along with special event pricing for Las Vegas residents, visit

About Computer Measurement Group, Inc. (CMG):

The Computer Measurement Group Inc. (CMG) is an organization of IT professionals committed to digital transformation initiatives and best practice to drive ongoing change. Furthermore, CMG is an invaluable resource for IT professionals, helping them to keep on top of new and innovative technologies and trends. CMG's mission is to educate and connect its membership. CMG's highly targeted network includes executives and business leaders, data center professionals, cloud and dev-ops specialists, and data center specialists, representing the totality of the business IT infrastructure.

CMG information:

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Event Contact:
Amanda Hendley
856.401.1700 ext. 3

Media Contact:
Kevin Tydlaska-Dziedzic
BKN Creative

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Marten den Haring Joins Lirio as Chief Product Officer

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. -- This week, Marten J. den Haring, Ph.D., MSc, joins the Lirio team as Chief Product Officer with over 20 years of experience growing major software companies in the U.S. and Canada. Den Haring recently held executive positions at Element AI and Digital Reasoning, two highly respected AI companies.

"Marten has excelled in AI, product development, behavioral analysis, and big data activation successfully across two decades," says Mike West, CEO of Lirio. "We couldn't have built a better fit for our CPO."

Den Haring is a visionary product executive, strong strategic thinker, marketer, change agent, and team builder. Before joining Lirio, he was SVP of Platform at Montreal-based Element AI, which delivers AI solutions that augment human decisions to make businesses safer, stronger, and more agile. He was responsible for productizing world-class deep learning research and core technologies across multiple industry product lines.

Prior to that, Den Haring was Chief Product Officer at Digital Reasoning, a privately held leader in AI software, developing solutions for healthcare providers, financial services organizations, and government agencies. He oversaw product management, marketing, strategic alliances, and customer success. During his tenure, Digital Reasoning was voted Top 10 Most Innovative AI Companies in 2018 by Fast Company, listed among the Top 15 ML companies in 2018 by Datamation, awarded WatersTechnology Best Sell-Side AI Provider 2018, and named to Forbes FinTech 50 2018.

"At Lirio, we are narrowing our focus on bringing our product to market," says West. "With the reputation he has already built in the AI industry, we expect Marten to be instrumental to our success."

Den Haring has also held leadership roles at Nstein Technologies, OpenText, and Oracle. He earned his Master of Science from University of Gothenburg in Sweden and his Ph.D. from Roskilde University in Denmark. A Ph.D. Researcher at IMIT (Institute for Management of Innovation and Technology), his interdisciplinary research team was tasked with measuring the correlation between human behavior and outcome quality in the service sector (health, retail, banking, media, etc.), resulting in several published and cited articles in reputable industry journals.

"It is a privilege to join the Lirio team. They are poised to revolutionize the field of AI personalization for customer engagement," says Den Haring. "In order for people and businesses to be better served by AI applications, machines must boost their EQ. Lirio teaches machines emotional intelligence. By combining cutting-edge ML techniques with behavioral science principles, Lirio can effectively model human decision processes and communication strategies. The applications of this technology are boundless."

As Chief Product Officer at Lirio, Den Haring will be returning to Nashville, Tenn., where he previously spent five years with his family as CPO of Digital Reasoning.

About Lirio:

Lirio applies the psychology of human behavior and the power of advanced machine learning to help healthcare and energy enterprises drive individuals toward positive behavior change at scale. Lirio delivers mass personalization by harnessing behavioral intelligence to surface the right message to the right person to drive the right action at the right time. To learn more about how Lirio helps close the engagement gap, drive action, and change consumer behavior, visit

Follow Lirio on Facebook:, LinkedIn:, and Twitter: @Lirio_LLC.

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