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PitBullTax Software Once Again Dominates Tax Resolution with its Release of Version 5.0

CORAL SPRINGS, Fla. -- PitBullTax Software is excited to announce the release of its most robust and streamlined cloud based software platform to date. PitBullTax, the country's leading IRS Tax Resolution Software for CPAs, EAs and Tax Attorneys will be unveiling all the cutting edge major enhancements of Version 5.0 to licensees from all over the United States at its PitBullTax Institute User Conference today through May 3 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

"We continually strive to deliver best in class technology and solutions to the IRS Tax Resolution profession, and with Version 5.0 we exceeded our own incredibly high Expectations," stated Jose Alfaro, Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer. "We always put our licensees ahead of the curve by streamlining and automating the ever changing requirements from the IRS," he added.

PitBullTax Software has been dominating the tax resolution software space for ten years, with a complete team of software engineers, developers, tax resolution professionals, administrators, customer service representatives, cyber security experts and program analysts, who are always aware of the ever increasing technology and tax law demands.

"We live and breathe IRS Tax Resolution , it runs through our veins. We pride ourselves on being extremely responsive to our users' feedback. They tell us what they need and we deliver it!" says Chief Operating Officer, Irina Bobrova, MST, EA. "Our company stands on three pillars: top-notch technology, data security and outstanding customer service."

Version 5.0 is all about increased efficiency for IRS Tax Resolution professionals and their office staff. It includes significant enhancements that will allow handling of many more cases in much less time, with much more macro controls. Key enhancements include a unique Client Summary, a one of a kind Transcript Dashboard, internal 2-Factor Authentication, more IRS Forms, more robust To Do's, Calendar and Time Tracking, enhanced User Permissions and advanced Smartphone App integration.

Jaime Buchwald, CPA, CFF, Co-Founder and CEO explained, "We are fortunate that we can always provide our licensees with increasing value through these major product enhancements. Jose and I started and self funded this company and we do not have venture capitalists, banks, or investors to answer to. Our loyalty is to our licensees, that's who we answer to. We never forget this when we come to work everyday."

PitBullTax Institute, an IRS and NASBA approved continuing education provider, invites all interested tax pros to its third PitBullTax User Conference, which will take place today through May 3 at the beautiful Hilton Fort Lauderdale Beach Resort. Software demonstrations of Version 5.0, printed course materials and multiple case studies will be part of this three day conference.

In addition, renowned guest speaker and tax attorney Robert McKenzie will present classes on Advanced Offers in Compromise and Installment Agreements. A bonus marketing session will also be presented by Michael Rozbruch, CPA.

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PitBullTax Software Expands its Power with Release of New Version 4.0

CORAL SPRINGS, Fla. -- PitBullTax Software, the leading IRS Tax Resolution Software for CPAs, EAs and Tax Attorneys, just released its new and more feature rich Version 4.0. For nine years PitBullTax Software has transformed the tax resolution business by making it more efficient and intuitive for tax professionals to solve their clients' IRS problems.

Listening to feedback from its thousands of licensees across the country, the company added major technological enhancements for even greater efficiency in case preparation and in client communications.

"PitBullTax Version 4.0 is the most advanced tax resolution platform for tax pros on the market today," Irina N. Bobrova, COO of PitBullTax Software stated. "This cloud-based application makes the work of tax professionals even easier, faster and more rewarding - incorporating the most up-to-date technological features thanks to our team of engineers who create the real magic."

"PitBullTax Software has always had a positive impact in the tax resolution specialty. After many years on the market, PitBullTax swiftly detects the needs of the industry and develops immediate solutions to maintain its leadership role," Jose L. Alfaro, Co-Founder and CTO of PitBullTax explains. "This new release was launched to support the tremendous growth of the company."

Mr. Alfaro added: "In Version 4.0 there are new modules such as incoming e-mail correspondence, state forms, response letters and a business client questionnaire in both English and Spanish. We have also significantly improved our IRS Transcripts Delivery system with customizable alerts and bulk transcript requests. Our mobile application had a major facelift too.

"PitBullTax licensees can now enter their security codes received from the IRS in the mobile app, making their work flow more ergonomic. Sharing files and chatting with clients is also available through our mobile app, as well as Touch ID protection. Thanks to the feedback of our users we boosted our user interface with an enhanced forms preview and mouse over previews."

To further serve the needs of our licensees, the company has become vertically integrated, adding a critical education component. PitBullTax is now a Continuing Education Provider approved by the IRS and NASBA to provide live and internet group-based classes through its PitBullTax University.

Jaime S. Buchwald, Co-Founder and CEO says: "PitBullTax Software has again raised the bar in tax resolution software while maintaining critical mass in the industry. Up to 90 percent of the enhancements in Version 4.0 are a result of positive customer feedback." Mr. Buchwald further added, "Our mission is to always be the leader in tax resolution software by listening, responding and delivering incredible value to our current and future licensees."

About PitBullTax Software:

PitBullTax Software has licensees in all 50 states that rely on their Software to prepare and automate their IRS Tax Practices. Innovation, efficiency and making its licensees more profitable are the cornerstones of the company's philosophy.

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PitBullTax Software Launches PitBullTax University and Announces Its First User Conference

CORAL SPRINGS, Fla. -- PitBullTax, The Leading IRS Tax Resolution Software provider for CPAs, Enrolled Agents and Tax Attorneys received accreditation to be a Continuing Education Provider for tax professionals who are involved in IRS tax resolution and for those who plan to practice in this lucrative specialty. This is yet another milestone in a long history of accomplishments for PitBullTax, and another example of how this company maintains its dominant position in the tax resolution arena.

The first PitBullTax User Conference is scheduled for this May 17, 18 and 19 at the luxurious B Ocean Resort right on the sands of the beautiful Fort Lauderdale beach. The company is offering huge discounts for those who sign up early.

"We have created PitBullTax University for our software users and especially potential users to learn proven winning tax resolution techniques and strategies utilizing our intelligent software platform, and at the same time earn Continuing Education credits," explains Jaime S. Buchwald, CPA and CEO of PitBullTax Software.

"This is what makes PitBullTax University and the User Conference unique and sets it apart from other continuing education events. We actually marry fundamentals with technology to make our users and potential users the most efficient and profitable tax resolution practitioners in the country," added Buchwald.

Through its offices based in Coral Springs, Florida, PitBullTax Software has been consistently updating their IRS resolution software application and practice automation technology with major enhancements to serve the IRS tax resolution niche for over eight years. As a result, it has been able to partner with some of the largest and most prestigious tax associations in the country.

As Jose L. Alfaro, Software Developer and CTO of PitBullTax Software, says: "We will continue to be on the cutting edge of IRS Tax Resolution Technology and practice automation. Our application has become so comprehensive that even our power users don't know how to unleash the true potential of our cloud based platform. Now, with PitBullTax University and the upcoming User Conference our licensees will not only learn practical techniques, but also how to incorporate them and maximize our technology to its fullest capabilities. Even more exciting is that for potential users and those who are just entering the IRS Tax Resolution specialty, they will shave many years off their learning curve and will be able to go back to their offices and take on cases immediately... and with confidence!"

"At the PitBullTax University User Conference attendees will learn how to quickly recognize and evaluate various IRS problem scenarios and have our software diagnose and prescribe the exact workflow required to prepare and present cases to the collection and appeals divisions of the Internal Revenue Service," stated Irina N. Bobrova, MST, EA and COO of PitBullTax Software.

She added, "Attendees will learn how to prepare a Collection Information Statement, learn when each particular form is needed, and master the most important alternatives in resolving IRS problems, such as Offer in Compromise, Installment Agreement, Currently Not Collectible Status, Innocent Spouse and so much more.

"Also, attendees will grasp the techniques of how to effortlessly retrieve IRS Transcripts through their online E-Services account in minutes and have the software prepare concise analytical reports with the appropriate data flowing directly into the resolution forms. Overall, we will teach our users how to make their tax resolution practices more efficient by streamlining their processes, with the end result of saving practitioners' valuable time and making more money!"

PitBullTax University will also be offering online webinars and self-study courses in various topics in the IRS Tax Resolution specialty. PitBullTax Software and PitBullTax University is now a fully vertically integrated company combining education with actual hands-on technology skills.

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About PitBullTax Software:

PitBullTax Software has licensees in all 50 states that rely daily on their Software to prepare and automate their IRS Tax Resolution Practices. Innovation, efficiency, and making its licensees more profitable are the cornerstones of the company's philosophy. Learn more:

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PitBullTax Software to Unveil Stand-Alone Transcripts Delivery and Reporting Product

CORAL SPRINGS, Fla. -- PitBullTax Software, the industry leader in IRS Tax Resolution software, is excited to announce that it's unveiling a new flagship product - PitBullTax Transcripts - a stand-alone IRS Transcripts Delivery and Reporting software. The product will launch at the National Conference of Bankruptcy Judges in San Francisco from October 26-29; it's sure to create some buzz.

"We chose this venue to debut this new stand-alone IRS Transcripts Delivery and Reporting software because it's geared to tax resolution and bankruptcy professionals who need a more economical way to obtain IRS transcripts," Jaime S. Buchwald, CPA and CEO of PitBullTax Software, says. "Many tax and bankruptcy pros spend thousands of dollars each year, but with our new revolutionary software they can now request unlimited IRS transcripts and get analytical reporting in just a few minutes for the amazing price of only $249.97 per year. That's an unbelievable savings."

In addition to dramatic cost savings, there are many other benefits too. Here's how it works.

To use PitBullTax Transcripts a user should have an IRS e-services account (which can be registered for free) and fax a Power of Attorney or Tax Information Authorization to the CAF unit of the IRS. Users can then receive unlimited IRS Transcripts, auto-generated and customizable IRS Transcripts summary reports that include features such as: earliest dates for bankruptcy dischargeability; current tax liabilities, penalties and interest; compliance information; estimated Collection Statute Expiration Dates (CSED); civil penalties; account transcript summary and payment history; and more.

One exciting feature is the daily email alerts. These allow tax professionals to easily stay on top of any status changes to their clients' IRS accounts weeks before they get an IRS notice in the mail. For example, they'll be the first to know about important actions such as upcoming audits, tax court petitions or bankruptcy filings.

"There are no more pay-per-period or extra fees for bankruptcy dischargeability reports," Buchwald says. "Our new software allows users to manage more cases and make more money in the least amount of time possible."

Two versions are available: an integrated version which is an add-on to the flagship PitBullTax Software or a standard, stand-alone version, PitBullTax Transcripts. Both have the same great features and are available for a monthly fee of $24.97 or an annual fee of $249.97.

Either version is ideal for CPAs, Enrolled Agents, tax and bankruptcy attorneys, tax preparers and other accounting professionals. It's the smarter way to get IRS transcripts.

About PitBullTax Software:

With users in all 50 states, PitBullTax Software was developed by a dedicated team of professionals with more than 100 years of combined successful IRS collection resolution and information technology applications experience. This knowledge is embedded in the software's DNA to provide the best possible resolution for each IRS collection case.


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