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Celebration of Resolution Paves Way for Cheyenne, Wyoming to Become the Climate Wellness Capital

CHEYENNE, Wyo. -- Mayor Patrick Collins, members of the Cheyenne City Council, Cheyenne Chamber of Commerce, Encore Green Environmental and Wyoming's Carbon Asset Network (CAN) have jointly announced a celebration of commitment to work on "Climate Wellness through Soil Health" Friday, April 22, 2022 at the Cheyenne Botanical Gardens, 3 p.m.

A resolution will highlight the agreement that Encore Green Environmental signed on December 28, 2021. The desire is that the Resolution will be impactful in stewardship of our environment by the very people who work the land.

Speeches by members of the Cheyenne community will be part of the program, including the proclamation by Mayor Patrick Collins, comments by Dale Steenbergen of the Cheyenne Chamber of Commerce, and John Robitaille of CAN. Letters of support sent to the city council include the Wyoming Stock Growers Association.

"Wyoming has been a leader in everything from the first female governor to water innovation with Buffalo Bill Cody. We, again, are leading the way with Cheyenne to become the Climate Wellness Capital," said Mayor Collins. "There's no better place than Cheyenne where sprawling land and experienced land managers now team with blockchain to render our environment cleaner and safer."

Moving forward the City will work with CAN to develop the program with any additional agreements, MOU's, or contracts developed between the City and CAN to be submitted for approval by the Governing Body.

CAN's program supplies land managers with grants and the tools to help increase their soil's health. Increasing soil health increases the ability of the soil to capture additional soil organic carbon. Increasing soil organic carbon leads to cleaner air, as the carbon is displaced from the air to the soil through increased plant growth and photosynthesis. The end result is that empowering better soil health leads to a better environment for our children and grandchildren.

"We are thrilled to partner with the City of Cheyenne and appreciate their forward thinking to solve problems in cooperation with nature's way to clean our air," said John Robitaille of Encore Green Environmental and CAN. "The Mayor and the Council's vision blends nicely with CAN's mission of Climate Wellness through Soil Health."

Carbon Asset Network (CAN) is a Wyoming company that networks together land stewards - from ranches to farms to golf courses - who commit to a 12-month customized plan with CAN's agronomist to change practices to become more regenerative. These land managers are provided grants from the nonprofit Synergy for Ecological Solutions to purchase new equipment or implement more expensive but sustainable practices designed to help improve the health of the soil and increase soil organic carbon.

CAN uses blockchain technology to verify the soil samples are sent to a certified laboratory, which reports the results directly to the blockchain, which creates a transparent process where all actions and partners are accountable. CAN is expanding these blockchain operations to create NFT Soil Tokens.

An additional announcement will be made regarding a successful partnership developed with a school district in Iraan, Texas, which allows students hands on education in soil stewardship, photosynthesis and produced water reclamation for grades 3-12.

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Encore Green Environmental Appoints G-Force as the Re-Furbishing Partner for NOMAD Excel

FT. WORTH, Texas -- Encore Green Environmental names Texas based G-Force to re-furbish the legacy Nomad water treatment technology units to become the improved NOMAD Excel™.

Encore Green is an agriculture company dedicated to applying by-product water to beneficial use for agriculture and carbon sequestration. They recently purchased the Nomad units, which have cleaned over 30 million barrels of produced water, primarily in the Permian Basin. Combined with Encore's patent-pending Conservation By-Design™ method of ensuring safety in the water, Encore is the leader in applying clean water to the drought-stricken lands and holds the only permits in the US to accomplish this.

G-Force is a multi-service provider for the energy industry, including environment, health & safety, as well as facilities, pipeline, and construction.

"We sought out G-Force for their excellence in service and their expertise. We look forward to getting the Nomad back up and running again and seeing millions of barrels of safely cleaned water going out onto our lands," says Jaime Roman, of Encore Green Environmental, who is directing the re-furb project.

Brooks Goodson, COO of G-Force says, "We're excited to be improving upon the Nomad technology to create a process for safe treatment of water, along with economic viability. We have the track record to turn what's great into something even greater."

Newly re-furbished units will soon be available throughout the West, as commitments for those units are being booked for new projects to beneficially apply formerly produced water.

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Encore Green Environmental Names First Re-Furbished Water Treatment Unit for Delzon ‘Possum’ Elenburg

GRANBURY, Texas -- Encore Green Environmental names their first water treatment unit based on the NOMAD technology in honor of Henry "Possum" Elenburg for his pioneering work in treatment of industrial water.

"At Encore Green, we stand on the shoulders of many giants who have brought us to our place in history today, as we now put this formerly produced water to beneficial use for agriculture and conservation," says Encore Green Co-Founder Marvin Nash. "Possum Elenburg was a truly an innovative man who would get into the field and make things happen. He is how we are able to serve the agricultural and energy communities today."

In the early 2000's Elenburg conceived that energy industry by-product water could be treated and put to uses instead of simply disposing of it into the ground or though evaporation. He partnered with engineer Jacob Halldorson and together they created what became known as NOMAD. Like many great partnerships they each contributed to bring the innovation to life.

"My family and I are honored to have the first unit named for my father and the intent of the water to be used in the agriculture industry is a dream fulfilled," says son Bryan Elenburg.

Elenburg was a highly successful entrepreneur in the energy industry. Together with Halldorson, they were able to start using their technology in the Barnett Shale oil fields during its boom.

Encore Green Environmental is the only company to not only receive permits for surface application of this cleaned water, but also have successfully executed it in Wyoming in 2020. Encore developed the patent-pending process of Conservation By-Design™, which ensures only safe water goes on the soil by water and soil fail-safe testing and continual soil monitoring.

Little did Elenburg know that his work of years past would help create climate wellness and soil health. The Possum has led the way. He made a living in Energy, but Agriculture was his passion. Today Encore Green Environmental continues that vision.

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Encore Green Environmental Technologies and Licensing Announces Water Desalination Technology Purchase

CHEYENNE, Wyo. -- Encore Green Environmental Technologies & Licensing (EGETL) announces the purchase of water treatment technology equipment formerly known as NOMAD from XRI/Fountain Quail.

"The NOMAD desalination technology is the most capable, reliable, and energy efficient technology available to treat industrial by-product water. It's held that title for almost 20 years now and remains the only proven and cost-effective thermal evaporator available at commercial scale," said Darren Smith, Encore Green Environmental's Chief Technology Officer. "Combined with our Conservation By-Design(tm) methodology, this is the energy industry's way forward for ESG."

The agreement to purchase has been signed and set to close by June 21st. NOMAD has generated in excess of 30 million barrels of freshwater from Texas oil and gas fields alone and EGETL will be incorporating design improvements and offering the next generation NOMAD to the agricultural community.

"With our sister company, Carbon Asset Network and the nonprofit, Synergy for Ecological Solutions, this new purchase accelerates our ability to serve our agricultural partners," says John Robitaille, CEO of Encore Green Environmental and Director of Carbon Asset Network. "By cleaning by-product industrial water for surface application, we create a new source of water for the arid West. This exponentially improves soil health, which traps more carbon in the soil and roots and less carbon in our air. This is a new day for agriculture and environmentalism, with a turn-key path to meet ESG goals."

"Encore Green has developed a relationship with Brent Halldorson and we are delighted to carry on the NOMAD legacy that he and his family started in Calgary years ago. Brent and his father's vision is now coupled with agriculture where there will always be a need for freshwater," says Marvin Nash, Encore Green Environmental's Co-Founder.

Encore Green Environmental Technologies & Licensing is a sister company of Encore Green Environmental in Cheyenne, Wyoming.

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Landowner Receives Right of First Refusal for Water and Gas – Landmark Surface-Use Agreement Signed for ESG Goals

CHEYENNE, Wyo. -- Encore Green Environmental announces a step forward in landowner relationships with the energy industry. The O.J. Enterprise ranch operation outside Cheyenne, Wyoming has secured a unique surface-use agreement with a Dallas-based midstream company, allowing the ranch to receive the right of first refusal for the produced/by-product water and any potential flare gas.

Encore Green Environmental has worked with the Goertz family for three years to now successfully bring water from an energy source to their land, to be put to beneficial use for ag and conservation. This new agreement paves the way for the landowner and midstream company to meet Environmental, Stewardship, Governance (ESG) goals.

Owen Goertz, co-owner of the ranch, said, "Today, we finally broke the glass ceiling. We ranch on arid land and additional water is vital to us and every rancher working today. This signals a new era."

The agreement was brokered by Kimberly Wurtz of Dennis & Wurtz PLLC. "We tell landowners that 'Your property is our priority' as we work to find new paths for stronger landowner relationships in the energy space. Our goal is to create a win-win," says Kimberly Wurtz.

"We've just created a win-win for all concerned," says Marvin Nash of Encore Green Environmental. "We've said for a while now that the energy industry's next midstream partner is agriculture. This is the new way forward."

John Robitaille, who works with Encore Green Environmental and is the director of the Carbon Asset Network, sees great potential in this as well, "This acreage will be a part of CAN, which is a company dedicated to increasing soil health. Better soil is the key for the land to healthier vegetation, a greater yield, and through photosynthesis, an increase in carbon sequestration." CAN is partnered with the nonprofit Synergy for Ecological Solutions.

Synergy for Ecological Solutions is a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit who bring donors called Change Agents together with Land Stewards.

The energy community and landowners have historically had uneasy relations, but the opportunity to work together can achieve great things for each party. This agreement is the first of its kind and hopefully will represent a better, more cooperative future.

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