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ProfitMax Chemical asks supermarkets, laundries, restaurants and hotels if the cleaning and sanitizing product companies they use are as clean as the products they are selling?

ABILENE, Texas -- ProfitMax Chemical is asking owners, managers and department heads to consider taking a little closer look into the cleaning products, the companies manufacturing those cleaning products, and the companies supplying those products to ensure all are objectively as clean as they claim to be.

From questionable company practices to the way a company treats its employees to how it reports the effectiveness and results of its products, there is a lot to consider if any or all of these elements are important to you and your business.

It may be good to pause and simply ask yourself if the cleaning products are actually doing what they claim and if the proof is definable beyond any marketing hype?

As technology advances and our understanding of the natural world progresses, some chemicals and detergents that were once valued for their efficiency turn out to be less effective than their original inventors and marketing programs claimed them to be. Over time, the laws of unintended consequences may prove a less than advertised result or may more commonly leave an unpleasant side effect.

Another pertinent question to ask and yet one that may surprise you is if your sanitation manufacturer and supply provider are actually clean?

When companies continue to use sanitation products that have proven fallible, it's you the customer that may suffer.

Many of these companies spend money and marketing resources to hide bad reviews, bad press, questionable business practices and internal issues at hand. Many can bury or push such information down in searches, but it does not always disappear if you dig deep enough.

It can be a good idea to search a particular company through an internet search engine by adding the name of the company, name of the product and then adding terms in that search such as:

* Violations
* Lawsuits
* Problems
* Scams
* Complaints
* Reviews
* Patents

From there, you may find out a little more of what is either being hidden or if the company and products you are using are as clean as you were hoping them to be.

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About ProfitMax Chemical:

ProfitMax Chemical is a training and sales company distributing environmentally sensitive cleaning products and the education on how to use them. ProfitMax Chemical aims to serve as an endurance resource by educating businesses on the products, the processes and details that are often overlooked when it comes to cleaning.

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Environmentally Sensitive Cleaning Solutions Company launches new website to better educate and serve

ABILENE, Texas -- ProfitMax Chemical has launched a new website: With a newly revamped web presence, ProfitMax Chemical aims to serve as an endurance resource for environmentally sensitive cleaning solutions by inspiring trust through educating.

ProfitMax Chemical is a training and sales company distributing environmentally sensitive cleaning products and the education on how to use them. Our stewarding process offers cleaning and sanitizing solutions individualized for each business. ProfitMax Chemical aims to serve as an endurance resource providing inviting and clean locations for all their customers.

From training and educating to the continued relationships and personalized products, ProfitMax Chemical aims to serve every client and connection as an endurance resource as:

- A resource for product awareness

- An informative pathway for purchasing

- A public and consumer education advocate

- A source of authority for training

As a 20-year established company of training, educating and sales in the cleaning industry, ProfitMax Chemical offers an ongoing array of environmentally sensitive products and services. When it comes to cleaning and sanitizing solutions, ProfitMax Chemical's qualitative and quantitative Proof of Process centers around educating, selling and training on the products and their individualized applications.

The ProfitMax Chemical Proof of Process takes into account:

- Cost elements

- Product specifications

- Understanding the products

- The time it takes to clean

- Amount of product required to clean.

- Employee Training modules

- Management Education and Support.

- Environmental Impact

Tim Bluhm, ProfitMax Chemical VP of Sales and Service, says, "We are not going to tell you what you need to do or need to buy. We are here to share, steward and educate the individualized options and recommendations that we believe will serve you, your business and your bottom line."

And Brian Bluhm, President and Founder, adds, "A proper, effective and strong cleaning program is often seen as secondary by many businesses. But in many if not most cases, it is the first thing a customer experiences. This is why our training adds a focus on taking care of the business, so that business can do more of the business it wants to."

Anyone interested in learning more about the product, services and training ProfitMax Chemical Strategic offers and the methodology can now find that information on their newly launched website:

ProfitMax Chemical is headquartered at: 2073 FM 89 Buffalo Gap Road., Buffalo Gap, TX 79508.


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Sunstate Laboratories Introduces Revolutionary Cleaning Products That Help Eliminate Plastic Waste and Save Consumers Money

DENVER, Colo. -- In the midst of celebrating Earth Day's 50th anniversary this month, SunState Labs is setting the standard for environmentally-responsible businesses, by employing sustainable production practices and conserving resources along the entire supply-chain. The company's product, DAZZ, is a non-toxic concentrated cleaning tablet, made with natural ingredients and designed to curb the need for single-use plastics.

Historically, household cleaners have primarily been available in ready-to-use (RTU) containers, perpetuating the "use-and-discard" cycle. Consumers buy their cleaning products pre-mixed in spray bottles, then have to toss each spray bottle as they become empty.

DAZZ, however, is breaking this cycle -- their concentrated, easy-to-use tablets are made to be used in any spray bottle, so customers can reuse existing bottles in their homes, over and over again. For the consumer, this not only saves them money, but also allows them to make environmentally-conscious purchasing decisions.

In a world where sustainability is becoming a major concern for the mainstream consumer market, DAZZ is filling that hole in the household cleaning industry, allowing individuals to incorporate greener habits into their cleaning routine.

Each year, over one billion plastic spray bottles are thrown out in the United States. These spray bottles contribute to the growing build-up of plastic waste in our oceans, which, according to Ocean Cleanup, a nonprofit organization dedicated to cleaning up plastic pollution in the oceans, currently amounts to over 5 trillion pieces of plastic. The issue of plastic waste has only increased in relevance, since China stopped purchasing the United States' plastic waste in 2018.

David Shahan, CEO and Chief Innovation Officer for SunState Labs, had this exact issue in mind when he developed DAZZ Cleaning Tablets.

In addition to environmental and economic benefits, DAZZ also boasts high performance when tested against industry leaders. In tests conducted at the TURI lab at the University of Massachusetts, DAZZ Window & Glass Cleaner beat Windex, DAZZ All-Purpose beat Formula 409, and DAZZ Bathroom beat Clorox. Despite costing about 75% less than these leading RTU brands, DAZZ outperforms them when it comes to tackling tough messes.

DAZZ cleaning tablets, when added to a bottle of lukewarm water, dissolve into a powerful cleaning solution, free of fillers and toxic chemicals. The tablet form saves storage space in the household, as well as lessens the cost and environmental impact of transportation. Consumers can order either a Starter Kit, which includes spray bottles and tablet packets, or a Refill Package of just tablets -- either way, no water is being shipped.

Shahan wants to stress the importance of local suppliers in the fight for more sustainable business practices. "I'd like to see local programs foster the ingenuity of local suppliers," says Shahan. "Hiring locally, sourcing locally, and protecting the environment go hand-in-hand with a profitable, sustainable enterprise."

SunState's mission is to create innovative products that are safe, tough on dirt, and encourage environmental sustainability.

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David Shahan
CEO and Chief Innovation Officer of SunState Labs

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