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Papa Partners with FlexCare to Expand Services to Families

MIAMI, Fla. -- Papa, a nationwide provider for older adults and families announced today its partnership with FlexCare, LLC to provide employer groups Papa's nationwide services. This partnership allows FlexCare's employer groups to benefit from Papa Pals' companionship, transportation, technology assistance, and light household chores. Papa and FlexCare will start their partnership immediately and continue to alleviate the loneliness epidemic among family members and provide respite to employees.

"Papa is excited to welcome FlexCare to the partnership family as we continue to uplift employees' family members with face-to-face or virtual companionship visits," said Founder and CEO Andrew Parker.

Currently 1 in 6 Americans working full-time or part-time report assisting with the care of an elderly or disabled family member, relative, or friend (*see note 1). In an AARP study, 69% of working caregivers caring for a family member or friend reported they had to rearrange their work schedule, decrease their hours, or take an unpaid leave in order to meet their caregiving responsibilities. In fact, most caregivers experience at least one change in their employment due to caregiving such as cutting back work hours, taking a leave of absence, receiving a warning about performance/attendance, among others (*see note 2).

With Papa and FlexCare working together, the partnership can help improve unmet needs for care and improve access to care for older adults and families. This will also reduce stress and increase well-being for family caregivers who work full-time positions.

FlexCare is excited to partner with Papa in providing caregiver/companionship services to the employer market. We view this as a tremendous opportunity to provide a valuable benefit to employers and their employees, said Principal Lee Shoemake.

According to a recent study from Harvard Business School, businesses are oblivious to the number of employees who are caring for family at home.

It may seem, on the surface, that this is something businesses can just ignore, but in reality, as unemployment is dropping, the number of family caregivers is rising. That's only going to grow more as the cost of health care rises and our population ages. Almost 44 million people are acting as unpaid caregivers in the United States alone.

More than 80% of the employees surveyed said their caregiving duties impacted their work, yet less than 25% of employers felt that caregiving impacted the work of the very same employees.

FlexCare is committed to fulfilling this important employee benefit which will not only assist with reducing absenteeism but also provide a value benefit to each employee and their family members.

About Papa

Papa is a Miami startup that has evolved to Family-OnDemand and provides assistance and companionship to older adults and families throughout Florida, California, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Louisiana, Missouri, Texas, Mississippi, Arkansas, Georgia, Tennessee, South Carolina, Illinois, and Kansas. Papa launched their service in January of 2018. For more information, visit



About FlexCare

FlexCare, LLC is a leading telehealth provider of online and on-demand healthcare delivery services to private and public employers, associations, brokers, school systems and more. By using telehealth services instead of more expensive urgent care and ER visits, FlexCare, LLC TeleHealth cuts unnecessary costs and keeps members smiling (instead of waiting).

In addition to telemedicine and the Papa Caregiver/Companionship program, FlexCare TeleHealth also provides Dermatology, Behavioral Health and Telespine benefits.

Using their proprietary online administrative system, FlexCare seamlessly provides multiple employee benefits either bundled or unbundled which makes for ease of administration for employers.







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OverSightMD Saves Precious Time for Family Caregivers Nationwide with Push Button Care Service

MILPITAS, Calif. -- OverSightMD is expanding its Push Button Care service with two new exciting products for Family Caregivers. A family caregiver support package and a family caregiver assistant are now part of the Push Button Care lineup of aging in place support solutions.

The Complexity of Aging in Place for Older Adults
Millions of families and friends make sacrifices daily to support an aging in place decision for their loved ones. 87% of older adults aged 65 and over want to stay in their own home and avoid moving into a senior community. The average cost of assisted living facilities across the country is around $4,000 per month, a cost that is too high for most Americans and their families.

Supporting Family Caregivers
There is currently 40.4 million family caregivers across the country and Push Button Care is designed to help them reduce the stress of caring for a loved one. The number of tasks family caregivers do on a daily basis is immense. As a result it can quickly consume an entire day before they even notice. It is common for family caregivers to suffer from depression, burn out, anxiety, and heightened levels of stress due to the demands. Our support team is standing by to help coordinate care, schedule doctor's appointments, hunt down prescription refills, track down a home health care nurse, investigate a medical equipment order or talk to you about any of your other caregiving concerns.

"We understand the need and importance of aging in place for older adults," says Mark Godwin, CEO of OverSightMD, "so we have designed a suite of services at a price point every family can afford."

The Push Button Care family caregiver support package includes access to our cloud-based caregiver platform which includes several tools designed specifically to manage the daily care of a loved one. Our integrated personal health record keeps track of important contacts, tracks vital signs and symptoms, and is perfect for note taking for future visits with care professionals. Also, share real-time wellness updates through an online family dashboard to keep all family members informed to save time.

The Push Button Care family caregiver support service is comprehensive and accessible anytime and anywhere through a small lightweight cellular pendant. The pendant is equipped with automatic fall detection, GPS tracking, a two-way speaker and access to a 24/7 medical alert team. If a family caregiver is having trouble with accessing care and needs to switch a care provider. They can reach out to the Push Button Care support team to receive options for well vetted and highly recommended providers. The Push Button Care aging in place network includes physicians, home health agencies, home care companies, and other local service providers that specialize in supporting seniors aging in place.

Push Button Care Benefits for Family Caregivers

* Aging in Place Advisor
Access an aging in place advisor for local service providers and home safety product recommendations. Stay connected with local senior community resources to avoid isolation and loneliness.

* Automatic Fall Detection
The Push Button Care cellular pendant has automatic fall detection built-in to provide added protection if a fall happens when a caregiver needs to step away.

* Care Coordination Support Team
The Push Button Care support team can lighten the daily workload with setting up appointments and other time consuming tasks related to managing care.

* 24/7 Mobile Medical Alert
A highly trained operators will determine and coordinate the appropriate care - be it a family member, caregiver, emergency medical, fire, or police.

* Symptoms & Vital Signs Tracking
Common symptoms to track are: pain, headaches, fatigue, depression, anxiety, lack of motivation, inflammation, memory problems and insomnia. Family caregivers can also track important vital signs like blood pressure, oxygen levels, and weight on a regular basis to share with care providers through our mobile app.

* Personal Health Record and Family Dashboard
The personal health record is an easy to use online health record for storing and sharing of important health information with physicians or family members. All data is stored in a safe and secure HIPAA compliant cloud infrastructure.

* Wellness Reviews
Our support teams will call and conduct routine wellness reviews to discuss current health or wellness concerns and provide education and recommendations if needed.

* Preventive Care Reminders
Never miss an important annual check up, recommended test or screening again. Our support team keeps family caregivers updated year-round to help reduce the stress of preventive care management.

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About OverSightMD:
OverSightMD Inc. ( is a care management organization that provides comprehensive aging in place solutions through its Push Button Care division. Healthcare plans and non-affiliated hospitals, physicians, skilled nursing facilities, home health agencies and home care companies can function as a unified healthcare delivery system through the Push Button Care network. OverSightMD maintains the Push Button Care integrated healthcare network and care management platform to actively coordinate care and information to improve aging in place while reducing ER visits and hospitalizations.

Mark Godwin
OverSightMD Inc.

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Caregivers Will Be Honored as ‘Saints’ in New Orleans ‘Gift Bag Assembly’ Event, Organized by ACSIA Partners

NEW ORLEANS, La. -- While the New Orleans Saints give their all on the football field, caregivers give their all in sickrooms, bedrooms, and care centers. They are also "saints." They will be honored for their devotion in a "Caregiver Gift Bag Assembly & Giveaway" event, 4 to 5 p.m. on Saturday, January 19, at Sheraton New Orleans Hotel, New Orleans. Organized by ACSIA Partners, the event will include representatives from a dozen care-related organizations.

During the event, the representatives will participate in a hands-on project while mingling with their peers. They will fill 300 care bags with items ranging from hand sanitizer and tissues to snacks and reading matter.

"The idea is to provide pick-up-and-go items caregivers might need in an emergency," says Denise Gott, CEO of ACSIA Partners, the national long-term care insurance agency. "Just as important, we want to let caregivers know someone is thinking of them and appreciates them."

Also included in the event will be uplifting talks on the importance of caregiving, by three leaders of care organizations:
* Liezette Felicione, Corporate Director of Business Development, Brookdale Senior Living: "Those who care for loved ones often sacrifice their own needs. The items in these bags will provide comfort, hope, and a little rejuvenation."

* John Schall, CEO, Caregiver Action Network: "In the past, we have provided gift bags to thousands of family caregivers ... and they're really thankful. One woman said she had to take her husband to the hospital twice, and the items were a life-saver."

* Tafa Jefferson, CEO, Amada Senior Care: "Caregivers tending to the homebound and those in community settings should be heralded as heroes. In many cases they have no voice, and should be recognized for their noble calling. We're proud to play a small role in recognizing these amazing individuals."

At the end of the event, 250 bags will be presented to Kingsley Adult Day Care of New Orleans, for them to distribute within their services. The center provides seniors and medically fragile adults with a hospitable and comfortable environment (up to 8 hours each week day) while caregivers take care of their responsibilities. The gift bags will acknowledge the vital role the caregivers play.

The center's Director of Adult Services, Jessica Boykin, will be on hand to say a few words and accept the bags.

The rest of the bags will be presented to Care Action Network of Washington, D.C., for selective distribution nationally.

Items for the gift bags will be provided by Mutual of Omaha, Transamerica, OneAmerica, Genworth, LifeSecure, Brighthouse Financial, Amada Senior Care, and Securian Financial. Representatives from these organizations will attend to present their donations.

Members of the media are invited.

About ACSIA Partners LLC:

ACSIA is one of America's largest and most experienced long-term care insurance agencies serving all states. More than 100 of their agents and staff will be on hand to support the gift bag effort.

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