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A New Mental Health App Has Arrived! The Mavin App

MILWAUKEE, Wis. -- Today, a Wisconsin startup, 3oi LLC announces the launch of the Mavin App, a mental health app to help the world conquer mental health in addition to supporting and educating the masses. Furthermore, the 3oi team is also proud to publicize that we are onboarding participants to the Conscious Venture Lab Cohort 8 Accelerator program.

Mental health is not to be taken lightly, it is something that cannot be fixed or cured but only maintained and sustained. So, we thank Conscious Venture Lab for believing in our mission in becoming a constant structure in people's lives in providing mental health education and assistance and also by connecting individuals with mental health providers on their terms.

"We at Mavin want to put your mental health, in your hands," said Kvon Smith, Chairman at 3oi LLC.

Our Mental health is constantly changing daily and sliding across a continuum of positive to negative. Because we as people are constantly affected by positive and negative experiences that affect how we feel mentally. Moreover, we are all one moment away from experiencing a mental health crisis. Whether it is childhood trauma coming to the surface, an accident-causing anxiety, or a veteran suffering from PTSD. Mental health is an aspect of life we must take more seriously.

We believe that you are not your mental health condition and that you have the power to conquer it. We believe that treating mental health is not a one size fits all treatment. The Mavin App which is out exclusively for Android at the moment is one of a kind personalized mental health app that includes assessments that intends to direct you to professionals who fit your needs.

We also believe that community is vital when living with mental illness or battling mental health. We want to let everyone know that they are not in this fight alone, so we created a safe space for members to connect with other members to encourage, uplift, and share life experiences in our Mavin's Haven.

During sign-in add a trusted loved one to your profile for free to avoid future interrogating questions altogether with your family. And in times of crisis, we have an emergency button inside the app that connects you to crisis intervention instead of the police.

So do us a favor and go to the Google Play store and join us on "Mavin App" your mental safe haven app where we are intentional in changing and saving lives.



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When It Comes to Mental Health Support for Teens and Adolescents, Schools Need to Do More Connecting with Their Students Early, Before It’s Too Late: FeelU

FULLERTON, Calif. -- "Depression, isolation, bullying, anxiety, suicides, and school shootings are more prevalent today than ever before," says the 17-year-old high school junior and the co-founder of FeelU, Amaan Jiwani.

"Most professionals and experts agree: early intervention makes all the difference in the world. FeelU for students will provide a comfortable, private and easy to use tool right in their hands," continued Amaan Jiwani.

We have all the hotlines and lifelines as we continue to treat mental health in the realm of crisis management.

"Mental health cannot just be crisis management - no wonder things keep getting worse," Amaan Jiwani further added. In today's highly public and social media, viral video world, young people are very concerned about how they look and are perceived by their peers in and outside of school.

The apprehension towards visiting a school psychologist's office, with the fear of public ridicule, is preventing opportunities for early intervention in many of the most prevalent mental health challenges faced by students today.

FeelU(TM) is an extremely simple to use mobile and web messaging app that will allow students to communicate with their school selected psychologists and counselors with anonymity and privacy. Schools of any type and size can be linked to the FeelU app, where the schools will link the appropriate psychologists and counselors to receive message and alerts as the student initiate conversations.

Learn more at:

Interested schools please visit or email us at We are looking for partners and advisors to bring FeelU to schools all around the world and make a difference in people's lives.

FeelU - Be Heard ... Anonymously!

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