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Domestic and International Arbitrator Authors Book on Wealth and Business Planning Strategies

IRVINE, Calif. -- Dr. Nevine Carmelle, a celebrated professional who's dedicated to the field of finance, recently authored, "Wealth and Business Planning Strategies: The Ultimate Guide for Wealth Management, Privacy & Prosperity for Business Owners" (ISBN: 978-0692562017). Available in paperback and Kindle edition, the book quickly became a bestseller on

One reader said, "I recently quit my corporate job and was realizing my dream of being a female business owner. I knew my business area of expertise, but was somewhat of a newbie when it came to the financial aspects of business ownership. Nevine Carmelle's advice and the information in her book helped me navigate those obstacles and allowed me to become successful in the pursuit of my dream."

The author is recognized by many as a "wonder woman" who has obtained multiple licenses and certifications in the areas of finance, real estate, tax and the law. She's a licensed real estate agent, insurance agent and international arbitrator. In essence, she's a one-stop-shop for many issues.

For the past five years, she's been certified in court mediation and divorce mediation and mediated all types of litigation cases such as landlord/tenant, evictions, partnership disputes and more. During her spare time, she contributes to those less fortunate as a Goodwill Ambassador. Fluent in Arabic and English, with a healthy knowledge of French, German, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese, she hopes to become a U.S. ambassador.

About Dr. Nevine Carmelle:

Dr. Nevine Carmelle has been included in Marquis Who's Who, excels as an enrolled agent with the IRS and is the founder and CEO of Attorney Network. She's negotiated tax liens, levies, payment plans and offers in compromise and has represented clients with tax audits and appeals. Her specialties include retirement planning, charitable gifting, insurance planning, estate planning, business compensation and real estate matters.

She has extensive experience in the structures of business planning for individuals, corporations, partnerships, limited liability companies and S-Corporations in the U.S. and abroad. She's been a featured speaker on tax and financial matters at many professional seminars, and has been interviewed on TV and radio shows about business strategies and financial structures.

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INSIDE HOLLYWOOD: A Compelling New Literary Collection Unravels Mysteries of Love and Life

LOS ANGELES, Calif. -- From a creative and highly imaginative author and multimedia artist, Marsha Ross, comes an eloquent, erotic and extremely engrossing poetic anthology - "INSIDE HOLLYWOOD" (ISBN: 978-1544031002). This collection of thoughts, poetry, lyrics, art and erotica, was inspired by her experiences in Hollywood, and unveils the true quintessence of passion, romance and love.

Unraveling the mysteries of love and life, and the many complexities in-between, "INSIDE HOLLYWOOD" also takes a peek behind the scenes to reveal how far a person is willing to go to find true love and genuine happiness.

Here's an excerpt from "INSIDE HOLLYWOOD":
"Night creeps in like a cat burglar
finds me thrashing
like an animal
caged by its own caress
awaiting yours to set me free."

Brimming with pure human emotions and poignant tales of romance and passion, this book showcases the author's most compelling and enthralling poetry collection that illustrate what it's like to fall in love, to become enslaved with pain and misery, and to feel the sheer bliss of finding inner strength and beauty.

Skillfully written, highly imaginative and extremely interesting, "INSIDE HOLLYWOOD" is a creative and elegiac volume that appeals to a wide audience. Whether young, middle-aged, elderly, working professional or stay-at-home parent, most anyone will identify with or relate to any one or more of the book's perfectly woven and enigmatic verses.

The book is available on Ross' website, where her art can be viewed, too:

More details about "INSIDE HOLLYWOOD" can be found on Amazon:

About the Author:

Marsha Ross put herself through UCLA and earned a BA and MFA. She opened Los Angeles' first photographic art gallery, PHOTOSPHERE, and also worked at Warner Brothers. She wrote cover stories for "New York Magazine," "Los Angeles Magazine" and "New West Magazine." Alone, she traveled around the world twice.

While visiting Africa, she learned that the U.S. was giving Morocco two million dollars a day in Napalm to exterminate the natives and steal the phosphates - the world's largest deposit (outside of Russia) - and other valuable minerals including silver, uranium, gold and oil to share the proceeds. As a result, she became involved with the foreign minister of the Polisario, a Guerilla group fighting for their independence against Henry Kissinger's Green March.

She worked with Africa's foreign minister and the UN representative to lobby Washington to stop these transactions. She felt she "had to help stop this genocide." Through UN diplomacy and weapons stolen from their enemies, they won and the Western Sahara is now a country on the map and Kissinger failed at his attempt to land-grab.

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Alan T Black Releases New Book ‘Here I Am Lord’ to Draw Readers Close to The Lord

OMAHA, Neb. -- Alan T Black announces the launch of his new book, "Here I am Lord" (ISBN: 978-1982057282). The book primarily answers the call of the Lord and helps readers get closer to the Lord. The book comprises 35 different essays and it illustrates some of the best tools which can be used to help you come closer to the Lord.

The Kindle Edition version of the book will be available for free on the Kindle store for the period of Feb. 12 - 16, 2018.

Those who would like to improve the kind of relationship which they have with the Lord and the ones who are seeking to bring about solace and improvement in their life should definitely consider downloading this book.

"I was raised and grew up in the United Methodist Church. While I do proudly embrace my background and personal history within the United Methodist Church, I do feel that ultimately what is important is not the denomination that you are a part of. What matters most is the relationship that you have with the Lord," said Black.

He added, "Part and parcel of any relationship is the level of commitment that one makes to it. With any and all relationships, they are going to take time to grow. Through the years, if I were to describe my relationship with the Lord using one word it would be 'transformation.'"

It takes time for the relationship to grow and evolve and this is why this book aspires to help people achieve the right understanding and momentum so that they can grow and come closer to the Lord. It is important to believe in the lord and trust him completely to stay blessed and achieve success in all walks of life.

Those who would like to know more about the book should visit Amazon at: and then download the Kindle version for free during the promotion period.

About Alan T Black:

Raised in the United Methodist church, Alan is a man of principles and always believed that it is the relationship which we have with God that governs our life, the success we get and the kind of journey we traverse. Learn more about the author at:

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Oracle Group International announces publication of ‘MAKE YOUR MARK: Personal Branding Through On-Purpose Living’ by Courtney R. Rhodes

NEW YORK, N.Y. -- The Oracle Group International is thrilled to announce the publication of "MAKE YOUR MARK: Personal Branding Through 'On-Purpose' Living" (paperback; on sale March 14, 2017; $20; ISBN: 978-0692833919) by award-winning, brand strategist, entrepreneur and author Courtney R. Rhodes.

A lifetime in the making, Courtney Rhodes provides readers with a hands-on guide for personal branding and professional success by utilizing her experience marrying career expertise with a passion for helping women package, position, and promote their best selves. Rhodes introduces readers to four pillars of personal branding success - outlining practical steps to incorporate in building their cohesive in-person and online platform to support their brand building efforts.

"MAKE YOUR MARK" offers a treasure trove of nuggets culled from the best practices of corporate branding, marketing communications, and advertising principles to help readers grow their brands through "on-purpose" living.

Since life can be a struggle toward greater achievement, "MAKE YOUR MARK" encourages the reader not to let their hopes and dreams fall to the wayside in the interest of ease and comfort. It explores avoiding this fate by using a matter of discovery, discipline, and personal marketing. The guide demonstrates how readers can use their sacred seed of authenticity: their unique core values, capabilities, personality attributes, and passion to lead them along their self-realization journey.

The book is about honoring what motivates and drives you. It encourages the unleashing of confidence, honing of courage, and doing the brand building work to pursue your dreams. "MAKE YOUR MARK: Personal Branding Through 'On-Purpose' Living" serves as an accountability partner in achieving one's goals.

"Throughout my career, I've recognized interesting commonalities. The most prevalent being people's deeply rooted desire to flirt with depth to find meaning: self-actualization, fulfillment, and significant connections. Recently it became blaringly apparent that today's emotionally charged, politically divided, and often chaotic social climate birthed a surge of people who crave more meaning in their everyday existences and influence over their own destinies.

"Inspired by the drive to make their positive mark in the world, people want their voices heard, talents shared, stories told, and communities supported. We're yearning to live in ways that nurture and feed our own deeply rooted desires. We're committed to supporting and serving things that matter to us, drive our motivation, and expose our purpose.

"In this book, I break down those key factors that allow the discovery and promotion of your best self: a by-product of dreaming big, branding smart, and blazing a trail in your life," says Rhodes.

Courtney R. Rhodes is a brand building and marketing strategist and founder of, an informational blog that shares personal branding, style, career and lifestyle content for women. She is a seasoned media sales and brand marketing professional who has worked with some of the country's largest media companies, Clear Channel, now iHeart Media, CBS Television, and Uptown magazine.

Courtney has served as a committee member for Ford Motor Company's Immersion Program. She's been recognized by the Atlantan magazine as one of "Atlanta's Women of Power & Influence," she's a repeat presenter for South Carolina's Victims Advocacy Week, and serves on the National Black Arts Festival - Gala Committee. Courtney was brand manager of "Art Is Love, Love Is an Art," a coffee table book dedicated to the art of Anthony Liggins. The book went on to win the 2014 GDUSA American Graphic Design Award. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in mass communications from Morgan State University, a Master of Arts degree in publications design from the University of Baltimore, and she's a graduate of the Small Business Administration's Women Entrepreneurship of Baltimore Program. Ms. Rhodes lives between homes in Chicago, Illinois and Atlanta, Georgia.

For more information, visit:

Twitter: @thebrandista -

March 14, 2017; $20.
CreateSpace Publishing, Inc.
ISBN: 978-0692833919.

Alicia Maxey Greene

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