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Bash Foo Teams Up with Thomas as a Certified Thomas Agency

DAYTON, Ohio -- Bash Foo, a digital marketing agency located in Dayton, Ohio has worked for 21 years in web development and lead generation, serving dozens of clients in the industrial and manufacturing sectors. Powered with a common set of goals, Bash Foo will deliver combined capabilities that reach 1.1 million registered buyers, engineers, MROs, and decision-makers on the platform.

"Sales teams are often too preoccupied with retention and new business development to properly work on engaging and growing those +1 new customer opportunities. I believe that this new partnership with Thomas ushers in ground-breaking sales enablement services for our existing and future manufacturing clients," shared Bash Foo President, Mike McDermott.

Manufacturers have seen their trade shows and industry conferences evaporate in the wake of COVID-19, making digital marketing an essential ingredient of healthy lead generation efforts. Thomas provides them with access to more than 1.1 Million registered users of the platform. Bash Foo develops marketing collateral and email sequences that work to persuade these Tier 1 and 2 OEM's to consider new RFQ's from manufacturers, both large and small.

"As a Certified Thomas Agency, Bash Foo can leverage the Thomas audience, products, and services to increase exposure, engagement, lead generation, and drive growth for their manufacturing and industrial customers. We're proud to have them as a partner in supporting the growth of manufacturing in North America," said Thomas President and CEO, Tony Uphoff.

Best of Both Worlds

Manufacturers for decades have leveraged the contact information within the Thomas(TM) directory to reach out to engineers and purchasing buyer/planners in hopes of earning their business. As a leader in sales enablement, Bash Foo now can pair up marketing automation and remarketing campaigns with laser-focused one-to-one communications that deliver a dependable series of opportunities each month.

About Bash Foo

The Bash Foo team is dedicated to building the online reputation of small businesses through search engine optimization, digital marketing, and creative web design. They can help elevate your current marketing team efforts or fully support every aspect of marketing for your growing small business. Campaigns powered with marketing automation, content marketing, and social media see more lead opportunities, more often. Want to explore your options? Visit to learn more.

About Thomas

Thomas provides actionable information, data, analysis, and tools that align with and support today's industrial buying process. Its solutions include the Thomas Network at, the industry's largest and most active buyer/supplier network. Through Thomas Marketing Services, the company provides full-service industrial marketing programs and website development. Thomas Product Data Solutions helps manufacturers connect with design engineers through advanced CAD/BIM and data syndication services. Thomas Industrial Data supplies sourcing and supply chain trend data to media, investors, analysts, and researchers to provide market insight and inform decision making. Thomas WebTrax(R) provides opportunity intelligence on in-market buyers to help marketing and sales teams track, identify, and engage high-value prospects. Thomas Insights delivers original content to help marketers and supply chain professionals inform their decision-making, through leading titles including Inbound Logistics(R), Thomas Industry Update, Industrial Equipment News(R) (IEN(R)), and the Thomas Index(TM).

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Bash Foo to Provide Hiring Support for Ohio’s Small Businesses and Manufacturers

DAYTON, Ohio -- Bash Foo, a digital marketing agency, revealed today the release of a new talent acquisition concept, hiring software and HR services agency to support small and mid-sized businesses in the Midwest. The combination of managed talent acquisition, cutting edge hiring software, and their overall approach to hiring will be known as Hiring Ninja.

"As a digital marketing agency, our job is to go out and hunt down new leads for our clients. However, our client's approach to hiring has always been 'if we post it, they will come,' which, as we have seen, rarely works out," shared Mike McDermott, President of Bash Foo.

Historically, when a position becomes available, a human resource manager will post the job on the company website, and online within one of the massive job boards. In days, the HR manager may have hundreds of applications to rummage through. As today's employers have discovered, the candidates seeking employment often have little to no qualifications for the available posting. Frustrated and still under-staffed, the employer then is faced with hiring an executive placement service, often paying placement fees north of 25%.

Hiring Ninja sets the current hiring concepts on its ear from passive and reactive to aggressive and proactive.

"Our agency fleshes out the job description much like a marketing buyer persona, we identify where this person works, how experienced they are, and even identify their current employer," says Ian Spencer, Client Success Manager for Hiring Ninja. "From there, Hiring Ninja uses LinkedIn, remarketing ads, and geo-fencing to selectively target candidates for our client's review. We make the initial introductions, and match jobs to candidates in a way that no one else is doing."

McDermott elaborates, "We treat job candidates as we do important leads and utilize the all of the data available to us to reach out to them. Imagine the surprise of these prospective employees when we approach them with a letter of interest from a company that they've always wanted to work for, it's a great feeling making that match work!"

What Jobs has Hiring Ninja been successful in placing?

Bash Foo has a diverse client list; however, its industrial sector and manufacturing clients have found the most significant benefits from the new service. Hiring Ninja has actively assisted in the hiring of Sales Managers, Operations Managers, and Purchasing/Procurement specialists. Other recruiting projects that are underway are for Mechanical Engineering and Sales Director/VP positions.

"I liked how Hiring Ninja provided our company with a menu of prospects they were going to go after for us, and then I really loved when these select candidates actually reached out and inquired about our positions available," shared Human Resource Director for Vandalia Rental. "I wish everything I did were that simple!"

When will Hiring Ninja be available to the general public?

Currently, the Hiring Ninja service is only available to Bash Foo's current client list. However, the service will become generally available to a limited number of new clients on December 2, 2019. The service does have a website located at to collect the contact information from businesses and human resource managers interested in a risk-free trial of the service.

About Bash Foo:

Bash Foo is an inbound marketing agency that seeks to build the online reputations of small businesses in affordable and inspiring ways. They are dedicated to increasing growth opportunities for our clients through creative web design and persuasive marketing automation campaigns.

Small business owners have come to count on Bash Foo to deliver more traffic, more significant sales, and higher profitability. Learn more at

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Bash Foo Joins Brewers Association as Digital Marketing Allied Trade/Supplier

TIPP CITY, Ohio -- Bash Foo becomes the first Ohio digital marketing agency to join the Brewers Association as an allied trade/supplier. The Brewers Association is the national association representing the interests of craft brewers and whose purpose is to promote and protect small and independent American brewers, their craft beers and the community of brewing enthusiasts as well as partnering with companies to provide essential resources and services to craft breweries.

"With the number of craft breweries in Ohio, I was very surprised to find that Bash Foo was the first digital marketing agency in Ohio to join the Brewers Association," said Mike McDermott, President of Bash Foo. "I feel that this is the perfect opportunity to engage with our current brewery clients, while also deepening our understanding of the craft beer industry. We have plans to share marketing best practices with members of the Brewers Association and further expand our relationship within the craft beer industry."

Thanks to the Brewers Association, we know that Ohio ranks at #5 in craft beer production with 1,355,279 barrels of craft beer produced in 2017 out of 255 craft breweries. That's nearly 5 gallons of beer for every of-age (21+) adult in the state.

"I feel that today's craft beer consumer is looking for more education about what they are drinking, how it was brewed, and the story that each brewery has to tell," said McDermott, "our job is to help these small craft brewers tell their story in a way that resonates with these consumers."

About the Brewers Association:

The Brewers Association (BA) is the not-for-profit trade association dedicated to small and independent American brewers, their beers and the community of brewing enthusiasts. The BA represents 4,800-plus U.S. breweries. The BA's independent craft brewer seal is a widely adopted symbol that differentiates beers by small and independent craft brewers.

About Bash Foo:

Using digital marketing, Bash Foo builds the online reputations of small business in affordable and inspiring ways. Our teams support your business objectives with creative web design, search engine optimization (SEO), and marketing automation services. Want to provide better marketing for your brewery or brewpub? Visit Bash Foo at

Bash Foo, 140 E. Broadway Ave., Tipp City, OH 45371. (937) 912-4519.

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