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Medical Practice Consulting Services Expands Billing Operations in North Carolina

NORTH TOPSAIL BEACH, N.C. -- Medical Practice Consulting Services (MPCS), a leading national group of practice growth consultants offering revenue cycle management services today announce the strategic expansion and opening of their billing operations, with offices at 2000 New River Inlet, Suite 1001.

Medical Practice Consulting Services maintains home offices in Statesville. Increasingly sought after as "growth consultants" by visionary medical practice managers, the team offers a wealth of industry and practice management experience, combined with top notch billing and account management services.

"Every practice needs a road map to growth," says Debbie Henderson, CEO of MPCS. "Our team is uniquely qualified to meet the challenges of a rapidly changing healthcare environment."

Today, challenges are different than they were even five years ago. Reimbursements have changed, she explains. But the need to remain on top of practice management and growth strategies to remain competitive in one's industry remain much the same, no matter the practice speciality.

"Providers may not have the vision, perspective or experience to optimize their practice revenues," says Henderson. "They're busy providing patient care and managing the day to day functions of their practice."

That's when MPCS steps in: to help identify areas of weakness within the practice revenue cycle, and to shine a light on areas ready for growth.

"We make certain the revenue cycle is closed and that our clients receive the compensation they earn," she says.

Highly qualified medical professionals may be slow to embrace change, Henderson explains.

Even proficient leaders may not realize there's a different way, more profitable means of managing everything from insurance contracts to work flow and overhead.

"The number one problem we see is that managing physicians lack a good picture of their practice revenues," she says. "We are motivated to figure out what's owed them, areas where they've lost money, and we design and execute a plan to correct the deficits."

At the fore of the North Topsail Beach billing operations center, Julie Linkous, revenue cycle director, and Kristin Leigh Wiggins, senior billing specialist, will anchor the client services team. Linkous provides the primary point of contact for clients engaged in day-to-day decision making, solving problems and allocating resources. Wiggins will oversee operations and reporting to offer clients a true picture of their practice revenues relative to their growth goals. Together, the two will manage billing support functions and staff.

"We can prove that our practice growth strategies increase revenues by as much as 30-40 percent the first year after we start to manage billing," says Henderson. "Our team has developed processes that return consistently in a rapidly changing medical practice environment."

The team approach exemplified by Linkous and Wiggins helps Henderson keep a finger on the pulse of every practice served, she says.

"We structured everything in a way that makes sense for our clients, with impeccable customer service, attention to detail, and dedicated staff with a commitment to quality that is difficult to find elsewhere."

About Medical Practice Consulting Services:
Medical Practice Consulting Services - - 246 East Broad Street, Statesville, N.C., is a leading national group of practice growth consultants offering revenue cycle management services. MPCS transforms the experiences of independent health and medical practice owners, groups, and managers committed to high quality of care, patient and family satisfaction, sound financial decision-making, and employee engagement.

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Revenue Cycle and Coding Strategies Merge to Expand Healthcare Consulting Services

AUSTIN, Texas -- Medical and radiation oncology consulting firm Revenue Cycle and healthcare coding and compliance consulting and education firm Coding Strategies announce a merger that will bring the two companies together for the benefit of the healthcare industry.

Founded in 1998 and based in Atlanta, Georgia, Coding Strategies provides consulting expertise and educational tools for the healthcare industry. Like Revenue Cycle, it offers services to physicians, administrators, coders, and other industry stakeholders. Coding Strategies' educational products include customized training, self-paced online training, webinars, and seminars.

Revenue Cycle specializes in the business aspects of medical and radiation oncology, including operations and oncology coding and reimbursement. Its team of medical and radiation oncology experts consults on oncology reimbursement, compliance, and business operations for everything from single physician offices to large multi-site systems.

"Since I co-founded the company almost 20 years ago, Coding Strategies has been dedicated to empowering healthcare professionals," said president Melody W. Mulaik. "Our nationally certified consultants, along with our comprehensive selection of training options, help our clients protect the financial health of their business, stay compliant, and find solutions to their toughest challenges." Ms. Mulaik will serve as the president of the combined companies.

"Our alliance with Coding Strategies is a perfect fit," stated Ron DiGiaimo, CEO of Revenue Cycle. "Coding Strategies will add even more depth to our service offerings. Their expertise and educational services align with those we already have in place, and their track record of success speaks for itself." Mr. DiGiaimo will now serve as the Chairman of the Board for Coding Strategies and CEO of the combined companies.

The Revenue Cycle family of companies now includes RC Billing, The Oncology Group and Coding Strategies.

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For more information, contact:
Melody W. Mulaik, President
Coding Strategies & Revenue Cycle
P: 877-626-3464


This news story was published by the Neotrope® News Network - all rights reserved.