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Fitness and Fat Loss Expert Sean Ruff Designs Flexible Online Weight Loss Plans

SAN JOSE, Calif. -- Sean Ruff, a fitness and fat loss expert, is no newbie to fitness or nutrition. He works as a physical education teacher in the school system and has also been a coach and trainer for more than 15 years. Now, he's flexing his muscles in the online world and plans to offer customized fitness and nutrition coaching to people who are focused on weight loss.

Ruff takes a holistic approach to health and works with each person to create a program that's comprehensive and balanced. He checks in with clients as needed to ensure that they're working to achieve their weight loss goals. He offers support, guidance and a personal touch.

Customized plans include features such as multi-monthly check-ins, measurements, troubleshooting, nutrition and lifestyle coaching, discounted nutritional supplement recommendations, individualized training programs, phone and email support.

"My clients' success is my success," he says.

Sean Ruff has been featured in "Inside Fitness," "SheFinds," "Oxygen" and for "Nike."

"I'm hoping that by offering online weight loss and nutritional services that I can reach more people around the U.S.," Ruff says. "We can do this together."

About Sean Ruff:

Sean L. Ruff is a fitness and fat loss expert who has helped people achieve long-term fat loss, while looking and feeling their best. He is the founder of Targeted Nutrition and Training Solutions and provides these services exclusively online. His extensive experience in the fitness industry spans over two decades in New York City and Los Angeles. During the span, he worked extensively to create individualized training programs, while teaching his clients the importance of integrating effective nutrition methods.

Sean believes in a holistic approach to fat loss incorporating flexible training and nutrition protocols. He designs programs that meet people where they are and adjusts based on their progress, goals, access and timelines for goal attainment. Sean currently serves as a brand ambassador for the Fitness Expo based out of Los Angeles, California.

For more information, visit:





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Macrostax, the No. 1 Macro App, Celebrates Fifth Anniversary with $17 Million in Lifetime Revenue

BOULDER, Colo. -- The Macrostax team celebrates the Fifth Anniversary of the No. 1 Macro app on the market, not only earning $17 million in lifetime revenue, but also helping to transform the lives of their 150,000 members. This is the first app of its kind to take the guesswork out of "what to eat," simplifying the macro counting process with customized nutrition plans and auto-portioned recipes.

CEO and Founder Lindsey Love Jenks officially launched Macrostax in May 2017. She started with only $5,000 in her pocket and, to this day, has had no outside investment capital. In 2021, Macrostax took home $5.2 million in gross revenue.

Macrostax tells members what, when and how much to eat to lose weight and keep it off, without restricting foods. The program is based on long-term sustainability, which not only allows its members more freedom and satisfaction, but also sets it apart from other diet programs.

"I knew the next step on my journey would revolve around helping people become fitter and healthier through nutrition. I'd seen the impact proper fueling made in my own life and this was something I felt called to share with as many people as possible," Jenks said. "I'd tried every diet under the sun; paleo, low carb, keto, diet pills, you name it. Nothing worked until I started counting macros. It completely changed my life. I am eating 1,000 calories more, including more than 200g of carbs a day and losing fat, getting lighter and PR'ing left and right. Macrostax has revolutionized my relationship with food."

Macrostax members are able to enjoy custom macro plans, perfectly portioned macro-friendly recipes, track progress to visually see results, and can chat with a nutrition coach. These personalized nutrition plans are easy and affordable, with yearly plans beginning at $9.99 per month or lifetime plans for $199.

Macrostax's mission is to make it easy for anyone who wants to live a healthier lifestyle to eat what they love and achieve their goals, through the transformational power of nutrition.

Macrostax is perfect for competitive athletes to stay-at-home moms who want to get back in shape, and everyone in between. To date, more than 150,000 people have trusted Macrostax to help them achieve their fitness goals, enabling them to lose fat, be more energetic, all while eating what they love. Clients include world champion and Olympian Georganne Moline and 4x CrossFit Games Athlete Amanda Barnhart, and more.

Jenks has been involved with sports since she was 6 years old, and fitness and nutrition have always been important to her. But it wasn't until she was 21 years old after losing her mother to Type 2 Diabetes that she decided to make it her mission to help people live healthier lives.

After earning a bachelor's degree in Exercise and Sports Science from the University of Florida, she began her journey in helping others to reach their fitness goals through opening one of the first CrossFit gyms in Orlando, Fla. and also starting a personal training business.

"I am confident we are going to change the world by helping people take charge of their nutrition in a way that is sustainable," Jenks said. "Every time a client says Macrostax has changed their life, I know the effort was 100% worth it. I am so honored to have built a company that gives people the results they deserve without feeling guilty for eating foods they love."

The Macrostax web app can be purchased by visiting and is currently available on desktop or any mobile device.

About Macrostax:

Macrostax is the No.1 macro-counting app that helps clients reach their health and fitness goals all while eating what they love. Through custom nutrition plans, the app tells members what, when and how much to eat to lose weight and keep it off. The app provides an affordable and personalized way to count macronutrients or "macros," which includes protein, carbohydrates and fats, all without the expense of a coach. It includes perfectly portioned recipes to take the guesswork out of nutrition that are easy and family friendly.

Macrostax is based out of Boulder, CO. Call (352) 339-5517, email or visit for more information.

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Italian Entrepreneur Gianluca Mech Introduces Popular Family of Nutritional Products to the U.S. Market

NEW YORK, N.Y. -- Gianluca Mech, a centuries old herbalist company founded in Italy, announced today they are bringing their line of prepared foods and nutrition programs to the United States for the first time. Grounded in hundreds of years of research, Gianluca Mech has distinguished itself in the study of ketosis and has appeared in 29 international scientific publications with the results of their studies.

"Since 1500 A.D. our family has been working with plant proteins and herbs to identify combinations that facilitate the digestion process," says Gianluca Mech, the CEO of the global company. "Our programs and food products are designed to work together to facilitate a nutritionally sound and easy to follow a ketogenic program - a lifestyle that's very popular in the U.S. right now."

Starting today, consumers in the U.S. can order Gianluca Mech's books and food products at their store front on

The Gianluca® method, tested and supported by scientific studies, is the ketogenic weight control program integrated with phytoextract in which certain plants are used to remove toxins found in soil or water. It offers 25 new flavors (15 sweet, 5 savory and 5 suitable for vegan nutrition). The method increasingly establishes itself as an option for consumers looking for everyday meals that offer a wide variety of options, textures, and flavor palates.

Popular in Italy and Europe, Gianluca Mech is making their product family available to U.S. customers through the convenience of Amazon:

"Our goal is to introduce the American market to the nutritional benefits found in our herbal-powered food staples," said Mech. "Many people find the taste and variety of our crackers, shakes, soup mixes, and entrees to be a cut above the rest. We can't wait for more Americans to discover our products."

More information:

For more information about Gianluca Mech, visit its website or contact Neil Foote, Ascendant Group Branding,, 214-448-3765.

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Legacy Launch Pad Publishing Releases Book Addressing Ketogenic Bodybuilding by Robert Sikes

LOS ANGELES, Calif. -- Legacy Launch Pad Publishing is releasing "Ketogenic Bodybuilding: A Natural Athlete's Guide to Competitive Savagery" (ISBN: 978-1956955071), the first book by Robert Sikes.

The book is the result of Sikes' experiences as a professional bodybuilder and fitness coach, specifically his transition from carbohydrate-based training protocols to ketogenic ones, and its resultant performance benefits.

While Sikes was always interested in competitive bodybuilding, the "bro dieting" approach based on junk calories, extreme caloric deficits and carbohydrates resulted in disastrous side effects. Despite his athletic success, Sikes experienced hormone imbalances, lowered sex drive, diminished strength and disordered eating.

After discovering the ketogenic diet, Sikes' health issues cleared, his athletic performance improved and his relationships flourished. As a result of his experiences, he has become an outspoken advocate for athletes and bodybuilders following ketogenic diets, stressing that they can find great success and sustainability in the complete absence of carbohydrates.

According to Dominic D'Agostino, PhD, associate professor of molecular pharmacology and physiology at USF Morsani College of Medicine and leading ketogenic expert, Ketogenic Bodybuilding is "a beacon of light" to the fitness community. Similar praise came from Shawn Wells, a biochemist, dietitian and author of the The ENERGY Formula: Six Life Changing Ingredients to Unleash Your Limitless Potential: "Never before has there been an exhaustive and authoritative ketogenic bodybuilding guide like this."

"Ketogenic Bodybuilding is an amazing resource for athletes and bodybuilders," says publisher Anna David, "but Robert's harrowing personal stories set it apart from any other book in its category."

Without a doubt, Ketogenic Bodybuilding is the definitive guide to a new paradigm in bodybuilding and, with its piercing insights and comprehensive competition strategies, is sure to ruffle more than a few feathers.

"Ketogenic Bodybuilding: A Natural Athlete's Guide to Competitive Savagery? is available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble, among many other outlets.

About Legacy Launch Pad Publishing:

A boutique publishing company primarily for entrepreneurs who are the leaders in their field, Legacy Launch Pad has published authors from the entertainment and entrepreneurial worlds, as well as sports agents, coaches, non-profit founders and more. Learn more:

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Drink HRW Hydrogen Tablets Outperform Caffeine in Improving Brain Metabolism After Sleep Deprivation

COQUITIAM, B.C. -- The COVID-19 pandemic is creating unprecedented levels of sleep deprivation, which presents a significant risk to mental and physical health, says Drink HRW. Additionally, "COVID-somnia," a term coined to describe the rising prevalence of insomnia following COVID-19 infection, has begun to emerge.

Now, a new randomized, controlled cross-over pilot trial, published online, "Mondayin Food Science & Nutrition," explains that high doses of hydrogen water (HRW) are more effective than caffeine in positively impacting brain metabolism for sleep-deprived men and women. Importantly, the study is replicative in nature, after earlier research demonstrated that hydrogen water and caffeine were equivalent overall in raising attention in sleep-deprived individuals yet had an impact on different domains of alertness: Hydrogen improves orienting to sensory stimulation, while caffeine alters awareness and executive attention that refers to the ability to regulate responses in conflict situations.

The randomized, placebo-controlled cross-over pilot trial compared the acute effects of single-dose HRW, caffeine, or HRW and caffeine combined against a placebo beverage on parameters of attention and brain metabolism following sleep deprivation. HRW displayed a more robust effect on brain metabolism as compared to caffeine, leading to higher choline-to-creatine ratio levels in the frontal and paracentral brain as measured via MRI brain scans.

Additionally, HRW was superior to caffeine and the placebo in reducing the number of errors in the symbol digit modalities test (SDMT) and trail making test in the sleep-deprived individuals. HRW displayed no side effects and, therefore, might be advanced as a safe and effective alternative to caffeine to address some of the effects of sleep deprivation, with more studies on the subject highly warranted.

The trail making test is a neuropsychological test of visual attention and task switching, while the SDMT detects cognitive impairment. Brain metabolism was evaluated with proton magnetic resonance spectroscopy, a non-invasive gold-standard method to assess changes in creatine, choline, and N-acetylasparate across the brain.

Sergej Ostojic, M.D., PH.D., Professor of Medicine at the University of Novi Sad, a senior author of the Food Science & Nutrition study said, "This was another study by our group that confirmed possible nootropic effects of hydrogen-rich water in sleep-deprived men and women; these effects appear to be accompanied by notable changes in brain metabolism, with frontal brain specifically targeted by HRW. We used here robust methodology but still have to learn how HRW affects brain functioning at the cellular and subcellular level."

Alex Tarnava, Chief Executive Officer of Drink HRW said, "Sleep deprivation, poor diet, and countless other stressors we are bombarded with every day contribute to disruptions in many of the most critical functions our bodies have. Molecular hydrogen has shown across 1500 publications and 120 human studies to play a corrective role in restoring many of these proper functions, such as improving metabolic markers, promoting a healthy inflammatory response, and supporting the delicate harmony between our bodies natural levels of antioxidants and beneficial oxidative stressors."

"At Drink HRW we deliver the highest dosage and concentration of hydrogen in water instantly available anywhere in the world, and we are committed to supporting research around the world to better understand this important and fascinating molecule. We work with researchers to search for the truth, believing strongly that the researchers, not private companies, should have the sole authority to decide if they will publish results. We believe pursuit of the truth and integrity in research is the best path towards long term growth."

HRW supplied the hydrogen tablets for the study. It had no other involvement in the research.

Sergej Ostojic is a senior biomedical scientist with a broad research background in medicine, applied physiology, and nutrition. He is a board-certified M.D. and holds a Ph.D in Medical Sciences. Dr. Ostojic currently works as a full professor of biomedical sciences at the University of Novi Sad, and an adjunct professor at the University of Belgrade School of Medicine. His research expertise and experience include pre-clinical and clinical development of mitochondria-related nutraceuticals and nutritional supplements, tissue-specific metabolic assessment and translation, and work physiology. He has authored more than 200 scientific papers, 30 book chapters and books, and 5 patent applications, and has been the recipient of internationally competitive research scholarships including a WADA Scientific Research Grant, the NSCA International Award, research grants from the World Health Organization and European Commission, and many industrial endowments.

About Drink HRW

Drink HRW is on a mission to revolutionize the supplement industry with a new, science-based approach. In just 4 years of availability, various research teams have published 7 clinical trials and 2 case studies using their products, with an additional 15+ clinical trials and 4 preclinical research programs underway. Further, the Drink HRW technology is the only molecular hydrogen supplement on the market to obtain New Dietary Ingredient status after filing with the U.S. FDA.

For more information, please visit

Alex Tarnava
(323) 475-6001

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HIT Athletic, Austin’s Elite Performance Gym Celebrates One Year with Event Fit For the Whole Family

AUSTIN, Texas -- HIT Athletic is celebrating a successful one year in business this month. As one could imagine, launching any business amid the global pandemic proved difficult-especially for those that depend on face-to-face interaction. Such was the case for HIT Athletic which provides families with a unique experience where they can train, strengthen, and sweat together through a variety of high-caliber classes, with smart fitness tracking (HIT Tech -technology that monitors personal real time effort) and state-of-the-art equipment, all in a unique and open facility. (Construction was completed June 2020.)

While a Grand Opening event was not possible last year, HIT Athletic did see the sustained growth it needed to keep offering a great fitness experience for its members. They were also careful to follow all proper safety protocols to ensure that no COVID cases came out of the facility, in which HIT Athletic was successful. But now that more Austinites are getting vaccinated and the lockdown regulations are being lifted, HIT Athletic is finally able to host the Grand Opening Event that families deserve, exactly one year after opening and construction was complete.

The "Find Your Fit with HIT" event (being held at the facility at 7797 Burnet Rd.) on June 12, 2021 from 9 a.m. - 12 p.m. is really both a one-year anniversary party and a Grand Opening celebration.

The event is open to the public and there will be something for everyone:

- Class previews - jump in to try 20-minutes of cycling, boxing and a unique HIIT circuit class

- Special partner tables from wellness partners offering education, giveaways and freebies

- Food trucks, a DJ, photo booth and a bounce house for the kids

- Adoptable pets from Austin Pets Alive - help us raise money for our partner charity, learn about fostering, or even give a pet in need a home.

Attendees will also be eligible for a new member offer: $0 enrollment plus the first month free (valid during the e vent only). Additional promotions will continue throughout the anniversary month for those who can't make it out to the event.

"HIT Athletic is really about approaching fitness in unique ways," said Eddie Esparza, Director of Operations, HIT Athletic, "whether you're into classes, of which we have 80+ per week (adult and youth), doing your own thing, or working out with a personal trainer, this facility and the space itself is a place our members feel safe and comfortable to pursue their fitness goals. And we're really excited to share this with the rest of the community."

The pandemic has highlighted the importance establishing healthy habits and that community and family are critical support systems to do so. "We started the gym with the idea that parents and their kids should be able to train simultaneously in a facility that is like no other," said Adam Boenig, owner, HIT Athletic, "But alongside that, we wanted to create a sense of family for athletes of all abilities and ages, ranging from the everyday fitness enthusiast to collegiate-professionals to help them achieve their goals - and we can't wait to share that experience with everyone on June 12."

About HIT Athletic

The newly constructed two-story facility boasts over 25,000 square feet includes advanced equipment (with unlimited access to free weights/racks/machines and specialty speed equipment), two turf fields, boxing and yoga studios, batting cages, TRX room, cycling room, weight rooms and cardio rooms that are accompanied by luxury locker rooms and a sauna, plus a children's education room. This center was built around a new approach to fitness and welcomes athletes of every age and gender affording them the ability to achieve their highest level of fitness. HIT Athletic transcends far beyond the world of sports and helps members positively impact every aspect of their lives.

HIT Athletic will be adding to its program Summer of 2021 - which includes virtual classes, nutrition coaching, whole health analysis, and more. Stay tuned as HIT Athletic makes a big splash within the Austin Texas fitness industry. HIT Athletic looks forward to seeing many faces on Saturday, June 12 at 9 a.m.!



Eddie Esparza
Director of Operations, Managing Partner

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Launch Pad Publishing Releases Energy and Longevity Book Bringing Biohacking to The Masses

LOS ANGELES, Calif. -- Launch Pad Publishing is releasing a groundbreaking new book about health, energy and longevity by biochemist, Registered Dietitian, sports nutritionist and formulation scientist Shawn Wells. The author's experiences overcoming a range of personal health battles led to the writing of the book, which supplements scientific research with his own personal experiences.

"The ENERGY Formula: Six Life Changing Ingredients to Unleash Your Limitless Potential" outlines Wells' own system for living a healthy, balanced life full of energy, and is broken into six core sections: Experiment, Nutrition, Exercise, Routine, Growth and Your Tribe. Within each section, Wells details his lifelong dream of becoming a health and fitness expert and a "master formulator" in the nutrition industry-along with the many professional and personal hurdles he had to clear to get there.

Each section covers its own aspect of Wells' "ENERGY Formula," and incorporates clinical and scientific research to offer readers guidance on strategies, products and philosophies they can use to improve their own vitality. While much of the advice is pragmatic and grounded, the latter chapters also touch on a more holistic approach to health, incorporating positive mindset and healthy relationships.

"Shawn Wells is a highly-respected name in the world of nutrition and supplementation," says publisher Anna David, "but this book offers readers an entirely different side of him. The science and the health tips are as in-depth as any book you'll read, but Shawn also opens up about his own struggles with eating disorders and health issues in a way that will help a lot of readers, particularly men who might be afraid to speak up. Within the world of biohacking, his story and his wisdom are a breath of fresh air."

While biohacking or health optimization has sometimes earned a reputation as something niche or extreme, Shawn uses "The ENERGY Formula" to bring his decades of insider wisdom to the masses in a way anyone can understand. Even as the book explores groundbreaking new ideas in health and nutrition, it offers actionable ideas on how to defeat fatigue, depression and weight challenges with compassion and humor.

"The ENERGY Formula: Six Life Changing Ingredients to Unleash Your Limitless Potential" is available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble, among many other outlets.

To learn more visit:

About Launch Pad Publishing:

A boutique publishing company primarily for entrepreneurs who are the leaders in their field, Launch Pad has published authors from the entertainment world, including KTLA anchor Courtney Friel and Real Housewives of New Jersey star Joe Gorga, in addition to government sales expert Gene Moran, Magic Johnson agent Darren Prince and franchise expert Tim Conn, among many others.

Kaitlin Anthony

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Eyeglass Wearers Finally Seeing Clearly with a Face Mask

HAUPPAUGE, N.Y. -- After a long year, we're seeing light at the end of the pandemic tunnel, but face coverings will remain the new norm. The No Fog Cloth™ from EyeFi LLC eliminates the common inconvenience of foggy glasses that interferes with productivity at work, especially for healthcare professionals who are forced to wear goggles and face shields all day while wearing a mask. As students and teachers return to school, fog-free glasses will also help decrease anxiety and distractions.

The No Fog Cloth is a reusable anti-fog cloth that prevents fogging on all lenses, lens materials and coatings, particularly when wearing a facemask. It is the only patented microfiber cloth on the market and is proven to last all day. Rated #1 and recommended by thousands of professionals, including optometrist and opticians around the world.

"In March of 2020, it was hard to even find a mask. Today, people don't leave home without one. This has been an adjustment for all, but especially for the medical community, teachers, students, first responders and anyone who wears eyeglasses," said Lisa Mirabile, Director of Marketing, EyeFi LLC. "To keep glasses free from fog, sprays and drops haven't fared so well, and they're messy and awkward to carry. Face masks here for the long-term in the fight against the pandemic and the No Fog Cloth offers eyeglass wearers relief."

Great for eyeglasses, sunglasses, PPE/safety goggles, binoculars, camera Lenses and more, it's simple to use just by wiping lenses. Reusable up to 200 times, No Fog Cloth is the perfect travel size. It comes packaged in a re-sealable plastic pouch for maximum reuses and easy, convenient carrying in any size purse or pocket. Unlike sprays, there's no odor, no residue, just no fog.

For more on the No Fog Cloth and the March Madness Special pricing, visit:

About EyeFi LLC is an EyeFi LLC company. We have over 100 years of experience bringing products to market and have thousands of satisfied customers. We carefully curate only the finest materials and search the globe for scientifically proven technologies that solve real problems. Our goal is to always be innovative in the products we offer and to deliver a superior customer experience. is providing a solution to support first responders, the medical community and other essential workers who are challenged every day with fogging lenses while wearing a mask.

Media Contact: Rose Guarino
Phone: 516.882.5030 xt 2714


*VIDEO (YouTube):

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Drink HRW Releases BOOST and BUILD – Ultimate Pre-Workout Performance Supplements

LOS ANGELES, Calif. -- Drink HRW, the company that revolutionized the supplement industry with its molecular hydrogen tablets, now releases BOOST and BUILD - Ultimate Pre-Workout Performance Supplements. Each formulated with three ingredients scientifically shown to enhance physical and mental performance, BOOST helps you push harder, feel sharper, and crush the competition while BUILD helps create Strength, Power, and Muscle Gain.


Supercharge Your Movement with Nitrosigine (a patented nitric oxide booster), Drink HRW tablets (molecular hydrogen), and caffeine to give you a rapid mental and physical lift. These ingredients have been clinically validated to improve energy, mental focus, nitric oxide levels, endurance capacity, high-intensity performance, and muscle recovery. Research on all three active ingredients in BOOST has improved various markers of mental and physical performance for both endurance and high-intensity exercise. Together, they provide total mind and body stimulation.

- Nitrosigine is a patented blend of arginine and silicon which increases levels of nitric oxide, a natural vasodilator and circulation-improver. Nitrosigine has been shown to increase perceived energy and focus within 15 minutes of supplementation.

- Researchers call hydrogen a "master regulator" because it brings many processes in the human body into harmony. Thirteen years of clinical research shows that molecular hydrogen has rejuvenative effects, including improvements in energy, exercise capacity, and metabolic health.

- Caffeine is the most studied acute performance enhancer on the planet. Taking caffeine before exercise has been shown to increase endurance, speed, and power for many activities.

Improve Your Endurance with an aerobic edge. Women taking Drink HRW tablets saw improvements in VO2 max, while caffeine showed enhanced swimming and rowing endurance in trained athletes.

Focus Your Intensity by raising alertness without the stimulant heavy jitters of most pre-workout or energy drinks. The three active ingredients in BOOST \ improve various markers of mental and physical performance while protecting your health, rather than hurting it.

Train Harder, Recover Faster. BOOST helps you train longer and recover faster. Caffeine improved time to exhaustion during high-intensity exercise by 12%, and both Nitrosigine and molecular hydrogen have been shown to decrease post-exercise markers of muscle damage.


The first of its kind, BUILD helps bang out more reps, add weight to the bar, and see visible results from hard work with a synergistic blend of 5g creatine monohydrate, 3g beta-alanine, and 3g hydroxymethylbutyrate (HMB). These dosages have been scientifically-validated across multiple studies to enhance strength, power, resistance to fatigue, muscle recovery, body composition, and muscle gains. All three active ingredients in BUILD have been shown to increase lean mass in clinical settings, and promote strength gains when taken in tandem with a n exercise program.

- Creatine monohydrate has been shown to safely and effectively improve strength, power, body composition, and cognitive health in a range of populations. Stored in muscle tissue, creatine improves the supply of energy (ATP) to your muscles.

- Beta-Alanine used in conjunction with exercise has been shown to reduce fatigue, boost strength, and stimulate muscle gain.

- Hydroxymethylbutyrate when combined with resistance exercise enhances strength, power, recovery, and body composition.

BUILD Strength with creatine plus HMB, which has been shown to boost strength gains by 9% over placebo while beta-alanine helps to boost reps.

BUILD Muscle. Research shows both creatine and beta-alanine enhance lean mass gains, and combining creatine and HMB resulted in 3.4 pounds of extra muscle from strength training.

Become a stronger, more powerful, more energetic, more muscular version of yourself while recovering faster with BUILD & BOOST. All batches are certified by Informed Sport, a third-party lab that tests for contaminants and WADA-banned substances.

For more information, please visit

About Drink HRW

Drink HRW is on a mission to revolutionize the supplement industry with a new, science-based approach. In just 4 years of availability, various research teams have published 7 clinical trials and 2 case studies using their products, with an additional 15+ clinical trials and 4 preclinical research programs underway. Further, the Drink HRW technology is the only molecular hydrogen supplement on the market to obtain New Dietary Ingredient status after filing with the U.S. FDA. For more information, please visit

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Alex Tarnava
(323) 475-6001

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Recovery Expert Slash Coleman To Discuss New Laughter Yoga Addiction Treatment in Webinar to Help Participants Sustain Long-term Sobriety

RICHMOND, Va. -- Renowned author and US Laughter Ambassador Slash Coleman announced today that he will offer a webinar on a new form of addiction treatment entitled "Redefining Addiction and Recovery Through Laughter Yoga." Hosted by the Master Center for Addiction Medicine, this free webinar will occur on Wednesday, April 7, 2021 from 6 - 7:30 p.m. ET and is meant for addiction specialists, laughter yoga professionals, and participants struggling with substance and activity addictions.

Coleman will speak about an in-patient recovery program he created at a treatment facility in 2019 aimed at helping those who struggle with addictions to: alcohol, drugs, sex, relationships, spending, gambling, eating, and self-injury. The program, which has been utilized successfully as an initiative with the US Department of Veterans Affairs, has been known to help participants gain independence from addictive behavior by: reducing stress related cravings, boosting resistance to intense urges and building purpose, self-esteem and sober coping strategies.

"I grew up with addiction in my family and know firsthand the pain it causes," Coleman says. "It's gratifying to see how something as simple as laughter can have such a positive impact on something as complex as addiction."

Slash Coleman is best known for his work on stage, in books and on television where he often uses his irreverent humor to create stories related to his family's struggle with addiction. In 2015, after suffering a mysterious lung collapse while on his book tour, his journey back to health led him to India where he studied with Dr. Madan Kataria, the founder of the worldwide laughter yoga movement.

"Using laughter yoga to support multiple treatment paths makes this unique," says Alexa Fong Drubay, Executive Director of Laughter Yoga USA. "Since addiction is a family disease, our network of free laugher clubs around the world allows us to not only focus on individuals struggling with addiction, but provide family members with support, as well."

Enrollment in the webinar is limited and pre-registration is recommended at:

There is no cost for participants, though a $25 recommended donation for laughter professionals and those who work in a recovery-related field is suggested. For more information visit

*PHOTO link for media:

*Caption: Slash Coleman, MAed, US Laughter Ambassador.

Slash Coleman
of Laughter Yoga Richmond


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