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Chart-Topping Country Artist Jeremy Parsons Announces April-May Tour Dates In TN, KY, NC, VA

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- With the title track of his latest album, "Things To Come" climbing national radio airplay charts, San Antonio, Texas country artist Jeremy Parsons is hitting the road. The international iTunes chart-topper has just announced a series of April and May concert dates that will bring his tour to Tennessee, North Carolina and Virginia.

The 12-show tour kicks off in Nashville on April 20, 2022 and wraps up in Appomattox, Virginia on May 8. Parsons will be doing press interviews throughout the tour stops.


20 - The Moxy Hotel, Nashville, TN
22 - The Oasis Southwest Grill, Kuttawa, KY
23 - Tennessee Brew Works, Nashville, TN
23 - Sidelines Grill, Pleasant View, TN
24 - The Moxy Hotel, Nashville, TN
27 - Citizen Vinyl for Open Folk Asheville, Asheville, NC
28 - Thirsty Beaver, Charlotte, NC
29 - Rumbling Bald Resort, Lake Lure, NC
30 - Twisted Pear, Forest City, NC

-- MAY
6 - Clam Diggers, Bedford, VA
7 - Knot-A-Spring Fling Songwriters Edition, Moneta, VA
8 - Evergreen Lavender Farm, Appomattox, VA

Parsons' latest single, "Things To Come" is #15 on the National Radio Hits AC40 airplay chart, #33 on the Country chart and #26 on the New Music Weekly Country Digital chart. His songs have received more than 1 million streams on Spotify!


Jeremy Parsons draws from his personal experiences to create songs that are keenly perceptive and meaningful. Parsons has topped the international iTunes sales charts, the Roots Music Report charts, the IndieWorld Country chart and has appeared on many others. His videos have been Official Selections in IMdB film festivals.



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Country Music Artist Announces 2022 Concert Series to Benefit Veterans

WAYNESVILLE, Ohio -- International country chart-topper and member of the Ohio Country Music Hall of Fame, Richard Lynch has announced the 2022 lineup of "Keepin' It Country Farm" concerts to benefit the Love Tattoo Foundation for veterans. This year's lineup includes several #1 Billboard charting artists and a couple of stars from RFD TV.

Headliners include multi-#1 artist/writer, Paul Overstreet; Statler Brothers member, Jimmy Fortune; RFD TV's Penny Gilley, #1 Christian Country artist, Jeff Bates; and RFD performers, The Malpass Brothers.

Watch Richard's announcement at


Fri, June 3rd - Jeff Bates

Sat, July 16th - The Malpass Brothers

Sat, August 20th - Paul Overstreet

Sat, September 24th - Jimmy Fortune

Sat, October 8th - Penny Gilley w/Bonnie Riley

Sat, November 5th - Richard Lynch Band and Friends.

All shows start at 7 p.m., with the Richard Lynch Band hosting. Tickets, including a season pass to all shows, are available at


Over the past 3 decades, Richard Lynch has compiled a long list of country hits and chart-toppers on both domestic and international sales and radio airplay charts, including multiple #1 iTunes chart singles, several #1 New Music Weekly radio songs, #1 IndieWorld and Roots Music Report chart tracks and a Christian Music Weekly Top 20 single. Richard has been in Billboard Magazine, Taste Of Country, The Boot, CCM Magazine, Country Music People, and countless others. He has also appeared on WSM Radio Nashville, RFD TV, Fox TV and more.

He has recorded popular duets with legendary artists like Ronnie McDowell and Leona Williams, as well as Grammy Winner, Rhonda Vincent. Richard Lynch is a proud member of the Ohio Country Music Hall of Fame and the Independent Country Music Hall of Fame. Lynch is also the owner of Keepin' It Country Farm in Waynesville, OH and co-founder of Love Tattoo Foundation that assists veterans.






The Love Tattoo Foundation is a non-profit organization that honors and assists the American Veterans who carry mental or physical scars, from serving their country. Its mission is to raise money and awareness to help give these Veterans the opportunities they sacrificed, so others could have theirs.

The Love Tattoo Foundation was born as the positive outcome from a truly devastating event. Law Enforcement Officer, Charles "Chuck" Brisbin, was moved by a story he had heard of a young man who left for Afghanistan as a soldier for his country and came back disfigured. Being involved closely with our country's military, Chuck was compelled to honor this man in any way he could, to show his humble gratitude. So he turned to poetry. Chuck wrote a beautiful poem titled Love Tattoo.

After he finished the poem, he wanted to take it a step further by finding a voice that would be the spirit of his message; not only for this man, but for every man and woman who've sacrificed everything for what others have. Without hesitation, he turned to country music artist, Richard Lynch. Richard has a passion and respect for our military that is not to be taken lightly. He was humbled and honored to be asked to turn this poem into a song. Since then, Richard's adaptation of the poem has literally brought veterans of all ages and walks of life to tears on the spot.

From this, a greater cause was revealed. There are folks ranging from 18 to 81 years old that will carry mental and physical scars with them for the rest of their lives, because they fought for our citizens' freedoms. The most shocking fact of this is that there is no organization designated specifically to these folks and their needs. It came to our attention that these men and women almost feel ostracized; they feel like damaged goods. With very little discussion, it was decided that The Love Tattoo Foundation would take a stand and help these amazing people. They should be lifted up and honored, not put away on a dusty shelf. Learn more at:

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Texas Country singer Taylor Dee dies after car crash – Dee, 33, considered to be a superstar in the making

EULESS, Texas -- Taylor Dee, a beloved Texas country-western singer considered by peers to be skyrocketing toward stardom, died Sunday night (3-14-2021) after she was injured in a Euless car accident, the Texas Newsroom announced this week.

She was 33.

Linda Wilson, president of the Texas Country Music Association, told the Texas Newsroom that news of Dee's death has shocked the music community.

"Taylor Dee was the real deal - a true talent with a heart and passion not only for her music but for people," Wilson said. "In every performance, her talent was evident, but more importantly she allowed her fans to know her heart. She will be missed tremendously."

Dee, born Taylor Dawn Carroll, leaves behind two young children: a son, Vayden, and a daughter, River.

A GoFundMe account has been set up to help with funeral expenses. As of Wednesday, more than $10,000 of a needed $15,000 had already been collected.

The account is

Dee's dear friend and professional colleague Amy Johnson - - is circulating funeral and memorial information.

The accident occurred when Dee was driving a 2002 Chevrolet Trailblazer eastbound on the State Highway 183 toll lane in Euless shortly before 10:30 p.m., according to authorities.

Dee attempted to take the exit to Highway 360, but is believed to have missed the turn by a split-second.

"She struck a barrier," Euless Police Chief Mike Brown told Ben Tinsley of the Texas Newsroom.

The car started to roll-hitting an overhead sign in the process-and Dee was ejected from the vehicle, said Euless Police Sgt. Scott Peterson.

She was not wearing a seat belt, he said.

A male passenger authorities declined to immediately identify was wearing a seat belt and remained in the Trailblazer until it stopped moving.

Other than a broken toe and being badly shaken up, the male passenger did not immediately appear to be seriously injured, Peterson said.

A family friend of Dee's said the passenger remained in the hospital under medical care for a time and was recently released.

The vehicle was extremely damaged from the impact, the sergeant said.

The Tarrant County Medical Examiner's Office is performing a toxicology screen to determine if alcohol played a part in the accident along west Airport Freeway in Euless.

It is possible that alcohol might have slowed Dee's reaction time, causing her to miss that turn, Euless Police told the Texas Newsroom.

But no conclusions can be drawn until the blood work is finished, Peterson said.

The case, meanwhile, remains under investigation.

The family friend said Dee and the passenger had been visiting a friend's house in Little Elm near Grapevine.

The family friend added Wednesday that Dee's clothes were in the process of being picked out for her viewing by those dearest to her.

Those who know Dee said she loved music and sang for most of her life. Her electrifying voice has long-drawn immediate comparisons to Janis Joplin.

Her first single, "The Buzz," dropped June 14, 2019 and has been playing across several Texas radio stations, according to a release.

Chad Roland, Dee's longtime friend, said his heart is heavy with grief and shock. He is a Nashville songwriter at Melody Roundup BMI and Rex Benson Music Los Angeles.

"I first met Taylor in October 2018 but it felt as if we knew each other many lifetimes," Roland said. "Since then we have played music, laughed, shared stories and a few secrets, wrote, cried, toured, prayed and fought. Needless to say we were close. We genuinely loved each other, and we hoped that love spilled into the music."

Roland said Taylor Dee was a complex human being full of hurt, love, loneliness and God-given talent "like no other person I've ever encountered before."

"Truly the music world has no idea what kind of loss they have suffered," Roland said.

Gary McGrath, producer for Taylor Dee & Shots Fired song, "Put a Bow On It," said Taylor's music will live on.

"Taylor was always trying to find the positive," McGrath said. "She was so proud of pushing herself past what she thought she could do and surprised herself at what she found she could do. She was always humbled by anyone who wanted to help her."

McGrath said Taylor Dee felt very blessed to have such support from people close and even strangers.

"She is now immortal!" McGrath said. "Recorded, filmed and photographed in ways that will continue to live on and show her passion, sense of humor, love for her friends and voice. For all who miss her all you have to do is listen to her music and she will be in your ears, heart and soul."

Jeffrey Christian, a seasoned Dallas-Fort Worth area musician, said Taylor Dee's musical versatility was well known. She was equally as home singing pop country ballads as she was growling out blues rock, he said.

"She was as good a singer as anyone I can think of with a wide range of vocal styles from sweet to gruff," Christian said.

Christian said Dee found universally enjoyable melodies in complex chord structures for the country and folk rock music genres for which she was known.

"I don't know how much she contributed to lyrics when writing the songs she sang, but they were almost always creative," he said.

Shane Danger, host of the Dallas-based Texas Newsroom talk show got to know Taylor Dee when she was a regular guest.

Dee was popular on the Texas Newsroom, which is broadcast on Power Play Radio in Dallas and televised over Facebook Live.

Danger - in his capacity as an industry professional, music producer, actor and singer - said he understands Dee's ambition for industry success.

However, Danger said, unlike many of her peers, Dee had something special inside that listeners could immediately recognize.

"I've never seen fans take to someone like they took to Taylor Dee," Danger said. "They gave her all their love because she gave it right back to them."

Off-camera, Danger said, Dee hinted-always with a wink-that she led a "vigorous" and "enthusiastic" life as a young person.

"I'd go as far as to say she considered herself to be 'wild' when she was younger," Danger said. "But she was really good people. The world's a darker place without her."

Karla Van Syckle, Dee's mother, made some brief posts about her daughter on social media but preferred not to immediately comment about her daughter's death.

"Thank you so much. I just can't deal right now," she said in a Facebook instant message.

Van Syckle's Facebook posts were equally quick and to the point.

"My baby girl just passed away," Van Syckle said in one of those FB posts. "Prayers needed."

A cursory view of Dee's background under her birth name of Taylor Dawn Carroll indicates she did have some alcohol-related run-ins with the Texas criminal justice system.

This could explain the comment Dee made in 2014 while posting a series of cover songs on YouTube under Taylor Dawn Carroll.

"Hey guys," Dee said. "Um, those of you that know me know that I've been through a lot and that I'm slowly picking up the pieces. "

Singing songs by Adele and Pistol Annies, Dee's voice in 2014 burst forth on YouTube as electric and riveting as ever.

"I'm going to sing a song," Dee said on the recording.

It's called 'One and Only' by Adele. It has really deep, deep, meaning to me. So I'm going to try and do it justice like she does. Bear with me and I hope you enjoy it."

During a Dec. 16, 2019, Facebook IM conversation, Dee spoke of the hardships of the music business, despite her usual Facebook posts seeming to give a much more optimistic impression.

"Facebook is but a highlight reel," Dee said, adding an "LOL" for emphasis.

But Dee said she planned to keep plugging ahead professionally, despite any roadblocks.

"I've got some stories you wouldn't believe," she said. "And I think my purpose is to tell them and help people."

Dee was told by many of her fans she was destined for greatness. But she scoffed at the suggestion.

She said she had experienced "crazy" situations her entire life and it was definitely making her wiser and more grounded.

"That's why IDK if I'm 'destined for greatness,'" Dee said in the IM message. "I feel I am, but maybe I'm cursed. Who knows?"


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Indie Music Star Luanne Hunt delivers ‘Chicken Soup for the Soul’ message in her Top 40 hit single, ‘WE RISE’

LAS VEGAS, Nev. -- Amid the Coronavirus lockdown, award-winning, critically acclaimed indie music star Luanne Hunt decided to use her free time to tap into her creativity and write the Top 40 Gospel/Inspirational hit "We Rise," a song the Hollywood Digest calls an "anthem for our times."

The uplifting song can be heard on radio stations around the world and is currently climbing the Adult Contemporary and Christian Music charts.

Other reviewers see it as a musical dose of inspiration, bringing the same type of hope and healing found in Jack Canfield's "Chicken Soup for the Soul" stories. According to Troy Johnston of FAME Magazine, "We Rise" is just what the doctor ordered to lead people from all walks of life to a brighter and more abundant tomorrow.

"Beautifully presented and enchanting from the start, Luanne Hunt's 'We Rise' is the Chicken Soup of song we humans need," said Troy Johnston of FAME Magazine. "It's a winner of a tune that puts humanity back into perspective and reminds us as listeners that thinking positive and spreading joy to others is as simple as it gets."

Hunt, who lives in Las Vegas, Nevada, wrote "We Rise" as the theme song for a philanthropic organization she is preparing to launch in early 2021 called, "We Rise Women's Network."

The network will aim to provide women across the nation opportunities to gather, make lasting friendships, heal from wounds of the past and tap into their inner strength through the power of togetherness, Hunt said.

"When I began making plans for the Network, the first thing I did was write the theme song for it," said Hunt, a native of Conshohocken, Pennsylvania. "As 'We Rise' came together in the studio, I realized it holds a message that people need to hear right now. So many are running out of hope but united, we are strong. I have no doubt we can rise above everything that's threatening all we hold true and dear."

Over her 25-year career, Hunt has scored numerous No. 1 hits on country, folk and gospel charts around the world. The award-winning, Grammy-balloted recording artist is best known for her chart-topping single, "Christmas Without You," which was named by Sweden's largest daily newspaper, Dagens Nyheter, one of the Top 25 Christmas Songs of All-time.

She also is the recipient of three CD of the Year awards from the National Traditional Country Music Association (NTCMA) and six American Songwriting Awards.

The adult contemporary/contemporary Christian-inspired "We Rise" follow's Hunt's award-winning, critically acclaimed country album, "Backroads, Bottles & Blues," which features her No. 1 hit duet with Steven Bankey, "Lightning in A Bottle."

"Fans that love the Andra Day song 'Rise Up' should take a chance on Luanne Hunt's 'We Rise,'" said Garth Thomas, reviewer for the Hollywood Digest. "I'm positive that Hunt's country fans will stick with her and love this song, which is both inspiring and entertaining."

Find Luanne Hunt at

VIDEO (YouTube):

*PHOTO link for media:

Media contact
Luanne Hunt
Star Creek Entertainment

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Arizona Grand Ole Opry Tribute to Bill Bassett

CAMP VERDE, Ariz. -- The Phillip England Center for the Performing Arts Foundation will host a "Tribute to Bill Bassett in the Grand Ole Opry Style" concert on Sunday, March 22, at 3 p.m. in the Phillip England Center for the Performing Arts, 210 Camp Lincoln Road in Camp Verde.

Unlike a typical concert, the Grand Ole Opry Style presents several artists giving the audience a variety of music and a sample of each artist's musical style. This Tribute to Bill Bassett will include 20 different performers whose exceptional talents will make this a memorable afternoon.

The fast-paced opening hour will highlight more than a dozen popular musicians, each performing one or two selections of well-known country, folk, pop, and jazz favorites. Reno and Sheila McCormick will perform authentic, down-to earth country, western and bluegrass featuring his strong vocals and hot flatpicking on the Martin guitar.

Ron McLain follows with his repertoire of country, folk, blues, and love songs from the 30's to the present. Singer and fiddle/violinist Sonja Whisman will be joined by bass guitarist, Marty Thrifty, vocalist Kathi Belucci, and guitarist Lee Zimmer to present standards and a classic pop instrumental. Singer/songwriters, Larry and Leslie Latour, will perform their original life-story songs and heart-warming two-part harmonies. Gary Simpkins, who rounds out the first have, was a part of the 60's folk-rock scene in New York, Connecticut and Massachusetts, and since the 80's has been playing folk festivals and shows throughout the region.

The second half will feature the music of the Blazin' M Ranch singing cowboy, Bill Bassett. As a young boy growing up in Seattle Washington, Bill imagined himself a singing cowboy when, at the age of 6, he wrote his first song, "Six White Horses." Bill honed his craft writing, recording and playing in clubs and at concerts, eventually making the move to Nashville, and toured the country supporting many country legends. In 2005 Bill joined the Blazin' M Ranch where, for 15 years was the Master of Ceremonies and leader of the Blazin' M Singing Cowboys through nightly shows.

Bill interprets songs in a way that brings out the joy, heartbreak, humor and pathos of life. He was inducted along with Jim and Jeanne Martin into the Greater Arizona Country and Western Swing Association Hall of Fame in 2018. Bill perform some of his original songs. He will be backed up by the Bill Bassett Ensemble. On bass guitar will be Tommy Anderson who is founder of the Jerome Ukulele Orchestra. Dave Rentz on percussion and drums has provided the beat for over 30 local bands in his 40-year music career. Eric Williams, on piano and saxophone, has been a Verde Valley entertainer for many years. Rounding out the Ensemble will be Reno McCormick who started his musical career when he won the band contest at Bill Monroe's Bean Blossom Festival in 1977.

For additional information and to purchase tickets, visit the website at

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Life Lessons, Love Lost and Man’s Best Friend – Michael Patrick’s New CD, ‘John Wayne Movies’ Tells the Tale

MORGANVILLE, N.J. -- New Jersey based country, folk, Americana singer-songwriter Michael Patrick will release his latest, long overdue recording, "John Wayne Movies" with two special CD release shows on October 13, 2018 at The Lighthouse Tavern, and October 20th at Roxy & Dukes.

Named Top Country Folk Artist by the Jersey Acoustic Music Awards, Patrick has shared the stage with Randy Travis, Clint Black, Rosanne Cash, Marty Stuart, Billy Joe Shaver, The Marshall Tucker Band, The Outlaws, David Allan Coe and Gary Allan, Steve Earle, Carlene Carter, Justin Townes Earle and Chris Knight to name a few.

In addition, he founded and fronts local bands, "The Suburban Hillbillies" and "Ring of Fire," a Johnny Cash tribute band. Patrick's latest recording, "John Wayne Movies" is his fourth studio release, and includes ten Nashville and New Jersey produced tracks, seamlessly blending styles of Country, Folk, Roots and Rock. In the vein of Patrick's influences Lyle Lovett and Johnny Cash, "John Wayne Movies" defies labeling, and instead incorporates danceable melodies and heartfelt storytelling that nicely fit under the umbrella of Americana music.

The tales "John Wayne Movies" tells are born of Patrick's own personal tragedy and triumph in the years since his last release 7 years ago, "Another Song You Never Heard." Patrick, a longtime fundraiser for the Cooley's Anemia Foundation with his annual Jersey Country Revival benefit concerts, lost his wife of 20 years to complications from Cooley's Anemia in 2013. With "John Wayne Movies" Patrick leads the listener on a musical journey from the dark places to the uplifting and inspirational.

Patrick's take on love lost in the somber "When Everything was Broken," unconditional love found in folky "Man's Best Friend," growing up and growing wiser in the rocker "When I Grow Up," all come from a place of honest experience. Patrick' snarky, comedic side shines through in "good riddance" numbers that everyone can relate to, "It's Always My Fault" and "That Look."

With life lived and lessons learned, this new project unveils a more mature songwriter, willing to take risks on different musical styles and ideas. The title track, "John Wayne Movies" is written by Patrick's good friend and co-writer, Joe Iantosca. Patrick recalls hearing it many years ago and knowing then he wanted to record it. It's a nod to Patrick's fan favorite nostalgia songs, "My First Car" and "Cash in the Attic."

Patrick prides himself on energetic live shows, encourages audience participation and lots of spontaneous interaction. He feels a sense of obligation to connect with patrons, to deliver a smile and pull people out of their shells. Patrick has logged over 1500 live performances in the tri-state (NY, NJ, PA) area, in addition to annual tours down south. Along with his band he has performed at such prestigious venues as the Union County Arts Center, Strand Theater, Mayo Performing Arts Center, Paramount Theater, Bergen Pac, Stone Pony, Starland Ballroom and BB King's.

"John Wayne Movies" will be available for purchase at performances and through, Apple iTunes and Amazon, as well as for streaming on Spotify and Pandora. Patrick maintains a website at, which includes tour dates, news, photos, video and audio clips, and Facebook at

When: Saturday, October 13th, 7:30 p.m.
Where: The Lighthouse Tavern, Waretown, NJ
(Special Guests Elaine & The Cimarron Sky Band)
When: Saturday, October 20th, 8:00 p.m.
Where: Roxy & Dukes, Dunellen NJ
(Special Guests Mystic Twang).

For more information about these events, or to schedule interviews please contact Mike Szymanski with MPS Promotions at (732) 834-9781, or

Visit the website at:

Lighthouse Tavern is located at: 397 U.S. 9, Waretown, NJ Phone: (609) 693-3150

Roxy & Dukes is located at: 745 Bound Brook Rd, Dunellen, NJ. Phone: (732) 529-4464

VIDEO (YouTube):

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Lindsay Ell to Headline Monster Energy Outbreak Tour

LOS ANGELES, Calif. -- As announced today by Outbreak Presents, Lindsay Ell is set to headline the final Monster Energy Outbreak Tour of 2018.

Tickets go on sale starting on September 7 at and

Lauded as "one of the most exciting and talented young artists in country music" (Forbes), Lindsay Ell is a triple threat: accomplished musician, unique vocalist and songwriter. Her first full-length album, "The Project," debuted at No. 1 on the Country Album Sales Chart in August 2017 and was lauded as Billboard's "Best Country Album of 2017."

Following her breakout Top 20 hit at U.S Country radio and momentous No. 1 at Canadian Country radio with "Criminal," Ell recently excited legions of fans via social media announcing her next single is the tantalizing and lyrically-mesmerizing "Champagne." A song critics praise "demands your attention" (Taste of Country), "Champagne" officially hits airwaves in the U.S. on September 17.

Ell is currently supporting Sugarland's Still The Same Tour and will soon join Keith Urban's Graffiti U World Tour for select dates this fall before embarking on her Monster Energy Outbreak Tour headline run. Additionally, she is an Album of the Year and Female Artist of the Year nominee at the 2018 Canadian Country Music Awards, taking place in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada later this month.

"I'm so excited to be teaming up with the Monster Energy Outbreak Tour for my first headlining run ever," Ell said. "It's going be a show we've never done before and I can't wait for fans to see it!"

"We've been a fan of Lindsay Ell since hearing 'Criminal' and are thrilled to have her close out another record-setting year for the Monster Energy Outbreak Tour. She's a guitar virtuoso with an incredible voice and captivating stage presence, well on her way to stardom in country music and beyond," adds Monster Energy Outbreak Tour Founder Steve Glazer.

10/27 - Indianapolis, IN - 8 Seconds
10/28 - Decatur, GA - Eddie's Attic
11/8 - Pensacola, FL - Wild Greg's Saloon
11/9 - Knoxville, TN - Cotton Eyed Joe's
11/15 - Columbus, OH - Tequila Cowboy
11/16 - Lansing, MI - Tequila Cowboy
11/17 - Grand Rapids, MI - The Stache
11/30 - Asbury Park, NJ - Asbury Lanes
12/1 - Mount Laurel, NJ - Prospectors Steakhouse
12/8 - West Peoria, IL - Crusens
1/9 - Dallas, TX - House of Blues
1/10 - Houston, TX - House of Blues
1/16 - San Jose, CA - Club Rodeo
1/17 - Bakersfield, CA - Buck Owens
1/19 - San Diego, CA - Moonshine Flats

For more information on the Monster Energy Outbreak Tour Presents Lindsay Ell, visit:












Launched in 2011, the Monster Energy Outbreak Tour is recognized as the ultimate influencer, pairing breakthrough talent with fan friendly ticket prices at premium venues, giving fans the opportunity to witness the stars of tomorrow, today. The Monster Energy Outbreak Tour is the largest national touring brand in the club & theater space, and currently consists of five annual music tours (Hip Hop, EDM, Rock, Country, College), one annual comedy tour, and the buzz-worthy Outbreak House at SXSW. Outbreak was created to provide a powerful platform for emerging talent to maximize their breakout moment. Notable alumni include Kendrick Lamar, Macklemore, The Chainsmokers, Carnage, Bullet For My Valentine, Cole Swindell, Garfunkel & Oates, Fetty Wap, and 21 Savage; to name a few.

For more information about The Monster Energy Outbreak Tour, visit:

Based in Corona, California, Monster Energy is the leading marketer and distributor of energy drinks and alternative beverages. Refusing to acknowledge the traditional, Monster Energy supports the scene and sport. Whether motocross, off-road, NASCAR, MMA, BMX, surf, snowboard, ski, skateboard, or the rock n' roll lifestyle, Monster Energy is a brand that believes in authenticity and the core of what its sports, athletes and musicians represent. More than a drink, it's the way of life lived by athletes, sports, bands, artists, believers and fans.

See more about Monster Energy including all of its drinks at and

*EVENT POSTER link for media:

Twitter: @lindsayell @MonsterEnergy @OutbreakPresnts @MonsterMusic

MUSIC VIDEO - "Criminal" Official (YouTube):

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