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Capstone Logistics Launches CapstonePay for Digital Unloading Payments

PEACHTREE CORNERS, Ga. -- Capstone Logistics, a leading provider of end-to-end supply chain solutions, has announced the launch of CapstonePay, a remote payment system that enables truck drivers delivering into Capstone-supported facilities to electronically pay for unloading services without leaving their cab.

The web-based portal is a module in Capstone's Apex Technology suite and is the first payment solution to fully integrate directly with all major fleet check and fuel card providers, including Comdata and WEX. The industry-leading solution allows drivers to make payments instantly, in a contactless, fully automated manner.

CapstonePay improves the driver experience at Capstone partner facilities in several ways:

* FAST PAY, NO DELAY: Drivers get back on the road faster to increase their hours of service and ability to generate revenue.

* SECURE PAY: Automated and integrated authorization reduces fraud and driver wait time.

* NO PHONE CALLS: No need to verify check codes.

* NO CONTACT: Drivers pay by phone or tablet from the comfort of their truck.

* NO CHECKS: Drivers can pay directly with fuel cards.

* INSTANT TRACKING: Drivers and their companies receive instant, electronic receipts to guarantee quicker reimbursement.

* BEST SUPPORT: CapstonePay is backed by a 24-hour help desk.

"Paying for unloading services doesn't have to be complicated or costly for carriers due to time-consuming phone calls, lost hours of service, or failed reimbursements," says Ahmed Abdalla, Chief Technology Officer at Capstone. "The improved checkout process with CapstonePay saves carriers valuable time per unload, protects both drivers and shippers against lost receipts, and should help reduce the potential for fraudulent activity."

CapstonePay is one of several recent initiatives to improve the flow of inbound transportation at Capstone-supported facilities and help warehouse partners reduce dwell time, enhance the driver experience to improve retention, and minimize supply chain waste.

About Capstone Logistics

Capstone Logistics is the leader in providing specialized, technology-enabled solutions for the most challenging supply chains. Powered by an interconnected platform, Capstone creates end-to-end efficiencies and cost-savings that help suppliers, distributors, and retailers exceed customer expectations. From performance-driven labor solutions to high-touch transportation and fulfillment, Capstone delivers the scale, accountability, and continuity that enables modern supply chains to compete in an ever-evolving environment.

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Chase Petersen Joins KIS Technologies as Sr. Business Development Manager

PLANO, Texas -- KIS Technologies, a suite of smart, secure, simple solutions for the ticketing industry, today announced the addition of Chase Petersen as Sr. Business Development Manager. Petersen will be located in the Plano, Texas office.

Chase joins KIS Technologies with more than five years of sales, marketing and operations success with professional sports teams including the Arizona Diamondbacks and the Texas Rangers Baseball Club. Petersen is responsible for business development activities across all KIS Technologies products including KIS Ticket, KIS Kiosk and KIS Park.

"We're very excited to have Chase on board," explained Toby Fender, President at KIS Technologies. "Chase's experience in developing relationships and understanding event solutions makes him a great candidate as we continue to build KIS Technologies as a high-tech platform to deliver high touch experiences. We're already seeing higher demand for live events and entertainment, and we're excited about the features and functionality we've developed to help the industry return to business," added Fender.

About KIS Technologies:

KIS Technologies is a suite of smart, secure, simple solutions designed to ease management and promote sales for the ticketing industry. Flagship products include KIS Ticket and KIS Kiosk which offer a robust set of features to sell tickets 24/7 in a contactless customer journey.

KIS Kiosk is an ecosystem partner using the Tessitura API and is integrated with WorldPay and Windcave payment processors to give patrons the convenience and ease of serving themselves. KIS Ticket is a smart, simple, point-of-sale solution for general admission events and is fully integrated with Square and Bluefin payment processing solutions for contactless, secure, P2PE transactions. KIS Park is a convenient, handheld parking POS system that allows parking attendants to scan, sell and print parking passes with a single contactless solution.

Headquartered in Plano, Texas, customers include the Georgia Aquarium, State Fair of Texas, Museum of Fine Arts Houston, Sydney Opera House and the Calgary Zoo.

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Currency Notes Can Be Super Spreader of Novel Coronavirus 2019

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. -- At a time when various governments and health bodies are still figuring out the different modes of transmission of novel coronavirus 2019, there are some spelled out precautions for which there is a universal consensus, says HexGn research. One of them is to avoid contact with the objects, people, surfaces, et all.

The option of isolation at home is not possible as people still need to buy food or step out for essential purchases, and in places where it is business as usual, nearly unavoidable. Financial transactions cannot be avoided whatever be the case, coins, paper money, ATM, card swipe machines, and even plastic cards, therefore pose a risk in such circumstances. It is no longer a debate about cashless economy, contactless is the way ahead.

Currency notes, coins, and plastic cards, due to its frequent circulation in daily life as a medium of exchange, could get easily contaminated by this Coronavirus. Previous studies across the United States, China, India, and other countries (Sharma and Sumbali, 2014) have revealed that 70-94 percent of banknotes and coins harbor various bacteria and viruses on the surface, even currency counting machines were harboring deadly pathogens. If this was not enough, another study by Kramer et al. in 2006, using laboratory simulations, concluded that bacteria and viruses could survive on the surface of banknotes or coins from one to thirteen days.

Avoiding currency notes and coins may not be enough; plastic cards and card swipe machines, too, may not be immune from contamination. Cards are never cleaned and the user needs to punch in the PIN on the payment terminal, which may not be disinfected after every usage. Professor Eike Steinmann at the Faculty of Medicine at Ruhr-Universit├Ąt Bochum in Germany has published a new analysis in The Journal of Hospital Infection. Professor Steinmann, by analyzing data from different types of Coronavirus, has concluded that many strains can live on surfaces such as glass, plastic, or metal, for up to nine days.

Governments and public health organizations can proactively educate people to use contactless payments systems that facilitate payment using digital wallets, QR code scan, or point and pay.

According to HexGn Research, contactless payments are a part of the FinTech sector, which attracted $46 billion in investments, 10 percent of it made into ventures specializing in payment systems and wallets. This could increase dramatically, as governments look for the immediate adoption of contactless payments being offered by existing players. This will lead to further fundraising to strengthen backend systems and onboarding new consumers. New players will also enter the payments and wallet segment, looking at the possible boom.

"To stem infection early on, it has become imperative for Governments to not only adopt but actively encourage the usage of contactless payments & transactions. This will provide a safer transaction option as we continue to fight with this novel Coronavirus," says Alex Kong, Founder and chairman of Hong Kong-based FinTech Unicorn, TNG Wallet.

Payments and Digital wallet companies could help in reducing the spread of Novel Coronavirus 2019 and embolden global health bodies in stemming this tide with minimal damage.

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