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Residents Medical Celebrates Women Doctors in Honor of 2019 International Women’s Day

LOS ANGELES, Calif. -- Residents Medical, a woman-owned, internationally-renowned graduate medical education organization, is excited to celebrate International Woman's Day on March 8. Agata Everest, owner, has a special passion for the recognition this day brings to women, worldwide.

Everest comes from a medical background and carries the torch of her father-in-law, a lauded doctor and philanthropist. She is also the Chair of The Everest Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit that assists teaching hospitals and medical schools, globally with research grants, and creates innovative solutions at teaching hospitals in the sphere of Graduate Medical Education (GME). The foundation supports young medical school students and medical school graduate cohorts with her Everest Scholars' Initiative.

In addition to running two successful organizations, Everest is a dedicated wife and mother to three young children. As a European immigrant, she says she embodies the "American Dream," and wants to help others achieve it too. Through her organizations, she gives back to the community and is humble about her accomplishments. She credits her grounded approach to her relationship with and trust in Jesus Christ. These principles guide her organizations and motivate her moral values and passions to help humanity.

Both Residents Medical and The Everest Foundation work hand-in-hand to help alleviate America's residency bottleneck and doctor shortage. Residents Medical is recognized as a progressive and innovative educational organization that helps women across the world to achieve their professional goals of becoming a resident physician in America - a tough and competitive feat to accomplish in a once male-dominated profession.

Dr. Oshobe and Dr. Saleem are two such examples of medical school graduates who achieved their Dream Residency with help from Residents Medical.

Dr. Oshobe was admitted into Residents Medical's Research to Residency program. When she started, she had an attempt on one of her USMLE exams, limited research experience, but had a drive and passion to achieve her Dream Residency. We helped her secure a research position along with providing her additional preparatory initiatives, including a prelim residency which then led to her Matching into her preferred specialty, an Internal Medicine PGY-2 Categorical, all through Residents Medical's guidance and network.

Dr. Saleem is also an alumna of our Research to Residency program. She is an International graduate from a medical school in the UAE. She was diligent in her research despite her multiple failed attempts on her USMLEs. She worked under a lauded mentor, submitted many papers, and gave multiple poster presentations during this rehabilitation process. This gave her the competitive edge she was missing, which allowed her to land her Dream Residency in a PGY-1 Internal Medicine Post-Match position in 2017.

"I'm so happy to have the expertise, insight and woman's intuition that helps these young medical students and graduates achieve their goals," Everest says. "Women bring an embedded and innate empathy to the field."

Everest's desire is to see more women executives in leadership positions at schools of medicine and teaching hospitals that her foundation supports.

"There seem to be high-entry barriers for those top corner office spots," she says. "International Women's Day is the perfect time to celebrate and encourage the advancement of women in medicine."

About Residents Medical:

Residents Medical is an innovative educational organization with its sphere of influence in medical education. Residents Medical prepares, educates through its proprietary courses, counsels, consults, and has placement services for its candidates. Residents Medical's Residency Placement Guidance Program is highly sought after and highly competitive. Only qualified candidates are accepted. RM works with The Everest Foundation, nominating a selected few of its candidates for an Everest Foundation Scholars tenure in research, post graduate unaccredited training, and other medical residency candidacy CV building procurements. This proprietary process helps the candidate prove themselves to the residency programs where they are given interviews for a coveted ACGME accredited residency position.

For more information, visit:; or call: (310) 444-9700.

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The Everest Foundation Hires Former Vice-Chairman and Program Director of UC Davis School of Medicine

LOS ANGELES, Calif. -- The Everest Foundation is thrilled to announce that Raj Ramsamooj, M.D. has joined its team as Director of Graduate Medical Education Operations. Dr. Ramsamooj is a genuine leader in graduate medical education (GME) and a practicing transplant pathologist. He's a University of Minnesota School of Medicine graduate and did his post-graduate training at Stanford University School of Medicine.

He started his career as one of the youngest professors at UC Davis School of Medicine and while there became the vice chair and program director for the Department of Pathology Residency Training Program. He's clearly dedicated his professional life to academic medicine.

"We specifically created this position for Dr. Ramsamooj," Agata Everest, the foundation's chair, says. "And, we're so excited about how well his breadth of practical experiences and knowledge match with our mission statement."

With multiple published research papers under his belt, and as a holder of medical patents, Dr. Ramsamooj has the professional savvy to oversee and grow The Everest Foundation's ambitious research initiatives which are spread to medical schools from east to west.

"His academic insight will ensure the continued growth of the foundation's Everest Scholars program too," Everest adds. "His innovative and respected initiatives have helped medical school students and graduates, worldwide, to develop footing in research laboratories as well as some of the top U.S. schools of medicine.

Everest Scholars who have applied themselves have received merits and awards, research funding and medical residency training spots in teaching hospitals.

About The Everest Foundation:

The Everest Foundation is a Los Angeles-based, non-profit organization grounded in the vision and innovation of Dr. Edwin A.D. Everest and his impact on the medical community. It strives to change the future of medicine by instituting several global initiatives such as research, GME and venture philanthropy.

It helps underserved communities around the world by placing its resident physicians in places that need direct medical care. With the rapid advancement of medical technology, it's critical to be on the cutting-edge of medical innovation and to use these advances to change the world.

The Everest Foundation has committed, and continues to commit, millions of dollars to meet the funding needs of innovative research initiatives, medical resident placement and support to underserved communities.

Carrying on the tradition of care, compassion and hope for the future of medicine, The Everest Foundation strives to be "Part of the Cure."

For organizations, teaching hospitals, medical schools or health systems that are interested in an alliance with The Everest Foundation, visit: or call: 310-477-7800.

Media Contact:
Craig Meier
of The Everest Foundation

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The Everest Foundation is one of the only non-profits assisting to alleviate the ‘Medical Residency Bottleneck’

LOS ANGELES, Calif. -- The Everest Foundation, a non-profit 501(c)(3), has made it its core passion to help the Graduate Medical Education community. The foundation is renowned in circles of Medical Schools, Universities and Residency Programs. The foundation, in part, assists with funding of research, personnel, edu-initiatives, and residency training slots.

In addition, the foundation assists medical school students and graduates achieve research positions, clinical training opportunities, interviews for residency positions, and residency training; vying diligently in a competitive environment.

A majority of its students and candidates come from Residents Medical, an esteemed organization in its own right. Residents Medical's students are prepared by filling these research opportunities, clinical opportunities, unaccredited residency opportunities, as an Everest Foundation Scholar, proving themselves, and on those merits achieving residency training positions.

Everest Foundation has been supporting residency training and medical schools worldwide with a holistic approach addressing the needs of each one of its recipients on an individual rather than corporate basis. Each institution and individual are assessed proactively and keep a personal relationship with the foundation.

"Each of Everest Foundation's relationships with Schools of Medicines are based on a long-term relationship, usually anywhere from a five to ten-year initiative. This is done to see measurable outcomes for the betterment of schools and students alike," says The Everest Foundation's Chair, Agata Everest.

The Everest Foundation is engaged in clinical research at various U.S. medical schools and ACGME teaching hospitals across the United States. It sponsors numerous collaborations nationally in various specialties from Internal Medicine, Physical Rehabilitative Medicine, General Surgery, Orthopedics and Psychiatry.

If your organization, teaching hospital, medical school, or health system is interested in an alliance with The Everest Foundation, please visit their site at or call 310-477-7800.

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Residents Medical’s Candidates Getting Interviews and Pre-Match Residency slots October through December

LOS ANGELES, Calif. -- America's Medical Residency applicants are deep into the residency application season. In September, the application period opened for medical students and graduates that want to be licensed physicians and surgeons via the only path in America - Completing medical residency training, says Residents Medical.

Residents Medical's candidates are being prepared for residency by taking their USMLE Board tests, being tutored by its arsenal of renowned teachers, clinical externship, unaccredited residency positions, research and a plethora of proprietary programs.

This year nearly all Resident Medical's interview-ready candidates are being invited to multiple interviews for residency positions at esteemed residency training programs. They are being prepared for these interviews by current Associate Deans, current and/or former Program Directors, and speech pathology experts.

Residents Medical, through its affiliation with The Everest Foundation, is opening opportunities for its vetted and hardworking candidates. Since October, two of Residents Medical's candidates got offered a pre-match residency position, one of them being a highly sought after categorical position.

"For the remainder of and through the end of December, Residents Medical's candidates will be interviewing for pre-match positions which historically have parlayed into residency slots," says Agata Everest, CEO of Residents Medical.

Many of its candidates will be achieving residency through the main "Match" in March, 2017, and after that the remaining candidates will be given opportunities "post-match" to interview and obtain residency positions. In fact, this past August Residents Medical's candidates were still being offered residency positions from last year's application season before this year has opened up. Residents Medical is helping U.S. medical Graduates (IMGs), foreign medical graduates (FMGs), students and graduates throughout the world achieve their dreams of career and altruistic goals of helping humanity by being a licensed doctor. The bridge of Residency gets one there, Residents Medical is an expert at that.

About Residents Medical:

Residents Medical's main focus is clinical research and an expansion of Graduate Medical Education opportunities. Today, through a network of residency programs affiliated with top U.S. Medical Schools and Residents Medical's collaboration with The Everest Foundation, they are able to provide exclusive and premier services for medical students and graduates from all continents to prepare for residency. Whether you are a U.S. graduate, IMG or FMG, Residents Medical will evaluate your credentials and develop a unique path to residency that's right for you.

For more information, or to live chat with a counselor, visit: or call 310-444-9700; or make an appointment for an office visit.

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