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Jordan Etem: Versatile Engagement and Versatile Collaboration in a Post-Pandemic World

LOS ANGELES, Calif. -- Fear not, we're going to get through this. Every time society has been tested, we've risen to the challenge, says Jordan Etem, founder of Jordan Etem Networks. We've experienced some major setbacks from unforeseen forces before. Coronavirus is a test on the healthcare system, locally, regionally, and nationally. It also is a test on responsiveness and response systems.

How are we treating healthcare leaders and first responders? We're seeing political ideologies being put to test, and also becoming a side issue because we are facing a common cause which is to unite and organize to flatten the curve and reduce our impact on the virus. We're seeing ideas getting put to the test. Ideas for effective governing are being tested right now.

Now is the time to come together. To unite. To collaborate. Jordan Etem has designed a collaboration model that is resistant to pandemic situations. Global, expansive, integrated and inclusive strategies to support and strengthen trust with foundational systems. Jordan Etem's research is on the forefront of crisis management and digital leadership.

To get through this period and adapt to any unexpected issues, Jordan has outlined some key examples of effective strategies as guidance for community and crisis management:
* Take decisive action
* Set clear objectives and act boldly to achieve your objectives
* Communicate plans and progress
* Lead by example
* Make intelligent and shrewd decisions regarding human resources.

"An enduring collaboration model is rooted in encouraging growth for others so people can participate, innovate, and engage without insecurity," says Jordan Etem.

Jordan Etem Networks is uniquely positioned to respond to this crisis. He has pinpointed targeted solutions to massively improve healthcare and has strategically responded to help impacted communities get through this period of time.

Communities in New York City, Italy, South Korea and all over the world are going through a time that requires intelligent insight and empowering leadership to emerge stronger than ever before. Jordan Etem is prepared to serve. And so are the people that are part of Jordan Etem Networks which include people and organizations on the forefront of technology, business, science, and public service. Through collaboration and adaptation, this challenge will prove to be beneficial to relationships, to science, and quality healthcare. It's not going to be easy, but with vision, rapid progress will happen.

"We're going to learn from this and emerge stronger. A global pandemic has not tested the global economy yet, and it's revealing areas that are ripe for innovation and improvement." - Jordan James Etem, Jordan Etem Networks.

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When It Comes to Mental Health Support for Teens and Adolescents, Schools Need to Do More Connecting with Their Students Early, Before It’s Too Late: FeelU

FULLERTON, Calif. -- "Depression, isolation, bullying, anxiety, suicides, and school shootings are more prevalent today than ever before," says the 17-year-old high school junior and the co-founder of FeelU, Amaan Jiwani.

"Most professionals and experts agree: early intervention makes all the difference in the world. FeelU for students will provide a comfortable, private and easy to use tool right in their hands," continued Amaan Jiwani.

We have all the hotlines and lifelines as we continue to treat mental health in the realm of crisis management.

"Mental health cannot just be crisis management - no wonder things keep getting worse," Amaan Jiwani further added. In today's highly public and social media, viral video world, young people are very concerned about how they look and are perceived by their peers in and outside of school.

The apprehension towards visiting a school psychologist's office, with the fear of public ridicule, is preventing opportunities for early intervention in many of the most prevalent mental health challenges faced by students today.

FeelU(TM) is an extremely simple to use mobile and web messaging app that will allow students to communicate with their school selected psychologists and counselors with anonymity and privacy. Schools of any type and size can be linked to the FeelU app, where the schools will link the appropriate psychologists and counselors to receive message and alerts as the student initiate conversations.

Learn more at:

Interested schools please visit or email us at We are looking for partners and advisors to bring FeelU to schools all around the world and make a difference in people's lives.

FeelU - Be Heard ... Anonymously!

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