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Gallospole and TARAC WIPPP, Award Winners At 2020 International Film Festivals

DREXEL HILL, Pa. -- Gallospole and TARAC WIPPP (tey - rak - wip) have won distinguished awards at international film festivals throughout the year 2020. This chair conspiracy propagated by the political satirist, Gallospole, has been recognized as the Best Trailer at the Direct Monthly Online Film Festival and a Finalist for both Original Score and Experimental Film at the Lonely Wolf: London International Film Festival.

Adrian Perez, Director of the Lonely Wolf: London International Film Festival observed, "Gallospole not only taps into these unresolved social perceptions/discriminations, but also glamorizes propaganda and mass conspiracy."

Gallospole ponders, "Who could've ever thought this chair conspiracy would rival those of our so-called 'rigged election'?"

TARAC WIPPP, an acronym for The American Right for Adequate Chair Width In Public & Private Places, is a dark political allegory. Led by Gallospole, it's a lobbying organization advocating on behalf of Americans with metabolic differences for adequate chair width in public and private places.

An exhilarating musical animation, TARAC WIPPP features a troupe of puppets, guest appearances by the famous movie director Kevin Smith and former NJ Governor Chris Christie; and the ringmaster, Gallospole, all performing in an extravagant vaudevillian show!

An Honorable Mention at the Berlin Flash Film Festival for Best Animation was also received. #FearTheChair, another animation in the TARAC WIPPP series, was an Official Selection for this same festival.

Gallospole, known to the IRS as Marc A. Gallo, has written, produced and performed in numerous musical acts over the past 30 years. Marc has been featured on the Dr. Demento Radio Show and the Gagliarchives Progressive Rock Radio Show. He's also appeared in Performing Songwriter, The Philadelphia Inquirer, and other music publications.

TARAC WIPPP, courtesy of Great Egg Music, is available on all streaming services including Spotify, Apple Music and YouTube.

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no1uno Completes Their 20th Anniversary Remastered EPIC EP ‘no1uno2’

DREXEL HILL, Pa. -- no1uno (pronounced "no one you know") are set to release the Special Remastered EP Edition from their 2000 full-length CD, "no1uno2," on Friday, October 30. In celebration of its 20th anniversary, this EP edition features select tracks including their eclectic rock epic, "down - the dance," described as a "dark moody atmosphere" with a "beautifully eerie vibe."

Gallo, known as "gallospole" in the band, states their creative vision succinctly: "We meticulously crafted a captivating, cinematic experience about deeply personal issues involving love, the loss of innocence and addiction."

Working from their privately owned and operated studio, no1uno had the opportunity to pursue their musical imagination without constraints from the music industry. Their music is eclectic, influenced by the industrial, progressive and electronic rock genres.

The band, based in Drexel Hill, Pennsylvania, includes Daniel H. McKay (mazlin wratch) on bass, guitars and keyboards; James Sempsey III (iii) on vocals, drums and keyboards; and Marc A. Gallo (gallospole) on vocals, guitars, percussion and keyboards. All recording, engineering and mixing was executed by no1uno except where noted.

An exclusively studio-based band, no1uno were forerunners in promoting their music on the internet, under the guise of anonymity, in the 1990s. The site, hosted their works and CD Baby distributed their CDs. They never performed live.

In March 2020, no1uno remastered their first self-titled EP and were featured on the Gagliarchives, an international progressive rock radio station, hosted by Tom Gagliardi. In addition, they were interviewed by Charles Kershenblatt on the podcast, Bringing It All Back Home, in February 2020.

The EP, "no1uno2 - Special Remastered Edition," will be available on all major streaming services starting on Friday October 30, courtesy of Great Egg Music. no1uno music videos can be seen on their YouTube channel.

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