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Andy Warhol Discovered as an Honor Roll Student in Document – First Printed Mention of Warhol’s Name

LAS VEGAS, Nev. -- A newly discovered piece of Andy Warhol History is up for sale by The Metallic Art Gallery on eBay. It shows the great artist's name as Andrew Warhola in a student honor roll document deserving of an Honorable Mention for his performance in his first semester of the ninth grade at Schenley High School in Pittsburgh.

It is also the first printed mention of Andy Warhol's name, adding to this new insight on Warhol. As its owner, Mr. Samaniego of Metallic Art Gallery, who has studied on Warhol's life and works for the past five years, has also discovered more Warhol history on this document.

Andy Warhol was best friends with Ellie Simon through high school. She also went on with him through college and then off to New York to live with him and other college friends. Ellie has also been discovered on this same Honor Roll document as deserving of an Honorable Mention for her performance.

This adds new documentary insight and history to their friendship in high school, which is talked about in various Warhol biography books.

This rare piece of Warhol history is now being offered on eBay at by The Metallic Art Gallery.

For more information, you can also contact them at

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‘The Gold Thinker,’ an Andy Warhol Original Painting, A Gold Marilyn Comparable Masterpiece, to Be Auctioned for Charity

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. -- "The Gold Thinker," an Andy Warhol original painting, a Gold Marilyn comparable masterpiece, to be auctioned online with eBay for Charity November 7 - 17, 2016 at, Michael P. Wilson, the painting's owner, announced today.

One hears the name "Andy Warhol" and images of the style, creativity, and original iconic status of his artistic genius come to mind. Starting November 7, 2016, worldwide bidders will have the opportunity to acquire this original Warhol painting.

"We expect this painting to become a prized exhibit in a museum, art collector's home, or institution dedicated to the study of Warhol," said Eric Gazin, President of Auction Cause, the agency managing the sale and bidder prequalification.

The iconic piece was discovered by Michael P. Wilson at a thrift store years ago in California. He was attracted to the unique characteristics but did not immediately recognize it as an Andy Warhol. Years later, he began an inquiry and collection of Andy's informal signatures. After seeing Andy Warhol's "Gold Marilyn," and several drawings from Daniel Blau's book "From Silverpoint To Silverscreen" -- a book releasing 200 never-before-seen in the public 1950's Andy Warhol drawings -- he then decided to research his painting, leading him to Fine Art Authenticator & Appraiser G.B. Tate.

The painting was authenticated in 2015 by G.B. Tate & Sons Fine Art of Laramie, Wyoming. The appraisal document of G.B. Tate and Sons states: "The subject artwork is typical of the artist and compares favorably in quality and subject matter with many other examples of the genre offered in the marketplace. All other factors, including technique, style and signature, are consistent with original works by the artist."

The large painting on canvas measures 76.2cm x 101.6cm (30-inches x 40-inches). The painting appears in the original frame.

eBay For Charity will host the auction at:

Mr. Wilson plans on sharing part of the proceeds with the City of Hope, as both he and his wife lost family members from illnesses which are treated and researched at the hospital. For more information on the City of Hope please visit

Additional information, including how to prequalify to bid, can be found at

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