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Cyber Intelligence Tradecraft Subscription Model from Treadstone 71 Announced

HALF MOON BAY, Calif. -- Treadstone 71, the leading pure-play cyber intelligence and counterintelligence firm announced the release of a new subscription model. The new model not only includes online, in-depth, standard-based intelligence training, but offers access to CyberIntellipedia and up to four weeks of consulting time.

The two-year subscription trains your staff, drives education across internal boundaries, gives access to years of cyber intelligence program information while providing four weeks access to Treadstone 71 expertise.

"We supplement our training with proven strategies, processes, procedures, and methods through our online knowledgebase wiki," stated Jeff Bardin, Chief Intelligence Officer for Treadstone 71. "Organizations need more than a training class to mature their cyber and threat intelligence programs. Our new subscription model gives organizations the keys to the kingdom to build their own teams efficiently and quickly."

Based on terms and conditions, the program can include unlimited online training for employees for two years. Online courses and webinars available are:
* Analytic Writing
* Adversary Targeting
* Collection Management
* Collection Manager's Course
* Cyber CounterIntelligence Tradecraft - Certified Threat CounterIntelligence Analyst
* Cyber Intelligence Tradecraft - Certified Threat Intelligence Analyst
* Intelligence for the C-Suite
* Intelligence Requirements
* Open Source Intelligence
* Stakeholder Management
* STEMPLES Plus - Indicators of Change
* Strategic Intelligence Analysis, Forecasting, Estimative and Warning Intelligence
* Structured Analytic Techniques

The training is directly supported with artifacts from CyberIntellipedia

The subscription model has a few levels from unlimited training courses, download and licensing of CyberIntellipedia and four weeks consulting over two years, designed to fit your budget and timeline. Treadstone 71's efforts to educate staff targets not only intelligence professionals, but incident responders, SOC personnel, information security staff, risk, governance, and audit staff as well as competitive and physical intel and security groups.

"When you have the training, are given a knowledgebase of targeted artifacts, and have direct access to the source for four weeks, you have everything you need to rapidly build your cyber and threat intelligence program," continued Bardin.

The program includes:
* Any-time access for two years.
* Developed and delivered by Intelligence Community professionals.
* Instructor office hours, access via Slack, questions via online comments, direct access to secure methods of communication to the instructor.
* Two-year unlimited number of students' access to all Treadstone 71 online courses.
* Students also receive course books via the Kindle App (for courses with books), two-year VPN access, two-year access to Hunchly, and lifetime access to and the Hemingway Editor.

About Treadstone 71:

Treadstone 71's Certified Threat Intelligence and CounterIntelligence Analyst training are the gold standard in the industry today derived from both academia, the intelligence community, and from Treadstone 71's experience in building cyber and threat intelligence programs at Fortune 500 organizations worldwide. Treadstone 71 offers training, consulting, CyberIntellipedia (knowledgebase wiki), Conscientia (cyber intelligence lifecycle management), and intelligence team program builds and assessments.


Jeff Bardin
Treadstone 71

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Treadstone 71 Releases Comprehensive Knowledgebase for Cyber and Threat Intelligence: CyberIntellipedia

HALF MOON BAY, Calif. -- Treadstone 71, the highly focused and standards-driven cyber and threat intelligence tradecraft company, today announced the beta release of CyberIntellipedia. The extremely detailed, expansive wiki includes knowledge gained over years of cyber and threat intelligence program builds, targeted adversary research, and intelligence community-driven cyber intelligence training courses.

CyberIntellipedia consists of documents defining (non-inclusively):
* Cyber Intelligence (CI) Strategic Planning, CI Team Capabilities, Job Descriptions, Organization Charts, Training Plans, Team Accountabilities and Competency Levels
* Threat Matrices with Mitre ATT&CK inclusion
* Collection Management and Planning Methods
* CI Capability Maturity Model and Measuring Tools
* Cyber and Threat Intelligence Production Procedures
* Stakeholder Analysis, Checklists, Activities, and Tracking Modules
* Intelligence Requirements, Priority Intelligence Requirements, Indicators, and Specific Information Requirements
* Structured Analytic Techniques Methods
* Types of Analysis Policies, Procedures, and Templates
* Complete end-to-end Cyber and Threat Intelligence Lifecycle with Iterative Feedback Loops
* Open Source Intelligence Tools and Methods
* Reporting and Dissemination Types Procedures and Templates
* Warning, Estimative, Baseline, Advisory and other report examples
* Threat Intelligence Platform (TIP) RFP Templates, Project Schedule and Selection Process
* TIP Rollout Schedule, Scrum Process, Deployment Methods, Use Cases, Questionnaires, Data Feed Selection
* Targeted Adversary Knowledgebase with Campaigns
* Online OPSEC Tools and Methods
* Evidence Validation Methods and Scoring
* Communities of Interest and Information Sharing

"CyberIntellipedia combines knowledge with the tools necessary to rapidly, effectively and efficiently build a cyber and threat intelligence program," said Jeff Bardin, chief intelligence officer for Treadstone 71. "The unprecedented level of detail and depth of content in this offering helps companies achieve program maturity in record time."

CyberIntellipedia follows the intelligence lifecycle with customizable documents. Treadstone 71 offers levels of access to fit customer budgets. The knowledgebase consolidates intelligence requirements into a valuable cyber and threat intelligence ecosystem enabling greater intelligence integration and sharing.

"The CyberIntellipedia wiki provides the intelligence workforce with discovery and access to information based on mission needs empowering timely, tailored, and actionable information," continued Bardin. "We hope to nurture a culture of innovation that advocates for the sharing of ideas and resources."

Combining CyberIntellipedia with the Treadstone 71 Cyber and Threat Intelligence Program Build, the Intelligence Roadmap, and the Cyber Intelligence Lifecycle Solution is a recipe for speed to maturity and action for clients.

Treadstone 71 is making the CyberIntellipedia available for selective public sale beginning as a beta (December 2019) to work through any issues.

Treadstone 71's Certified Threat Intelligence and CounterIntelligence Analyst training and the Intelligence Roadmap are the gold standards in the industry today derived from both academia, the intelligence community, and from Treadstone 71's experience in building cyber and threat intelligence programs at Fortune 500 organizations worldwide. Treadstone 71 is delivering the only complete cyber threat intelligence lifecycle management solution enabling information sharing, internal intelligence communities of interest while empowering lifecycle management with an iterative feedback loop now combined with CyberIntellipedia.

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