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Kansas City Magazine Celebrates 5-year Anniversary!

LEAWOOD, Kan. -- With a variety of magazines in Kansas City, one particular publication has made a household name for itself in recent years. Kansas City's premier home magazine, Kansas City Homes & Style, is turning five years old this month.

The magazine is known for showcasing exclusive homes, lush gardens, introducing drinks and exquisite local foods. It's not just with the printed magazine, every issue is accessible digitally. Forward-thinking technologically, they are savvy enough to support each printed copy with a digitally-formatted version, as every issue they've ever produced is housed on their website. has additional photos of published stories, an extensive interactive map of Kansas City's newest communities, and so much more. For businesses looking for an effective marketing program that includes print, digital and social media, Kansas City Homes & Style has an effective solution.

While only a 5-year anniversary for Kansas City Homes & Style, this experienced team brings over 80 years of magazine experience to the table. No longer in its infancy, this far-reaching publication hit the ground running from the beginning and has been gaining appreciable velocity since day one and it keeps growing year after year.

Leading the editorial team is Renee Demott, a well-known and respected professional in the publishing industry in Kansas City. She is highly-regarded for her work within the home magazine arena for 23 years and counting. A graduate of Kansas State University with a degree in Journalism, Renee was formerly the publisher of Kansas City Homes & Gardens. She has the proven savvy to seek out the unique and stunning homes that find their way into the pages of Kansas City Homes & Style. Renee has consistently wowed their audience with exquisite Kansas City homes, inside and out.

With a top-notch talented team of award-winning and experienced writers and photographers, Kansas City Homes & Style continues to share with its readers homes that won't be found elsewhere in the city. "We could not produce this magazine without partnering with others, who, like myself, take so much pride in presenting a shelter magazine that is found on so many coffee tables," noted Renee. "Ann Butenas is one of several writers who takes our readers into these spectacular homes and our photographers, especially Matt Kocourek and Matthew Anderson, do such a phenomenal job at capturing the essence of each project we feature."

Brett Miller started publishing in 1989, primarily in the real estate arena, and has personal relationships with several builders, agents and leading professionals in the industry throughout Kansas City. There are very few people Brett doesn't know, as his industry network is strong.

"What's exciting is seeing some extremely talented new businesses opening," he stated.

Brett is successful at matching businesses with ad campaigns that work. The magazine sells sponsored content, and it works well for the right business and situation. With a degree in Management & Human Relations from Mid-America Nazarene University, Brett brings experience in his 30th year of publishing and has mastered skills over the years, including distribution and the fine points of getting the magazine seen. He is adamant a business gets its story heard the right way. Kansas City Homes & Style knows it's not just about sales and marketing, it's about telling people's stories.

"Sponsored content generates a sophisticated method by which a company's message is pushed. They read like core content, engaging the readers, and is an innovative and successful marketing accelerator that can be used beyond the printed magazine," noted Brett.

With these positive results, many clients remain loyal to the magazine and have partnered with the publication for several years. "We are very loyal to our clients and it works well," commented Brett. "We have launch parties for all of our clients and guests to meet, connect, network and enjoy some delicious food and beverages while relaxing to some great entertainment."

Creating a stunning magazine issue after issue is all in a day's work for Senior Art Director Darin Benson. Darin makes an impression with the savvy readers of Kansas City, and he does that with ease and style, as evidenced by his professional designs that capture the attention of readers. Translation? Clean gorgeous pictures and easy to read content. Like Renee, Darin is also a graduate of Kansas State University and former Art Director for KCH&G. He puts his 22 years of impeccable design prowess to work for the magazine's clients and provides unsurpassed service for each and every one of them.

"I've always taken pride in creating classy publications while meeting deadlines," noted Darin. "But more important, my job is to ensure our clients' advertisements are on point to suit their expectations with our readers. Providing high-end customer service is a quality which will turn into priceless customer loyalty."

Managing Partner Britton "Britt" Miller met Brett in 2004 when she worked as the Marketing Manager for a top real estate team. Britt is a guru in marketing and brings effective people skills, handling clients with grace and charm. Britt oversees the business aspects of the magazine and is always at the ready to provide her enthusiastic and trusted assistance. Like her email says -

"Having the ability to give our clients the best marketing experience possible has always been our number one goal," indicated Britt. "Additionally, the personal attention we offer as a team from start to finish is unparalleled."

Kansas City Homes & Style distributes the magazine in as many hands as possible, both in printed and digital formats. Their diligent distribution team makes sure the magazine is available most everywhere. That is why you can find copies at your local Hy-Vee, Hen House and Price Choppers, and in over 250 businesses throughout Kansas City concentrated where home owners live. "Our magazine has an active and loyal following," shared Renee, "and this requires our racks to be continually restocked throughout the month. The company distributes full-time, so it's important to us there are magazines always available." They also offer annual subscriptions for $9.95 a year.

The company sells several new subscriptions each week, and the team understands they are working towards the largest readership in the metro area. "It has been a real pleasure watching the team expand this magazine throughout the years," reflected Brett.

At Kansas City Homes & Style, the "welcome" mat is always out. But this company is more than just a magazine dedicated to showcasing amazing homes. Their Style sections shine the spotlight on local celebrities giving readers an up-close and personal peek into their lives and their homes. They not only help their readers create their own dream home, they share with them the best to eat and drink in Kansas City.

Kansas City Homes & Style plans to continue informing and "wowing" readers for years to come. The magazine and the savvy individuals responsible for its exciting continued growth have but one thing to say: "You ain't seen nothing yet!"

September issue

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For more information contact Brett Miller or Renee Demott at or give them a call at 913.777.1071


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Synthesus Advisory Services Launches Helping Businesses Grow and Innovate

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. -- Synthesus, LLC, a new advisory services company, is launching this month. Synthesus partners with clients to produce solutions to their most painful challenges with an eye on the future and the ever-evolving workplace environment.

Professional services are focused on Operations, IT, Human Resources, Organizational Structures, Finance, Sales and Marketing. Synthesus specializes in partnering with the client's team to resolve complex issues and identify opportunities for businesses to accelerate growth and innovation.

Specific examples of how Synthesus helps organizations include:
* Business solutions that address pain points by identifying the root cause
* Partnering with the client's team to develop innovative solutions and remaining embedded with them through implementation and adoption to ensure success while maximizing a return on investment
* Creating plans for how organizations can anticipate and gain a competitive advantage from pro-actively managing Generational Leadership Transitions and New Workforce Structures.

Synthesus has hit the ground running, already working with Kansas City-area businesses like Blue Bicycle Health and Fitness to create a strategic plan for future growth.

Patty Backman, CEO of Synthesus, LLC is a seasoned operations and information technology professional, bringing over 20 years' experience in those fields to her role. Patty most recently was a COO in the Insurance industry and was Chief of Staff at Microsoft in the Server division. Patty's background focused on helping start-ups to multinational organizations operate better and smarter.

For more information visit

Media Contact:
Patty Backman
CEO, Synthesus

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KU Researchers Get an Assist to Bring Technologies to Market

KANSAS CITY, Kan. -- SHARPhub (, an initiative piloting at the University of Kansas, has selected its first cohort of nine companies that will receive one-on-one help preparing proposals for research funding through the federal SBIR/STTR programs.

The SHARPhub (Sustainable Heartland Accelerator Regional Partnership) was made possible by an NIH STTR grant awarded to the University of Kansas ( ) and BBC Entrepreneurial Training & Consulting ( BBCetc, ) with the goal of enhancing the entrepreneurial ecosystem in the Central U.S. region. Following the pilot in Kansas, the program will collaborate with university leadership in Oklahoma, Nebraska, North Dakota and South Dakota to provide infrastructure and expertise, educational tools and business development microgrants to promote commercialization of academic research and to build an entrepreneurial culture.

A significant part of SHARPhub's focus will be on assisting startups with development of competitive grant applications for the federal SBIR and STTR programs. These two programs award over $2.7B in non-dilutive funding each year to encourage small technology-based businesses to explore innovative ideas and profit from their commercialization.

In addition to proposal development training and coaching, the Kansas cohort will be eligible to receive micro-grants to support customer discovery efforts, business startup costs, assistance with market analysis and commercialization planning, mentorship guidance and other practical resources.

The nine selected companies and a brief description of their technologies follows:

* Behavioral Technologies Consulting Organization - OASIS-S, distance-based supervision program to ensure quality experiences leading to competent behavior analysts
* De Novo Genomics - A technology to directly identify RNA modifications using third generation nanopore sequencing
* Vesarex LLC - Ultrasound-assisted laser blood-clot buster
* Ronawk LLC - Biological building blocks with patient stem cells to deliver personalized regenerative medicine
* Fennik Life Sciences - TheraKan(tm), a miniature device that models flow of blood and cells to tissues to improve pre-clinical drugs or drug target testing
* ICSCOM - A geo-location Allergy App/Meter that trigger/tracks pollen counts like tree and grass pollen, ragweed and mold spores.
* Digital NanoGenetics - An automated, portable, single molecule sequencing technology
* Leap! - A physician-referred, evidence-based, lifestyle program to improve brain health and reduce the risk for Alzheimer's Disease
* BenoTech Pharmaceutics LLC- A novel peptide-based technology for prostate cancer treatment.

For more information about SHARPhub visit:

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Integrity Home Care + Hospice Today Opens Doors of Fort Scott Location

FORT SCOTT, Kan. -- Integrity Home Care + Hospice today announces the opening of its Fort Scott location, offering quality post-acute care and hospice throughout the region. The home health and hospice provider is at 902 South Horton Street, where it will provide acute rehabilitation and hospice services.

"Families with a loved one facing a serious, life-limiting illness or extensive rehabilitation will want and need to know that quality services are available," says Amy Ford, vice president of operations for certified services at Integrity.

Integrity Home Care + Hospice is a faith-based, privately held leader in quality, post-acute health care. Committed to quality patient and family experiences wherever people call home, the healthcare provider offers a comprehensive range of compassionate, client-centered home care, hospice, and home health rehabilitation services in Missouri and Kansas.

"People in this community can feel secure knowing they have a provider who is committed to meeting their home health and hospice needs," says Ford.

Integrity's partners in Bourbon and Crawford counties and surrounding areas include forward-thinking regional providers which meet the needs of patients who wish to remain in their home during times of serious, life altering illness or at end of life.

Due to an aging population the knowledge that family members can get the post-acute care they need is now critically important to the region.

"Our goal is to keep patients safe. By providing quality care, we can keep them out of the hospital so they can remain wherever they call home," she says.

Individuals who have exhausted acute treatment options may struggle with their care plan after being told there's nothing else doctors can do. When that time comes, Integrity's team works closely with patients and families to develop a plan of care which helps them to meet their goals.

"When it's time to ask for help, they can receive it right here at home," Ford says.

Working side by side with caregivers, Integrity addresses challenges in managing chronic and serious illness, facing problems head-on, and customizing solutions for issues faced by each patient in the community they serve.

"Working together, we ensure each person maintains the quality of life they want and deserve," she says.

Integrity Home Care + Hospice is located at 902 South Horton Street. For more information on hospice, call (620) 223-1191, or to explore home health options, call (620) 223-1195.

About Integrity Home Care and Hospice:

Integrity Home Care and Hospice - - is a faith-based, privately held leader in quality, post-acute health care in Missouri and Kansas. Integrity offers a comprehensive range of compassionate, client-centered home care, hospice, and home health rehabilitation services. We partner with forward-thinking regional providers to ensure the future of health care resides at home.

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Nations Valuation Services Integrates Anow Appraisal Management Software to Accelerate Turn Times and Elevate Customer Experience for Mortgage Lenders

RED DEER, Alberta -- Nations Valuation Services (NVS), the appraisal services division of the Nations Companies, today announced the integration of appraisal management software from Anow with NVS' proprietary management system, AppraisalTRAX(TM).

According to NVS Executive Vice President of Operations Matthew Scott, all appraisals submitted by the AMC's more than 16,000 appraisers nationwide will run through Anow, allowing the entire NVS appraisal network to tap into the platform's powerful time-saving and collaboration features.

"NVS built its business as a leading national AMC by leveraging best-of-breed appraisal technology - an approach that has served us and our partners well," said Scott. "We spent a long time searching for a way to achieve a stronger level of communication with our appraisers across the country. Anow's consolidated platform really impressed us, because it allows appraisers to work with multiple clients through a single portal. That's incredibly valuable."

Appraisers face increasing pressure from lenders and AMCs to upgrade from a patchwork of legacy desktop applications to systems capable of delivering real-time communication, mass collaboration and a modern borrower experience. Mortgage lenders have already begun adopting digital processes from origination to closing in pursuit of efficiencies and loan quality improvements.

Anow enterprise software features the industry's first unified appraisal tracking platform from which appraisal businesses can efficiently manage orders, clients and fees. Built to drive dynamic appraisal businesses of every size and stripe, Anow allows fully customized workflows, automated status updates, end-to-end activity tracking, unlimited scalability and rapid setup. Anow's proprietary calendaring system enables smart, rapid response to mortgage lenders' "turn-on-a-dime" demands, matching the right appraiser with the right property to ensure that tight underwriting requirements and closing deadlines are met.

"Anow has been thoughtfully architected to enable firms like NVS to better communicate with appraisers and, in turn, offer vastly superior service to lenders," said Anow Founder and President Marty Haldane. "Appraisers that build their businesses around the mortgage industry's demands and cycles must work hand in glove with lenders' priorities, which typically are speed of job completion, quality of work and borrower satisfaction."

"Mortgage lenders are moving quickly to drive down overall turn times so they can lock and fund loans, and the appraiser is a key piece of that," said Scott at NVS. "Appraisers who adopt technology to make themselves more organized and efficient are going to be able to take on and manage more business, and they'll do so in a much less stressed environment."

"That's why we expect appraisers are going to love the Anow platform once they experience it. And based on the feedback of those on our panel already using it, it's the organization of their calendars and the ability to communicate in real time from a single place that has really sold them on how great this product is," Scott added.

For more information about Anow's appraisal management software, contact or call 800-403-7121.


Anow is an appraisal management software developer that simplifies the way real estate appraisers manage their businesses. Launched in 2011 by multi-generational appraisal professional Marty Haldane, Anow streamlines a wide range of everyday appraisal processes while offering unmatched business insights to help appraisers compete in today's digital environment.

Powerful order tracking, job assignment, collaboration, and scheduling tools allow appraisers and administrative staff to save time, assign appraisals more easily and deliver exceptional service to clients and mortgage lenders from any web-enabled device. Advanced reporting enables business owners to manage fee competition and turn times with ease. Anow is headquartered in Red Deer, Alberta. For more information, visit


Nations Valuation Services (NVS) is a division of Nations Companies, which is a diversified provider of real estate information services including: Appraisals, Title, and Default Services. Established in 1989, Nations Companies is one of the most successful and established national companies offering services to large banks and mortgage lenders in the U.S. With branches nationwide, Nations offers SSAE18 Security and technology such as XML exchange services. For more information, visit

Twitter: @AppraisersNow @NationsVS

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