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Lotsa Helping Hands and Papa Partner as Senior and Patient In-Home Care Faces New Challenges During COVID

MIAMI, Fla. -- Papa and Lotsa Helping Hands, two companies dedicated to providing seniors and patients living at home with support and caregiving assistance, are ensuring that these individuals continue to have the support they need amidst the pandemic's impact on the ability of working caregivers to stay at home.

A recent study from CMS shows that 1/3 of employees have left a position to care for a loved one as the duties of caregiving became too burdensome. This issue was recently highlighted by the New York Times and Washington Post as COVID-19 leads to increased demands on working caregivers.

"The level of effort it takes to care for a loved one with a medical condition or who is aging is tremendous. Caregivers go to heroic lengths, and the support of family, friends, and community that Lotsa facilitates is essential," says Matt McCabe, Managing Director of Lotsa Helping Hands. "But even that cannot cover all the needs. Compassionate third-party help is essential as well, and that is why we are thrilled about this partnership with Papa to support caregivers, patients, and seniors holistically."

Lotsa Helping Hands is a web and mobile application that allows caregivers to easily coordinate caregiving tasks and communication with other individuals providing support for their loved one. When supplemental support is needed for key tasks, caregivers can now lean on Papa's network to provide reliable, compassionate service.

Papa's program is fueled by students referred to as Papa Pals. They provide companionship, light house chores, transportation, and technology assistance. Through this partnership, the "Pals" are performing a number of tasks to support the needs of caregivers on the Lotsa Helping Hands platform. Tasks include ordering groceries and refilling prescriptions, cooking meals, helping members with non-essential and medical appointment transportation, and providing companionship as an extension of the Lotsa Helping Hands caregiving community.

During these uncertain times, Papa and Lotsa Helping Hands are uniting to ensure that seniors and patients continue to receive the caregiving support they need, even as COVID is pulling caregivers out of the home. Seniors and patients are particularly vulnerable to the impact of COVID from a health perspective but meeting social and emotional needs is equally important and a vital factor in physical health as well.

About Papa

Papa - Family On-Demand is a Miami startup that provides assistance and companionship to older adults and families throughout Florida, Mississippi, Tennessee, Arkansas, Louisiana, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Kentucky, South Carolina, Virginia, California, Texas, Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, Missouri, and Kansas. Papa launched their service in January of 2018.

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About Lotsa Helping Hands

Lotsa Helping Hands is dedicated to helping family, friends and communities support individuals in need of assistance while living at home. Patients often have difficulty asking for help, whether through embarrassment or simple inability. Caregivers are overwhelmed and the traditional methods of organizing via phone calls, email or text is onerous. Volunteers--friends, family, and community groups--want to help but often do not know what is needed. Lotsa addresses this need through a tech-enabled care calendar that allows caregivers to easily coordinate caregiving responsibilities such as transportation, meal preparation, visitation, medication compliance, and home maintenance across family, friends, and healthcare professionals.

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Reception at Cocoon Homecare in support of Council Member Donovan Richards

JAMAICA, N.Y. -- This past Wednesday evening, a crowd gathered at a reception at Cocoon Homecare in Jamaica to show their support for Council Member Donovan Richards. Also notably present was Community Board 12 Chairwoman Adrienne Adams who just clinched the democratic primary for the District 28 City Council seat and is well positioned to win the seat in the general election in November.

The synergy and shared vision between Cocoon Homecare and Council Member Donovan Richards and Chairwoman Adrienne Adams was clearly apparent throughout the event. Event Host and CEO Hillel Adelman of Cocoon Homecare spoke with feeling about the true compassion that Council Member Donovan Richards has for the constituents he so devotedly serves.

Local Rabbi, Rabbi Eliezer Feuer spoke about the sacrifice of serving the public that Council Member Donovan Richards and Chairwoman Adrienne Adams have so passionately embraced. Council Member Donovan Richards spoke of the growing need for home care and the critical role that Cocoon Homecare had to play in the health of the residents that he serves.

Council Member Donovan Richards praised the dedication and commitment he saw in the Cocoon Homecare team and went on to say that he looked forward to working with Cocoon Homecare to enhance the lives of our community residents together.

Chairwoman Adrienne Adams was the closing speaker of the night and said she very much wanted to work with Cocoon Homecare to serve and support the community. She inspired the Cocoon Homecare team and highlighted the significance of their work when she said "With one phone call you can change the world. With one phone call you can save someone's life."

About Cocoon Homecare:

Cocoon Homecare empowers individuals and their caregivers. You can receive the care you need from someone you care about and they can get paid. We can help ensure you are cared for by someone you trust. If you are already providing care for a family member, friend or neighbor or you would like to - Cocoon Homecare can help.

Founded in 2016, Cocoon Homecare is a fast-growing, customer focused home care company with a strong and agile technology infrastructure and is located in Jamaica, NY.

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