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Local Contract Cable Manufacturer Announces ISO 9001:2015 Certification

AUBURN, Wash. -- Technical Cable Applications is excited to announce their newly-achieved ISO 9001:2015 certification. Technical Cable Applications, Inc., a contract cable manufacturer of cable assemblies and wiring harnesses based in Auburn, Washington, has undergone tremendous growth over the past year.

This has demanded a rapid evolution of processes and procedures. While systems have kept pace with the change, it was realized that in order to continue their upward trend a formalized standardization of management practices was needed.

The company's quality management system includes detailed procedures and work instructions. This ensures the effective operation and control of all processes. Requirements for demonstrated employee competence through training are a factor in achieving less scrap, waste, and rework.

Employees of TCA are a valued resource. Empowering and engaging employees is one of ISO's core principles. The standard's focus on defined responsibilities and authorities ensures empowerment and promotes employee contribution - which leads to a more creative and satisfying work culture.

Adhering to customer requirements is a must for TCA. Since their processes are carefully documented and followed, it is assured that the products received will meet their standards and be consistent in quality.

TCA believes the importance of meeting and exceeding customer expectations cannot be overemphasized. They know that satisfied customers will keep coming back - and their future growth depends on it.

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Darley Family Foundation Sends 5,000 Gallons of Water to Dixmoor, Ill.

ITASCA, Ill. -- The Village of Dixmoor has been facing a water crisis for nearly ten days, forcing residents to search for safe water alternatives. In effort to help the citizens in their most vulnerable time, the Darley Family Foundation sent a truckload of Safe Water Boxes™ to Dixmoor. One truckload holds twenty-three pallets of Safe Water Boxes, with eighty boxes per pallet, adding up to 5,000 gallons of water in total. Each box is 2.64 gallons of premium drinking water.

Officials stated the cause of the water crisis was a faulty valve that had been turned off and caused several breaks in the pipe; the valve must be dug up and manually turned back on for the emergency to be resolved. Fire hydrants from Harvey and Blue Island are being used to fill up the Dixmoor reservoir, and a boil water order is in place.

Unfortunately, the current fix to Dixmoor's water crisis is only a band-aid solution; the infrastructure is over 100 years old and a permanent fix could cost in excess of $20 million. This could be a long-term crisis for Dixmoor.

"We hope our contribution will ease the difficulty Dixmoor residents are currently facing," said Kevin Sofen, Darley business development manager.

About W.S. Darley & Co:

Founded in 1908, W.S. Darley & Co. (Darley) remains a family-owned and operated business, providing the highest quality equipment solutions to its military and first responder customers. As an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, Darley prides itself on offering a family of leading emergency equipment brands and innovative solutions and services from its corporate headquarters in Illinois and fire pump and apparatus manufacturing operations in Wisconsin, Iowa and Michigan, as well as global offices in six countries.

Darley can be found online at, or on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Instagram.

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