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Chicago-based Swift Homes Achieves 500 5-Star Reviews

CHICAGO, Ill. -- A professional home buying company that helps homeowners across the United States sell their properties quickly for top cash value, Swift Homes is proud to have surpassed 500 5-star reviews from highly satisfied sellers.

"Swift Homes' mission is to help homeowners achieve the best possible outcome when selling their home, and we are thrilled that the service we provide to sellers is reflected in our 5-star reviews," said Zach Fertig, President of Swift Homes.

Supported by a multi-billion-dollar private equity fund, the business has sent out over a million reliable and competitive cash offers to prospective sellers from California to Maine. The time-tested Swift Homes process benefits not only homeowners, but also local families that are able to rent the properties purchased.

From the very beginning, the skilled and knowledgeable team at Swift Homes has been fully committed to assisting clients looking to sell their single-family houses due to a variety of life circumstances. One of the many reasons why sellers are so satisfied with the company is that Swift Homes masterfully guides them and keeps the process as straightforward, efficient, and hassle-free as possible.

The Swift Homes representatives have more than 20 years of combined industry experience, which enables them to provide a client experience and level of service that other companies cannot match.

Starting the Swift Homes process is as simple as answering a few questions about the property for sale. Typically, within 2 business days the company's team will furnish a proposal with their dependable top cash offer included. If the seller decides to accept the offer and sign the contract, Swift Homes has a 3rd party inspect the house first hand. As soon as the inspection is finished and the title has cleared, the company can complete the transaction and provide sellers with their funds.

"Sellers greatly appreciate the fact that Swift Homes keeps control of the process in their hands, and never pressures them to move forward on anything they are not fully comfortable with," added Fertig. "They are also grateful for the fact that they can sell their properties in as-is condition rather than needing to make extensive repairs or modifications." While Swift Homes will request a repair credit if the 3rd party inspection finds any excessive damage or other issues that must be fixed, homeowners can always opt out of the deal at that point or choose to handle these necessary repairs themselves.

With Swift Homes, homeowners also have the ability to set a closing date that works well for their particular situation and then change that closing date if need be. While closing time can vary from transaction to transaction, the process is usually complete within a few weeks to a few months. To help sellers get the most value out of the deal as possible, Swift Homes does not charge any fees for their services, and even handles customary closing costs (Title Search, Notary Fees, Recording Fees, and Deed Preparation/Attorney Fees).

About Swift Homes

Now operating in over 100 major real estate markets that encompass thousands of towns and cities throughout the country, Swift Homes has industry-leading programs that have helped improve the lives of countless homeowners and local families alike. Sellers approved by the rental fund can also choose to rent their properties back after the sales have closed. While Swift Homes primarily facilitates the purchase of single-family properties, they do consider multi-family properties as well as condos and commercial properties. The company also works with investment properties (even those with existing tenants), as well as realtors.

Swift Homes can be reached by calling (877) 861-2466. For more information visit or email

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Business, Free News Articles, Real Estate

Swift Homes Makes It Easy to Sell Your House Fast for Top Value

CHICAGO, Ill. -- Swift Homes, headquartered in Chicago, is a leading home cash buyer throughout the southern United States. Helping homeowners sell their residential properties quickly for top value. Swift Homes purchases homes in as-is condition, making the process straightforward and efficient while giving our customers peace of mind.

Traditional real estate sales include fees, lacking a proper client experience that is typically inconvenient with no guarantees. This is not the case with Swift Homes. The company primarily buys single-family homes that are then rented out to local families. However, they do consider other property types.

Swift Homes provide top-dollar cash offers, a highly experienced home purchasing company bolstered by a robust private equity fund. It can have the entire transaction completed in as few as ten days. When Alabama, Georgia, and North Carolina residents sell to Swift Homes, they don't need to invest time and money into extensive repairs and modifications. As their name suggests, Swift Homes is dedicated to providing each homeowner with a closing that is both quick and uncomplicated.

Having bought more than 5,000 houses nationwide, Swift Homes personnel have had the opportunity to work with those seeking to expeditiously sell their properties for various reasons, including occupation changes, family emergencies, and other pressing situations. Many customers working with Swift Homes found that the ability to get high value for their houses in a relatively short period was a critical factor in their overall financial well-being.

The standard, time-tested process that Alabama, Georgia, and North Carolina sellers go through with Swift Homes begins with submitting a brief informational form regarding the property itself. Upon receiving and evaluating the form, the team will furnish a personalized proposal with their reliable cash offer. If the seller indicates that the offer is acceptable, Swift Homes will schedule a convenient home inspection to assess its current condition thoroughly. At that point, the deal is finalized, with the seller selecting a closing date that best meets their particular needs. To conclude the process, Swift Homes will dispense the agreed-upon cash payment.

Swift Homes is confident that they are the ideal cash home buyers with their unmatched process and dependable offers. With the backing of the private equity fund, all-cash offers made are trustworthy and transparent. Their customers don't need to worry about conditional financing woes or having the transaction drag on. Swift Homes personnel would also like prospective customers to know that sellers maintain control from beginning to end. While the company only makes offers they genuinely feel are competitive and fair, sellers have every right to decline and will never be pressured to go along with a deal that makes them uncomfortable.

Homeowners in Alabama, Georgia, and North Carolina can speak with a Swift Homes representative by calling (877) 861-2466. To learn more about Swift Homes and their process, please visit or send an email to

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