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Securitronics Meets Rochester Regional Health’s Sensitive Security Through ZKTeco USA’s Touchless Biometric Access Control

ALPHARETTA, Ga. -- Rochester Regional Health needed to enhance security at key health system facilities throughout Western New York. Securitronics, a security company specializing in the provision of intelligent, technologically empowered security systems was contacted for this project. In turn, Securitronics connected with ZKTeco USA to deploy a new state-of-the art access control solution using SpeedFace, a multi-functional, touchless standalone access control reader with facial and palm vein recognition.

Securitronics has installed these readers at various other facilities spread across multiple industries with great success, so it was pleased to help Rochester Regional to optimize its security while avoiding an overbearing or unwelcoming experience for staff and patients.

SpeedFace's contact-less capabilities have proven transformative in healthcare environments. Practitioners, nurses, support staff and administrative personnel often have their hands full with pushing wheelchairs, carrying trays of medical supplies or transporting sensitive equipment around facilities. But SpeedFace's hands-free, facial and palm vein recognition reading capabilities ensure that unencumbered door access can be gained with ease. This is essential in situations such as medical emergencies, where there is no time to waste looking for keys or access cards.

So, how does the technology work? SpeedFace is a fast-matching and highly accurate facial recognition platform, designed for indoor and outdoor use. It can store and match up to 50,000 face templates and 5000 palm vein templates, and within a second of recognizing a faculty member or patient's face, doors are immediately unlocked. Further, it's a multi-layered biometric access control solution that combines recognition technologies - face and palm vein identification - with body temperature and/or mask detection. It also has relay contacts for controlling the door locks and Wiegand and OSDP output to interface with third party access control systems as well.

This additional capability reinforces traditional security measures while maintaining COVID-19 sanitized environments - something essential in a healthcare context. SpeedFace not only met the health system's tiered security criteria, it did so while improving ease of movement around facilities and managing deployment costs.

ZKTeco USA's SpeedFace readers have met Rochester Regional Health's goals and Securitronics reports that the health system has found the solution to be straightforward and logical and its successful expansion of the existing access control system. Through SpeedFace, Rochester Regional now has greater peace of mind, confident in the knowledge that only authorized staff can gain access to security-sensitive areas.

Terry Rivet, President and CEO, Securitronics, said, "The client has found the solution to be easy to use, budget friendly and the expansion of biometrics into their existing access control system to be a valuable investment that will warrant continued expansion of their technology."

Manish Dalal, President and Founder, ZKTECO USA said, "We have been working with Securitronics since last 7+ years and have always met the unique security challenges posed to us from time to time by their customers with our huge biometric hardware and software portfolio."

About Securitronics

Securitronics is a security company specializing in the provision of intelligent, technologically empowered security solutions. It has over 40 years' experience in delivering innovative, cost-effective systems that address some of the most demanding physical and cyber-security concerns.

The company delivers customized and highly refined solutions for each client, by consistently staying at the cutting edge of market innovation and examining how new technologies might benefit customers' plans and needs. Key solutions commonly provided by Securitronics include managed access control, intercom-based communications, video surveillance, and intrusion systems. Verticals it serves include healthcare, banking, commercial, manufacturing, multi-tenant, and schools.

Securitronics builds long-term customer relationships based on absolute trust, personalized services, and market-leading solutions.

About ZKTeco USA

ZKTeco is a leading global provider of RFID and biometric security solutions. Product offerings include RFID & Biometric Access Control Panels, Readers and Management Software, Visitor Authentication & Management Software, Elevator Controllers, Long-Range Readers, Walkthrough & Handheld Metal Detectors, Turnstiles, X-Ray Package Scanners and Biometric Smart Door Locks. ZKTeco designs specialized products for specific markets and provides local support to all its customers. Its U.S. headquarters includes a large experience center and warehouse along with local sales and service support. ZKTeco is synonymous with technical innovation, quality, speed-to-market, and reliability.

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Photo Caption: ZKTeco USA - fast-matching and highly accurate facial recognition platform

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ZKTeco Face Recognition Now Available From AMAG Technology

ALPHARETTA, Ga. -- ZKTeco today announced that its OP-400 face reader has been officially certified by AMAG Technology. ZKTeco is a long-time member of AMAG's Symmetry Preferred Partner Program.

The ZKTeco OP-400 face reader uniquely interfaces directly with the Symmetry(TM) access control system without needing additional management software. For AMAG installers this means tremendous savings in both installation time and material cost when performing biometric security upgrades.

AMAG VP of Partner Programs & Education, Jason Schimpf noted, "Not only do ZKTeco face readers further improve our customers' door security, I'm especially impressed with ZKTeco's commitment to the Symmetry Preferred Partner Program. ZKTeco is our first facial biometrics partner to be certified on Symmetry v9."

Noted by ZKTeco USA CEO Larry Reed, "Our Opera Series of biometric readers include our OP-200 fingerprint reader and now our OP-400 face reader. Both readers are Symmetry-certified. Unlike our competitors who need to develop and sell expensive added biometric management software to support their readers, our affordable Opera Series of biometric readers communicate directly to the Symmetry system without needing any management software whatsoever. This translates into tremendous cost savings in both material and labor for AMAG installers and end-users."

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About ZKTeco USA:

ZKTeco USA is a leading provider of fingerprint, face, finger-vein, palm-vein and RFID readers throughout the USA & Canada. Product offerings also include entrance control solutions including license plate recognition (LPR) readers, long-range UHF readers, turnstiles, walkthrough metal detectors and x-ray baggage scanners. ZKTeco USA is a subsidiary of ZKTeco, a leading global developer of security and time management solutions. ZKTeco solutions are multi-lingual and localized in over 18 different languages.

ZKTeco designs specialized products for specific markets and provides local support to all its customers. Its U.S. facility includes a large experience center and warehouse in Alpharetta, GA. ZKTeco is synonymous with technical innovation, quality, speed-to-market and reliability. For more information, please visit

Media Contact: Jennifer Sparnon, (862) 505-2101 ext 225.

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NEXT Future Transportation Forms Innovation Partnership with Digital Barriers

SAN JOSE, Calif. -- NEXT Future Transportation, the world's only modular vehicle solutions provider and Digital Barriers, a world pioneer and leader in wireless video streaming and deep learning-based facial recognition, today announced a joint integration program around embedded computer vision software.

SmartVis live facial recognition and EdgeVis live video streaming from Digital Barriers will be included with NEXT's patented autonomous mass-transportation and goods-movement fleets. The partnership will enable the development of a new user experience in mobility where your face becomes your secure access to a number of connected services and in-vehicle preferences. At the same time, the adoption of live video streaming will enhance safety and security features, which will accelerate innovative solutions, and a collaborative environment with municipal stakeholders.

"We live in a world where technological innovation has dramatically changed the way in which we communicate and interact in everything that we do," said Emmanuele Spera, CEO, NEXT Future Transportation, Inc. "More importantly, we have come to a point where we now have both a technology push and a consumer pull for advanced transportation technology products and applications. We believe that a strategic partnership with a leading player like Digital Barriers is the ideal platform for developing a new way forward in our industry and answering the evolving needs of consumers on a global scale."

"We want to help NEXT provide its customers with a more secure, enhanced user experience whilst also better understanding the status of individual vehicles to enhance fleet security, and create tailored services and solutions that can be customized for each user," said Zak Doffman, CEO, Digital Barriers.

"Our live facial recognition and live video streaming technologies already lead the market for performance and cost-effectiveness, and as this partnership with NEXT clearly illustrates, have the potential for widespread adoption as facial recognition and wireless video streaming become mainstream embedded solutions," Doffman added.

"Through our new technology partnership with Digital Barriers, we will gain better insights to provide safer, cleaner and more courteous public transportation, further motivating commuters to use our services, including end-to-end multi-modal travel," said Spera.

About NEXT Future Transportation:

NEXT is a patented advanced smart transportation and artificial intelligence system based on swarms of modular self-driving vehicles. Each module can join and detach with other modules on roads and highways. The company has created a proprietary open, bus-like environment among modules, allowing passengers to stand and walk from one module to another while in motion. To learn more, please visit:

About Digital Barriers:

Digital Barriers has redefined edge-intelligent video security and surveillance. The company is a world leader in edge-intelligent solutions for the global surveillance and security markets. The company now provides its EdgeVis Live and SmartViss Face solutions as embedded software to disruptive innovators in the mobility industry. EdgeVis Live provides live, ultra-low bandwidth world-class wireless video transmission over cellular/constrained wireless networks with near-zero latency. SmartVis Face (designed to meet the frontline operational requirements for defense and law enforcement agencies) provides a level of facial recognition performance that has never before been seen in mobility services. To learn more, please visit:


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