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Fanplayr Announces Launch of Personalized SMS for Brands

PALO ALTO, Calif. -- Fanplayr, a leader in online behavioral personalization and artificial intelligence for the past 10 years, announced it will add Personalized SMS to its menu of products for targeting lead generation and online shoppers.

SMS (short message service) is an intuitive next step in the development of Fanplayr's fully integrative approach to behavior personalization. Most companies begin by targeting customers on their website, then work with an ESP to push out offers and notifications via email. In the past, that data would need to be transferred and shared with a third-party SMS provider to send text messages and fully close the loop on customer experience and conversion.

"Adding SMS will allow us to be fully integrative in our approach for customers," says Simon Yencken, Founder and CEO of Fanplayr. "In the past we've worked with other providers to fill the SMS product need. Now, instead of sharing the data between providers, we're able to service the client throughout the entire stream of interaction with their customer." And it seems SMS marketing returns much better results than email marketing.

SMS marketing ads have on average a 90% open rate, a 45% conversion rate, and will be read within 90 seconds of deployment. (This far outperforms the response rate of 6% for email marketing.) Furthermore, smartphone owners use their phones for messaging more than making phone calls, with 70% of respondents pointing to messaging as a top function of their smartphone, ahead of phone calls (62%) and email (54%), according to a study from Axway.

As consumers become more comfortable with text message interactions with brands, SMS tends to be more productive, and more expensive at the outset, than other products. Therefore, it's critical to target the right people as narrowly as possible to return the most profitable results for the investment. Fanplayr's full knowledge of a brand's customer streams makes this optimization a reality.

"As we continue to develop more sophisticated customer streams, SMS is a critical part of Fanplayr being full-service for all our customers," says Rajiv Sunkara, co-founder and Chief Technology Officer. "Having the full picture of customer intentions, from first point of contact to closing each sale, sets Fanplayr apart from other providers who manage only one piece of the story. It gives our customers more actionable data, better insights, and has led to increased sales performance for all our customers."

About Fanplayr

Fanplayr is a global leader in e-commerce behavioral data, using machine learning and AI to enable businesses to increase conversion rates and revenue, collect more leads, and retarget visitors with personalized recommendations during and after the shopping experience. Fanplayr is headquartered in Palo Alto, California with offices in New York, Buenos Aires, Mexico, Milan, London, Amsterdam, Melbourne and Tokyo.

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Tree Care Marketing Company Sees Its Most Explosive Growth Amidst 2020 Pandemic

WEST CHESTER, Pa. -- "The tree service companies that consistently thrive are those that ramp up their marketing efforts during times of recession, such as the economic downturn of the COVID-19 pandemic." This statement comes from Don Dowd, owner and founder of Tree Leads Today. "During economic lulls, many make the mistake of scaling back their marketing out of fear."

If a company's workflow becomes inconsistent, owners may lose their qualified arborists and climbers to their competitors. Without a solid team, a tree company is at risk of failure.

Tree Leads Today is a nationwide tree care marketing company with clients extending as far north as Waterville, Maine, as far west as Maui, Hawaii and to the south to Key West, Florida. They deliver 50 to 1,000 exclusive leads per month to every one of their tree care company partners.

As Dowd explains, they assign a personal client manager to each of their tree company partners, providing ongoing advice for online and offline marketing campaigns for continual, consistent lead generation. They cater to companies' ever-changing needs, such as ramping up, ramping down, or pausing their marketing when their businesses surge to the point they can't keep up with their expanding customer base.

Tree Leads Today works with the largest nationwide tree companies, such as Bartlett Tree Service and Davey Tree Experts, as well as startup and small companies. Unlike other lead systems, the leads they provide are 100% exclusive. This means they aren't shared with any other tree companies in the zip codes that have been specially reserved for their partners. Tree companies get the calls directly from their leads, a unique feature of Tree Leads Today that makes the process transparent and immediate.

Also, as Don explains, "We have found that 6% of leads are bad, so we built a 10% 'bad lead allowance' into the equation. So, for example, if you are a tree service with a 100-leads-per-month plan, we give you 110 leads per month to ensure we've got you covered."

Tree Leads Today maintains close relationships with all of their partnering tree companies. They look forward to the TCI Expo, the industry's biggest yearly event, to see their partners in person and network with thousands of exhibitors, educators, tree company owners, and equipment suppliers. Unfortunately, it was just announced by the host of the event, TCIA (Tree Care Industry Association), that this year's Expo is cancelled due to COVID-19 guidelines. Don says he and his team are disappointed, but look forward to attending next year. In the meantime, Tree Leads Today continues to thrive through the COVID-19 pandemic, with record-breaking growth in lead generation for the months of May and June, 2020.

Call Tree Leads today to see if your zip codes are available, 610-601-9100.

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CIENCE Debuts at #31 in The Financial Times Americas’ Fastest Growing Companies 2020

SAN DIEGO, Calif. -- The Financial Times announced the inaugural listing of the fastest-growing privately-held companies in the Americas, and lead generation company CIENCE Technologies placed No. 31 out of 500 companies measured. This ranking of the fastest-growing companies signifies a unique look at the most successful companies at a perilous and unpredictable time.

In these unprecedented times where there is so much economic uncertainty, risk, and pain, the ability to generate new business is arguably more important than ever before.

"The timing is interesting here, but the biggest takeaway is that our ability to help clients grow gives us the opportunity to receive this prestigious recognition by the FT," said Eric Quanstrom, CMO of CIENCE. "Our own rapid growth is proof that our Orchestrated Outbound model works. We help our client companies grow, we grow too - it's a virtuous circle."

FT Americas Fastest 500 List

The Financial Times list was compiled with the research company Statista, and ranks entrants from across the Americas by compound annual growth rate (CAGR) in revenue between 2015 and 2018.

The companies on this list show remarkable rates of growth across all industries in the Americas. Between 2015 and 2018, these 500 private companies had a median growth rate of 250 percent.

Interestingly, CIENCE Technologies embodies both of the top two most represented sectors - Technology (25 percent) and Support Services (9 percent). The CIENCE 'Machine-Powered, Human-Driven' approach to lead generation offers the best of both worlds.

Despite the coronavirus, unemployment, and the current recessionary environment, CIENCE also continues to grow, including adding jobs and new customers.

"We continue to find opportunities for ourselves and our clients because that's what we do," said Quanstrom. "We believe that businesses will lead the recovery process out of the current cataclysm. It's our job to connect buyers and sellers... Regardless of headwinds. Continuing to grow, off the strong foundation the FT has recognized here, is key."


CIENCE is a People-as-a-Service company, offering a unique blend of managed services and software to scale fast-growth sales organizations. Using our proven Orchestrated Outbound techniques - highly-targeted sales research and multi-channel outreach - CIENCE has delivered results for B2B customers in 135+ industries since our founding in 2015.

CIENCE is a global business, with headquarters in San Diego, CA and global offices in Europe, Asia, and the Americas. Connect with us online at on LinkedIn, Twitter (@CIENCEcom) or on Facebook.

CONTACT: Christina Pigol,

More about FT and the Top 500 Methodology

The FT Americas' Fastest Growing Companies 2020 is a list of the top 500 companies in the Americas that have achieved the highest growth in revenues between 2015 and 2018.

The ranking was created through a complex procedure. Although the search was very extensive, the ranking does not claim to be complete, as some companies did not want to make their figures public or did not participate for other reasons.

The project was advertised online and in print, allowing all eligible companies to register via the websites created by Statista and the Financial Times.

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