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More than 11,000 Medical Residency Applicants Did Not Match Into Residency

LOS ANGELES, Calif. -- On March 14, 2019 the National Residency Match Program (NRMP) released the list of applicants that applied for a Post Graduate Training slot also known as a medical "Residency." There were just over 44,600 applicants that applied for 35,000 residency positions nationwide, says Residents Medical.

The disparity between applicants and available training slots has been increasing annually for almost two decades and has been labeled the "Residency Bottleneck." These are applicants that are stuck in limbo and come from around the world.

Whether one graduates from a US medical school or a medical school from across the globe, in order to be a licensed doctor in America an MD holder must complete hands-on training in an accredited teaching hospital. The technical term for this training is Graduate Medical Education (GME), and consists of three to seven years of training, and after successfully completing a residency, only then are they qualified to apply for board certification and practice as a licensed physician in their trained medical specialty.

Throughout the years, tens of thousands of applicants in this residency applicant pool have been unable to land a medical residency and have had to give up on their dream of practicing medicine in America. This is going on all the while there is a doctor shortage in America of alarming proportions. The American Medical Association estimates that by the year 2025 there will be a doctor shortage of up to 35,600 primary care physicians and 60,300 non-primary specialists in the United States!

This has been an epidemic long in the making and receives very little attention. Residents Medical, an education, preparatory and resident placement assistance organization based in Los Angeles, has been making headway in making a dent in this systematic institution problem of medical graduates not being able to achieve their career goals, and having to settle for another career path, all the while there is a medical doctor shortage in America. Dr. Syed, Senior Guidance Counselor Specialist at Residents Medical, explains, "There are areas in California where there is not a General Surgeon in a 50-mile radius. We're not talking about the outskirts of Alaska here; this is just a few hours outside of Sacramento."

The global force at Residents Medical is strengthening its candidates' resumes with proprietary time-tested educational and preparatory tools and the outcomes have been great. Of their candidates who landed residency, 81% were in the Main Match. The other 19% were assisted in securing SOAP and Post-Match positions.

Additionally, its alliance partners are also funding residency slots so that Residents Medical can create opportunities for its candidates after they go through the process of strengthening and differentiating their residency application.

In reviewing Residents Medical's website, you'll see they have an integral and nuanced approach in helping this specialized field of medicine. There are other consulting groups that help with the board examinations and interview preparation, but researching Residents Medical's offerings reveals that its one-stop educational sphere with an important distinction that helps at the heart of the problem with Residents Medical's Residency Placement Assistance Initiative.

The crux of the "Residency Bottleneck" is two-fold: not enough residency slots and too many applicants; the residency programs' infrastructure gets overwhelmed during the application and interview process. Residents Medical works to isolate and address these two problems by creating residency opportunities and distinguishing its residency candidates through a holistic CV-building mechanism.

Researching forums and blogs, there is a big frustration amongst the most educated of individuals ready to dedicate their professional lives and career to the service of the sick, maim and wellness. Many of these doctors who have had to change career paths due to lack of residency are frustrated and carry hefty student loans too. Their diplomas are a constant reminder of a goal not realized.

It's important to recognize this and find a solution so that America can remain the world's healthcare leader. Organizations like Residents Medical demonstrates care, willingness and innovation for the medical community as a whole.

About Residents Medical:

Residents Medical is an innovative educational organization with its sphere of influence in medical education. It prepares, educates through its proprietary courses, counsels, consults, and has candidate placement services. Its Residency Placement Program is highly sought after and competitive. Only qualified candidates are accepted.

Residents Medical also works with The Everest Foundation and nominates a selected few of its candidates for an Everest Foundation Scholars tenure in research, post-graduate unaccredited training, and other medical residency candidacy CV-building procurements. This proprietary process helps candidates prove themselves to the residency programs where they are given interviews for a coveted ACGME-accredited residency position.

For more information, visit: or call: 310-444-9700.

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Residents Medical Amasses a Dream Team Consisting of Deans, Chief Residents, MDs and PhDs to Help Medical Residency Candidates

LOS ANGELES, Calif. -- Every year between September and February, thousands of medical school graduates interview for residencies. It's the last stage before a M.B.B.S., M.D., or D.O. degree holder can sit for their Board examinations and practice as a licensed physician in the U.S. This is where Residents Medical comes in - a respected organization that specializes in education, guidance, preparation, consulting and medical residency placement for its students and candidates.

Sheila Aula, senior guidance counselor at Residents Medical, has years of experience. She guides candidates and links them to a residency program that meets their goals. She also has the help of Residents Medical "Dream Team," a group of experienced Graduate Medical Education experts who assist these students and candidates to achieve their dream residency.

A snapshot of this “Dream Team” begins with Michael Mehlman, M.D., Ph.D., who spearheads the United States Medical Licensing Examination® (USMLE) Board Examination’s division of Residents Medical. He’s an accomplished researcher and achieved the highest score on his Step 1, and top scores in his other Board exams. He’s co-authored “First Aid,” the de facto study guide for USMLE examinations and works with all of Residents Medical USMLE tutors to ensure candidates have the best outcomes.

Professor Marcos Sanchez, M.D., Ph.D. is the Director of GME Development and Student Education. He's a distinguished and experienced physician/scientist and a prolific researcher with more than 90 publications. His experience includes being in charge of one of the largest DO residency programs in America with more than 30 specialties and 300+ residents where he ensured development, operational effectiveness and helped train residents in research and medicine.

Shawndeep Tung, MD has taken on the role of Director of Student Admissions and Affairs. He's an alumnus of Resident Medical's residency placement program and has completed his categorical residency. He's now working on his Fellowship at Harvard Medical School. His research portfolio includes working on cutting-edge research at MD Anderson Cancer Center.

Miriam Macias, J.D., is Compliance Official and Head of Student Affairs. She is instrumental in walking students and candidates through their pathway to residency.

This stellar dream team, along with residents, deans and program directors all care about mentoring medicine's future leaders.

About Residents Medical:

Residents Medical is an innovative organization with a sphere of influence in medical education. After preparation, education and a qualification process, its candidates are nominated for The Everest Foundation's "Everest Scholars" tenure, and they're matched into accredited medical residency programs for research and other CV-building procurements. If they prove themselves, they're given interviews for a coveted Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) residency position.

"The better Residents Medical does, the more good the Everest Foundation can do in providing medical schools and teaching hospitals with much needed help," Aula says. "There's such a need in Graduate Medical Education and in alleviating the residency bottleneck."

Visit: or call 310-444-9700.

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This news story was published by the Neotrope® News Network - all rights reserved.