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Singing Dog Vanilla Introduces Organic Vanilla Cocoa Frosting Mix in Compostable Packaging

EUGENE, Ore. -- Singing Dog Vanilla is introducing an Organic Vanilla Cocoa Frosting Mix with compostable packaging after movement of their Organic Vanilla Frosting Mix surged by 209% this year. Sales growth is most likely encouraged by an increase in home baking while people shelter in place.

Test marketing of their Organic Vanilla Cocoa Frosting Mix in select stores demonstrated that this product continues to answer consumer's call for clean labels and ingredient names they recognize. By including each organic ingredient in individual compostable packets, home bakers can see, touch, and smell each ingredient. The rich organic cocoa aroma fills the room as they blend in the included vanilla extract.

"Customers are accustomed to opening a can of frosting and scooping out cocoa-flavored fat," said Marty Parisien, Co-founder of Singing Dog Vanilla. "Now they can open a bag of our frosting mix and see real vanilla and real cocoa."

"We've also been working on more sustainable packaging options. Our frostings come in compostable packaging made from plant fiber," said Marty Parisien. "Only the tin tie and the vanilla extract sachet are not compostable. We are working on a compostable solution for those components as well."

Although Singing Dog Vanilla began as a purveyor of pure vanilla extracts, they have more recently expanded their vanilla brand to include other vanilla products. These include a line of organic vanilla lip balms, organic vanilla salt, organic coconut palm sugar, and organic vanilla frosting mixes. Their products are available at Whole Foods Market, Natural Grocers, and independent grocery stores and food co-ops.

For more information about Singing Dog Vanilla frostings, visit:

About Singing Dog Vanilla:

Founded on April Fool's Day in 2004, Singing Dog Vanilla has offices in Eugene, Oregon and Phoenixville, Pennsylvania. They partner with over 400 vanilla-growing families in Indonesia to bring organic vanilla products to food manufacturers, bakeries, scoop shops, restaurants, and breweries. Singing Dog Vanilla also has a full line of retail products sold in natural grocery stores across the USA and internationally. Profits are shared with their vanilla farmers and employees. Employees also enjoy a paid day off on their birthday.

The Singing Dog Vanilla motto is "Silly Name ... Serious Vanilla."

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Pre-Launch: ‘BREADISTA – bake like a pro’ starts a unique bread baking subscription box for everyone

LOS ANGELES, Calif. -- Craving good bread led to the idea to develop this unique baking subscription box: BREADISTA™. Have you ever checked the ingredients list of store-bought bread? Have you ever wondered why there is "enriched flour"?

On one hand you have baking mixes, but mostly they are for muffins, cookies and pancakes. The other hand offers mixes for gluten free products. The idea was born to bring traditional German bread into U.S. kitchens. The bread culture in Germany is huge. Did you ever imagine that there are more than 3,000 kinds of breads available?

After moving to the U.S., a little over a year ago, there were a lot of challenges to be mastered. One was finding good and real bread and even the right flour. Pounds of flour and loaves of bread later, the results were as achieved.

With this new and unique bread baking subscription box, BREADISTA will deliver pre-measured and well-chosen ingredients ready to bake. Each monthly box includes the mix and the recipe card with additional add-ons. That will always be a delicious pairing to the monthly bread or bread rolls, such as jams, jellies or other great spreads. Will there be some typical German 'Brezel' (Pretzel)? Check it out....

A special 'Founder-Box' kicks off the pre-launch

This box before the box is a special one and will only be available once. The pre-launch starts Feb 29th and is limited to 99 baking boxes; the 100th box will be raffled off. Helpful kitchen tools and a special gift are included in the Founder-Box to get the loaf rollin'.

Wouldn't you like to learn how to bake traditional bread from scratch, too? Join the BREADISTA community and improve your bread baking skills.

More information:
Tanja Dietzig, BREADISTA LLC / Insta

Tanja, the determined Founder of BREADISTA LLC is a native German and immigrated to the US at the end of 2017. With experience in the printing and technical industries and over 10 years in Sales & Marketing, she looks back on a wide knowledge range to build on.

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Ethically-Sourced Vanilla Now Available Online

ORLANDO, Fla. -- Bakers everywhere know the importance of using quality ingredients in their products. Take vanilla beans for example -- their unique flavor can enhance the worlds of both savory and sweet foods. However, according to Native Vanilla, an Orlando-based vanilla provider, vanilla beans can be challenging to find, purchase and have delivered to your door in a timely manner.

Additionally, when sourcing vanilla beans, consumers often run into vanilla look-alike products that are a much cheaper synthetic version, made from compounds extracted from paper waste, pine bark, and even cow manure. With low regulations mandated by U.S. law, these vanilla substitutes can also contain several chemical additives.

Considering the baking industry is a dynamic part of the U.S. economy, accounting for about $311 billion in total economic output or roughly 2.1 percent of GDP, the importance of utilizing quality products is crucial. Now, thanks to Native Vanilla, a company that sells organically-farmed, gourmet vanilla beans, consumers can now conveniently purchase fairly traded non-GMO vanilla beans online.

"We are thrilled to offer our customers the option to purchase our premium vanilla beans at a remarkable price with fast delivery," said Dan Edmiston, founder of Native Vanilla. "As the demand for this staple rapidly grows, we will continue to exceed expectations and excel in bringing our clients exceptional quality, sustainably-sourced vanilla products."

Native Vanilla has already received multiple reviews from pleased customers who have ordered online.

"We have found that our customers enjoy the unbeatable quality of our vanilla products," said Dan. "They continue to express that they are extremely satisfied with the ease of access to such an essential product for their recipes. Knowing we are making a difference in their experience makes us very happy and encourages us to keep raising the bar."

For more information about Native Vanilla's full product line, which is available for purchase online, please visit:

About Native Vanilla:

Native Vanilla is committed to providing organically-farmed, sustainably-sourced, superior quality vanilla. Passionate about trading ethically, Native Vanilla demands higher standards for farmers and consumers alike. By partnering with small farming villages in Papua New Guinea, Native Vanilla empowers and protects micro-farmers by giving them a voice to implement projects that will have an enduring impact on the health and welfare of their community. Native Vanilla's products are available through eBay, Amazon, Etsy, and on the Native Vanilla website.

For more information about Native Vanilla, visit or contact Jane Hink at 863-226-7257.

Follow our momentum on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube, and the Native Vanilla blog:

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