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Innovative, Removable Mesh Sling Now Available for Exclusive Manufacture

LOS ANGELES, Calif. -- California firm, ProNova Partners, has been chosen to handle the sale of the patent and rights to an easily removable mesh sling based on the natural encapsulation around monofilament wires or its interconnected narrow and flat strips. This encapsulation allows its easy removability.

15-year-old Mergers and Acquisitions firm, Los Angeles based ProNova Partners, has announced their commission to facilitate the sale of a new, patented technology for the repair of urine and fecal incontinence. This breakthrough has the potential to take over almost the entire incontinence repair market valued at billions of dollars.

"We are proud that our work worldwide has now enabled us now to assist in bringing a life-transforming technology to the market for manufacture," stated Rick Carlson CEO and founder of ProNova Partners.

In the almost two decades of its existence, ProNova Partners has overseen the sale of more than 400 opportunities in divergent areas. "This broad experience in multiple areas of the marketplace has been critical to our work in the medical and tech arenas," Carlson continued.

The patented "sling" technology available for rights purchase comes in 3 versions, all covered by patents: a weaved version, a detachable flat version, and an inflatable version for adjustment of the sub-urethral support.

The developer, an MD and a prolific inventor who owns more than 20 issued US and tens of International Patents says, "The weaved version of the sling we developed looks similar to the currently available synthetic slings and can be made from the same materials. However, there are some significant differences: differing from all the other available slings ours are not knitted, they are weaved making them more flexible and thinner."

"We are proud to be offering the full rights and ownership of this technological breakthrough into the marketplace for manufacture," concluded Carlson. "The offering includes all patents and will improve quality of life immediately for hundreds of thousands of patients, and once released those numbers will grow to millions."

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New, Patented Device for Quick, Painless, Non-Invasive Elimination of Hemorrhoids Now Available with All Rights for Manufacture

LOS ANGELES, Calif. -- ProNova Partners, a seventeen-year-old California based Mergers and Acquisitions firm, has been commissioned to assist in the sale of all rights to manufacture and sell a patented, painless, non-invasive, device to eliminate hemorrhoids. Use of the device requires no anesthesia, is conducted in under 2 minutes, and can be performed in any medical setting: a doctor's office, a surgery center, an endo suite, or a hospital.

This technology has yielded a painless, non-invasive, no anesthesia needed device to eliminate hemorrhoids in under 2 minutes. The procedure can be performed in any medical setting.

"Over half of adults suffer from this affliction at one time or another," stated Rick Carlson founder and CEO of ProNova Partners. "This Doctor developed device offers a fast, painless and permanent solution."

Carlson's firm has helped the expansion or sale of some 400 companies in a wide variety of market segments.

This latest commission for ProNova is designed to structure movement of the patent, sale, and manufacturing rights of a much-needed device to an outside company. The goal is quickly move the technology out and into the medical marketplace. The product, developed and currently sold on a limited basis in the US, was originated by a gastroenterologist. It is currently sold directly to physicians of different specialties, including gastroenterologists, colorectal surgeons, GYNs, urologists and primary care physicians. The biggest targeted audience is gastroenterologists.

"Huge numbers of patients now no longer need to use ineffective creams or receive painful, invasive surgery," concluded Carlson. "This device offers a permanent, painless solution."

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AI Radiology and Emerging Medical Technology Venture Capital Investment Group Now Open to Outside Participation

LOS ANGELES, Calif. -- Seventeen-year-old ProNova Partners has been contracted to facilitate the expansion of an Artificial Intelligence Radiology Imaging and emerging Medical Technology Venture Capital Investment Group.

"This venture capital investment partnership was founded in 2018," announced Rick Carlson, CEO of ProNova Partners. "On behalf of their members, they find and invest in game changing, cutting edge, emerging companies specializing in Artificial Intelligence Radiology Imaging and other Medical Technologies."

"The group is owned and operated by three managing partners with broad ranging domain expertise," continued Carlson. "We are very pleased to work with such a qualified group. They are finding and investing at the early stages in firms at the razor's edge of Artificial Intelligence in medical technology." Carlson's company has assisted the expansion or sale of some 400 companies in a wide variety of market segments.

"The investment group has already seen high quality, sector specific deal flow, and boasts of a robust current portfolio of investments in leading edge technologies," concluded Carlson.

"The investment firm's distinguished Managing Partners' combined credentials span venture capital investment expertise. This includes domain expertise in radiology covering a broad range of aspects of radiology and MRI imaging, entrepreneurship, artificial intelligence, and other emerging medical technologies. Their combined knowledge and experience establish them as ideally suited to spearhead the formation of a selected group of physician and non-physician investors plus providing groundbreaking leadership in early stage company investments in the AI/Imaging/Radiology sector."

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ViewTech Borescopes Exhibiting Again at INTERPHEX 2022

TRAVERSE CITY, Mich. -- Industry pharmaceutical and biotech professionals from across the globe will convene at INTERPHEX 2022 at the Javits Center in New York City beginning May 24 through 26. The 3-day technical conference also features an exhibit hall with more than 400 exhibitors. ViewTech Borescopes and their lineup of articulating video borescopes will be on display at booth #1939.

After first exhibiting at INTERPHEX 2021, ViewTech connected with engineers and manufacturers seeking inspection and quality control remote visual inspection (RVI) equipment. The VJ-3 Ultraviolet (UV) video borescope is widely utilized during cleaning validation, riboflavin testing, and as part of a sanitary process solution. In addition to the VJ-3 UV video borescope, the VJ-3 Dual Camera and VJ-3 3.9mm will be featured at ViewTech Borescopes booth at INERPHEX 2022.

Zack Wessels, Senior Sales Consultant for ViewTech, will be available during exhibit hall hours to discuss any future maintenance, inspection, or quality control requirements where a VJ-3 video borescope could reduce downtime. With ViewTech Borescopes no-cost, no-obligation demo program, pharmaceutical and biotech companies can trial a VJ-3 video borescope at their own facility.

Learn more about INTERPHEX:

VJ-3 Video Borescope:

The VJ-3 mechanical articulating video borescope is a nondestructive visual testing instrument used for the remote visual inspection of machinery, equipment, and components. The VJ-3 facilitates the visual recording and photo documentation of an inspection and components in areas that are otherwise inaccessible or require great effort and expense to access directly. The VJ-3 consists of two modules integrated into one system: an insertion tube with distally mounted camera/LEDs, and the base unit with control panel, LCD monitor, power source and all necessary circuitry.

About ViewTech Borescopes:

ViewTech Borescopes, founded as RF System Lab in 2008, is North America's #1 seller of video borescopes. Their first product, the VJ borescope, set a new standard for portability, ergonomics and ease-of-use, with its industry-first mechanical, joystick-controlled articulation.

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Life Saving Device for Major Heart Surgery Procedure Now Available for Exclusive Manufacture

LOS ANGELES, Calif. -- ProNova Partners, a Los Angeles based, 25-year-old Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) firm has announced their commission to facilitate the sale of a new, patented device to lower mortality and other risks in specific, major heart surgery procedures.

The device lowers mortality, stroke risk and other risk factors in Transcatheter Aortic Valve Implantation (TAVI) or transcatheter aortic valve replacement (TAVR) procedures.

"We are very pleased that our past work, both nationally and internationally, has enabled us now to assist in bringing a life-saving device to the market for manufacture," announced Rick Carlson CEO and founder of ProNova Partners.

ProNova Partners has facilitated the sale of over 400 various opportunities in divergent areas. "This broad range of experience and exposure in multiple areas of the marketplace has been very helpful to our consultation work in the medical and tech arenas," Carlson stated.

The patented device available for rights purchase can simply be added to existent equipment to immediately improve patient outcomes. It was developed by a renowned M.D. and professor, a prolific inventor who owns more than 20 issued U.S. and tens of International Patents and a similar number of pending patents.

According to the developer "The vision of our Project (was) to significantly improve the safety of TAVI/TAVR. Integrating or adding-on an active double-filtering, emboli capturing, collecting and removal component to the TAVI/TAVR procedure is a breakthrough. With our approach, we are bringing a better solution than the currently used deflective anti-embolic devices for preventing cerebral embolic complications."

"We are proud and pleased to be a part of offering the full rights and ownership into the marketplace for manufacture," concluded Carlson. "It will both save lives and improve quality of life immediately for hundreds of thousands of patients and once released those numbers will grow to millions."

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Zeteo Biomedical Introduces OrionMRQ™ Nasal Delivery Device for Vaccines

PFLUGERVILLE, Texas -- Zeteo Biomedical LLC announced today the availability of the ZEOx1 OrionMRQ™ nasal drug and vaccine delivery device. Zeteo's latest innovative delivery device provides pharmaceutical and biotech companies developing drugs, peptides, proteins, monoclonal antibodies and vaccines with precise, metered unit dose systemic delivery via the nasal route.

Nasal administration provides needle free, rapid systemic uptake into the body via the nose. Nasal delivery of vaccines can invoke a fast local immune response in the respiratory track, which is frequently the primary route of infection for contagious pathogens such as pandemic flu or coronavirus. The ZEOx1 OrionMRQ™ device is intuitive to use, enabling either patient self-administration or administration by caregivers with configurations available for both adults and children.

The OrionMRQ reloadable nasal delivery device has the capability to store up to four unit doses in the on-board storage compartment. The device is compact making it easy to carry in a pocket or purse. Zeteo intranasal delivery devices incorporate novel packaging technology utilizing a Form Fill Seal (FFS) flexible foil, packaging the drug or vaccine in a unit dose blister reducing the cost and eliminating the supply chain constraints of glass vials.

ZEOx1™ blister packaging provides exceptional barrier properties to protect the drug or vaccine during storage and transport and can be stored at room temperature, refrigerated or frozen storage conditions. The ZEOx1™ packaging technology is commercially scalable to produce millions of doses per day; a critically important requirement for rapid, cost effective deployment of vaccines and medical countermeasures to global populations.

About Zeteo Biomedical LLC:

Zeteo Biomedical™ is a biomedical device technology company based in Austin, Texas. Zeteo provides patient-centric delivery device technology, drug/device combination product development services and fill/finish packaging technology for pharmaceuticals, biopharmaceuticals, biologics and botanicals for intranasal, nose-to-brain, ophthalmic, sublingual, and animal care product applications.

For more information, please visit the Zeteo website at:

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Key Entrepreneurs to Present at 2022 Bioelectronic Medicine Forum

NEW YORK, N.Y. -- Neurotech Reports, the publisher of the Neurotech Business Report and BioElectRx Business Report newsletters, announced that founders and CEOs of several promising bioelectronic medicine startups will present at the Fifth Annual Bioelectric Medicine Forum on April 5, 2022. The event will take place in New York City, although participation via Zoom videoconference will be accommodated.

Entrepreneur presenters at the conference include Attila Borbath, CEO of Synergia Medical, a European firm developing an optical vagus nerve stimulation system, Nicolas Vachicouras, CEO of Neurosoft Bioelectronics, Jennifer Ernst, CEO of Tivic Health, Manfred Franke, CEO of Neuronoff Inc., and Anuj Bhardwaj, CEO of SecondWave Systems Inc.

Peter Staats, a bioelectronic medicine pioneer and co-founder and chief medical officer of electroCore Medical, will keynote the conference. Dr. Staats is internationally recognized for his work in developing and implementing minimally invasive procedures for a number of disorders, including COVID, and his patents have led to the use of novel pharmacologic agents. He is a past President of the North American Neuromodulation Society, American Society of Interventional Pain Physicians, New Jersey Society of Interventional Pain Physicians, and the Southern Pain Society.

Other speakers at the 2022 event include Marom Biksom, professor of biomedical engineering at City College of New York, Imran Eba, partner at Action Potential Venture Capital, Chihiro Hosoya, head of venture management and business development at Astellas Pharma, Eric Hudak, program director at the National Institutes of Health, and Hannah Claridge from TTP plc in the U.K.

Other sessions will cover a range of technologies and indications for bioelectronic medicine, including applications in cardiovascular medicine, inflammation, gastrointestinal disorders, and many other clinical specialties.

MST is the Platinum Sponsor of this year's event, while Valtronic is the Silver Sponsor.

Key topics will include promising new indications, alliances with bio/pharm firms, regulatory and reimbursement issues, and pricing/commercialization issues.

"Bioelectronic medicine is one of the most promising new segments of the healthcare industry," said James Cavuoto, editor and publisher at Neurotech Reports. "This fifth-annual conference will be a key meeting place for entrepreneurs and executives helping to found this industry."

For more information on the 2022 Bioelectronic Medicine Forum, contact Neurotech Reports at 415 546 1259 or visit this link:


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Mopec Introduces Guardian Quick-Deploy Coolers under Guardian Systems Line

MADISON HEIGHTS, Mich. -- Mopec, the nationwide leader in pathology, anatomy, mortuary and necropsy equipment and supplies, is proud to announce the latest innovation and addition to its Guardian Systems product line. The Mopec Guardian Quick-Deploy Cooler is adaptable, portable, and is a rapidly deployable system for the long term storage of human remains.

Mopec has integrated its new patented rack technology along with patent-pending insulation technology to create an expandable remains storage platform that will instantly increase morgue surge capacity. This compact, rapidly deployable system can be easily transported and assembled in under 30 minutes with no tools required.

While the current system holds 12 bodies, the optional expansion module allows the system to quickly expand from holding 12 decedents to 24. Mopec will also be introducing a smaller, 110V 4-body version in the next few months that will allow the user to easily plug it into any regular outlet.

"The Guardian Quick-Deploy Cooler addresses the needs for many of our customers dealing with surge capacity," says Kirk Gossett, Vice President of Sales for Mopec. "Plenty of organizations are still struggling to find immediate solutions when decedent capacity overwhelms their current availability. Mopec hopes that this portable, expandable, and quick-assembly system can help resolve these issues."

Guardian Quick-Deploy Coolers are included under the Mopec Guardian Systems line and are the ultimate solution when dealing with surge capacity morgue overflow. While the first production run of coolers has already sold out, Mopec is currently accepting pre-orders for the second run of products.

For more information, or to obtain a quotation, please visit, or call (800) 362-8491.

About Mopec:

Mopec, based in Madison Heights, Michigan, is a manufacturer and distributor of high-quality pathology, anatomy, mortuary, and necropsy equipment and products. Founded in 1992, Mopec differentiates itself through its extensive engineering process, superior design, and market-leading quality. Mopec is Better By Design and specializes in solutions for hospitals, universities, morgues, and a variety of other markets. Mopec is committed to the production innovative products and providing high quality customer service. For more information, visit

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Olea Kiosks, Inc. Delivers Height Adjustable Austin Kiosk for Healthcare

LOS ANGELES, Calif. -- Olea Kiosks®, Inc., a visionary provider of innovative self-service kiosk solutions, today announced the addition of its height adjustable base for the Austin series kiosk. This new addition is available for ordering now.

Aimed at healthcare, this unit delivers full ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) height compliance as all of the user touch points can be positioned at a height under 48 inches. At the push of a button, the base raises and lowers a total of 11.9 inches to provide users of all heights and abilities an improved user-experience.

The Austin is the most popular kiosk Olea sells with over 2500 sold since its inception in 2018 The Austin Height Adjustable (HA) combines the height adjustable base with the desktop unit to deliver a slick, compact and versatile self-service solution perfect for healthcare check-in. The Austin is also very popular with hospitality and frequently used in quick-serve restaurants (QSR) and ticketing where this functionality is a welcome addition.

"The Austin HA comes at a time when healthcare and businesses in general are constrained by the lack of human resources available," said CEO Frank Olea. "Our engineering team worked extra hard to turn this unit around in a record amount of time," added Olea.

In addition, an optional UV sanitizing system utilizing two powerful Mercury Vapor bulbs are now available with all of the Austin model kiosks. The cleaning cycle allows for sanitization of the touchscreen as well as the payment device. "We're excited to bring this feature to market as we felt there was a need to keep not only the screens clean but the buttons on the pin-pads as well," added Olea.

The Austin series kiosk is now available in 4 options: the HA, the Freestanding (FS), the Desktop (DT), and the Wall-mount (WM). The Austin model supports a host of external devices.

Link to video:

About Olea Kiosks®, Inc.

Olea Kiosks Inc., is a self-service kiosk solution provider for the attractions and entertainment, healthcare and hospitality industries. Its technologically advanced, in-house manufacturing, design, and innovation have made it an industry leader. Headquartered in Los Angeles, California, customers include Cedars-Sinai, Kaiser Permanente, Tenet, The Habit Burger Grill, The Empire State Building, Universal Studios, Scientific Games, and Subway.

For more information, visit


*PHOTO link for media:

*Caption: The Austin Height Adjustable Kiosk.

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Lift & Care Systems Continues COVID-19 Precautions to Protect Customers

LAKEVILLE, Mass. -- Now that the worst of the global COVID-19 pandemic seems to be behind us, Lift & Care Systems continues its commitment to the safety of customers, employees, and suppliers. However, with the arrival of the Delta variant and the emergence of other strains of the virus, the Lift & Care team continues to take precautions to ensure the health of everyone they come in contact with.

The Lift & Care Systems staff went to great lengths to provide top-notch service to our customers during this difficult time. Some of the steps that they have taken to provide reliable and safe service include:

* Educating the staff about how to follow the state-mandated protocols properly

* Cleaning and disinfecting all equipment, vans, and offices often

* Minimizing the number of touches and home visits needed to provide customer service for our products

* Getting our staff vaccinated as soon as the immunizations were available

* Working remotely and using Zoom to facilitate meetings, training, and calls on customers whenever possible

* Masking and following the appropriate social distancing guidelines

"We are proud of how our team pulled together during this difficult time and continued to serve our customers," says Dave Austin, President of Lift & Care Systems. "Our team understands the impact of this virus on our customers, many of whom are vulnerable and cannot afford getting infected with COVID on top of their current medical issues."

Lift & Care's workers have been vaccinated against COVID-19 and plan on receiving boosters as they become available. Our staff will also continue to monitor state and CDC guidelines to follow the up-to-date procedures for keeping our customers safe. This includes wearing masks (if requested) and practicing social distancing to ensure the health and safety of everyone they come in contact with.

"We kept working through the pandemic just as we have over the last 28 years," continued Austin. "Servicing new and existing customers throughout Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island while providing that best service possible under difficult circumstances.

About Lift & Care Systems, Inc.

Lift & Care Systems, Inc is dedicated to bringing the highest quality of life to users and their caregivers by providing customized solutions that enhance the users' mobility. To achieve this goal, Lift & Care Systems offers a myriad of products, including Body Supports, Slings, Mobile Lifters, Ceiling Systems, Wall-to-Wall Lift Systems, Wheelchair-to-Water Pool Lifts, Frictionless Slides, stairlifts, aluminum ramps, accessible shower stalls, lifts for cars/vans/SUV's with the Multi-Lift and Glide 'N Go.

Their products are used in private residential homes, semi-professional homes, such as group homes and day programs, and professional institutions, including nursing homes, hospitals, and schools. Lift & Care Systems is the exclusive distributor of the SureHands patient lifts featuring the patented Body Support systems in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut. In addition, Lift & Care Systems product line also includes National Ramp Systems and a broad array of stairlifts for in-home use.

Founded in 1993, Lift & Care Systems, Inc. is located at 7 Precinct Street in Lakeville, MA 02347. For additional information or to arrange for a free personal consultation, please call 508-465-5254.

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