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China Rescue Dogs receives international recognition award for saving dogs despite their need for more funding and adopters

VASS, N.C. -- China Rescue Dogs, a 501(c)(3) organization committed to rescuing and saving dogs from the slaughterhouses, meat trade, abuse, and neglect in China, is the recipient of the "Shining World Compassion Award" by The Supreme Master Ching Hai International Association based out of Taiwan.

According to Supreme Master Ching Hai, leader of the organization, the award was given "for selflessly and passionately striving to save lives, for recognizing the Divine gift animals have for humans, and for your benevolence and wisdom, with high esteem we salute the great compassionate deeds of China Rescue Dogs. May Heaven always shield you and all involved as you find caring homes for the vulnerable, innocent canines."

"We are so blessed and honored to receive this award," admits a determined Jill Stewart President and Founder of China Rescue Dogs. "We hope and pray the recognition will help spotlight the dogs still in China that we are trying to rescue and rehome with their forever families."

Doing what they do is an enormous undertaking. Once the dogs are saved in China, they need shelter, food, and some need medical care. China Rescue Dogs sends thousands of dollars each month to care for these rescue pups while they wait to be transported to North America.

"Getting them here is a logistical nightmare," adds Sam Scaman, a board member for the organization. "One shipment of 20 to 30 dogs' costs upwards of fifty thousand dollars to transport."

The other pressing problem: the saved furry friends need forever families. "We have a long waiting list for Golden Retrievers," says Brandy Cherven, Director of Adoptions for China Rescue Dogs. "It's the other dogs; the often-overlooked mixed breeds that need homes. They are the innocent, the voiceless, and the forgotten. If given the chance, these dogs who were once broken, can become someone's soulmate." Those dogs are available on their website at

"Saving dogs and finding them forever homes here in North America is expensive," adds Stewart. "We rely solely on the public for donations to rescue these beautiful babies."

China Rescue Dogs still has 250 additional dogs in China they are trying to feed, support and rescue. If you would like to help save them, you can go to

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A GoFundMe Page Is Now Live to Help China Rescue Dogs with Transporting Rescue Dogs

VASS, N.C. -- China Rescue Dogs is a 501(c)(3) organization committed to rescuing and saving dogs from the slaughterhouses, meat trade, abuse and neglect in China, and finds them forever homes here in the United States.

China Rescue Dogs has two hundred forty (240) dogs that will be arriving at John F. Kennedy International Airport from China over the next few months. These pups will then live the rest of their lives with their forever families, surrounded by love and affection. The first two groups of dogs are scheduled to arrive at JFK on March 18 and 20. 2021.

Once these rescue dogs arrive in the New York, they need to be transported to their forever homes across the country. Currently, China Rescue Dogs rents multiple cargo vans for this purpose. This is an enormous expense - since that money could go towards saving more dogs.

So, Sam Scaman, a small business owner and China Rescue Dogs volunteer, started a GoFundMe page to help the organization purchase a bus. According to Scaman, "Everyone in the organization is a volunteer. All the donated money goes to rescuing dogs. Crowd sourcing additional donations for a bus, only makes sense."

"Our mission is to save as many dogs as we can," said Jill Stewart, President and Founder of China Rescue Dogs. "The price of a reliable used bus is the equivalent to us saving 30 dogs. If people can help, we encourage them to go to the GoFundMe page."


The organization is interested in a used 2012 Ford F650 bus being sold by Midwest Transit Equipment in Kankakee, Illinois. It is a 41-passenger bus, but the seats would be removed to build custom shelving bins for the safe placement of the dogs in their crates.

China Recue Dogs is an organization founded by Jill Stewart, an ardent advocate of animal rights worldwide, and especially in China. Their global mission is to rescue and rehabilitate dogs from China and provide them with loving forever homes in North America. There are over a dozen other U.S. dog rescue organizations that are working with China Rescue Dogs on these rescues.

"Funding is crucial," admits Stewart. "We never say no to any dog - mixed breeds, banned breeds, disabled dogs and seniors. We try to rescue them all. Unfortunately, we cannot do that without the public's continued support."

About China Rescue Dogs

China Rescue Dogs is a 501(c)(3) rescue with the purpose of rescuing and rehabilitating dogs from the meat trade, abuse and neglect in China and providing them with loving homes in the U.S. and Canada. To learn more about their work, visit

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Caption: This beautiful dog will be the United States soon, where he can meet his forever family and live the rest of his life surrounded by love.

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Caption: This is the bus China Rescue Dogs is looking to purchase. 2012 FORD STARTRANS COMMERCIAL CUTAWAY DRW. Capacity is 41 Passengers DIESEL fueled with HYD Brakes and a CUMMINS Engine.

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Dating App for Dog Lovers Launches for iOS

SEATTLE, Wash. -- New dating app Wowzer is officially available for download nationally, with user-growth marketing focused on the company's home city of Seattle. The app that helps dog-loving humans make more meaningful connections will launch in Seattle this fall before bringing the Wowzer community experience to cities nationwide later in 2020.

Dogs are great companions and, now, they can be your "wingpup." After all, who doesn't need a little bark in their dating journey? Wowzer is throwing single dog lovers a bone. Officially debuting on the iOS App Store on Oct. 23, now-available Wowzer ( is the dating app for dog lovers.

When looking for connections on Wowzer, you control what profile information and preferences you share. Dog owners can put their best pup forward in a companion dog profile. Wowzer does the rest to connect you with potential matches.

The app will be free during launch, with a suite of premium membership services that will be released at a later date. All dog lovers are welcome whether they own a dog or not.

Wowzer is the brainchild of co-founders Michi Suzuki, a lifestyle public relations and events professional, and Stephanie Worley, a veteran marketer in the tech industry. The longtime friends and dog lovers believe canine intervention is just the tonic for all the anxiety that modern dating can cause. Having a dog by your side helps create a more authentic, relaxing and fun dating experience.

"We're passionate about dogs, and we're suckers for love," said Worley, who, with Suzuki, had originally planned to open a daycare for dogs. Over time, as they helped mutual friends navigate the online dating world, they recognized an opportunity.

"This business was born out of a desire to help our single dog-loving friends meet people who share their interests and values," Suzuki said. "The fact that it can help a lot more people is really heartening for us."

About Wowzer:

Wowzer is the dating app for dog lovers. Founded in Seattle, Wowzer provides a better way for dog lovers to make more meaningful connections. With Wowzer, dogs are our co-pilot. They're an easy ice breaker, a great way to get outdoors, and they say a lot about who we are and how we live. Dogs help bring out the best in us and when you connect on Wowzer, you know you're meeting someone who just gets it. Whether you live with a dog or just love them, Wowzer can help you find your human. Available on the iOS App Store.

For more information, visit

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Michi Suzuki

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