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The Role of ‘Green Therapy’ in Improving Mental Health

LANCASTER, Pa. -- With mental health struggles surging globally, particularly in the US, Adventure Explorations has released a new white paper entitled "Improving Mental Health: The Power of Outdoor and Adventure." The piece explores the benefits outdoor activity has on mental health. Beyond exercise, as consistently acknowledged by scientists, it's the active exposure and connection to nature and the outside that is producing these exciting results.

Data shows that between 2019 and 2020, anxiety disorders increased 17.4% while depression increased 17.8%. In 2019, 19.2% of adults received mental health treatment. However, 30-50% of those who were prescribed medication as a result did not stick to their therapy treatment.

While fear of medication disrupts compliance-not unlike the realities of concerns surrounding the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines-it's often the lack of visibility of side effects that drives the fear. Green Therapy, however, creates benefits that are near immediate and noticed. Mental health professionals agree that movement outdoors, in nature, is key to a happier, heathier life. Being outdoors provides a simple and safe way to decompress with less cost and no side-effects and is ideal for people of all ages.

That's where Adventure Explorations, an outdoor adventure guiding company, located in Lancaster and Boiling Springs, PA, comes in. They use top notch-gear and expert guides to bring people into nature to create new skills and meaningful, fun experiences. Suitable for all ages and ability levels, including those with physical and mental challenges, the adventure company helps people to bridge the gap between self-discovery and its potential.

"What was startling throughout this investigation was the number of concurrent articles published by experts, and reported on by esteemed publications such as the Wall Street Journal," said Adventure Explorations co-owner Chris Paradysz. "But, beyond them, the recognition that these therapies are literally free opened up amazing possibilities for balanced therapeutic prescriptions. Imagine doctors writing a prescription for 200 minutes of outdoor therapy."

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Pennsylvania Becomes Home to Brand New ‘COVID-Friendly’ Physical and Spiritual Adventure

BOILING SPRINGS, Pa. -- Co-owners Cody Meassick and Chris Paradysz present the opening of Adventure Explorations, a multi-disciplined, concierge adventure company using top-notch gear and guides to create custom experiences. With discovery at its heart, adventure creates extraordinary moments of clarity, truth and connection, making Adventure Explorations a safe, timely answer to the increasingly disconnected, fractured age of COVID-19. The experience is launching July 8 in Boiling Springs, Pa.

Adventure Explorations includes rock climbing, kayaking, canoeing, fly and spinner-fishing, Italian cycling, hiking, touring and team-building exercises. The adventures are all-inclusive, including gear, guides, gourmet meals, drinks and safety equipment. Adventures range between $125 and $400 per person for a four- or eight-hour experience.

"Both Chris and I felt so strongly that we were in a moment that people needed to reconnect with their own truths and their own needs," said Cody Meassick, who also serves as the company's lead guide. "We believe that nature and exploration can provide that unlike anything else."

Adventures are guided privately and conducted in groups of six or less. With comprehensive COVID-19 guidelines in place, Adventure Explorations uses a combination of both masks and social distancing to ensure maximum safety of both clients and company partners. Soon they'll have a limited line of products, including masks, available for sale on the AE website and sold directly.

Because Adventure Exploration's service is concierge-level and specialized, they create customized adventures and accommodations for participants wishing to create their own day of fun and relaxation. Others may wish to dig in deeper to develop grit and get some exercise, while still others will use the opportunity to learn about new hobbies and possibilities. For those looking for solitude and reflection without the physical activity, the company also offers a meditative experience. Accommodations are available for individuals with physical limitations and those who lack athletic experience.

"Adventure Explorations creates adventures for everyone, no exceptions," said Chris Paradysz. "We are a fully inclusive company and believe that each person has their own needs and desires: we are simply the bridge and connection between this and possibility."

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This news story was published by the Neotrope® News Network - all rights reserved.