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Topical Video and Single from New Pete McCabe EP

VENICE, Calif. -- Man8Plant Records announced today the release of "Plague Baby," a new video and single from Pete McCabe's latest album, "Many Storyed." McCabe is a folk and pop music artist, a troubadour and storyteller who is as topical and fresh today as the leading artists of the 60s were in their time. "Plague Baby" is thought-provoking with layers of meaning. You can listen to Pete McCabe's music on any streaming service.

Pete McCabe's love for his "Plague Baby" is a heartfelt tribute to his wife Diane. It's an anthem derived from their struggles with The Virus during quarantine. For the video, Plague Baby, Pete plays acoustic guitar, piano and arranges all the other instruments. Pete made all the images for the video too.

Pete says "I knew our ever-strengthening partnership would see us through. Our personal quirks as well as our love for each other came into sharp focus. The daily death toll unnerved us, but...we were happy to 'Hunker in our Bunker' until the end of time."

In the video, these lyrics hover over an "infectious" rock beat:

I need my Plague Baby!
My hunker in the bunker lady
Yeah, she's got pizza in the fridge
And streaming TV
What happens outside don't matter to me
With her in my arms, that's where I wanna be
Plague Baby, I do appreciate you lately
Plague Baby, I do appreciate you lately

Pete felt that what he wanted to say about these trying times needed a hard hitting, yet humorous approach. "Synthesizers and electric guitars felt right for this one," explained Pete. "Much of my music has folk roots, but I like to expand into unknown territory. The virus put us all into a new situation. When the lockdown came, it was 24/7 time with my wife. Our love came into sharp focus. The daily death toll unnerved us, but we were happy to 'hunker in our bunker' till the end of time. The video shows such a couple as they battle the forces outside their little home."

There is much more to the "Many Storyed" EP than just the single. Pete explores his roots in "Forgotten Folkies," looks at the transformative power of sprinkles in "A Protest Doughnut" and even gets a bit sexy with "Hair of the Dog." Pete McCabe's new album is fun, quirky and eclectic.

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New Record Label, Built by Artists for Artists to Protect Independent Music, Releases Its First Music Video

NEW YORK CITY, N.Y. -- INDIE CHAMELEON, a new innovative record label that puts the artist at the core of everything they do, has released their first fully produced single and music video combination with the song available October 25 and the music video released today.

The single is called "FREEDOM." Available now at

Suzanne Tufan, the singer-songwriter behind the song, brings the strength and power of the female voice to the forefront with her authentic lyrics and vulnerable sound. Known for her indie folk pop, her unique style and approach to writing harkens back to the spirit of 60's singer-songwriters like Mitchell and Baez.

Tufan excels in portraying truth in the expression of her music. Her goal with releasing this song is to allow truth-telling of her own experiences to create a vulnerable space for fellow women to open up about their own desire for true agency and freedom from the patriarchy of modern society.


Suzanne Tufan is an actress / singer-songwriter / playwright hailing from the West Coast and currently based in Portland. Her music credits include the release of the self-titled album, "Suzanne Tufan," on Bandcamp which is a collection of acoustic compositions about seven years ago. In 2013, she formed and was part of the band A Year Afar and eventually released the EP "Better Life" in 2014 which can be found on Spotify for your streaming pleasure.

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INDIE CHAMELEON is an indie record label that prioritizes the idea that artists have power over their own work despite the trends of the current music industry. As an independent record label, we are dedicated to developing artists who write and perform original music.

We opened our doors in early 2018 with main offices in both Seattle and New York. We specialize in producing raw, minimalist material and have A-list collaborators within the company to act as resources for both our signed-artists and projects we produce. As a company, our motto is artists for artists and as artists ourselves we look to collaborate with others who prioritize the artist above all.

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