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EV Range Reduces Central California Range Anxiety on Highway 101

SOLEDAD, Calif. -- V Range, Inc., the leader in zero emission vehicle charging station management software solutions and installation services today announced the launch of new fast chargers for electric vehicles in Soledad, California. The EV market is quickly moving from early adopters to the mass market with EVs becoming a person's primary and only vehicle. Although many people can charge their cars at home or near their workplace, range anxiety is a significant issue when driving beyond those areas. This becomes particularly acute during long range travel and in rural corridors.

"We are really excited to bring these chargers to Highway 101 drivers," said Carl Pancutt, CEO of EV Range. "Unlike the majority of currently available chargers in California, the chargers in Soledad can deliver up to 200 miles in just 15 minutes, which is the sweet spot for those driving through highway corridors. In addition, our driver app implements a frictionless payment methodology and our backend charger management system monitors the chargers in real time to immediately address uptime issues."

"Our property has many shops and restaurants that attract travelers through Central California. Installing fast chargers allows us to add a new and necessary amenity for EV drivers," said Beau Oxsen of Shaw Development. "In addition, we are able to further monetize our unique location and bring more people to our tenants' establishments. Everyone wins."

The process to bring these future-proof chargers online was done in conjunction with Monterey Bay Air Resources District which was instrumental in helping fund this state-of-the-art charging location.

"MBARD's objective is to improve air quality across Monterey, Santa Cruz, and San Benito Counties," said David Frisbey, Planning and Air Monitoring Manager of the Monterey Bay Air Resources District. "We are in a new world of opportunities to mitigate the environmental impacts from cars and trucks. Working with companies like EV Range, and highway corridor property owners, enables us to ensure that EVs can travel easily through the North Central Coast Air Basin."

About EV Range:

EV Range is a full-service, vertically integrated electric vehicle infrastructure solution provider. Our software and services are available to consumers and businesses. To learn more about EV Range visit

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Kiosk Association June 2022: ADA for Self-Service and EV Charging Stations

​DENVER, Colo. -- Self-Service Kiosks Digital Signage EV Charging News: This month we've launched a new clearinghouse for EV Charging Stations ( EV charging infrastructure now has significant funding from the NEVI Infrastructure Act.

Funds will be released before the end of 2022. Existing ADA regulations such as ADA 2010 and Section 508 apply. We have a complete writeup on We predict that both the U.S. Access Board and ANSI will weigh in on EV-related before the end of 2022.

As part of our EV kickoff we have also put together an EV charging market snapshot reflecting current SLED and FED opportunities for EV charging infrastructure (which have "soared" as the media likes phrasing). Currently $2B in just these markets for active RFPs.

Our ADA Committee is evolving to keep pace with the anticipated regulatory actions in this self-service space. As co-chairman, Nicky Shaw of Storm Interface and Michael O'Hare of TechForAll Consulting have four initiatives they are in process of executing.

1 - Expand our sounding board to officially include organizations such as the NFB, AFB, Canadian groups and the RNIB

2 - Formalize and automate our existing educational communications to procurement entities in the SLED space

3 - Expand the working groups to include new self-service segments such as Smart Cities, robotics and EV Charging

4 - Formalize our industry input from current sponsors such as Panasonic, LG and Intel.

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For more information contact or visit Since 1996 for 26 years serving the self-service technology market. For a complete list of verticals visit The Industry Group.

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Kiosk Association (KMA) Releases Articles of Organization for ADA

​DENVER, Colo. -- February Self-Service News: KMA is pleased to announce our Articles of Organization. The document is now available on the website. "This is another step towards strengthening the association and providing an even more effective accessibility and ADA direction for the Association," said Craig Keefner, manager.

On Feb 16, 2022 we had our quarterly call with over 50 participants. Topics included the upcoming rulemaking session scheduled to begin in April, industry-wide certification options and POS terminals. The newly appointed eight members of the U.S. Access Board will be introduced at the March 9th meeting.

This month we published the leading article by attorney Lainey Feingold, Kiosk Accessibility - It's The Law -- Lainey is an expert at structured negotiation. We added Marsha Mazz & David Capozzi as new honorary members of the Hall of Fame. And finally, the Senate has formed a commission to modernize HIPAA.

And new technology like Smart City deployments and EV Charging Stations (new ones at Walgreens) are using blanket statement "units are ADA-compliant". It would help if those items were documented. There are also data privacy issues and the revenue potential for selling personal data.

Tech Highlight This Month

Lidar -- the new Grabango C-Store deployment continues the trend for ultimate contactless. 340 convenience stores and we can assume it's lidar-based. Nourish-Bloom in Georgia is using the same lidar technology as well. It's the new "just walk in -- just walk out" shopping model.

Coming Events

Our next in-person event is in Chicago May 21st and the National Restaurant Association show. We are booth 6576 in the Tech Pavilion next to Epson and SpotOn.

June 8, 2022 in Las Vegas is InfoComm 2022 and we are an official media partner for InfoComm. Big screens for menu boards, EV charging stations at places like Walgreens and Kohls.

For more information contact Craig Keefner, 720-324-1837 or or you can visit Since 1996 for 26 years serving the self-service technology market.

For a complete list of verticals visit The Industry Group, at


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EV Range Inc. to Install 26 High-Powered EV Charging Stations in CA and NV in 2022

SAN PEDRO, Calif. -- EV Range Inc., an EV Charging Network based in San Pedro, CA, is in the process of deploying a total of 26 high-powered (180-350kW) electric vehicle (EV) charging stations across 9 sites throughout California and Nevada in 2022. EV Range already owns and operates charging stations in California, but through grant funding from the Monterey Air Resources District (MBARD), CALeVIP, NV Energy and Mojave Desert Air Quality Management District (MDAQMD), EV Range is expanding its offering to provide fast, high-powered EV charging solutions to isolated regions and along major highway corridors.

Each of EV Range's high-powered EV charging locations are engineered ready for future scale and for renewable generation technologies, such as solar and battery energy storage.

EV Range's co-founder and CEO Carl Pancutt says, "Although California and neighboring States have been at the forefront of the shift toward e-mobility, large voids still remain that require both low (level 2) and high-power (Direct Current Fast Chargers or DCFC) public charging infrastructure. We are excited to announce these 26 stations coming in 2022, especially after all the work the team has put in to lay the foundation over the past year.

"EV Range's network development team analyzes areas that have a dire need for high-power infrastructure and work with local governments, utilities and incentive providers to fill these gaps with future-proofed EV site designs that are ready to scale as EV adoption continues to rise.

"It is through our own learnings of operating both DCFC and Level 2 electric vehicle chargers that we developed and now provide our EV Range network software and payment tools for partners to own and operate EV charging stations at their own properties, on their own terms."

EV Range's Network Software provides not only the power behind EV Range's own charging sites, but extends their cloud-based Charging Station Management System (CSMS) to fleet operators and property owners to own, operate and manage their own chargers at their locations, with real-time data reporting such as charger status, energy dispensed and greenhouse gas/gasoline displacement metrics.

About EV Range Inc.

​EV Range was formed in early 2021 by Carl Pancutt (formerly Director of EV Network Development at Recargo Inc. aka PlugShare) and Kevin Schifrin (formerly Executive Director at EVO Payments). The EV Range team today consists of software developers, civil & electrical engineers, utility planners, real estate specialists and construction crews to ensure efficient turnkey solutions for EV charging station installations.

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