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Completing the Circuit: From Autumn to Winter – partnership season has brought overflowing blessings for the holidays

FLINT, Mich. -- Jonathan McKay better known by his social audience as RoarJMcKay, founder of Keeping Tabs Media, dedicates this winter's accomplishments to his grandmother through COVID-19 recovery and daughter Kali McKay as she celebrates her first birthday. Being a strong influence throughout childhood his grandmother instilled strong beliefs in literacy, mathematics, and fashion. As a highly skilled seamstress in Flint, Michigan Lucille McKay showed Jonathan his first sewing machines, patterns, and concepts.

Thanksgiving Project with RPSA x McDonald's

On Nov. 23, 2021, the local campaign began with a volunteer service project assisting McKay's childhood elementary school, Flint Michigan's Richfield Public School Academy, partnered with Richfield Rd. McDonald's in a Thanksgiving Giveaway drive-by program.

Flint has Michigan's highest poverty rate, with its East Side population having a 50% poverty rate, 39% higher than the national average. So McKay teamed up with local community members to unload multiple semi-trucks of food and drink for the school district's families and neighboring areas servicing well over 100 homes in hours.

Style Cruz Cover

Jonathan collaborated in early October with Fir3fly Photography, featured in Moevir Magazine, First Magazine, Edith Magazine, and many more.

This marked the launch of the RoarJMcKay influencer clothing line. The start-up birthed a multi-page placement in MÉNCRUZE Magazine, based in Los Angeles, CA.

MÉNCRUZE Magazine, owned by STYLÉCRUZE Magazine, is the top-ranking Google Search Result for USA Fashion Magazine's keywords, with pieces from exclusive brands including a Giorgio Armani Button-Up (Milan, Italy), Daniel D'Artiste Transitions World Denim (Los Angeles, CA, USA), and GLD Shop Intl. Jewelry. The magazine featured McKay in their Halloween Edition with a self-selected styled wardrobe.

At the Bandy Dental state-of-the-art offices in Holly, MI, McKay opens up about the feelings of being back in the Flint-Metro Area, saying, "Grateful doesn't even describe it, and blessed couldn't even be the half. I want all the kids over on the East Side of Flint to know that anything is possible, and you can manifest your energy to achieve anything you believe!"

STIIIZY Cooperation

Keeping Tabs and RoarJMcKay began an Influencer Marketing partnership with STIIIZY Los Angeles following his October appearance at a VIP exclusive event in Detroit, MI, on Sept. 30. Hosted at the Detroit Bleu Club, Detroit native Tee Grizzly made a headlining performance.

Since being diagnosed with cancer after the historic Flint Water Crisis in 2014, McKay has been prescribed cannabis from medical providers at the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor.

Additionally, McKay utilized his media platforms to promote STIIIZYs newest release, the White Raspberry OG Pod, released Dec. 3, offered in half and full gram cartridges. As a result, McKay has been presented with a 3-month extension on the arrangement, succeeding the initial 1-month deal.

RoarJMcKay views this as a blessed opportunity to make sure close friend, Brandon Scales' legacy lives on through multimedia expression. Vogue Magazine published Scales as a model in 2020. Friends and family often referred to Scales as "Steezy," making the brand phonetics very personal for McKay

Fein Lives Matter

RoarJMcKay began a promotional campaign highlighting the Fein Lives Matter project by Flint artist Rio Da Yung OG. Since being sentenced to five years in prison, the Fien Lives Matter mixtape was Rio's first release on Dec. 9, 2021.

McKay began sporting the Fien Lives Matter clothing line, displaying the Black FLM hoodie and the Free Rio Varsity Jacket to events, on social media, and in the community of Flint.

The Free The Ghetto Campaign aims to highlight those making a positive difference in the community.



Jack Mudd has reached out to RoarJMcKay for a paid promotion campaign for Soundstripe Inc.

Mudd is currently the drummer for the Teen Choice Award-winning band, Emblem3 and has previously opened for major country artists like Kane Brown, Thomas Rhett, and Dierks Bentley, along with a world trending performance on the Today Show.

Soundstripe is a subscription-based royalty-free music library for video creators. If you publish videos online, you need a license to protect you from copyright strikes, takedowns, or worse. Traditionally, obtaining this type of license, known as a sync license, can be complex and expensive. Instead, Soundstripe offers access to thousands of label-quality songs for just $12.50/mth.

Every time you download music from Soundstripe, you get a license that legally protects your work forever - even if you cancel. There are no complicated contracts, no limitations on where you're allowed to publish, straightforward licenses, and excellent music.

Signal Boost

McKay concluded his Winter 2021 campaigns by partnering with Luma Pictures of Los Angeles, CA, and Flint's Shop Floor Theater Company. On December 9, Flint's Capitol Theatre housed the Signal Boost competition and concert in downtown Flint. The competition for emerging artists focused on expressing their vision of a better future through music and poetry.

McKay played a critical role in connecting the event with local businesses to spread awareness of the opportunity in Flint's East Side. During this campaign, McKay directly partnered with community favorites such as but not limited to The Kearsley Corner, Vehicle City Social, and Luigi's Pizzeria.

Signal Boost's panel of judges were Tia Scott, Managing Editor for Flintside; Helluva, a Detroit-based producer; Kiaira May, Interim Executive Director of the Downtown Development Authority; and Charles Winfrey, District 2 Genesee County commissioner. They all provided advice to the young performers.

Mama Sol and Tha N.U.T.S, Jon Connor, and Charity - music industry pioneers and Michigan natives - provided exceptional performances that riled the audience.

With awards totaling over $5,000 to the five finalists, Signal Boost announced at the competition it would equally match the donations to the five non-profit organizations that each finalist represented.


Keeping Tabs picks up steam going into Spring 2022, being offered the opportunity to participate in the InfluenceMe TV Qualification Competition. The contest will raise awareness and funds for the JED Foundation.

Six episodes of the TV series will be filmed showcasing 20 influencers competing to create the best content through their story-telling and creativity on their social platforms.

The final episode will be filmed in a beautiful destination in Europe and the winner will claim their winning title along with a cash prize of $100,000.

The Sound Gallery will be offering a platform for RoarJMcKay at The South by Southwest (SXSW) Film and Music Festival (Mar. 17-20).

Artist's interviews and biography placements will be posted on Hip Hop Since 1987, This is 50, and A Day in LA following the event.

McKay will be pushing the narrative of the Autoworld Brand to new markets. Autoworld Brand can be accessed via their Shop Autoworld website.

Flint Side Newspaper will also be releasing an article from a interview held by Xzavier V. Simon this month.


Beginning Spring 2022, McKay will be accepting bookings and brand partnerships.

Contact by phone:

(810) 874-3756


For brand partnerships and all inquiries involving influencer marketing, entertainment, or collaborations with other artists:


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Advertising and Marketing, Business, Entertainment, Free News Articles

The Keeping Tabs Awareness Campaign: Rotting Rationality

FLINT, Mich. -- Jonathan McKay, better known by his social influencer tag RoarJMcKay is a psychedelic multimedia content creator hailing from Flint, MI. Harnessing the influence of psychedelia, McKay has begun to apply concepts of geometric structure and interconnectedness visually in abstract ways. After surviving the disastrous "Flint Water Crisis" and fighting a brave battle with Cancer in his saliva glands, Jonathon had a new vision for life. That new vision was "Keeping Tabs."

Established in 2017, the sole purpose of Keeping Tabs (KT) has been to bridge the gaps in communication relating to factors of socioeconomic, mental, and physical diversities.

Jonathan has an optimistic personality. Even after surviving such tough battles and handling such trauma, he still looks for the bright side of life. Keeping Tabs (KT) is one of the examples of how important it is for Jonathan to help society in the most innovative of ways.

The brand name Keeping Tabs project is a mobile application doctors use to aid inpatient treatment plans in the prescription process. Its primary focus was the opioid crisis hovering around the U.S. How people are battling with such crises and what guilt they face after recovering from several addictions.


The app includes risk assessment analysis, deviance tests, DSM-5 inventories, and biometrics in a user-friendly format for smooth navigation. KT aims to be a means to combat the growing overprescription epidemic and the opioid crisis. This crisis affects citizens of the United States nationwide. However, McKay has partnered with Midwest community organizations to create hope and spread awareness of proper treatment plans in the pharmaceutical industries.


McKay is a registered member of the organization and has previously presented at the American Psychological Association Convention in Chicago, IL, in the summer of 2019.

Volunteer Medication takes back every quarter with Flint Innovative Solutions (FIS) alongside the University of Michigan - Institute of Clinical Health Research (Ann Arbor). Marketing and multimedia content partnerships with diverse teams of photographers and videographers based in the Midwest for professional content creation.

Keeping Tabs began to extend the barrier in multimedia marketing in 2019 through the recording of the Keeping Tabs Podcast. Produced by Whiting Entertainment, McKay interviews content creators on their brands and asks example questions from the mobile application. The podcast was a huge success immediately and opened the door for a feature interview on fellow Midwest creative series "The DoGood Podcast"

RoarJMcKay did not limit the campaign to podcasts only as his artistry exists through brand partnerships and his current focus lies solely in Keeping Tabs. Using Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchats interactive stories, LinkedIn networks, YouTube videos, and Google SEO to broadcast visually to the audience, the barriers continue into 2021.


"Rotting Rationality," RoarJMcKay's debut single as a musical recording artist, released October 30, 2020. The music production was a worldwide hit and reached audiences globally.

The album "Rotting Rationality" highlights the major crisis and issues within the community. It highlights the difficulties people face during a crisis, and the lack of motivation makes them depreciate life.

RoarJMcKay states: "One of the greatest lessons I've learned throughout my professional experience has been to accept diversity and respecting other people's paths to success. Understanding that hard work comes in all shapes and sizes and to never judge a person before you meet them. I've met some of my most valuable friends in the creative scene."

With melodic tones from Kevin Katana of Katana Worldwide and engineered by RIAA-Gold recipients Dre Berg and Duff Didthat of Lifeline Studios located in Royal Oak, MI. This track, along with the messaging and branding of Keeping Tabs, quickly caught the attention of tens of thousands worldwide auditorily and hundreds of thousands cross-platform through both visual and audio media.

This rise in web traffic and in-person collaboration with creatives in his network began the Rotting Rationality tour in May 2021 in Auburn Hills, MI.

This date was followed by a rapid series of performances in cities including Detroit, music festivals in Northern Michigan, Las Vegas, Nevada, and Los Angeles, California by August of the same year.

He has a very positive and unique way of seeing life. He always finds positivity, and that is why with his music, he directly addresses the discouragement and lack of motivation issues within the societies.


The fall booking season picks up where the summer left off in Las Vegas, NV (Sept. 24), where McKay will be joining The Sound Gallery for stop one in the three city Trip Tsunami Tour. Afterward, he will head back to the Midwest for a VIP exclusive event in Detroit, MI (September 30) hosted by Stiizy Los Angeles. Followed by a professional photoshoot with Caroline Pierce of Racine, WI (Oct. 2) to build his corporate modeling portfolio.

The second stop of the Traptsunami Series takes place in Tampa, FL (Oct. 7), where McKay will make his southern regional debut thanks to the Sound Gallery, yet again. In Racine, WI (Oct. 9) McKay will be performing at the Studio Grand Opening of highly acclaimed Midwest content creator Evie McNeil, this leads back to the Midwest.

The last scheduled date of the Traptsunami Tour takes place in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (October 16) to conclude the autumn booking season leaving plenty of time to prepare for winter. Jonathan sends a huge thanks to all the team members of Urahara's Music Festival, Gametime Events, Crowdfreak, and the Sound Gallery deserve endless praise for the platform's assistance in coordinating the summer Rotting Rationality tour.


The new Keeping Tabs and RoarJMcKay merchandise was printed exclusively by Aquarius Co. (Flint, MI). The psychedelic effect of the holographic reflective material not only reflects light but also the positive and diverse influence of festival culture. They are offering two classic material colors, both black and white, and can be matched with holographic vinyl or the contrast white 3M.

The variants of RoarJMcKay and Keeping Tabs are interchangeably available, with all proceeds and donations going to the technical, research, and production teams to continue the campaign's success. The Rotting Rationality tour highlights McKay's debut single. It offers new opportunities for supporters to help pivot the Keeping Tabs Awareness Campaign from a regional to a national initiative that caught the attention of event coordinators nationwide.


Beginning November 2021, McKay will be accepting bookings and brand partnerships.

Contact by phone at (810) 874-3756 or email at for brand partnerships and for all inquiries involving influencer marketing, entertainment, or collaborations with other artists.


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Caption: Keeping Tabs Halloween Season Promotional Photoshoot. Photographed by Eddie Daneki.

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