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Blockit COVID-19 Operations Platform Powers Big City Vaccination

MCKINNEY, Texas -- Blockit Inc., a leading provider of digital care coordination solutions, has been on the front lines of the pandemic, providing a no-cost adaptation of their deeply integrated and highly sophisticated healthcare scheduling platform to be utilized toward COVID-19 relief efforts. Today, Blockit announced that its vaccine scheduling solution is now being used by over 350 organizations responsible for scheduling over 400,000 vaccines. Notable cities such as the City of Dallas and the City of Houston utilizing the platform experienced peak usage of over 200 vaccination appointments scheduled per minute.

The solution has facilitated the pre and post-vaccine processes for organizations across the country including large and small healthcare systems, state and county health departments, and pharmacies. As more vaccines get approved, production increases, and distribution happens more easily, Blockit continues to update platform policies and procedures to enhance the patient and provider experience. Blockit's clients are thinking ahead by incorporating healthcare industry level secure and robust automation to improve patient communication, reduce administrative overhead, and keep providers focused on maximizing vaccinations performed.

"We can't be more thankful for the Blockit team's quick and competent action toward getting our city ready for a mass vaccination effort in record time. It's working great!" said Stephan J. Lopez Jr., Section Chief of Dallas Fire-Rescue Geospatial Intelligence & Analytics

Blockit's HIPAA compliant, high-capacity platform and flexible application programming interface (API) enables organizations to create delivery a very simple and friendly experience for patients to easily find, book and register appointments. While ensuring the providers can establish the necessary logic to properly screen, direct, manage and disposition patients very easily. The simple technology makes it easy to scale and adapt to any care setting across existing EHR infrastructures or as stand alone. To include leveraging smart technology to automate second dose notification, reminders and scheduling.

"Since focusing our capabilities on Covid-19 efforts, we've had an incredible response from all over the nation," said Jake McCarley, co-founder and CEO of Blockit. "We have always been very proud of our unique digital care coordination solutions but we are now especially proud of the positive impact we are making in the fight against this pandemic."

Providers interested in seamlessly managing vaccination schedules can visit and follow the simple five-minute enrollment process.

Blockit is committed to its mission of making the patient journey simple for patients, patient advocates, community members, and healthcare providers. The company will continue to provide updates on the status of testing and vaccine availability to patients as providers enroll. Please visit to keep up with any updates.

About Blockit

Blockit's focus on simplifying healthcare processes for everyone motivated the company to build technologies that improve patient access and lead to better patient outcomes. By combining advanced technology with expert service and support, Blockit removes the barriers that stand in the way of patient access and care. Find out more at

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Georgia Psychiatric Practice Provides Insurance-Covered Telehealth Services

ATLANTA, Ga. -- As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, many mental health practices are being forced to close their doors to patients. These closures are causing even more anxiety and stress. United Behavioral Health Solutions (UBHS, Inc.) is happy to report that it continues to see patients via its telehealth services during a time when they likely need it most.

And, the news gets even better. According to The American Psychiatric Association, "The use of video-based telepsychiatry helps meet patients' needs for convenient, affordable and readily-accessible mental health services." It also cites growing evidence that telepsychiatry leads to improved outcomes and higher patient satisfaction ratings. As a result, policy makers, payers and providers are increasingly considering ways to implement and use it.

"Thanks to our mental telehealth services, there has been no disruption to current services and care and we can help new patients in need too. Our model allows us to help patients meet their specific challenges - anytime, anywhere," Michael Coleman, CEO, UBHS, says.

While the primary focus during this pandemic has been maintaining physical wellness, mental health cannot be overlooked.

"In fact, during times of social isolation, existing mental health conditions can be heightened and new ones may occur. We're here for everyone from adults to kids who have nowhere to go," Coleman says.

UBHS is able to take same-day or next-day appointments and has a built-in Internet-based technology platform that makes connecting with a mental health expert easy and stress free. It also accepts Medicaid, Medicare and most major insurance plans.

In addition to working with individuals, UBHS also works directly with correction facilities, nursing homes, private practices, community service boards, crisis stabilization units, schools and inpatient hospitals. It serves patient populations in Georgia, South Carolina and Kentucky.

For more information, visit:

About UBHS

UBHS specializes in telepsychiatry and psychotherapy to provide quick and convenient access to a broader community where provider access is limited. It was founded by a group of caring medical and mental health professionals who are passionate about helping people with emotional/behavioral problems.

Together, they set their goals to build a business to provide a cost effective, high quality and sustainable solution to healthcare. Its highly-trained, diverse and seasoned staff includes psychiatrists, psychologists and counselors.

All of its physicians and clinicians are board certified, licensed and carefully screened and trained to work across a technology platform that is highly secured, Internet-based and HIPAA compliant.

AJ Norris
of UBHS, Inc.

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Kraft Technology Group Achieves HIPAA Compliance with Compliancy Group

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- Kraft Technology Group, a Nashville-based managed IT service provider, is pleased to announce that we have achieved compliance with the federally mandated standards of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) through the use of Compliancy Group's proprietary HIPAA methodology, The Guard(R) compliance tracking software, and HIPAA Seal of Compliance(R).

As a managed service provider serving healthcare clients, Kraft Technology Group is a "Business Associate" under the definition of HIPAA (45 CFR §160.103) and therefore subject to HIPAA regulations designed to protect electronic protected health information while supporting our "Covered Entity" clients.

Kraft Technology Group has completed Compliancy Group's Six Stage Implementation Program, adhering to the necessary regulatory standards outlined in the HIPAA Privacy Rule, HIPAA Security Rule, HIPAA Breach Notification Rule, HIPAA Omnibus Rule, and HITECH. These standards have been heavily vetted against the letter of the law and meet federal NIST requirements. Kraft Technology Group's good faith effort toward HIPAA compliance through the use of The Guard has been verified by the HIPAA subject matter experts and Compliance Coaches(R) at Compliancy Group.

A recent HIPAA Journal article, "The Top HIPAA Threats Are Likely Not What You Think," made the point that the top cybersecurity threats are employees. The article refers to an IBM X-Force Threat Intelligence Report which points to this surprising statistic: 71 percent of recorded data breaches in the healthcare industry are attributable to employee actions. Whether those employees are working for a Covered Entity or a Business Associate, the Health & Human Services enforcement of HIPAA regulations can be severe.

The important intersection between HIPAA compliance and data security is often lost on I.T. providers working in the health care space. Clients are becoming more aware of the requirements of HIPAA compliance - and forward-thinking providers like Kraft Technology Group choose the HIPAA Seal of Compliance to differentiate their services.

The HIPAA Seal of Compliance is issued to organizations that have implemented an effective HIPAA compliance program through the use of The Guard, Compliancy Group's proprietary compliance tracking solution.

About Compliancy Group:
Compliancy Group simplifies HIPAA compliance so that health care professionals can confidently run their practice. The Guard(TM) is our simple, cost-effective, web-based solution. Users are guided by our team of expert Compliance Coaches(TM) to Achieve, Illustrate, and Maintain(TM) total HIPAA compliance.

Visit or call 855.854.4722 to learn how simple compliance can be.

About Kraft Technology Group:
Part of the KraftCPAs family of companies since 1992, Kraft Technology Group has been providing Computer Services, I.T. Security, Network Support, and Managed I.T. Services in the greater Nashville Tennessee area and beyond. Our mission is to empower small and midsize businesses to efficiently and securely utilize best of breed technology, so they can focus on reaching and exceeding their strategic goals.

Visit to learn more.

Verify our Seal of Compliance at:

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MyDoctorsChat Fully Embraces the AMA’s New Ethical Guidelines for Telemedicine

HOUSTON, Texas -- MHIT Business Services, Inc. - the parent company of MyDoctorsChat - a fully scalable, HIPAA compliant enterprise mobile telemedicine software solution for doctors, patients and healthcare organizations believes that the evolution of telemedicine technology offers improved access to healthcare and provides new, sophisticated opportunities for healthcare providers to address their patients' unique healthcare needs.

On Monday, the AMA adopted guidance for ethical practice in telemedicine, providing specific recommendations to physicians regarding how their fundamental responsibilities might be different when patient interactions occur through telemedicine. MHIT Business Services, Inc. fully embraces the AMA's new guidelines which permit physicians utilizing telehealth and telemedicine technology to exercise discretion in their use of telemedicine.

Dr. Jordan Balencic, Strategic Medical Advisor to MyDoctorsChat, reported that: "We applaud the AMA's encouragement of physicians to become more actively engaged in telemedicine in order to further enhance technology standards, and increase access to patients who want to utilize telemedicine services. Improving safe access to vital healthcare resources has been part of our vision from the beginning."

Will Lowe, CEO and Co-Founder of MHIT Business Services, Inc. stated: "We view ourselves as a systems integration company. Our mobile telemedicine offering from a cost-benefit standpoint makes a lot of sense, especially when addressing the diverse needs of healthcare organizations in their strategic planning and deployment stages. Our cloud-based software enables the implementation of a complete telemedicine solution across a large health network without requiring extensive development costs and time."

Mr. Lowe further stated that "Our aim in licensing the innovative technology behind MyDoctorsChat is to offer healthcare organizations a complete, secure telemedicine solution that strengthens the patient-doctor relationship so that physicians can provide safe, and cost-effective remote care directly to their patients."

MyDoctorsChat provides healthcare organizations with a fully deployed web-based application as well as a complete iOS bundle for the iPhone and iPad along with all Android devices. The iOS and Android Mobile Apps are available in The App Store and Google Play.

"We believe a large opportunity exists in both Mexico and Latin America for telemedicine and were excited about the growing interest from groups in Mexico City and Monterey Mexico," concluded Lowe. "We're excited to begin deploying our technology on a Global scale."

More information:

Will Lowe
MHIT Business Services Inc

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