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Mysterious Pandemic breaks out in psych thriller ‘Face Of Evil’

LOS ANGELES, Calif. -- Awarded psychological thriller/horror film "Face Of Evil" (F.O.E.), produced by V-Movie Productions, turns out prophetic and realistic once again. Topical for the latest mass shootings afflicting our country, the movie is hot again for the recent pandemic outbreak of Corona Virus afflicting the world. A killer soundtrack wraps up the picture.

A war vet returns home, but a mysterious epidemic breaks out and infects his friends... On the road to salvation, as the pandemic quickly spreads out, he is joined by his ex-sergeant, who reveals chilling conspiracy secrets....

"It's the inner journey of a person on the run from his demons, from an unknown enemy. It's about a growing mistrust for each other. It could be the story of a victim, a scapegoat, a pawn in a devious system," says the director, Vito Dinatolo, who reveals more spoilers: "Fear confuses reality, which is already altered by a real epidemic, quickly spreading and deforming Jay's paranoid perception of reality. The movie touches contemporary issues, like mysterious epidemics, terrorism paranoia, veterans Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, mass shootings, big brother conspiracy. Bottom line, it's a contemporary tale of realistic madness."

In these hard times of global pandemic, it's perfect timing to sit back and relax with this cathartic thriller about a mysterious pandemic indeed.

The film is produced by V-Movie and distributed by Gravitas Ventures worldwide.

Info, media, links to streaming platforms of both film and music are on the official website:

But you can now watch the Director's Cut on the director's YouTube channel:

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Thriller-Horror ‘Film Face Of Evil’ finally on HULU – Killer Soundtrack Streaming Everywhere

LOS ANGELES, Calif. -- "Breaking News! War vet shoots in the crowd with no apparent reason, while a mysterious epidemic is raging across the country!" It may sound like another news headline, but it's awarded psychological thriller/horror feature film "FACE OF EVIL," from V-Movie Productions, now distributed by Gravitas on HULU.

Also, the "killer" soundtrack - a hybrid of electronica ambient/industrial, rock, pop, hip-hop and whatnot - is distributed by Awal on iTunes, Spotify, Pandora and Soundcloud.

"The film is about a war vet with PTSD who returns home and sees demons - real or not. It's about our fears, of epidemics, terrorism, big brother, of each other. It's about a scapegoat in a devious system. What happens in the mind of a shooter? Maybe he sees enemies, zombies," explains Vito Dinatolo, the film writer/director/producer and soundtrack composer.

"The soundtrack reflects the surreal, acid, thrilling mood and there are many commercial tracks too." Enough reasons to watch the film, then check out the soundtrack and play it over and over again.

The direct links to both film and soundtrack are listed on - and

The soundtrack is also available on including many more electronic tracks by the filmmaker/composer.

Film trailer and more info on

Reviews and interviews on

Video Trailer (YouTube):

HULU page for film:

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July 4: Vet shoots among the crowd – It’s not real news – It’s thriller ‘Face Of Evil’ released by Gravitas

LOS ANGELES, Calif. -- Awarded feature film "Face Of Evil" (F.O.E.) is being released by Gravitas Ventures and is now available on Video On Demand and DVD, right on time for your July 4th party! "This psychological thriller horror is also very entertaining and grotesque, and it's ideal for your post-barbeque chilly-afternoon movie-time," says the film's writer/director Vito Dinatolo, of V-Movie.

Since a tender age, Vito Dinatolo developed a strong film addiction, which he was never able to cure! Vito has written, directed, shot, edited and produced short films, videos and TV segments of all kind. He recently opened his company V-Movie and produced, wrote, directed and scored "Face Of Evil."

"Why did I make this movie? Because I always liked horror and monster movies and when I was a kid I had a nightmare about zombies that stuck in my mind," says Dinatolo. "So, when it was the right time, I decided to gather all that subconscious information and passion and make a horror movie, but with a psychological depth, rather than making just another gory movie. Plus, I think the horror/fantastic genre allows the filmmaker to show your own style, with no star names, and make a name for yourself, and that's a big deal!"

Brief film synopsis:
On July 4th, Private Jay Williams returns home from the Middle East, but a mysterious epidemic breaks out and starts infecting his friends at the party. The night has just begun.

F.O.E. is available on the following platforms:
* VOD: Amazon Prime Video; iTunes; Google Play; Vimeo; Xbox; Youtube Video; Vudu; PlayStation; Comcast; Cox; Dish Network; Verizon FiOS; Sudden Link; Mediacom; Insight; Wow; Eastlink TV.
* DVD: Amazon; Target.

Info and links to VOD, soundtrack and gadgets online at:

The soundtrack, from electronic to rock, pop, hip hop and whatnot, will be available everywhere on July 23, 2018.

More info on F.O.E. also on the Gravitas site:

Video Trailer (YouTube):

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