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Las Vegas Latin Ghost Kitchen, Melita’s Table, Defies Odds And Expands Offering Dine-In Restaurant Experience In 2021

LAS VEGAS, Nev. -- Melita's Table, a popular ghost kitchen serving authentic and original Latin meals, has expanded from delivery-only, to now offer a restaurant dining experience.

Las Vegas restaurateur, Kori McClurg launched Melita's Table in 2019 before the pandemic as a unique ghost kitchen concept - preparing meals for delivery only. The ghost kitchen concept defied the odds and found success during the pandemic with meals infused with Old World Latin flavors and a plethora of options to meet many dietary needs including: nut-free, soy-free, gluten-free, and oil-free menu items.

As dining rooms open once again, guests have requested their favorite Melita's flavors be available for dine-in. "Our customers loved Melita's Table as a delivery-only concept and by adding a dine-in option, we can serve more people who are interested in healthy food that tastes amazing," said owner Kori McClurg.

McClurg, who also owns and operates the Ori'Zaba's Scratch Mexican Grill in the Las Vegas area, found the perfect location for Melita's Table, inside of her Silverado Ranch Ori'Zaba's restaurant.

"By offering our Scratch Mexican menu from Ori'Zaba's and Latin meals from Melita's Table, in the same location, customers can take a flavor trip abroad without having to board an airplane," said Melita's Table Director of Consumer and Product Management, D.J. Wannacott-Yahnke.

Melita's Table offers dishes made with fresh vegetables, whole grains, legumes and unique spice combinations. Melita's entrées are made using unique ingredients: quinoa in tacos, citrus portobello in the chimichanga, and smoky jack asada crafted from jackfruit in burritos. Unique and flavorful options provide a Latin menu for everyone to enjoy and explore.

Those fresh ingredients make Diana Edelman, of Vegan's Baby, thrilled about easier access for Vegans in Las Vegas. She says, "It's been amazing to have Melita's Table as a partner with Vegan's Baby for two years during Vegan Dining Month. Expanding from a kitchen to dine-in makes so much sense. Now, even more people can experience the plant-based cuisine Melita's Table does so well." In January, Melita's Table sold over 400 entrees contributing a donation of almost $520 to Vegan's Baby associated charity, Progressive Leadership Alliance of Nevada.

Melita's menu also includes delectable desserts and amazing appetizers. Tres Leches Cake made with coconut milk, battered artichoke bites, street corn and a variety of homemade empanadas add Latin flair to the menu.

McClurg saw a need in the community for more healthy food options and decided to offer a fresh dine-in experience to go along with their existing food delivery service. "By expanding Melita's Table we can bring flavors and food to more people who may not be able to find meal options for their dietary sensitivities. While Melita's Table serves healthy dishes for those looking for healthier options, the food also tastes amazing," said McClurg.

Food delivery and pick-up are still available, but for those wanting a dine-in experience, Melita's Table is serving meals seven days a week; 10:30am - 9:00pm Monday through Saturday and 11:00am - 8:00pm on Sundays at 1263 E Silverado Ranch Blvd., Las Vegas 89183, located in the Silverado Ranch Center at the intersection of South Maryland Parkway and E Silverado Ranch Blvd.

About Melita's Table

Melita's Table - - specializes in crafting healthy and flavorful Latin meals using unique whole food ingredients. The menu includes options for everyone; gluten-free, nut-free, soy-free, oil-free and dairy-free. All menu items are made fresh daily using whole grains, legumes, vegetables and clean protein. Try Melita's Food today by ordering online as food delivery, pick-up, catering orders, or dine in person!

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Melita’s Table Delivers a Revolutionary Cinco De Mayo Feast

LAS VEGAS, Nev. -- Cinco de Mayo has become one of the most beloved and celebrated days of the year. Though many Nevadans will enjoy the historic date at home this year, there's no reason to avoid dancing, margaritas and an amazing vegan taco creation made special by Melita's Table.

In November 2019, veteran Vegas restauranteur Kori McClurg opened Melita's Table, a plant-based delivery and catering only kitchen concept. Las Vegas has happily embraced this healthy, all-natural Latin-based option.

To celebrate the success, and provide vegan delights for Cinco de Mayo, Melita's Table has created Butter Lettuce Shell Tacos. The new shells provide a zesty alternative to the flavorless iceberg lettuce wraps of old.

Try a revolutionary taco trend to celebrate Cinco de Mayo, which commemorates the 1862 Mexican military victory over the French forces of Napoleon III.

The new butter lettuce wraps provide plenty of space to pile on quinoa, lentil picadillo and marinated citrus portobello. The new taco design delivers all the flavor without the gluten or meat.

Melita's Table is not just for those with special dietary needs. We are here to provide all-natural Latin offerings to customers who crave Old World flavors fused with modern-day health options; including nut-free, soy free, gluten free, and oil free menu items.

Melita's Table is aimed at customers who demand meals that stress healthy ingredients and environmental sustainability.

"Amazing flavor is what we do," McClurg said. "We bring Old World wholesome foods right to your door."

Don't let this year's Cinco de Mayo go to waste with second-rate food. Think like a health-minded revolutionary. Go for the zest and zing with Butter Lettuce Shell Vegan Tacos loaded with juicy and flavorful citrus portobello, cucumber salsa, cilantro, guacamole and pico.

Our Butter Lettuce Shell Tacos are not just amazing, but they go perfectly with our incredible Tres Leches Cake. This traditional Latin treat comes saturated with a sweet frosting glaze. The cake is so good, you might not want to share. But in the spirit of May 5th, we're sure you will find a way.

All of our gluten-free and vegan offerings are available for delivery and pick-up through DoorDash, UberEats, Postmates and Grubhub.

Let's celebrate Cinco de Mayo together with the best and healthiest food since the revolution. Viva Cinco de Mayo and taco lovers everywhere.

For more information about our gluten-free and vegan tacos, see:

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*Photo caption: Butter Lettuce Shell Vegan Tacos loaded with juicy and flavorful citrus portobello, cucumber salsa, cilantro, guacamole and pico.

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Restaurant Veteran Launches Sustainable Latin-Based Delivery and Catering Service

LAS VEGAS, Nev. -- Longtime Las Vegas restaurateur Kori McClurg is on a mission to change and improve the way American's eat. McClurg, who operates a chain of Ori'Zaba's Scratch Mexican Grill restaurants in the Las Vegas area, is about to open "Melita's Table," a plant-based delivery and catering only kitchen concept to the Las Vegas community.

This new kitchen concept is a delivery only operation that does not have a storefront or in-store dining. The concept is ideal for on the go consumers who demand healthy food without the hassle of dining out.

Melita's Table, which opens on November 1, will provide all-natural Latin offerings to customers who crave Old World flavors fused with modern-day health options suited for many dietary needs; including nut-free, soy free, gluten free, and oil free menu items.

Melita's Table -- a delivery and catering only service - is aimed at customers who demand meals that stress healthy ingredients and environmental sustainability, but do not want to compromise on flavor.

"Amazing flavor is what we do, but it our food feels as good as it tastes. You don't need to compromise your values," McClurg said. "We bring Old World, wholesome foods right to your door."

The delivery and catering-only kitchen concept is relatively new to Las Vegas, McClurg said. "The food we create at Melita's Table is the kind of food people want," she said. "They want transparency in their meals; they want to feel better about what they are buying; they want real, whole foods. And they want food that supports sustainability and the environment. By using all plant-based ingredients and environmentally-sensitive packaging, we are working to sustain the planet."

All of the food created by Melita's Table is prepared in professional kitchens that follow all regulations. This delivery and catering only concept will lead to better efficiency, and sustainability, McClurg said.

McClurg has a military background where she learned how to lead and build efficient operations. She knows how to get the most from a dollar. Melita's Table will use dedicated spaces in professional kitchens, allowing for a better return on real estate. Food is prepared fresh, using efficient processes that provide matchless quality. Every step of the experience, from ordering to food preparation and delivery, has been thought through to ensure maximum value for the customer. At Melita's Table you get more goodness for your money. You can count on it.

But customers also want traditional meals that deliver all natural ingredients with an Old World twist.

McClurg struck upon her Latin-infused, all-natural kitchen concept after years of travel and food exploration across Mexico and Latin America. She studied the culinary techniques of Old Mexico. She also enlisted the help of other culinary experts local to Las Vegas. The result is a delivery and catering only concept that provides unique ingredients such as a Latin Skillet with Lentil Picadillo and Citrus Portobello. Whole grain options in many dishes include Red Quinoa and Farro. Pineapple and Cucumber salsa add a unique twist to many of the dishes such as Gluten Free Green Enchiladas and Street Tacos.

"Our delivery and catering only concept will provide a new, tantalizing dining experience which treads lightly on the Earth," McClurg said. "Our completely plant focused menu and recyclable packaging is just as important to us, as is creating tasty food."

And unlike most take-out styled restaurants, Melita's Table gives customers the option to create their own plates, based on their dietary needs.

"There is no such thing as a special order," she said. "We have a 'Build Your Own' menu section to let guests choose their favorite ingredients and customize their order."

McClurg currently employs 80 people with restaurant locations all across the Las Vegas metro area. Her restaurants have won many coveted awards at the Bite of Las Vegas.

But McClurg understands that her delivery and catering only concept, much like the food truck craze, will provide restaurateurs with a new opportunity. She said that Melita's Table will provide healthy, sustainable foods to families in a quick, and affordable way. The delivery and catering only concept will also create a unique eating experience for customers.

"Melita's Table is focused on creating Latin flavors that are delivered to you," McClurg said. "We will change the way Americans eat with food that is delivered fast, fresh and always healthy."

McClurg said she wants her Las Vegas vision to grow into a national franchise.

"This is just the start," she said. "We chose Las Vegas as ground zero for the franchise plan, because this is a foodie town with high expectations."

Melita's Table is set to open November 1, 2019.

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For more information about one of Las Vegas's first-ever delivery and catering only concept, contact: Barry Bortnick, Sr. PR Specialist, Crazy Good Marketing, 720-325-2517 ext: 719,

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*Photo caption: Slathered with yummy Planta Queso, these vegan Nachos are sure to satisfy. These are 'not-cho' regular nachos!

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