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Companies and Film Producers in L.A. Are Struggling to Find A Solution to Social Distancing

LOS ANGELES, Calif. -- Good Heart Catering in Los Angeles is excited to welcome back those slowly returning to offices and film productions in Los Angeles. In preparation for the return of Southern California's workforce, Good Heart Catering has been working with select clients on a new menu to help solve the problem of keeping to social distancing guidelines while still energizing staff with nutritious meals.

Founder Jon Toktas comments that, "Since the beginning of the shutdown, we've been getting requests from large and small employers for solutions that can help keep their employees well-fed and safe.

"The primary concern by management is having employees leaving the building multiple times a day and coming back with an increased chance of exposure.

"On film production sets, the concern is over shared catering stations, which have been a mainstay of productions in the past.

"In the near term, we recommend our individually packaged meals to avoid the crowded catering buffet lines during shoots."

Good Heart Catering's all-in-one solution of delivering boxed breakfast or lunch, tailored individually to each employee, solves the problem.

By cooking and delivering meals using in house staff in a central kitchen, they can limit the number of people involved in the preparation and delivery of the meals. Reducing the number of touchpoints and exposure.

For organizations with in-house cafeterias that have been closed and non-returning due to cost concerns, Good Heart Catering's individually packaged meals can be a single vendor replacement to take advantage of the new menu for daily service.

Delicious, healthy, and individually packed meals include new items such as crusted salmon and spinach, anca beef and asparagus, falafel rabble, and more. These new menu items are in addition to their existing menu of boxed sandwich lunches and individually boxed breakfast offerings.

The full line of new items can be viewed on their website:

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About Good Heart Catering:

Good Heart Catering is a Los Angeles based caterer founded in 2016 with the goal of being a dedicated, corporate, and event caterer for employers in Los Angeles. Since their founding in 2016 Good Heart Catering has served LA's top employers with consistent and delicious service. With the help of those clients, Good Heart Catering has donated over 8,000 meals to the LA Food Bank and makes it a part of its mission to make sure everyone has a chance to nutritious meals. To read more click

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Kimball Entertainment merges with K-Star PR to provide clients with a wider range of entertainment services for 2020

LOS ANGELES, Calif. -- Kimball Entertainment is a full-service Entertainment Co. based in Beverly Hills, California. Founder Keri Ann Kimball has found a unique way to bring her relationships and assets to this multidimensional company by integrating a strategic coaching team in house at Kimball Entertainment.

Kimball Entertainment is a development and production company for film and TV with a PR firm under its umbrella, K-Star PR. The strategic coaching team is led by Keri Ann Kimball and supported by her team of entertainment experts.

"At Kimball Entertainment we advise and guide our clients to help them move to the next level whether they are at the top of their game or having challenges. Kimball Entertainment believes everyone needs a coach in life, someone to see things with fresh eyes and guide you to elevate yourself and company to bigger success," says Keri Ann Kimball.

"Athletes at the top of their game have coaches," says Jen Sincero, American writer, speaker and success coach, "we can all use a coach to improve our game at life."

Keri Ann Kimball was educated at A.C.T. in San Francisco and Tisch School of the Arts at N.Y.U. and Circle in the Square Repertory Theatre before moving to Los Angeles and founding a successful Entertainment Co. Zephyr Entertainment in the 90's. She then went on to work at DMI Music and consulted for several other predominate entertainment companies in Los Angeles.

Kimball Entertainment works with writers, directors and producers to create original content based primarily on "true stories" and bring them to life on the big and small screen.

At Kimball Entertainment we work closely with writers, directors and talent to ensure the integrity of their projects and control the messaging of the content to the Press though K-Star PR, a press relations firm that is under the umbrella of Kimball Entertainment. We do this by allowing the artists and creators the freedom to explore and create without the confines of big corporate influence. She raises private equity and then partners with Hollywood powerhouse Producers, Production Co. and Studios that will distribute the content to the public.

Kimball Entertainment and K-Star PR work closely with non-profits like Wild Aid, LAPD Mentor Programs, Flying Hero Club, Anna Lynne McCord Foundation, The Compton Kids Club, Brain Mapping Foundation, Beauty Gives Back, Broadway to the Rescue, Hope of the Valley. We integrate these non-profits into the Entertainment world through events, PR, marketing and when reasonable, the film, television and streaming world to create brand awareness.

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*Photo Caption: Film & TV producer, Keri Ann Kimball, founder of Kimball Entertainment Beverly Hills, California.

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