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StoryWorld’s Innovative Bilingual eBooks Help Kids Start Learning Languages Early

OAKLAND, Calif. -- Parents who want their kids to speak and read in another language just got help. Following a successful release to schools, STORYWORLD(TM) is now offering access to their interactive language learning books to parents who want to start their kids learning Spanish or Mandarin and even get a head start reading in English.

For the free book, parents can sign-up at:

STORYWORLD's fully illustrated books are for preschoolers, early readers, and any language learner. The current bilingual library in Spanish-English and Chinese-English covers common themes such as: animals, body, colors, numbers, daily life, folktales, and non-fiction. The short stories can be accessed on a computer, tablet or smartphone and are ideal for reading with children or as an on-the-go activity.

"Learning a language through stories is not only engaging, it is one of the most natural and powerful ways to build new vocabulary and fluency," said CEO Cynthia Harrison Barbera. "STORYWORLD's interactive read-aloud books are like having a native speaker right there, reading to your children. When kids are having fun, they'll keep coming back for more."

With STORYWORLD's books:
* Read along with the story and switch languages anytime.
* Every word is clickable with audio and text definitions in either language.
* Interactive quizzes reinforce vocabulary and comprehension.

According to recent research, learning to speak two or more languages provides children with advantages in school even if children never become fluent speakers. "Studies show bilinguals tend to concentrate better, focus more clearly, and are able to tune out distractions more easily. It turns out that introducing the mind to more languages actually increases the brain's ability to learn even more," said Barbera.

About StoryWorld International Corporation:
STORYWORLD is an interactive bilingual program in Spanish, Mandarin and English that supports language learning through literature. The Company was awarded a grant from the NewSchools Venture Fund in 2016 and received an IES-SBIR grant from the U.S. Department of Education in 2017. StoryWorld International Corporation was founded in 2015 and is based in Oakland, California. Learn more about the company at:

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Marion Gatley Institute Opens Its Doors to all Who Want to Learn a New Language

LOS ANGELES, Calif. -- Marion Gatley Institute has just opened to provide services and classes for people that want to learn another language, but haven't been able to do so prior. We provide a flexible class schedule in which can bend to your personal life and daily obligations.

Offering instruction on many languages from Mandarin to Italian, from Portuguese to Arabic. Whatever reason you'd like to learn another language, it is undeniably helpful in many ways. Strengthening cognitive ability, memory, deductive reasoning, learning a new language is a vast well of mental and personal benefits. It can help boost confidence, and strengthen your skills in English.

"By providing peer dialogue and helpful instructors, we aim to cater to these benefits while ensuring that you have the practical ability and resources to accomplish whatever the goal of learning another language," said Marion Gatley employee Bill Smith. "We will prep you for moving to a country, teach you key phrases for a vacation, or simply cultivate your desire to learn a new language for no other reason than personal enjoyment."

There is simply no downside to learning a language, and now Marion Gatley Institute is able to offer a plethora of classes that facilitate your endeavors. Classes are built and designed around our students, and our small sizes allow us to focus on each student individually while cultivating much-needed conversation and practice back-and-forth between students.

The benefits of attending classes in person and speaking, responding, and practicing with others is invaluable. You will learn the language must faster if you are constantly tested in conversation and prompted to write in the language you are learning.

Marion Gatley Institute is special because we host classes at all times of day. Whether your work schedule demands that you attend classes at night, or if night classes at a college have you pursuing a language during the day, you will be able to find the class you need at the time that works for you.

Discovering a new culture, perspective, and customs through language will only benefit you in the long-run. If you are on the fence about whether or not to take the plunge and learn a language, it doesn't need to be excruciating work. On the contrary, learning another language is extremely fun and fulfilling.

Marion Gatley Institute offers a variety of locations in order to make it simple for you to come to learn a language where it is convenient for you. You will not have to travel far and take time out of your busy life, Marion Gatley makes it easy for all of our clients in every way we can.

We also accommodate to a changing schedule. You can attend any of our schedule classes for the language you wish to learn so you don't have to worry about a consistent class. This also takes out the routine of classes and makes the act of learning a new language enjoyable and without stress.

The door is now open to you, come learn at language in the helpful classes of our linguist instructors. We are accessible, reasonably priced, and extremely well-versed in teaching people the joy of learning a new language!

Visit for more information.

This news story was published by the Neotrope® News Network - all rights reserved.