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T8iana – THE SIGN You Have Been Looking For

MELBOURNE, Australia -- Australian Pop Singer Songwriter, T8iana, who was recently featured in Rolling Stone Magazine's Global Artist Spotlight, has often talked about her dark past which involved assault and bullying by strong male figures, as she was growing up as a trans kid.

She has released her latest single 'The Sign' on 13th May and it has garnered a lot of interest on various Spotify playlists. The single also climbed up to the Top 100 UK iTunes Daily Dance charts.

"It has been like a dream come true!" says T8iana of her recent chart successes preceding this one.

Her single "What Have You Gotta Say now?" released in Feb. 2022 was a Top 100 hit on UK iTunes Daily Dance charts. The EDM flavored "Your Lover From An Alternate Reality" - a song she wrote specifically for her large, predominantly male following on Instagram, released in April 2022 also peaked at #31 on the UK dance charts.

In the latest song 'The Sign," T8iana's attempt to express dark topics of feeling trapped and persecuted as a trans woman (in a world that still stigmatises the LGTBI community), in such a fun and positive dance format, needs to be applauded. T8iana's embrace of her freedom is on full display in this stunning musical arrangement with sounds reminiscent of the heyday of disco, amalgamated with an EDM feel and topped up with her crisp vocals.

She has come a long way in not only standing up against her detractors but also lighting up the way for hundreds of LGTBI youth with her uplifting club friendly dance tracks with inspiring lyrics.

Listen to "The Sign" here on SPOTIFY: https://open.spotify.com/album/0jpswDdPbOJhZGhR2HLiGj?si=M5HeAnsCSsGYmTHhjMwHNQ

Learn more:



Related link: https://t8iana.com/

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NGPA Commences Pride Month by Giving Back: 2022 Scholarship Cycle Opens

ST. LOUIS PARK, Minn. -- Today, the NGPA is proud to announce the opening of its most comprehensive scholarship offering in the organization's history. NGPA is excited to announce that this year the organization is providing over $300,000 in scholarship dollars, which is doubled from 2021. This is possible due to the generosity of NGPA's members and sponsors. This year NGPA will surpass $1.2 million donated since 1998, furthering NGPA's mission to build, support, and unite the LGBTQ+ aviation community worldwide.

Offerings for the 2022 scholarship cycle are funded through industry partners and membership donations. There are a variety of scholarships available for all levels of flight training and other aviation-related higher educational training. Removing financial barriers to becoming an aviation professional is essential in crafting a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive industry.

Miriam Williams, Chair of the NGPA Scholarship Committee, says: "If you aspire to work as an aviation professional, please apply. Our scholarship program is one of the most substantive means NGPA can give back to its membership and meet the 'build and support' portions of our mission. The scholarship program means a great deal personally because it is a way for me to plant something good for the future."

The NGPA looks to highlight a new partnership with the United Airlines AVIATE Academy as part of this year's scholarship program. "NGPA is starting off Pride Month by opening our scholarship program. Over $200,000 of this year's scholarship offerings are extended to students participating in the United Aviate Academy through our partnership with United Airlines. We've helped many young people achieve their aviation goals, and we are excited to continue doing that through like partnerships," says NGPA Vice President, Troy Merritt.

Industry Partners offering scholarships through NGPA in the 2022 program include: Alaska Air Group, American Airlines, American Flight Schools, Coradine, Delta Air Lines, Envoy, Epic Flight Academy, FedEx, Flex Air, Netflix, Piedmont, PSA, Republic Airways, Solairus Aviation, Southwest Airlines, and United Airlines.

NGPA scholarships are awarded regardless of an individual's gender identity, gender expression, or sexual orientation, but all applicants are asked to provide evidence of their contributions to the LGBTQ community. To apply, all applicants must be members of the organization; membership can be purchased or renewed at ngpa.org. The application window is open today through July 31, 2022.


The NGPA is a non-profit organization based in Minneapolis. Founded in 1990, NGPA is an international organization of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer (LGBTQ) aviation professionals and enthusiasts. Our organization aims to encourage individuals to begin aviation careers, foster an environment of equality for LGBTQ+ aviators, promote safety, and establish personal and professional networks. The NGPA makes this a reality through education, outreach, and social events. Our organization is run by a board of directors, executive leadership, and volunteers! For more information, visit https://www.ngpa.org/.

Related link: https://www.ngpa.org/

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The Lowell Chamber Orchestra is proud to present ‘LCO Pride: A Rainbow of Repertoire’

LOWELL, Mass. -- The Lowell Chamber Orchestra is proud to present "LCO Pride: A Rainbow of Repertoire" on Sunday, June 5, 2022 at Middlesex Community College in Lowell, Massachusetts. This chamber concert will celebrate Pride Month by showcasing LGBTQ+ composers from the Lowell area and around the world.

Creative director of LCO, Em Russell, states that putting on this concert has been a dream of the theirs since the orchestra's very first season! As well as works by Jean-Baptiste Lully, Benjamin Britten, this concert will showcase a World Premiere by composer Julia Moss, featuring soloist mezzo-soprano Julianna Smith, as well as exciting works by four other living composers.

Queer people have made many significant contributions to the classical music community, yet their identities are often concealed. This concert is meant to embrace and celebrate these identities, which we hope can one day become the norm in classical music culture.

Stylistically, this concert really has something for everyone, from poetry lovers to rock metal-heads. While Kevin Lubin's string quartet "The Flower Shop" includes a spoken narration with words by Virginia Woolf; Hannah Rice has written a Heavy Metal string quartet called "SQ666," which has been composed using techniques from heavy metal rock music.

This concert also features a variety of ensemble sizes, varying from string quartets all the way up to large ensemble works conducted by LCO's music director Orlando Cela. Steven Sérpa's "An Invocation," for solo oboe and strings, is a tone poem inspired by his long-time collaborator, queer poet Jeffery Beam, about the small beauties of nature. Sérpa has also written about more difficult topics, including an oratorio on HIV stigma with Inversion Ensemble and an opera responding to the Pulse nightclub shooting with companies in Chicago, Montréal, Hartford, and Austin.

Ethan Soledad's "Why Wait," for a 9-person ensemble, is about his own journey of self-discovery and defeating self-doubt. Ethan's music has been described as "bold, dramatic, and unapologetically expressive."

The largest work of the afternoon will be a World Premiere by composer Julia Moss: "The World is Too Much for Us". Written for mezzo-soprano soloist Julianna Smith and a 10-person chamber ensemble, the work is based on conversations between the composer-performer pair about the feeling of being overwhelmed by the ever-growing clutter of life. Inspired by these ideas, she chose to set the piece to a poem by William Wordsworth about how we have become so obsessed with possessing material items and controlling nature.

"By drowning out nature," Moss says, "we are really drowning out ourselves. The piece is meant to be an optimistic and empowering reminder of what we should really be paying attention to." In the fall of 2022, Moss will enroll at the University of Southern California's (USC) Thornton School of Music to earn a Masters in Music Composition.

"We also wanted to show through our programming that queer composers have stood the test of time. There are so many composers whose music we play all the time and whose names most anyone would recognize, but nobody knows they were queer. Tchaikovsky, for instance. He was queer. Aaron Copland, Leonard Bernstein, Samuel Barber, Benjamin Britten, just to name a few more of the "classics." And of course this doesn't even start to scratch the surface of the loads of queer composers living today, nor accurately represent the diversity that exists among them. But this is why we wanted to program someone as old as Baroque composer Jean-Baptiste Lully, who was born in 1632, to show that we really have been here all along, only now can we start to proudly assert our identities."


The Lowell Chamber Orchestra is Lowell's first and only professional orchestra, demolishing the socio-economic barriers to classical music by always providing the area with music at a very high level, of all styles and eras. Consequently, this event is free of charge, but donations are kindly requested.

If you believe this concert to be a worthy cause and are able to contribute to the event funds, please donate at the link below. Thank you! https://glcf.fcsuite.com/erp/donate/create?funit_id=2326

"LCO: Pride: A Rainbow of Repertoire"

Sunday, June 5, 3 p.m.

Richard and Nancy Donahue Academic Arts Center

Recital Hall

240 Central Street, Lowell, MA

Free to attend, no tickets, just show up - Mask required

For more information, visit: https://lowellchamberorchestra.org/events

VIDEO (YouTube): https://youtu.be/Mua2UoBBld0

Related link: https://lowellchamberorchestra.org/

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Lowell Chamber Orchestra presents ‘As One,’ the most produced contemporary opera in North America, on the Transgender Day of Remembrance

LOWELL, Mass. -- Lowell Chamber Orchestra is proud to present "As One" on Saturday, November 20, 2021, 7:30 p.m., at Middlesex Community College. The critically acclaimed, 75-minute chamber opera created by composer Laura Kaminsky and librettists Kimberly Reed and Mark Campbell with film by Ms. Reed, has had nearly 50 productions around the world and, according to OPERA America, is the most produced contemporary opera in North America.

In "As One," two voices-Hannah after and Hannah before-share the part of a sole transgender protagonist. Fifteen songs comprise the three-part narrative; with empathy and humor, they trace Hannah's experiences from her youth in a small town to her college years-and finally traveling alone to a different country, where she realizes some truths about herself.

For the first time in the opera's history, "As One" will be performed by an entirely gender-expansive cast: mezzo-soprano Tona Brown and baritone Rahzé Cheatham will play "Hannah after" and "Hannah before," respectively. Further, the work will be performed on the Transgender Day of Remembrance, a day that commemorates violence against the transgender community.

Says Ms. Brown: "Hannah's story is a story of struggle, self discovery and triumph...and anyone can relate to that even if they don't know much about transgender people. For the first time in history transgender people can see themselves represented on the stage of an opera! This performance will go down in history!"

Orlando Cela, music director for Lowell Chamber Orchestra, will conduct with stage direction by Em Russell.

Like all Lowell Chamber Orchestra concerts, the concert is free of charge, but donations are kindly requested. Audiences must show proof of vaccination upon entry and remain masked during the entirety of the opera.

Learn more: https://lowellchamberorchestra.org/events/as-one


"As One"

Saturday, November 20, 7:30 p.m.

Richard and Nancy Donahue Family Academic Arts Center

Middlesex Community College

240 Central Street, Lowell, MA

Presented by Middlesex Community College "A World of Music" Concert Series

Sponsored by the Greater Lowell Community Foundation, and Parma Recordings


"As One forces you to think, simultaneously challenging preconceptions and inspiring empathy." - The New York Times

"Its universality is key to As One's becoming the hottest new American opera of recent years. It challenges us to ponder questions of authenticity, identity, compassion and self-love. And it does so without preachiness." - The Chicago Tribune

Related link: https://lowellchamberorchestra.org/

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Transgender Actress Hera Anderson Stars in Upcoming Film ‘The Black Rose’

LOS ANGELES, Calif. -- 3Films Entertainment has made an official disclosure, confirming that star actress and writer Hera Anderson will play the leading role in their highly anticipated LGBT short film "The Black Rose."

Hera, who is also a producer and actress, is scheduled for the movies, "A Life In Multiple Scenes" (2022), "Is He Gay" (2022), and the most recent - "The Black Rose" (2021), where she will feature alongside her other casts that are yet to be unveiled.

As expectations continue to build up, the movie is now scheduled to commence between the 15th to 30th of November. And possibly wrap up production following its shoot in Los Angeles, California. Just in time for it to hit every available streaming platform.

At the helm of the production of the LGBT short film "The Black Rose" is Alexander Kurbonov as the Production Manager. Also boarding as the director is Sinan Yalvac.

The movie, which is predicted to make headlines and garner lots of attention from fans and critics alike, is based on the story of Ellie, who also happens to be a transgender sex worker in her late twenties.

Along the line, life happens, and for the first time in a long time, Ellie will see reasons to reorganize her life (one day), when she encounters an event that will cause the things she lost in her life to become a mirror.

The gender-reversed movie is set to revolutionize and bring to the limelight the originality of the LGBT community, especially with the committed and fearless casts that deserve a voice and an identity in the industry, despite being gender non-conforming.

So far, production has described the movie as intriguing, evolving and reimagining, and further remarks go thus:

"3Films Entertainment is an award-winning film production company based in Europe and the US. Our films selected and competed in worldwide prestigious film festivals. We are a small young creative team."

The Europe-based award-winning film production company has also confirmed recently that Hakan Yildiz and Selcen Lombardi will be overseeing the production of the debut.

Overall, the production of the LGBT short film "The Black Rose" is still set to start November 2021, Los Angeles, CA, with transgender actress Hera Anderson starring in the upcoming movie.


Official Site: https://www.3filmsentertainment.com/

Twitter: @ThreeFilm

IG: @3filmsproduction

FB: https://www.facebook.com/3FilmsOfficial

Related link: https://www.3filmsentertainment.com/

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With ‘Disney PRIDE in Concert,’ the Boston Gay Men’s Chorus Sets the LGBTQ Experience to the Music and Magic of Disney

BOSTON, Mass. -- Disney's beloved catalog of songs will be reimagined by the Boston Gay Men's Chorus (BGMC) in Disney PRIDE in Concert, a musical celebration of LGBTQ life, love, family, and perseverance, June 25-26, 2022 at Boston Symphony Hall. The show will draw inspiration from iconic Disney films like The Little Mermaid, The Lion King, and Mary Poppins; modern classics like Coco, Zootopia, and Wreck-It Ralph; and the magical music of Disney Parks.

The multimedia extravaganza will feature BGMC's 250-member chorus and a 20-piece orchestra performing sparkling new musical arrangements by BGMC Assistant Music Director Chad Weirick, accompanied by visuals designed by BGMC Director of Video Michael Willer using assets from Disney's films and archives. Providing the narrative of the show, personal stories from an array of diverse chorus members will be interwoven throughout the musical performances, showcasing the individual meaning and connections drawn from Disney's timeless and universal music. Tickets will go on-sale via the Boston Gay Men's Chorus in early 2022.

"Disney movies and musicals have long resonated deeply in the LGBTQ community because they often mirror our experiences in a society that hasn't always welcomed us," said Reuben M. Reynolds, III, BGMC's Music Director. "Characters are often struggling to fit in and to accept themselves, they long for a love that feels unattainable, they've lost their family of origin and had to create a new one, yet they persevere and find joy in life. They express their alienation, desire, and determination in beautiful songs that have given solace and empowerment to generations of LGBTQ people. Naturally, we're overjoyed at the chance to make the thematic connections between the Disney canon and the LGBTQ experience explicit by infusing the music with the stories of our lives."

Disney PRIDE in Concert is being produced in conjunction with Disney Concerts, the concert production and licensing division of Disney Music Group. It will feature all-new musical arrangements by Chad Weirick and a book by BGMC Executive Producer Bill Casey and Tom Choinski. Disney PRIDE in Concert will also be available for licensing in the future through Disney Concerts for performance by choruses around the world for all voice parts and voice configurations. This collaboration is the first time Disney Concerts has partnered with an organization to create an LGBTQ-specific concert package.

Disney PRIDE in Concert will take place during LGBTQ Pride Month, which commemorates a pivotal point in LGBTQ history: the Stonewall Riots of June 1969, when patrons of the Stonewall Bar rebelled and fought back against the constant anti-gay harassment by New York City police of LGBTQ people and spaces.

"Disney PRIDE in Concert will likely be the first in-person performance of the Boston Gay Men's Chorus in two years. We think it's the perfect way to come out of the pandemic to thank our singers, patrons and fans who have been so patient and supportive during the hiatus," said Craig Coogan, Executive Director of the Boston Gay Men's Chorus. "We are grateful to partner with Disney and share their commitment to showcasing the voices and stories of diverse communities, a value that is so close to our hearts, we're coming back in a spectacular way. We can't wait to perform this concert for audiences and have the show become part of the songbook for choruses around the world."

The concert is part of BGMC's hybrid 2021-22 season, which also includes a Holiday Special on WCVB-Channel 5 in December and the release of the documentary "Milestones" to mark BGMC's 40th anniversary.

About Disney Concerts

Disney Concerts is the concert production and licensing division of Disney Music Group, the music arm of The Walt Disney Company. Disney Concerts produces concerts and tours, and licenses Disney music and visual content to symphony orchestras and presenters on a worldwide basis. Disney Concerts' concert packages include a variety of formats, such as "live to picture" film concerts and themed instrumental and vocal compilation concerts, and range from instrumental-only symphonic performances to multimedia productions featuring live vocalists and choir. Current titles include the Star Wars Film Concert Series (Episodes IV-VIII), Toy Story, Aladdin, The Muppet Christmas Carol, Disney Princess - The Concert, Coco, The Lion King, Up and The Nightmare Before Christmas, which in 2019 accounted for over 900 performances in many of the world's top concert venues.




About Boston Gay Men's Chorus

The Boston Gay Men's Chorus is one of New England's largest and most successful community-based choruses. Founded in 1982, the 200-voice ensemble is celebrated for its outstanding musicianship, creative programming, and groundbreaking community outreach. Under the dynamic leadership of Music Director Reuben M. Reynolds III, the BGMC sings a wide spectrum of classical and popular music and creates social change by providing a positive, affirming image of the gay and lesbian community. The Chorus is heard live by more than 10,000 people each season and thousands more through recording, television and internet broadcasts. CBS-WBZ named the Boston Gay Men's Chorus one of the "top 5" choruses in the city of Boston. The Boston Business Journal in 2018, 2019, and 2020 named BGMC one of the top performing arts organizations in the city. BGMC is a Cultural Ambassador - being the first LGBTQ chorus to perform in Poland in 2005, the Middle East in 2015 and in South Africa in June 2018.


Susan Ryan-Vollmar

Related link: https://www.bgmc.org/

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Over $150,000 in Aviation Scholarships to be Awarded by NGPA in 2021

ST. LOUIS PARK, Minn. -- NGPA, the Worldwide LGBTQ Aviation Community, announces their 2021 scholarship cycle with over $150,000 in awards available. With this year's scholarships, NGPA will have awarded over $900,000 since the program started in 1998. Scholarships serve as a cornerstone program for NGPA as the organization works to make aviation a place of equality, authenticity, and acceptance for LGBTQ+ people.

Offerings for 2021 are funded by member donations and industry partners to the NGPA. This year's offerings include scholarships for all levels of pilot training, as well as aircraft dispatcher, aircraft maintenance technician, and higher education training.

"The NGPA scholarship program is at the core of what our mission is all about. It's our chance to effect real change by enabling greater participation in aviation by the LGBTQ+ community and their allies. I'm proud of our members and sponsors for making NGPA scholarships possible," said NGPA Chair, Steven Tustin.

Breaking down the financial barriers to being an aviation professional is a critical component to making aviation a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive industry. NGPA calls on the aviation leaders to continue the hard work of making aviation a more diverse industry.

NGPA scholarships are awarded regardless of an individual's gender identity, gender expression, or sexual orientation, but all applicants are asked to provide evidence of their contributions to the LGBTQ community. The window to apply for 2021 closes on August 31, 2021. The only universal requirement for NGPA scholarships is a membership to the organization, which can be purchased or renewed at ngpa.org.

About NGPA:

Founded in 1990, NGPA is an international organization of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer (LGBTQ) aviation enthusiasts and professionals from around the world. Through education, outreach programs, and events the organization encourages members of the LGBTQ community to begin aviation careers, fosters equal treatment of LGBTQ aviators through advocacy and outreach, promotes aviation safety, and provides an affirming social and professional network for LGBTQ aviators. Learn more by visiting us at https://www.ngpa.org/.

*IMAGE link for media: https://www.Send2Press.com/21-0615s2p-ngpa-scholarships-300dpi.jpg

Related link: https://www.ngpa.org/

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The Cesario Group Officially Certified as An LGBT Business Enterprise

MIAMI BEACH, Fla. -- The Cesario Group, a Broker Associate at Douglas Elliman Real Estate in Miami Beach, Florida - is proud to announce its recent certification as an LGBT Business Enterprise (LGBTBE®) through the National LGBT Chamber of Commerce (NGLCC) Supplier Diversity Initiative. The NGLCC is the business voice of the LGBT community and serves as the nation's exclusive certifying body for the LGBT-owned and operated businesses.

"We are pleased to welcome The Cesario Group to the ever-expanding network of NGLCC certified LGBT Business Enterprises and the hundreds of corporations and government agencies eager to put them to work," said NGLCC Co-Founder and President Justin Nelson and CEO Chance Mitchell. "According to NGLCC's groundbreaking America's LGBT Economy report, America's estimated 1.4 million LGBT business owners, many of them NGLCC certified, add over $1.7 trillion to the GDP and create tens of thousands of new jobs. We are proud to count The Cesario Group among those who prove every day that LGBT businesses are the future of the American economy."

The Cesario Group is now eligible to participate in the NGLCC's corporate partners' supplier diversity programs, can take advantage of the vast educational opportunities promoted by the NGLCC and can work to foster B2B relationship with other LGBTBE's worldwide throughout the year and especially at the NGLCC International Business & Leadership Conference.

"As international Real Estate professionals, we proud ourselves as one of the few Real Estate companies in the Greater Miami area to receive certification by NGLCC as an LGBT Business Enterprise," said Sergio Cesario, Founder of The Cesario Group. "We built our brand on equality and reliability to serve customers from all walks of life. We continue to work with global partners that embrace and celebrate diversity fostering an inclusive culture and meaningful customer services."


The National Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce is the business voice of the LGBT community and is the largest global not-for-profit advocacy organization specifically dedicated to expanding economic opportunities and advancements for LGBT people. NGLCC is the exclusive certification body for LGBT owned businesses. Learn more: https://www.nglcc.org/


The Cesario Group is an international real estate team based in Miami Beach, Florida and affiliated with the Miami-Dade GLCC, specializing in residential and high-end real estate and backed by Douglas Elliman.

The Cesario Group's relationship with Douglas Elliman and its strategic global alliance with London-based Knight Frank Residential allows the team to serve clients domestically and expand its business worldwide.

Learn more: https://folio.elliman.com/px/thecesariogroup

About Douglas Elliman Real Estate

Established in 1911, Douglas Elliman Real Estate is the largest brokerage in the New York Metropolitan area and the second largest independent residential real estate brokerage in the United States by sales volume. With more than 7,000 agents, the company operates approximately 120 offices in New York City, Long Island, The Hamptons, Westchester, Connecticut, New Jersey, Florida, California, Colorado, Massachusetts and Texas. Moreover, Douglas Elliman has a strategic global alliance with London-based Knight Frank Residential for business in the worldwide luxury markets spanning 60 countries and six continents.

The company also controls a portfolio of real estate services including Douglas Elliman Development Marketing, Douglas Elliman Property Management and Douglas Elliman Commercial. For more information on Douglas Elliman as well as expert commentary on emerging trends in the real estate industry, please visit https://www.elliman.com/.

*LOGO link for media: https://www.Send2Press.com/300dpi/21-0210s2p-certified-lgbtbe-300dpi.jpg

Related link: https://folio.elliman.com/px/thecesariogroup

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Denial of Coverage for Gender-Affirming Care Declared Unlawful

SAN DIEGO, Calif. -- TransFamily Support Services (transfamilysos.org) today announced a milestone victory in the organization's mission to build a world where all genders are accepted and treated equally. After calling on the California Department of Insurance to remove unjust barriers for accessing gender reassignment surgery, the department's General Counsel has just declared that health insurance companies may no longer deny coverage for patient's based solely on their age.

In an Opinion Letter issued on December 30, state-operated health insurers were ordered to ease policy limits on male chest reconstruction surgery for female-to-male patients undergoing gender-affirming care for gender dysphoria.

"The world is gaining an understanding around gender identity and learning the importance of treatment for those seeking it," says TransFamily Support Services Founder, Kathie Moehlig. "Trans youth have the highest rates of attempted suicide, 50 percent more than their adolescent peers. To deny care sole based on age puts trans youth's mental well-being at risk."

Moehlig has dedicated her efforts for nearly a decade to ensure that transgender and gender non-conforming youth throughout the country feel supported at all stages of their transition process.

"The issuance of this letter by the California Department of Insurance is a critical move toward improving the lives of youth suffering with gender dysphoria," adds Dr. Johanna Olson-Kennedy, MD, Medical Director from the Center for Transyouth Health and Development at the Children's Hospital Los Angeles, and medical advisor to TransFamily Support and Services. Both Moehlig and Olson-Kennedy - along with all who support the issuance - acknowledge that the refusal of coverage violates state gender non-discrimination laws and regulations, and other coverage and nondiscrimination standards. "Determination of medical necessity being attached to a chronologic age undermines the complex decision making of youth, their families and their care teams," continues Olson-Kennedy. "The work of TransFamily Support Services and the reiteration of the protected services by California Department of Insurance will reduce barriers to accessing gender-affirming services for transgender youth, and offer this vulnerable group of young people an improved opportunity to live authentically."

A recent Cedars Sinai study found that gender dysphoria manifests in early childhood and can persist for years before patients undergo counseling and treatment - oftentimes resulting in a poor quality of life for transgender people throughout their lifetime. The study found that 73% of transgender women and 78% of transgender men surveyed first experienced gender dysphoria by age 7.

Taking the well-being of youth into account, the California Department of Insurance will now mandate that health insurance companies consider a patient's specific clinical situation, holistically, in determining medical necessity and coverage for the treatment of gender dysphoria.

"There is no magical age for [gender-affirming surgery]," says Moehlig, who reiterates that this essential medical care can be carried out at earlier ages, determined by a case-by-case basis. "The importance of our work lies in the outcome of our youth feeling affirmed, emotionally healthy, and the world seeing them for who they genuinely are."

About TransFamily Support Services

TransFamily Support Services works toward building a world where all genders are accepted and treated equally, and they strive to save lives by shaping a gender-affirming and accepting community at large. They guide transgender, non-binary and gender non-conforming youth - and their families - through the gender transitioning process to foster the most positive experience possible. They provide family coaching, assistance with healthcare and insurance issues, help to navigate the legal system, and support at schools, support groups for parents and youth as well as mentorship programs. TransFamily Support services also conducts training for healthcare facilities and workplaces. All services are provided at no fee to youth and families.

To learn more visit: https://www.transfamilysos.org/

Kathie Moehlig, Executive Director

Related link: https://www.transfamilysos.org/

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Tickle.Life Joins with Wellcelium to Grow Its Sex Ed Efforts

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. -- Tickle.Life (Tickle-dot-Life), World's First Community based Discovery Platform for Sex and sexuality, today announced a new collaboration with Wellcelium (well-see-lee-um), a new online school teaching sex, intimacy, and relationship skills through offering live classes, one-on-one coaching, and a variety of quality resources to deepen and grow human relationships.

Talking on the collaboration, Founder and CEO Shakun Sethi, Tickle.Life stated, "Tickle.Life has been created as a bridge between the best of the industry and amazing sexual wellbeing providers and people who are exploring their services. With this partnership, we are a step closer and excited for nurturing the growth of human relationships."

"We need each other right now because human connection is vital to all of our lives," says Dr. Pavini Moray, Wellcelium creator. "But the Covid-19 pandemic has broken up our communities and stressed our relationships."

This partnership will bring together two sex-positive platforms to elevate access to illuminating resources supporting intimacy, relationships, sexual and mental wellness around the globe. These SexTech platforms share a common mission of normalizing sexuality and pleasure so people can enjoy sex-positive lives without shame. This is an initiative to bring more visibility to the collaborators of Tickle.Life and the world-class sex educators of Wellcelium, through various marketing and content-sharing strategies undertaken by both websites.

More information:

* https://wellcelium.org/
* https://www.facebook.com/wellcelium
* https://www.instagram.com/wellcelium/

* https://www.tickle.life/
* https://twitter.com/ticklelife/
* https://www.facebook.com/tickledotlife/
* https://www.instagram.com/tickle.life/

About Tickle.Life

Tickle.Life based in San Francisco, California, was founded in 2019 by serial entrepreneur Shakun Sethi and Parag Gupta, Co-Founder and CTO. Tickle.Life creates an ecosystem for all sex positive people across the world by supporting sexuality exploration, sexual and mental wellness, LGBTQIA+ communities and sex education. Tickle.Life is the world's first community-based Discovery platform which features sex and sexuality related content from over 350 plus world renowned sexual well-being professionals and over 1000 podcasts for sex positive people.

About Wellcelium

Created by Dr. Pavini Moray, a sex educator and somatic sex therapist, Wellcelium promotes the spreading of pleasure on purpose and offers skills-based learning opportunities for all types of people and relationship styles. Wellcelium is a mash-up of two words: wellness and mycelium, the thread-like structures that make up the far-reaching roots of mushrooms. The Wellcelium team envisions networks of erotic wellness, spreading around the globe, offering everything you wish you had been taught about relationships, sex, and intimacy.

Pavini Moray is a somatic sex educator and activist on a mission to help others get free in their bodies. Moray founded Wellcelium with the goal of bringing world-class teachers of sexuality, embodiment, and intimacy together to create a community that is relationally and erotically well. Pavini has a Ph.D in Somatic Psychology, Certificates in Sexological Bodywork and Sex Education, has trained with the Somatic Experiencing Trauma Institute and the Strozzi Institute. Pavini also has a Master's in Montessori Education, and Educational Therapy training from UC Berkeley.

*VIDEO (YouTube) "Welcome to Wellcelium": https://youtu.be/6Q6-EBTTHKY

*LOGO link for media: https://www.Send2Press.com/300dpi/20-0911s2p-ticklelife-wellcellium-300dpi.jpg

Related link: https://www.tickle.life/

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