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Rehashing Reality in Fiction, Canadian Author Releases Satirical, Yet Disturbing, Story of One of Hollywood’s Greatest Scandals

MONTREAL, Quebec -- Using the story of the rise and fall of a lecherous and uncouth Hollywood mogul, Julian Tryst explores the gripping themes of power, ego, lust, and revenge in his new novel, "Garvey Feinstein: Hollywood Predator" (ISBN: 978-0228869948).

A fictionalized retelling of one of Hollywood's most powerful scandals, Garvey Feinstein follows a man who sought clout and influence to remedy his past frustrations, and who ended up using and abusing those things mainly on members of the opposite sex. The novel was officially released in February 2022, and aims to shed a light on the inner workings of how such abuse occurs.

"To my knowledge, no one has written about this particular man and the movement he engendered, or depicted it in some other fictional way," says author Julian Tryst when asked why he wrote the book. "I think it can appeal to anyone who likes a good rise-and-fall story where the bad guy gets his due in the end. Especially a suspenseful one where there's some romance, jealousy, revenge, and crime involved."

And, while controversial and a bit graphic, "Garvey Feinstein" is already receiving rave reviews. In a five-star review, Reader Views celebrates the novel as "an entertaining tale that clearly reflects what is happening in Hollywood today."

JULIAN TRYST is a fiction author from Canada who likes to observe the messed-up aspects of human nature and make stories out of them. To check out his novels and writings, visit

"Garvey Feinstein: Hollywood Predator" is now out through Tellwell Publishing (RRP $16) and available through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Indigo and more.

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All That Glitters is Not Gold: Attorney Debuts Shocking Legal Thriller ‘The Golden Prison’ – Blows the Lid off Secret World of High-Stakes Business Crime

NEW YORK CITY, N.Y. -- Attorney Paul Alexander Sangillo announces the debut of his first novel, "Golden Prison" (ISBN: 978-1941015469). This novel is the first of its kind, offering a never-before-seen look into the hi-stakes, impossibly stressful world of law students and young lawyers.

Once you pick up this startling book, get comfortable, because you will not put it down. This novel is a gripping, astonishing, and addictive, and features strong characters that you will root for along the way.

Paul Sangillo wrote "The Golden Prison" to de-stress as a high-powered attorney, and reached into some of his own past experiences with true-life cases and colorful characters. The heart of his novel grew from the very real struggle of all law students and new lawyers, who face hundreds of hours of work weekly and relentless, impossible deadlines.

For the first time, an attorney has shared the often grim reality and deep pain law students and young attorneys face as they must work all night, every night, with many turning to drugs.

But Sangillo also brilliantly reinvents one of the most classic themes in literature along the way, in the character of an ethical, poor student who finds himself emerging from the bleak realties of a poor student to the gold-encrusted, jaded world of a giant corporation.

"The Golden Prison" is a fast-paced, unpredictable journey that takes a rags-to-riches story through its nightmare journey. Drugs, murder, and exquisite love scenes in a romance that may change everything, blend with the young attorney Jeff Rhode's code of honor, as he faces extremely dangerous situations at his new firm.

"The Golden Prison" serves as a warning to ambitious students entering the work force to be wary of the slippery slope of doing "just one more" unethical thing to get ahead or survive in the cut throat world of business.

Jeff Rhode will keep you at the edge of your seat, as he faces the riches that imprison him while trying to remain compassionate and follow the law.

"The Golden Prison" is a riveting story of one young lawyer who battles to remain honorable - and alive - in the midst of a corrupt, multi-billion-dollar company that may be guilty of murder.

The next time you sit across from your attorney, you will never look at him or her the same.

"Law school is like running on a treadmill set at an incline of 15 at the highest speed you can imagine," said author Paul Sangillo. "Most of us were exhausted and stressed out, but turned to coffee or just suffered through the long hours. But many law students turned to drugs, and sadly, that habit continued when they join these heavy-hitter business, who literally have you work overnight. Simultaneously, once a new attorney joins a firm, there is seismic shift that happens, between the balance of the rule of law and reality of how big business really operates."

"The Golden Prison" is available in print or eBook on Amazon, Good Reads and Kindle. To purchase the book visit:

If you would like to interview author Paul Sangillo, or receive a free copy to review "The Golden Prison," contact Diane Lilli at

About Paul Sangillo

Attorney and author Paul Sangillo has been practicing law since 1997, specializing in corporate, real-estate and transactions. Paul Sangillo wrote this book because of the fascinating characters and stories he encountered as a young attorney.

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New Thriller Author to Donate 50 Percent of Book Sales to Help Stop Human Sex Trafficking

HUGO, Minn. -- In this first book of a new five-part series, "La Familia: Loose Ends" (ISBN: 978-1735416007), author Corey Cepeda of Razor Sharp Publishing, introduces readers to a ruling family reigning terror over Mexico - the De Los Santos cartel dynasty. Filled with political intrigue, murder and family drama, the twists and turns take readers on a page-turning ride they're not soon to forget.

Each book in this five-part series will have a portion of sales donated for different issues including cancer and dementia / Alzheimer's research. 50 percent of the proceeds from the first book will go to organizations in Minnesota that are working to fight human sex trafficking.

"La Familia: Loose Ends" starts with the attempted murder of the country's most powerful drug lord, Vicente De Los Santos, who also happens to be the nation's ruler. It all happens at his 10-year old daughter's birthday party and in the wake, innocent children and women are killed, quickly leading to a national Armageddon. Severely injured, Vicente, "The Boss of Bosses," is out for blood. His eldest son, Ignacio, joins his avenging father while he carries secrets of his own and Ignacio's brother, Santino, returns home to help his family, but becomes suspect that something deeply sinister is afoot.

Vicente's brother, Aurelio, an honest and fierce lieutenant in the Sinaloa State police, opens an investigation and quickly pieces together a frightening enemy. Gabriella, Vicente's wife, is a cunning business woman and mother. She works to keep the family, including her young daughter, Lucita, together while she continues to support the efforts of her ruthless husband.

"I've had the story in my head in for a few years," Cepeda says. "After a recent career break from working in the pharmaceutical industry, I decided it was time to put pen to paper. The words poured out effortlessly."

Inspired by TV shows such as "Breaking Bad" and "Sons of Anarchy," Cepeda says he wanted to write something that showed true conflict between characters.

"I wanted to create a series that I'd want to read - something engaging, gripping, dark and conflicted," he says. "This series is the end result."

"La Familia: Loose Ends" is a phenomenal introduction into the underbelly of the De Los Santos cartel dynasty. It exposes a highly complex and powerful family who are destined for a tragic end.

Cepeda captures this spectacularly uncompromising fictional account of a complex and merciless family that struggles with two things: How to maintain their chokehold on the drug empire they have created; and the bloodlines that bond them.

The book is available in print and digital format on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and from all other major book retailers.

For more information:


About the Author

First-time Minnesota author, Corey Cepeda, nails his epic introduction to the De Los Santos Family. With no formal education or background in writing, Cepeda wrote "La Familia: Loose Ends" in three short months.

*PHOTO link for media:

*Photo Caption: Cover, "La Familia: Loose Ends."

Corey Cepeda
of Razor Sharp Publishing

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New Murder Mystery Novel Tells the Story of Oil Rig Worker Encountering Mysterious Murders, Frightening Ghosts and Tropical Love in The Malacca Straits

HOUSTON, Texas -- Long-time oil geophysicist, Nigel Smith, uses his real-life experience working on an oil rig in the Malacca Straits in his new murder mystery novel: "Malacca Mystery" (ISBN: 978-1945532801) available for sale globally in paperback and e-book on May 17, 2019 through all major online book retailers including, iBooks, and Amazon Kindle.

This semi-autobiographical book is told through the perspective of a young oil rig worker facing frightening situations involving shocking deaths and havoc caused by a ghostly creature. This newly published novel taps into the Indonesian region's long and dark history of mythical creatures inhabiting its beautiful waters.

"'Malacca Mystery' follows Terry, a young oilfield worker, as he faces a series of plot twists and turns while trying to salvage his job, reputation and ultimately, his life. It's definitely a great novel to read this Summer for adventure book fans across the world," Smith said. "For readers who enjoy escaping to a mysterious world in an exotic location faced with peculiar deaths and terrifying turns, this is the perfect climatic story."

Originally from Australia, the author's global travel experience and career as a geophysicist for various multinational companies has allowed him to add realistic socio-political and geographical elements that make the novel a riveting and believable page turner.

"This novel describes the oilfield in the Far East as it really was in the 1980's. Today's generations may hardly believe the sorts of things that happened and are featured in the book," said Smith, who is currently working on an oil exploration project in Houston, Texas.

Smith has an interesting personal connection to the narrow, 550 mile stretch of water between the Malay Peninsula and the Indonesian island of Sumatra in which Malacca Mystery is based. "I wrote this novel in my 20's while working and living in the Malacca Straits. It was an exhilarating time period of my life which allowed me to experience the region's rich culture and geography; in fact, I documented a lot of my experiences through writing this book," Smith said.

Available worldwide on May 17th, Malacca Murder is available for $14.99 in paperback and e-book on Amazon. To learn more about the novel and the author, visit

About Nigel Smith:
Nigel Smith is originally from England and has spent the majority of his life in Australia. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Physics with Honors from the University of Western Australia. Instead of becoming a Rocket Scientist, Smith developed a successful career working with a variety of multi-national oilfield companies in Indonesia, Australia, Norway and the U.S. (Along the way, he managed to marry the perfect lady and raise three fine boys).

He currently works as a geophysicist for Chevron and is based in Houston, Texas. As a new self-published author, Smith aims to share interesting fictional stories combining his worldly travels, science career and creative imagination with adventure and mystery book fans across the globe. To learn more about Smith, visit:

To order on Amazon, visit:

Follow on social media at:

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‘The (Original) Adventures of Ford Fairlane’ debuts at Noir At The Bar

LOS ANGELES, Calif. -- Author Rex Weiner will debut "The (Original) Adventures of Ford Fairlane" (ISBN: 978-1945572807) his gritty tales featuring private eye Ford Fairlane, the music industry's "rock n roll detective," at Noir At The Bar on June 10 at 7 p.m. The event brings together crime fiction fans with crime fiction authors reading from their work at the Mandrake Bar, 2692 La Cienega Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90034.

The Ford Fairlane stories, unavailable in print since first publication in 1979-1980 as serialized weekly episodes in the New York Rocker and the LA Weekly, will be officially released July 18 by Rare Bird Books. The stories inspired the movie, "The Adventures of Ford Fairlane," directed by Renny Harlin and starring Andrew Dice Clay, released in 1990 by 20th Century Fox.

Written by journalist and screenwriter Rex Weiner, the stories capture the punk rock/new wave scenes in New York City and Los Angeles in the 1970's.

"With Tom Waits-like prose, you'll be out hipped," says John Densmore of The Doors.

"The resurrected Ford Fairlane stories are a breezy, joyously perverse, laugh-out loud pleasure: part Chandler, part Phil K Dick - and all Rex Weiner," says Bruce Wagner, author of "Dead Stars and I Met Someone."

The book is for sale on Amazon at:

Noir At The Bar is hosted by authors S.W. Lauden ("Hang Time") and Eric Beetner ("The Devil Doesn't Want Me"). In addition to Rex Weiner, guests include authors Jo Perry, Nikki Dolson, Phoef Sutton, Thomas Perry, Joan Renner, Lida Sederis, and Lisa Brackmann.

Rare Bird Books, based in in Los Angeles, is the independent publisher of approximately fifty books each year in multiple formats, including print, e-book, audiobook, and limited edition, with distribution through Publishers Group West.

Rex Weiner's articles have appeared in Vanity Fair, The Paris Review, The New Yorker, LA Weekly, and Capital & Main. He was a staff reporter at Variety and is one of the founding editors of High Times Magazine and co-author of The Woodstock Census (Viking), one of the key texts analyzing the impact of the Sixties Generation on American society. As one of the first writers brought on board to launch the TV series "Miami Vice," Weiner wrote the now classic 9th episode, "Glades." He is a co-founder of the Todos Santos Writers Workshop.

Learn more about Rare Bird Books at:

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In ‘Abduction’ Walter Blair Has Written a Thriller for Readers Who Gravitate to Highs and Lows of a Mystery Pursuit

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Walter Blair's third novel obviously demonstrates that the success of his first two novels were not flukes. The literary skills presented by Blair in "Abduction" (2017, WBlair Publishing) place him in a class reserved for John Grisham, Danielle Steel, David Baldacci, Lee Child and Michael Connelly, to name a few.

The one thing every parent fears, the kidnapping of a young child, is the focus of "Abduction." The lives of the Madisons are irreparably altered when 5-year old Chrissy Madison is taken. A life and death struggle to find the kidnapper of a young child.

Blair's novel goes inside the minds of the abductor, the abductee, and the parents who are determined to rescue their daughter before time runs out. Blair's ingenious use of prose to depict triumph over adversity is admirable. Readers will find themselves rooting for Kourtney and Daniel, Chrissy Madison's parents.

"Abduction" will make a great movie as a compelling, utterly breathtaking drama.

"My first two novels, 'Presidential Approval' and 'The Sanction,' did better than my wildest dreams could ever have imagined," admits Blair. "They quickly picked up pace internationally, and truly may become global bestsellers. Jennifer Steele resonated extremely well with readers so I wanted to waste no time in bringing her back into their lives. These stories once again mirror the terrorism threats and activities running rampant in the real world. The final installment 'Project H2O' is two years away."

See it as a cocktail of fact and fiction with a gray area that will leave you guessing. This is a trilogy with far reaching dimensions.

"I am presently at my desk completing two novels. The first is called 'Undergrad' and the second is 'West Point.' In 'Undergrad,' my very next publication, Mozart Castle enters college as a freshman, but his academic studies are soon augmented by erogenous experiences with women who share with him the magic and mysteries of their feminine treasures. Nothing prepares Mozart for what he would discover. However, by his senior year his journey from boy to man is complete -- almost."

The author continues, "In 'West Point,' the story takes the reader to Germany where a very attractive colonel, Jane Sherwood, disappears after a night out on the town with five male officers also stationed at the U.S. Military Base in Frankfurt. Jane is never seen again. Now back in the U.S. all five of Colonel Sherwood's fellow officers are apparently marked for death. The one thing they all have in common with Jane Sherwood is that they were all once cadets at West Point Military Academy. Stay tuned, because this mystery thriller is coming into your hands sooner than you think."

Order books from:, or WBlair Publishing. For eBooks go to NOOK, Amazon, and iTunes, among others.

About the Author:

Walter Blair practiced law in Washington, D.C. and Maryland, winning significant cases including the landmark immigration case embedded in U.S. v. Paul Russell, cited by the Supreme Court in Padilla v. Kentucky, 2340 S. St. 1473 (2010). In that year, Blair began to write fiction and nonfiction books. The author was educated in London, England, then New York where he completed a Bachelor's Degree at the State University of New York, New Paltz. He then completed both a Master's Degree in City and Regional Planning, and a Law Degree at Howard University in Washington, D.C. Blair maintains his permanent residence in the D.C. metropolitan area.

Contact with concerns: Doris Staton, Marketing Rep. 610 287 7405 or the author at corporate offices 202 286 1099 or via

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