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Extreme Endeavors CEO, Isolated in Antarctica for Years at the South Pole Research Station, Authors Blog Series on Dealing with Coronavirus Issues

PHILIPPI, W.Va. -- Michael Masterman, the founder of West Virginia-based technology company Extreme Endeavors, who spent 28 months isolated in Antarctica as the South Pole's American research station manager, is today offering a blog series of tips on how to preserve health, sanity and spirituality during today's coronavirus social distancing mandates.

Masterman's regularly updated blog entries may be found online at

Masterman has 28 months "ice time" in isolation in Antarctica, including two winters at the South Pole. His blog shares strategies and suggestions he learned during his time in the remoteness of the Antarctic, where he and a few other scientists were isolated thousands of miles away from others for months on end.

"Because of my time at the South Pole, I probably understand living in isolation and distancing oneself from the population better than anyone," Masterman said. "My blog posts are simply lessons learns from my Antarctica experience, most of which are remarkably transferrable to the situation much of the world's population finds itself in today."

His first blog entry, for example, discussed the basic need for human purpose. With so many people suddenly displaced from jobs and routine, there is a need - and an opportunity - to refocus on aspects of life that are personally enriching.

Masterman's blogs offer myriad suggestions on topics like mood management, indoor exercise, dealing with others in close quarters, sleep deprivation, apprehension and worry, and the importance of faith.

"While this era of COVID-19 is a trying time for people across America and the world, it is not without precedent for some of us. My goal for the blog posts is to let others know the secrets to surviving and prospering during this unique time of worldwide quarantine," Masterman said.

About Extreme Endeavors:

Extreme Endeavors began two decades ago in Antarctica on an ice plateau thousands of miles removed from the nearest human dwelling. Today, the company serves its neighbors in West Virginia by providing innovative answers to humanity's biggest challenges. Extreme Endeavors designs and deploys original solutions, while providing results beyond expectations. For more information on Extreme Endeavors, visit

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New Weight Loss Blog Provides Intermittent Dry Fasting Advice

SCRANTON, Pa. -- Health enthusiast Jeff Mirro has announced a new blog - - that gives free advice on intermittent dry fasting to lose weight and cure health problems. It draws from the collected experience and knowledge of many of the most influential online experts and motivates people to lose weight, heal, and rejuvenate.

Blog readers will benefit from years of research and no longer have to visit multiple sites to get information they need. So many subjects can be found all in one spot. Topics include everything from health lies people have been told their whole lives and how to get shredded with intermittent dry fasting, to the importance of drinking purified water and more.

Dry fasting is a form of fasting where no water or food is consumed for an extended period of time. Many of Mirro's blog posts address how this simple process can benefit health.

"It works," Mirro says. "It works for weight loss, digestive problems, skin problems, and a whole host of other health issues."

Mirro's passion for health and fitness is evident and he wants to share his knowledge with the world.

Blog readers will also learn about things like autophagy, water and salt fasting, the best workout routines, and what to eat when not fasting.

With a personal 4.3 percent body fat count, Mirro believes in the one meal a day (OMAD) philosophy although in certain circumstances, two meals with a tight eating window may be more appropriate.

"Constantly spiking your insulin by snacking or grazing, or even eating three square meals a day like you were always told to do, is one of the worst things you can do for your health," he says.

Launched in March, 2019, is quickly becoming one of the most important online resources for intermittent fasting and weight loss advice.

"We're ready to help transform North America and the entire world into the best version of themselves," he says.

About Jeff Mirro:

Mirro is a health and fitness enthusiast. His goal is to help as many people as possible lose weight and solve their health problems, with dry fasting as the main solution. He has dedicated his life to fitness and nutrition and has been engaging in formal exercises since he was 12. He's been researching and reading about nutritional topics and alternative medicine since 2000. Now he has a platform to share what he's learned.

For more information:

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