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Chefs Tell the Story of Farmers on the EATYALL Podcast

OCEAN SPRINGS, Miss. -- In weekly episodes, the EATYALL Podcast offers noteworthy content crafted especially for chefs and food enthusiasts. The EATYALL Podcast offers candid access into the reality of food production, often in stark contrast to the flood of misinformation that has dominated media in recent years. In each episode, EATYALL Founder and Podcast Host Andy Chapman brings chefs along who serve as guest hosts of the podcast.

Together, they visit a farm, experiencing the day-to-day operations firsthand, alongside the farmer. Often recording live on location, they share their experience, taste ingredients, conduct farm interviews and connect you with new ingredients.

EATYALL has been connecting chefs to better ingredients for more than a decade. Hundreds of chefs around the globe trust EATYALL to help them thoughtfully source better ingredients. Similarly, farmers and farm industry groups trust EATYALL to share the flavor, nutrition, food safety and availability of their products to chefs and consumers.

EATYALL is best known for their extremely successful overnight Chef Camps that immerse chefs in life at the farm. When the pandemic struck and gatherings were cancelled, EATYALL founders Marianna and Andy Chapman expanded their well-established podcast platform to provide an additional avenue for chefs to learn more about the food they serve and to discover new ingredients.

Katelyn Hawkins, Director of Product Marketing, Kentucky Beef Council, described her experience working with the EATYALL Podcast like this: "[Their] passion to forge relationships between farm families and chefs to bridge the gap between perceptions of agriculture and fact can be seen in every conversation, podcast episode, social media post and all other facets of their business. The solid foundation they have built in the digital space allowed for them to pivot...during the pandemic while allowing their partners to achieve success in their investment with EATYALL."

Podcast audiences are on the rise, with over 100 million Americans tuning in every month, according to several Neilson and Edison Research. With educational podcasts soaring in popularity, the EATYALL Podcast offers an honest look at American food farming and helps listeners connect with new ingredients.

Listen to the EATYALL Podcast on iTunes, Android, Spotify, TuneIn Radio and other listening platforms. A video version of the EATYALL Podcast can be found on YouTube. Follow @letseatyall on social media platforms for details on podcast updates and new episode alerts. Learn more and subscribe to your favorite platform easily at https://eatyall.com/eatyallpodcast/.

Company information: https://eatyall.com/

Marianna Chapman

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Pre-Launch: ‘BREADISTA – bake like a pro’ starts a unique bread baking subscription box for everyone

LOS ANGELES, Calif. -- Craving good bread led to the idea to develop this unique baking subscription box: BREADISTA™. Have you ever checked the ingredients list of store-bought bread? Have you ever wondered why there is "enriched flour"?

On one hand you have baking mixes, but mostly they are for muffins, cookies and pancakes. The other hand offers mixes for gluten free products. The idea was born to bring traditional German bread into U.S. kitchens. The bread culture in Germany is huge. Did you ever imagine that there are more than 3,000 kinds of breads available?

After moving to the U.S., a little over a year ago, there were a lot of challenges to be mastered. One was finding good and real bread and even the right flour. Pounds of flour and loaves of bread later, the results were as achieved.

With this new and unique bread baking subscription box, BREADISTA will deliver pre-measured and well-chosen ingredients ready to bake. Each monthly box includes the mix and the recipe card with additional add-ons. That will always be a delicious pairing to the monthly bread or bread rolls, such as jams, jellies or other great spreads. Will there be some typical German 'Brezel' (Pretzel)? Check it out....

A special 'Founder-Box' kicks off the pre-launch

This box before the box is a special one and will only be available once. The pre-launch starts Feb 29th and is limited to 99 baking boxes; the 100th box will be raffled off. Helpful kitchen tools and a special gift are included in the Founder-Box to get the loaf rollin'.

Wouldn't you like to learn how to bake traditional bread from scratch, too? Join the BREADISTA community and improve your bread baking skills.

More information:
Tanja Dietzig, BREADISTA LLC
https://breadista.world/ / Insta @breadista.world

Tanja, the determined Founder of BREADISTA LLC is a native German and immigrated to the US at the end of 2017. With experience in the printing and technical industries and over 10 years in Sales & Marketing, she looks back on a wide knowledge range to build on.

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Cottage Cooking in Asheville Gets a New Kitchen

ASHEVILLE, N.C. -- Cottage Cooking, a cooking class business in Asheville, N.C. where their motto is, "Enter as strangers, but leave as friends," is excited to report that its guests will now be entering into a new kitchen.

John Godts and Liisa Andreassen, owners of Cottage Cooking, had no idea that when they started their cooking class business less than two years ago that there would be such a demand for their services.

"We started it on a whim, and it's turned into a very viable second business for both us," Andreassen says. "When we first launched, we thought we'd do two to three classes a month. Now, we have some months where we're doing as many as eight or nine."

As the business has grown, the couple decided that the kitchen needed to also. So, Godts, the owner of the cottage decided to add an addition that is separate from, but adjacent to the original home. While the old kitchen could accommodate up to four, it was tight. The new kitchen is still limited to groups of up to four, but there is much more room to spread out and cook now.

And, the new kitchen still maintains the charm that was associated with the old one. While the old kitchen had a wood burning stove and original hardwood floors dating back to the turn of the century, the new place boasts a barn door, crafted by Godts, a trap door that goes to the garage, a cozy gas stove and interesting artifacts and photos from the couple's many travels.

There's also a new deck that was added on and the couple hope to give grilling lessons this spring and summer.

"This new space has opened up even more opportunity than before," Godts says. "We're looking forward to what the future brings."

About Cottage Cooking

Founded in March 2015, Cottage Cooking was started to fund the couple's passion for travel. Cooking classes are designed for the home cook and a typical class is designed like a dinner party where guests prepare and eat an appetizer, main course and dessert.

For more information, visit: http://cottagecookingasheville.com/.

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La Tortilla Oven Acquires Patent Technology for Steaming Food

LOS ANGELES, Calif. -- La Tortilla Oven recently acquired La Tortilla Loca and its intellectual property. As a result of this acquisition, La Tortilla Oven(R) is now the primary holder of Patent Number RE42311, the original fabric tortilla warmer designed to keep tortillas fresh and warm for more than an hour. And, it's using the technology to deliver a new and healthy microwave steaming method.

The two companies finally came to a resolution after a 10-year legal dispute surrounding the design, materials, structure and safety of this tortilla warmer. During that time, the two businesses learned about each other's business models and decided to settle out of court and move forward with the acquisition.

La Tortilla Oven is using this patented technology to launch a new end product - the Micro-Steamer - for vegetables. The Micro-Steamer conserves water and uses water already present in the vegetables to make the steam. The patented technology traps the heat and redirects it back into the vegetable, steaming it naturally and organically with the use of a microwave.

"After all, why do you need water to steam vegetables if the vegetables already have water in them?" asks Mark Alvarez, president, La Tortilla Oven.

And, water conservation is not the only benefit that the Micro-Steamer offers. This new cooking technology also helps vegetables to retain more valuable nutrients and speeds up cooking time.

"Boiling water to steam vegetables is a common, but cumbersome method," Alvarez says. "Boiling also dilutes the vegetable's nutritional value. The Micro-Steamer preserves the vitamins, minerals and nutrients, all without adding any extra water."

Additionally, cooking time can be decreased by more than 60 percent. For example, spinach and broccoli are steamed in seconds flat and potatoes and carrots are steamed in minutes so they're stew-ready.

And, due to its compact size - four ounces in weight and 10 inches in diameter - and durability, it's an ideal way to steam foods in places where space is a concern. For example, it's perfect for RVs, hotel rooms, college dorms and office break rooms.

"This highly anticipated and new way of steaming vegetables is really the most efficient and original way to cook healthy," Alvarez says.

About La Tortilla Oven, LLC:

Since 2005, La Tortilla Oven has been the leading manufacturer of insulated tortilla warmers in the U.S., Mexico and abroad. The company specializes in product marketing and brand­building solutions. Currently, the Micro-Steamer is available at Food­4­Less, Ralphs, Brookshires, H.E.B, Kroger stores, Reser's Fine Foods, Northgate Markets, Superior Warehouse, Vallartas and other fine supermarkets and retail outlets throughout the U.S.

Visit: http://www.latortillaoven.com/ or https://www.micro-steamer.com/.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MicroSteamer/ or https://www.facebook.com/latortillaoven/.

Video (YouTube): https://youtu.be/M57_UUhrqXU.

* Photo for media: Send2Press.com/mediaboom/16-0803-mark-alvarez-300dpi.jpg

* Photo Caption: Mark Alvarez, president, La Tortilla Oven, displays the new Micro-Steamer.

Media Contact:
Mark Alvarez, La Tortilla Oven, 888­266­9570, media@latortillaoven.com.

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