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Get Ready for New Licensed Character for Advertising and Toys: Here Comes Black Friday

MIAMI, Fla. -- The day after the American Thanksgiving Day holiday has long been considered the biggest shopping day of the year in the United States. Dubbed "Black Friday" for many reasons, shopping on that day (via brick and mortar or e-commerce) has become part of the holiday tradition for most consumers. Empire License, Inc. is now very excited to introduce to the world their very own version of Black Friday: "Black Friday" the character, in the formation of animation and plush dolls.

As the preferences and habits of consumers change and evolve, so has Black Friday. The day Black Friday is now known and celebrated throughout the world. Of our 195 countries an estimated 50 to 60% celebrate Black Friday in one form or another. The day and phrase have had great exposure over the past years and is growing by leaps and bounds with no ending in sight.

"Consumers will see our 'Black Friday' character in many different settings," says E.L. Williams, company CEO and co-creator of the Black Friday character. In the channel of advertising, Walmart, Amazon and Target are three of the largest retailers in the United States. The three giants are always in a battle for greater market share, especially during the holiday period. Empire believes they have the solution for either company gaining that extra advantage using their Black Friday character as their company pitchman. "This would be the ideal situation for any company wanting to evolve into a powerhouse, not necessarily any of the three mentioned above," adds Williams.

Holiday shopping kicks off in November, Empire has created an animated family television show that will air prior to holiday shopping, it's a show created for the kids and parents as well: "Black Friday's Magical Christmas." The show will be filled with family holiday fun, adventure and of course holiday marketing. The show was created to hype the holiday season and get consumers motivated and ready to go, regardless of situations they may be experiencing. The message is that there are deals out there for everyone and who knows this better than the man himself, Black Friday.

In the channel of trade of toys and dolls, Black Friday is available for licensing, just give him a squeeze and he will say one of an array of given lines. The character doll will be available for sale during the Christmas holidays only.

Lastly, the Black Friday Loyalty Rewards Card will be introduced. "We truly feel that the companies participating in our Black Friday Licensing Campaign will benefit in a myriad of ways," says Williams. "It would be great to work with the large companies as well as the small, watching the small evolve into the giants they all have the potential to become."

For more information or to contact Empire License to become a partner visit: / or phone: 1-888-714-3577.


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*Caption: "Black Friday" the character, in the form of animation and plush dolls.

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Empire’s Natural Woman Brand Proves Big Draw

MIAMI, Fla. -- In today's society, women love the feeling of beauty, they simply love it! Let's take a look at a few channels of beauty; women use cosmetics, hair styles, fragrances, clothing and various accessories. Keeping these beauty channels in mind, there is also natural beauty. This beauty comes by way of the Natural Woman. The women's beauty industry is a mega billion-dollar juggernaut that blankets today's modern world as we know it. Empire License, Inc., an apparel brand licensing company in Miami, Florida, specializes in the licensing of their own trademarks and brands.

The company recently secured the trademark rights to the name/brand 'Natural Woman' a full line of apparel just for her (underwear, swimwear, lingerie, everyday apparel, sportswear, casual and formal). "We are all very excited about this brand," says Ashley Williams, company VP and COO.

"The name lends itself very well for a line of clothing of this type, the attraction is omnibus to all women, nationalities and ages. For the target market demographic of females ages 15 to 65," adds Williams. "This is it."

"The companies chosen to market the Natural Woman brand will benefit in a myriad of ways. The Natural Woman brand was created with the thoughts of it being the ultimate brand for the female consumer, today and tomorrow. What comes with the brand are the sexy styles, designs and fabrics. When she wears the brand she will feel and know she's wearing it. She will walk different, have a sparkle in her eye, she will feel sexy, in control, feeling vibrant and alive! Now she knows that she is a Natural Woman," says Williams.

In the year 1967 the late Queen of Soul Aretha Franklin released her hit song (You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman. The song is just as popular now world-wide as it was upon its original release. The song is an anthem for all women throughout the world. Currently, there is no relation between the Empire company and the current song copyright owners (which may change in the future).

The dilemma is, one of the largest companies in the apparel industry is in talks with Empire, expressing their interest in buying the brand, giving them exclusive rights. This is why the company has held off talks with smaller companies interested in the licensing of the brand.

"We would like to apologize to the companies waiting for our response, we should have things worked out either way very soon and will contact you. Meanwhile, we appreciate your communications and interest in working with us and the Natural Woman brand," adds Williams.

For more information and contacts, visit

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Brand Licensing – Build Your Brand Empire

MIAMI, Fla. -- Empire License, Inc., owners of a wide variety of trademarks/brands, are proud to announce the launch of their new apparel and more licensing agency, located in Miami, Fla.

"Whether you have apparel, paper products or various related accessories, we have a diversified portfolio of trademarks available to choose from. You can select which brands would fulfill the needs of your company," says E. Lamarr Williams, company President and CEO. "Having the right names/brands will give your company the right leverage needed to compete against competitors at a higher level."

A few of the company brands for licensing are: Natural Woman, a line of clothing, shoes and accessories for women; Skin-Tite, athletic wear, leggings, activewear; and Pro Day, athletic wear, shoes and accessories.

"These names-brands speak for themselves, especially the names for the ladies," says Williams. Again, these are only a few of the trademarks and brands available, for full list visit the company website.

"If your company sales are not where they should be and you would like to stimulate sales, growth and market share, now is the time to take advantage of the opportunity of brand licensing. Instead of sticking with brands that are not getting the job done, come aboard to Empire Licensing, increase sales, margins and company exposure," adds Williams.

The global sports apparel market which includes women's activewear is set to grow to $178 billion this year. There is still plenty of room for new players and brands.

For more information contact Empire License at 1-888-714-3577 or visit their website: Email:

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