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Cross Creek Ranch Meats Launch New Website Offering Premium Wagyu Meat Products

HESPERUS, Colo. -- Cross Creek Ranch Premium Meats, an online retailer of premium 100% Full Blood Wagyu Beef, is excited to officially announce the launch of its new website with updated product pages and easy one-click shopping. is a one-stop destination for all your 100% Full Blood Wagyu Beef and American Wagyu Beef home grilling and cooking needs. Recently opened, Cross Creek Ranch Premium Meats is emerging as a leading Full Blood and Crossbred Wagyu Steak and Meat provider in the United States.

"The newly launched website features updated product descriptions and details, new images of the high quality beef cuts, recipes and cooking instructions, Wagyu education, and a new FAQ page. We offer customers an easy, one-click shopping experience for hormone-free, all natural beef," said Kevin Foutz, Marketing Director.

The catalog features hundreds of meat cuts such as Wagyu New York Strip Steak, American Wagyu Bone-In Ribeye Steak and Wagyu Tri Tip. Customers searching for the perfect steak dinner can decide between popular cuts such as Flat Iron Steak, Sirloin Steak, as well as Outside Skirt Steak and Flank Steak.

Specialty beef cuts such as Ground Beef Hamburger Patties, Short Ribs and Carne Asada are also available. Recipes like Sous Vide Juicy Stuffed Burger, Cheddar Cheese-Pecan Rolled Flank Steak, and Sunday Pot Roast can also be found.

Customers who sign up for the Cross Creek Ranch Newsletter can receive access to exclusive offers, early product availability notifications, and unique recipes. Cross Creek Ranch Premium Meats offers a Meat Club membership which offers new customers 1lb. of Full Wagyu Burger meat free with their first order.


Full blood Wagyu:

American Wagyu:

About Cross Creek Ranch Premium Meats

How is Cross Creek Ranch Meats able to provide top tier premium wagyu meats? It's a simple recipe including superior Wagyu genetics, a nutritious, pesticide-free grass diet, clean, Colorado snow melted water and happy, calm living conditions. This allows Cross Creek Ranch to produce top tier Wagyu cattle.

Nestled in the foothills of the beautiful Rocky Mountains, Cross Creek Ranch is home to the highest quality 100% Full Blooded Wagyu, "American Wagyu," and certified Black Angus cattle in the United States.

At 2,300 acres, Cross Creek Ranch allows its cattle 'room to roam', ensuring they get the exercise, fresh air, and rest needed to achieve peak health.

This level of care results in highly desirable meat cuts that transform any kitchen into a 5-star steakhouse. All Cross Creek Ranch Premium Meats are raised in the U.S.A., are USDA inspected for quality and health, and are graded using the MIJ-30 meat grading camera.

Their meats attain IMF (Intramuscular Fat) marbling scores of at least 28% on the Japan Meat Grading Authority (JMGA) grading system - equal to and usually much higher than USDA Prime grade. With proven quality assurance methods and employees who are Beef Quality Assurance certified, Cross Creek Ranch Premium Meats cattle and meat products offer the highest level of beef and steak in the food industry.

Whether grilled on the barbeque, pan-seared on the skillet, or broiled in the oven, the Wagyu Boneless Ribeye Steak, with its juicy and tender marbling, provides the perfect eating experience to satisfy even the pickiest palette. Learn more:

For more information, visit or call 800-979-8322





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Chefs Tell the Story of Farmers on the EATYALL Podcast

OCEAN SPRINGS, Miss. -- In weekly episodes, the EATYALL Podcast offers noteworthy content crafted especially for chefs and food enthusiasts. The EATYALL Podcast offers candid access into the reality of food production, often in stark contrast to the flood of misinformation that has dominated media in recent years. In each episode, EATYALL Founder and Podcast Host Andy Chapman brings chefs along who serve as guest hosts of the podcast.

Together, they visit a farm, experiencing the day-to-day operations firsthand, alongside the farmer. Often recording live on location, they share their experience, taste ingredients, conduct farm interviews and connect you with new ingredients.

EATYALL has been connecting chefs to better ingredients for more than a decade. Hundreds of chefs around the globe trust EATYALL to help them thoughtfully source better ingredients. Similarly, farmers and farm industry groups trust EATYALL to share the flavor, nutrition, food safety and availability of their products to chefs and consumers.

EATYALL is best known for their extremely successful overnight Chef Camps that immerse chefs in life at the farm. When the pandemic struck and gatherings were cancelled, EATYALL founders Marianna and Andy Chapman expanded their well-established podcast platform to provide an additional avenue for chefs to learn more about the food they serve and to discover new ingredients.

Katelyn Hawkins, Director of Product Marketing, Kentucky Beef Council, described her experience working with the EATYALL Podcast like this: "[Their] passion to forge relationships between farm families and chefs to bridge the gap between perceptions of agriculture and fact can be seen in every conversation, podcast episode, social media post and all other facets of their business. The solid foundation they have built in the digital space allowed for them to pivot...during the pandemic while allowing their partners to achieve success in their investment with EATYALL."

Podcast audiences are on the rise, with over 100 million Americans tuning in every month, according to several Neilson and Edison Research. With educational podcasts soaring in popularity, the EATYALL Podcast offers an honest look at American food farming and helps listeners connect with new ingredients.

Listen to the EATYALL Podcast on iTunes, Android, Spotify, TuneIn Radio and other listening platforms. A video version of the EATYALL Podcast can be found on YouTube. Follow @letseatyall on social media platforms for details on podcast updates and new episode alerts. Learn more and subscribe to your favorite platform easily at

Company information:

Marianna Chapman

*LOGO link for media:

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EPIC Launches National Farm and Ranch Practice

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. -- EPIC Insurance Brokers and Consultants, a retail property and casualty insurance brokerage and employee benefits consultant, announced today they are expanding their insurance offering in the Farm & Ranch Insurance market with the practice being led by Chris Moore (President, EPIC Farm & Ranch). The Farm & Ranch practice will be a culmination of specialists in Indiana and Florida serving clients across a national footprint.

Chris joined EPIC from ONI Risk Partners where he led the Farm & Agribusiness practice. ONI Risk Partners was a part of the acquisition of Prime Risk Partners by EPIC in November 2019. Chris currently works with over 100 farm clients across 12 states. Chris has co-created specialty insurance products beyond standard property & casualty products.

Chris created the first health insurance product that protects hog producers against PRRS and PEDv (two major viruses that disrupt production) as well as the first Foreign Animal Disease (FAD) insurance program to exist in the United States. Chris understands that new risks emerge as farms evolve.

The Farm & Ranch practice's primary focus is working with their clients to proactively manage emerging risks. By proactively managing their risks, farmers and ranchers can move forward in confidence knowing their downside is protected.

In partnership with the team from the Jerry Parks Agency, a division of EPIC and their specialty expertise in equine insurance, it is a perfect match to build a strong practice and partnership moving forward offering our clients the best in farm and ranch insurance consulting.

For more information please contact:

Chris Moore via email or via phone at (317) 650-4519.

Scott Davis, President, National Specialty Group, EPIC Insurance Brokers & Consultants, said, "We are very excited about expanding our capabilities in the area of Farm, Ranch and Equine business and know that with Chris at the helm of the practice we will see much success."

About EPIC Insurance Brokers & Consultants

EPIC Holdings, Inc. is the corporate parent overseeing investments across the entire EPIC platform. The firm's core retail insurance brokerage business, EPIC Insurance Brokers & Consultants, now has more than 2,600 team members operating from more than 80 offices across the U.S., providing Property and Casualty, Employee Benefits, Specialty Programs, and Private Client solutions to EPIC clients.

EPIC has created a values-based, client-focused culture that attracts and retains top talent, fosters employee satisfaction and loyalty and sustains a high level of customer service excellence. EPIC team members have consistently recognized their company as a "Best Place to Work" in multiple regions and as a "Best Place to Work in the Insurance Industry" nationally.

EPIC ranks among the top 15 retail insurance brokers in the U.S. Backed and sponsored by Oak Hill Capital Partners, the company continues to expand organically and through strategic acquisitions across the country.

For additional information, please visit:

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4Ry, USDA and Texas A&M AgriLife to Develop Innovative Spraying Technology for Cattle Fever Ticks

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. -- 4Ry Inc. announced today that 4Ry(R) and Texas A&M AgriLife Research have signed a research agreement. They will collaborate with the USDA's Agricultural Research Service (ARS) to more efficiently and effectively spray cattle to eliminate cattle fever ticks.

Cattle fever ticks are vectors of pathogens causing bovine babesiosis, also known as cattle tick fever, and are the focus of the US Cattle Fever Tick Eradication Program. The project will adapt 4Ry's Charge Injected Precision Spraying (ChIPS)(TM) for conductive fluids. Many pesticides registered to spray cattle are water-based, which makes them conductive.

Dr. Arnold Kelly, PhD, 4ry's Chief Technology Officer and cofounder, will modify 4Ry's patented Spray Triode Atomizer, the heart of the ChIPS system. Pete Teel, PhD, Texas A&M AgriLife Research entomologist, regents professor and interim department head, Department of Entomology will lead the project and provide administrative guidance. Field testing will be conducted by Texas A&M AgriLife Research and USDA ARS at the USDA-ARS Cattle Fever Tick Research Laboratory in Edinburg, Texas.

Meeting all the project milestones will document that the ChIPS system allows for more complete and targeted coverage of cattle with fewer environmental and operator health hazards. Charged spray droplets are attracted to the cow and thoroughly coat all areas with little aerosol drift or overspray. By reducing the amount of fluid sprayed and wasted, ChIPS more efficiently covers cattle, generates substantial cost savings, and reduces health and environmental risks.

"Successful development of our sprayer for conductive fluids will allow ranchers to integrate this technology for sustainable eradication of the invasive fever ticks that cost the cattle industry millions of dollars before they were eliminated from the U.S.," said David Bird, 4Ry's CEO. "The tick problem is particularly bad in South Texas counties that border Mexico. Our modified sprayer will also improve management of other livestock pests, so it will be welcomed wherever those pests are found in association with cattle production."

"Texas A&M AgriLife Research and the USDA, Agricultural Research Service have a long history of dedicated joint research efforts in support of the US Cattle Industry and the regulatory agencies responsible for the U.S. Cattle Fever Tick Eradication Program," Teel said. "The opportunity to collaborate with 4Ry, Inc., on the development and application of this new technology could significantly improve how cattle receive acaricide treatment to prevent the re-establishment of cattle fever ticks in the U.S."

About 4Ry

4Ry is based in Albuquerque. It is commercializing charge-injected atomization and spraying technologies invented by Dr. Arnold Kelly. For more information, please visit

4Ry(R) is a registered U.S. trademark.

About the USDA-ARS

ARS is the USDA's chief scientific in-house research agency. Over 2000 scientists and post-doctoral researchers are engaged in over 600 research projects with 15 National Programs at over 90 research locations.

About Texas A&M AgriLife

Texas A&M AgriLife is the largest comprehensive agriculture program in the nation. It brings together a college and four Texas agencies focused on agriculture and life sciences. It has 5,000 employees and a presence in every county in Texas.

Media Contact
Robert Gore
Vice President, 4Ry Agricultural Solutions

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The Rancher Advocacy Program Pioneers Groundbreaking Solutions for Farmers and Ranchers in Crisis

WAELDER, Texas -- The Rancher Advocacy Program (RAP), a five-year initiative of Rowdy Girl Sanctuary, Inc., is the first and only enterprise providing the knowledge of their Rancher Advisory Council working together with industry experts to transition cattle ranches and animal farms away from animal agriculture into viable veganic, compassionate businesses.

The Rancher Advisory Council is comprised of business experts in their fields who are also former ranchers or members of former ranching families.

Rowdy Girl Sanctuary announces the dates of its first annual RAP Summit, slated for September 18-20, 2020 in Austin, Texas. The RAP Summit is the first of its kind to bring cattle ranchers, animal farmers, plant-based industry experts, manufacturers, activists, and environmentalists together to debate and determine solutions to the imminent concerns around global food production, the economy, animal protection and our climate.

About Rowdy Girl Sanctuary:

Rowdy Girl Sanctuary, which has been featured nationally on CBS Evening News, Animal Planet, ABC's More in Common and other nationally syndicated shows, is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation and vegan farm animal sanctuary in the heart of Texas.

As Rowdy Girl Sanctuary moves into the new year, their evolution from farm animal rescue and sanctuary to a state-of-the-art, animal care facility, a plant based/environmental resource education center and endowment for ranchers and farmers transitioning begins. Rowdy Girl Sanctuary inspires other ranchers to experience a paradigm shift, and, through the Rancher Advocacy Program, provides them the expertise and tools to evolve away from the cruelty of factory farming to a financially stable business. Rowdy Girl Sanctuary was founded by Renee King-Sonnen and Tommy Sonnen in 2014.

Kip Andersen, Save Movement, Jane Unchained News, Miyoko's, VegFund, Egg-Truth, Womxn Funders in Animal Rights, Vegan Investors, Effect Partners,, It's Jerky Y'all, Free From Harm, Cowspiracy, Waking Justice and Agriculture Fairness Alliance joins Rowdy Girl Sanctuary in support of the Ranchers Advocacy Program and in launching this trailblazing conference.

For more information on Rowdy Girl Sanctuary, go to

For more information on the Rancher Advocacy Program go to

Rowdy Girl Sanctuary as featured on CBS Evening News with Steve Hartman, On the Road,

* Rancher Advocacy Program Logo -
* RAP Summit 2020 Logo -
* Renee King-Sonnen, Founder of Rowdy Girl Sanctuary, and the Barretts (Ranchers in Transition) -
* The Schacherl Family of Starlove Ranch (Ranchers in Transition) -
* Renee King-Sonnen, Founder of Rowdy Girl Sanctuary, and the Traylors (Ranchers in Transition) -
* Rancher Advocacy Program Video -

Renee King-Sonnen
Founder of Rowdy Girl Sanctuary and Rancher Advocacy Program

Jeri Devereaux
Organizational Developer, Rowdy Girl Sanctuary and Rancher Advocacy Program

@RowdyGirlRanch #animalrights #humanrights #climatechange

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California Farmland Trust Earns National Recognition

ELK GROVE, Calif. -- One thing that unites us as a nation is land: Americans strongly support saving the open spaces they love and that feed them. Since 2004, California Farmland Trust (CFT) has been doing just that for the people of California.

Now CFT announced it has renewed its land trust accreditation - proving once again that, as part of a network of over 400 accredited land trusts across the nation, it is committed to professional excellence and to maintaining landowners' and the public's trust in its conservation work.

"Being able to say California Farmland Trust is accredited provides a 'security' to donors and landowners that the mission and endeavors of CFT have been scrutinized by an impartial third party and that we are able to perform our duties openly, fairly and efficiently," said Ron Freitas, President CFT. "We are a stronger organization than ever for having gone through the rigorous accreditation renewal process. Our strength means the prime farmland in California will continue to have an alternative to being paved over and can be protected forever, making California an even greater place for us and our children."

CFT provided extensive documentation and was subject to a comprehensive third-party evaluation prior to achieving this distinction. The Land Trust Accreditation Commission awarded renewed accreditation, signifying its confidence that our local farmers' lands will be protected forever. This distinction, along with our landowners, donors and agency partners, have helped us protect over 16,000 acres of privately-owned farmland.

"It is exciting to recognize CFT's continued commitment to national standards by renewing this national mark of distinction," said Tammara Van Ryn, executive director of the Commission. "Donors and partners can trust the more than 400 accredited land trusts across the country are united behind strong standards and have demonstrated sound finances, ethical conduct, responsible governance, and lasting stewardship."

About California Farmland Trust

California Farmland Trust is one of 1,363 land trusts across the United States according to the Land Trust Alliance's most recent National Land Trust Census. A complete list of accredited land trusts and more information about the process and benefits can be found at

Find us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter: @cafarmtrust

The California Farmland Trust is a California Non-Profit 501(c)(3). Our mission is to help farmers protect the best farmland in the world. To date we have protected 16,351 acres of farmland on 78 family farms. Visit us:

About the Land Trust Accreditation Commission

The Land Trust Accreditation Commission inspires excellence, promotes public trust and ensures permanence in the conservation of open lands by recognizing organizations that meet rigorous quality standards and strive for continuous improvement. For more, visit

About the Land Trust Alliance

Founded in 1982, the Land Trust Alliance is a national land conservation organization that works to save the places people need and love by strengthening land conservation across America. The Alliance represents 1,000-member land trusts supported by more than 200,000 volunteers and 4.6 million Learn more at:

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Bank of Southern California Provides $5 Million in Financing to OWB Real Estate Holdings, LLC

SAN DIEGO, Calif. -- Bank of Southern California, N.A. (OTC Pink: BCAL / OTCMKTS:BCAL) announced that it has provided $5 million in financing as senior lender in part of a larger financing arrangement for OWB Real Estate Holdings, LLC. The financing was a combination of bank borrowing, and loans secured through the Federally backed New Market Tax Credit program. The financing provided funds used for the acquisition of land, improvements, and equipment of a shuttered beef slaughter and processing plant in Brawley, Calif., formerly operated by National Beef.

The acquired property includes a 337,000 square foot slaughter and processing facility located on approximately 87 acres. National Beef California, LP closed the plant in April 2014. In addition to the significant loss of local jobs, local cattle ranchers were forced to use processing plants located in central California, Arizona, and Texas which negatively impacted processing costs and yields.

OWB Packers, LLC, a related entity to OWB Real Estate Holdings, LLC will operate the new facility. It plans to reopen for production in Fall 2016. The reopening of the Brawley facility will reestablish a much-needed cost and competitive advantage for local cattle farmers and will effectively help redirect millions of dollars of revenue back into the Imperial Valley. It is anticipated that the reopening of the plant will result in significant job creation over the next several years.

"In preparing for this acquisition, we chose to partner with Bank of Southern California as the senior lender because of their local presence, their ability to quickly understand an extremely complicated transaction, and smoothly interact with our other lenders," commented Eric Brandt, President of One World Beef.

About OWB Packers:
OWB Packers is a custom toll beef processing provider and is part of the One World Beef family of companies. Based in Buena Park, Calif., One World Beef is a meat sales and marketing agent, distributing beef products to some of the finest restaurants, chefs and purveyors across the globe. One World Beef is an alliance of quality brands including Brandt Beef and Kagoshima Beef, and is the sole connection for international restaurants, chefs and distributors looking to provide exquisite American beef from Brandt Beef to discerning customers. Likewise, the company also works with restaurateurs in the United States providing genuine wagyu beef direct from Japan. More information:

About Bank of Southern California
A growing community bank, established in 2001, Bank of Southern California, N.A., with headquarters in San Diego, Calif., is locally owned and managed and offers a wide range of financial products to individuals, professionals and small-to-mid sized businesses. The bank's solution-driven, relationship-based approach to banking provides accessibility to decision makers and enhances value through strong partnerships with their clients. The bank currently operates seven offices in San Diego and the Coachella Valley in Riverside County.

For more information, visit or call (858) 847-4780.


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