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Unique Smartphone Gift under $20 with a 5 Star Review from Santa

DELRAY BEACH, Fla. -- If Santa Claus was an influencer he'd stick Selfie Stick-It(R) to his gift giving list. Everyone knows how difficult it is to capture group photos without leaving someone out of the shot. While different products have been engineered to solve this problem the smallest and most universal is the one from Fromm Works Inc.

Selfie Stick-It is a wireless smartphone mount that sticks virtually anywhere. It's brand agnostic, lightweight and compact for travel. Attach it to wood, metal, glass, mirror, marble, and more to help you take the solo selfie or group shot you desire in the most flattering way possible. Once you have attached it to your surface of choice, stand back and smile.

Click the button on the included Bluetooth remote (compatible with iOS and Android) to activate your smartphone camera shutter or video mode on your phone. Use your phone in portrait or landscape position. When you're all done having fun, just twist the Selfie Stick-It and it removes easily from the surface, damage-free.

It's washable, reusable and personalized as it is available in multiple colors. Perfect for all ages. Co-creator Sage Fromm describes it as "a pocket size photo booth."

Video link:

"The makers of the selfie stick created a new, more convenient way to take a selfie and it's worth your attention." -- Mashable.

Inventions Insider: Insider Picks reviews Selfie Stick-It in a video that has gone viral, currently at 2 million views and counting. "The Selfie Stick-It is so good for when you don't have people around to take your photo. Selfie Stick-It is the least obnoxious way to take self-portraits with your phone. It's an affordable little smartphone-era novelty that solves a real problem without the deleterious societal ills of selfie sticks. It's great for when you have a big group of people getting together, rather than have that one person in your group get out there with a long arm or have to take the photo." -- Business Insider.

Inventor Insider Link:

"It does the job it claims to do, and does it surprisingly well." -- Gizmodo.

From the creators of the original Selfie Stick, Fromm Works Inc. has been a trusted leader in wireless tripod and monopod phone accessories since 2006. U.S. Patent No. 9,606,424. Foreign Patents Pending.

At the low cost of $19.99 including shipping, Selfie Stick-It is available for purchase through Amazon and

For more information on the original patented selfie stick, visit: and

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New Furry Friend Pet Selfie Stick-It Kit Benefits Animal Causes

DELRAY BEACH, Fla. -- Get in the picture with your pets using Pet Selfie Stick-It, a new invention from Fromm Works, Inc. that conditions pets to look at a smartphone located up to 20-feet away. Utilizing Pavlovian conditioning the kit includes a treat tray that holds the pet's favorite treat.

The new product for pet lovers was created by award-winning inventor Wayne Fromm, known for his many Disney toy inventions, a psychology grad and acclaimed inventor of the original handheld selfie stick for digital photography.

"Growing up I was the photographer in the family and I don't have any photos of me with my childhood dog, Fluffy. I want everyone to be able to capture memories that they'll cherish with their lovable pet," said Fromm.

Pet Selfie Stick-It(R) uses a safe, reusable sticky gel to provide a strong temporary means to mount a smartphone on walls, park benches and other surfaces. With the included remote control the smartphone can be up to 20-feet away from the subjects.

Pet owners can capture portraits and videos with their pets, easily and remotely. They simply attach the stretchable holder around a smartphone, stick to any surface using the reusable sticky gel, put a treat on the tray, get in the picture and snap away with the included remote control. Sticking the smartphone at eye level of the pet is the key to capturing natural looking pet photos.

Demo video (YouTube):

Unlike any other photo capturing device intended to attract the attention of a pet there is no need to hold the phone when using Pet Selfie Stick-It, leaving the pet owner's arms free to hug their loved ones. For additional uses please see demo

Five percent of every Pet Selfie Stick-It sold will be donated to pet related causes.

Priced at $15, the patented Pet Selfie Stick-It can be purchased at:

U.S. Patent No. 9,606,424. Foreign Patents Pending.

About Fromm Works:
Fromm Works, Inc. is an invention/design company headed by Wayne Fromm and daughter Sage Fromm that has marketed dozens of commercially successful products carrying such brands as Disney, Mattel and Nestle and is a proud supporter of animal welfare organizations. Learn more at:

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* Photo 1 Caption: Pet Selfie Stick-It from Fromm Works, Inc.

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* Photo 2 Caption: Take better pet selfies with the Pet Selfie Stick-It(R).

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