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PACIFIC ENGINEERING, INC. develops Rapid On Demand Portable Medical Platforms to help in the war against the pandemic

ROCA, Neb. -- Pacific Engineering, Inc., winner of the U.S. Small Business Administration's 2014 Tibbetts Award for innovative technology, in response to the pandemic, has focused its resources on the development of a family of composite shelters that can be used as mobile test centers and patient treatment.

Specifically, these Rapid On Demand Portable Medical Platforms (ROD-PMP(TM)) may be easily and quickly deployed to areas or sites that lack diagnostic test capability such as rural hospitals, long-term care facilities, correctional institutions, critical industries (meat packing), sports venues, etc., to provide ready access testing for virus or similar outbreaks. Currently, platform models include a series of Test Platforms (Models 1000, 1100, 1200, and 1300) that provide rapid Point-of-Care testing and screening; and, Patient Treatment Models (Series 2000 and 3000 Models) that provide full service treatment and patient isolation for communities and hospitals that require these "surge" resources.

All ROD-PMP models utilize a lightweight composite structure that is durable, will not corrode, and easy to maintain. These units are deployable in all seasons and environments and are designed to the latest standard (ASTM 1925) for rigid wall relocatable structures (RWRS); the same criteria that is used by the U.S. Military for their tactical hospitals. All models can be transported using existing modes (common carrier) and set-up onsite using forklifts or cranes. PEI has designed the ROD-PMP in accordance with CDC guidelines and can be customized to meet specific user needs.

"When COVID-19 began to impact the U.S., our community and our employees, PEI began to consider what we could do to help combat this pandemic," stated Osie Combs, PEI President and retired Navy Rear Admiral. "Normally, our capabilities are utilized to support the U.S. Warfighter and help them take the fight to our foreign enemies. In this case, we are utilizing our advanced composites know-how to help fight a war on our soil, a more personal battle to protect our own families and communities. The ROD-PMP(TM) product line utilizes the latest technology in materials and design. PEI is dedicated to fielding a product that ramps up our nation's test capabilities, and equally important, a system that also protects our incredible healthcare workers."

PEI will be offering the ROD-PMP product line to communities, hospitals, agencies, and organizations throughout the United States. Our design and manufacturing facility stands ready to provide these systems within weeks of order placement. The ROD-PMP is the next step in fighting the pandemic and beyond.

Pacific Engineering, Inc. (PEI), is high tech small business located in Lincoln, Nebraska. Since 1998, PEI has been a leading designer and manufacturer of advanced composite structures for the military and commercial markets.

For more information please contact:

Osie V. Combs, Jr., President Vice President,

Dexter Myers, Vice President,

Our website is:

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NYT Bestseller Tosca Lee Offers Comfort, Entertainment with Nightly Story Time

LINCOLN, Neb. -- New York Times bestselling author Tosca Lee has spent the last five weeks reading to her fans live on Facebook during "Story Time with Tosca." The nightly event started March 20 with a promise to read until quarantine is no longer necessary - which means she has no idea when she'll stop.

Lee is currently reading from "The Progeny," her bestselling thriller in development for TV. She read previously from her award-winning novel, Iscariot, chosen by her readers. (Poll results were close-Lee's 2019 pandemic thriller, "The Line Between," came in second to perennial Easter season favorite, "Iscariot," which won out over a novel eerily close to current reality.)

Tonight marks her 40th consecutive Story Time in what has become, for many, a daily highlight-featuring laughter, giveaways, and appearances by Lee's 150-pound giant German Shepherd, Timber, the breakout star of the nightly broadcast who has become so popular fans have begun requesting the dog's paw print "signature" in addition to Lee's on signed book orders.

For Story Time regulars, the 40-minute evening event provides a much-needed escape from pandemic news and the rigors of quarantine. Josie Siler, a Wisconsin resident and chronic illness warrior, says, "It's an incredible gift that Tosca is giving her readers each night." Michigan resident Les Braddock says Lee's nightly Story Time "has done wonders in helping to maintain a level of normalcy."

"It's been a blessing for my family in return," Lee says. "A much-needed bit of routine in days that feel like they're running together." From days that are a little extra surreal given how closely the news has mirrored her 2019 bestselling thriller, "The Line Between."

A Washington outbreak... closed schools... quarantined towns... borders shut down.

The spate of recent headlines is also the plotline of Lee's medical thriller, "The Line Between," which released January, 2019 from Howard Books/Simon & Schuster-a year before COVID-19 arrived in the U.S. The book's sequel, "A Single Light "(September, 2019, Howard Books/Simon & Schuster) comes to paperback August 17.

Watching the news over a year after the release of "The Line Between" - a Goodreads Choice Awards semifinalist for best mystery/thriller of 2019 - Lee calls life "eerie and surreal." Another one of the reasons Lee, herself, finds solace in Story Time with her readers.

"The Line Between" has been optioned by Radar Pictures ("Jumanji") and Ed Burns' Marlboro Road Gang Productions ("Public Morals") and is in development for television as first reported by Deadline Hollywood:


"THE LINE BETWEEN" by Tosca Lee / HOWARD BOOKS / ISBN: 978-1501169090 / Pages: 384

"A SINGLE LIGHT" by Tosca Lee / HOWARD BOOKS / ISBN: 978-1476798646 / Pages: 384 Paperback On Sale: 8/18/20

About the Author:

Lee is the award-winning, New York Times, and CBA bestselling author of 11 novels including "The Progeny," "Firstborn," "Iscariot," "The Legend of Sheba," and The Books of Mortals series with New York Times bestselling author Ted Dekker. Her books have been translated into 17 languages and been optioned for TV and film.

Tosca received her B.A. in English from Smith College. A lifelong world adventure traveler, she lives in Nebraska with her husband and three of four children still at home. To learn more about Tosca, please visit

Tosca is available for interviews, media appearances, speaking engagements, and/or book review requests - please contact by email or by phone at 403.464.6925.

*Caption: Cover, "The Line Between," by Tosca Lee.

*Caption: Author Tosca Lee.

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MEDIA ADVISORY: Healthcare Stakeholders Comment on Special Registration for Telehealth

OMAHA, Neb. -- Encounter Telehealth, along with a number of healthcare stakeholders, submitted a letter with comments on the Drug Enforcement Administration's (DEA) implementation of a Special Registration provision for telehealth under the Ryan Haight Act.

This letter strongly urged the DEA to consider how the design of the process and criteria for special registrations for controlled substance prescribing through telehealth can positively or negatively impact patients living with serious, chronic, and disabling conditions-such as depression, anxiety, dementia, schizophrenia, substance use disorder, and many other conditions-in underserved communities.

To view more on the importance of Special Registration for Telemedicine Act of 2018, please read the full letter to the DEA HERE:

Encounter Telehealth serves patients in rural communities across America. Many patients are residents in rehabilitation and skilled nursing facilities. These patients suffer from debilitating conditions that make receiving healthcare outside of the facility extremely taxing for both patients and staff.

Encounter Telehealth is joined by the following national organizations in order to highlight the immense potential of telehealth:
* Alyvant, Inc.
* American Association of Nurse Practitioners
* The American Telemedicine Association
* Bipartisan Policy Center
* Centerstone
* Cognitive Psychiatry of Chapel Hill PLLC
* Encounter Telehealth
* Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation
* HealthyWomen
* Heron Therapeutics, Inc.
* InnovaTel Telepsychiatry
* InSight Telepsychiatry
* InTouch Health
* Men's Health Network
* National Hispanic Medical Association
* National Minority Quality Forum
* Ochsner Health System
* Pine Rest Christian Mental Health Services
* Preventive Cardiovascular Nurses Association (PCNA)

About Encounter Telehealth:

Encounter Telehealth, based in Omaha, Nebraska, was founded in 2012 with a mission to provide access to quality mental and behavioral healthcare. Our providers offer psychiatric medication management, staff training, evaluations, and therapy over a video telehealth platform to patients across America. Learn more:

Media Only Contact:
Jen Amis
(402) 590-2548

*LOGO link for media:

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Anti-Psychotic Drug Reduction in Skilled Nursing Facilities Through Telepsychiatry

OMAHA, Neb. -- An Encounter Telehealth analysis of 40 skilled nursing facility partners in Iowa revealed a 6.7% reduction in the use of anti-psychotics. This reduction occurred after an average of 14 months of partnering with Encounter on psychiatric care. The national average was less than a 4% reduction during the same period.

The analysis shows the percentage of anti-psychotic drug use among facilities in 2015, prior to working with Encounter, and in 2018.

The data comes from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) and can be accessed on CMS Nursing Home Compare:

Of the 443 nursing homes in Iowa, the 40 facilities that Encounter Telehealth partners with have shown an average 6.7% reduction in the use of anti-psychotics between 2015 and 2018. Some facilities have shown substantial reductions, including one facility that went from 28.6% in 2015 to a low 7.3% in 2018. That is a 21.3% decrease in the usage of anti-psychotics, and nearly one half of the current national average. Encounter Telehealth's partner facilities in Iowa had an average 12.1% of residents on anti-psychotic medications as of 2018, which is 2.4% below the average of total Iowa nursing homes.

CMS estimates that only a small fraction of long-term residents will ever have a condition warranting the use of anti-psychotics, however they are repeatedly over-prescribed and at a great price. Facilities that do not show a reduction in anti-psychotic medication distribution can be penalized with a maximum 2% Medicare reduction. However, facilities that prove a reduction in their use of anti-psychotics are eligible of a maximum bonus of 1.6% Medicare payouts.

Through Encounter Telehealth, patients receive evaluations and psychiatric medication management services by Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioners. This ensures proper diagnoses and medication management from the convenience of the facility. Encounter also offers talk therapy, which has been proven to be beneficial to patients with dementia and cognitive decline. In addition, Encounter provides staff training. Proper staff training can ensure quality healthcare and safety for everyone. When staff is trained to use alternative, non-pharmacological interventions, studies have shown statistical benefits in patients with dementia.

Encounter Telehealth provides behavioral mental healthcare in long term communities. At Encounter, our providers are focused on administering compassionate, consistent, and quality care.

About Encounter Telehealth LLC:
Encounter Telehealth, based out of Omaha, Nebraska, was founded in 2012 with a mission to provide access to quality mental and behavioral healthcare. Our providers offer psychiatric medication management, staff training, evaluations, and therapy over a video telehealth platform to patients across America.

Connect with Encounter Telehealth on our website: - or on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook

Encounter Telehealth, 900 S 74th Plaza, Omaha, NE 68114, Tel (844) 485-3041.

*LOGO link for media:

Twitter: @EncounterPsych #telepsychiatry #behavioralhealthcare

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Alan T Black Releases New Book ‘Here I Am Lord’ to Draw Readers Close to The Lord

OMAHA, Neb. -- Alan T Black announces the launch of his new book, "Here I am Lord" (ISBN: 978-1982057282). The book primarily answers the call of the Lord and helps readers get closer to the Lord. The book comprises 35 different essays and it illustrates some of the best tools which can be used to help you come closer to the Lord.

The Kindle Edition version of the book will be available for free on the Kindle store for the period of Feb. 12 - 16, 2018.

Those who would like to improve the kind of relationship which they have with the Lord and the ones who are seeking to bring about solace and improvement in their life should definitely consider downloading this book.

"I was raised and grew up in the United Methodist Church. While I do proudly embrace my background and personal history within the United Methodist Church, I do feel that ultimately what is important is not the denomination that you are a part of. What matters most is the relationship that you have with the Lord," said Black.

He added, "Part and parcel of any relationship is the level of commitment that one makes to it. With any and all relationships, they are going to take time to grow. Through the years, if I were to describe my relationship with the Lord using one word it would be 'transformation.'"

It takes time for the relationship to grow and evolve and this is why this book aspires to help people achieve the right understanding and momentum so that they can grow and come closer to the Lord. It is important to believe in the lord and trust him completely to stay blessed and achieve success in all walks of life.

Those who would like to know more about the book should visit Amazon at: and then download the Kindle version for free during the promotion period.

About Alan T Black:

Raised in the United Methodist church, Alan is a man of principles and always believed that it is the relationship which we have with God that governs our life, the success we get and the kind of journey we traverse. Learn more about the author at:

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Synergy SIS by Edupoint Selected for Nebraska ESUCC Cooperative Purchasing Program

LA VISTA, Neb. -- Synergy(R) Student Information System (SIS) from Edupoint(R) Educational Systems, creator of the industry-leading Synergy Education Platform for K-12 student information and learning management, has been selected by the Nebraska Educational Service Unit Coordinating Council (ESUCC) for inclusion in its Cooperative Purchasing program.

The ESUCC Cooperative Purchasing program provides an online Marketplace through which Nebraska school districts may purchase high quality products at a substantial savings. The program serves 17 state Educational Service Units (ESUs), which in turn service Nebraska school districts, impacting more than 300,000 students statewide.

Nebraska districts interested in Synergy SIS will be able to contact Edupoint right from the ESUCC Marketplace to request a quote, and Nebraska partner districts will receive support directly from Edupoint. Online renewals will be completed through a simple shopping cart process.

To qualify for participation in the ESUCC Cooperative Purchasing program, Edupoint responded to a Request for Qualifications (RFQ) issued jointly by ESUCC and the Nebraska Department of Education (NDE). In Tier 1 of a two-tier evaluation process, ESUCC and NDE qualified each vendor response. In Tier 2, approximately 55 representatives from school districts across the state met in Lincoln, Nebraska, to evaluate and rank the SIS solutions following presentations by the five qualifying vendors.

The major criteria considered in the Tier 2 evaluation included ability to meet minimum requirements, features supporting district level needs and workflow, ease or friendliness of use, overall district input on system as a whole, and openness and extensibility of the solution. Synergy SIS received the highest Tier 2 ranking.

"We are pleased to be part of the Nebraska ESUCC Cooperative Purchasing program," said Bob Weathers, CEO for Edupoint. "We look forward to developing lasting partnerships with school districts throughout Nebraska and providing our world class Synergy SIS to help them solve data challenges and achieve their goals."

About Edupoint Educational Systems

For over thirty years, the leadership of Edupoint Educational Systems has provided well-designed, technologically-advanced student data management systems that empower all K-12 stakeholders with the tools they need to improve student achievement. The fully-integrated Synergy(R) Education Platform includes Synergy(R) SIS, the most powerful K-12 student information system available today, Synergy(R) LMS, an all-in-one learning and assessment platform, and Synergy(R) SE. Thousands of schools nationwide choose the Synergy Education Platform to support more than 3.5 million students.

More information:

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