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KYield and Praxis form Strategic Alliance to Convert Oil & Gas Platforms for Offshore Aquaculture and Renewable Energy Production

RIO RANCHO, N.M. -- KYield, Inc. announced today a strategic alliance with Praxis Drilling and Completion, LLC, for the purpose of converting offshore oil and gas platforms to sustainable food and energy production.

"KYield has performed deep dives in AI for most industries, including energy and offshore platforms following the Deepwater Horizon oil spill," said Mark Montgomery, founder and CEO of KYield. "We're pleased to form a strategic alliance with Praxis to apply our KOS as the AI OS for offshore platforms."

The KOS is a data-centric AI OS with embedded governance, security, prevention, and automation. The modular system design is universal and can be applied at any scale, from the largest enterprise to small teams or industrial applications.

Praxis is an experienced offshore specialist based in Texas. The company is in discussions to convert existing platforms to aquaculture and low-carbon energy production. The alliance agreement provides limited exclusivity for the KOS to be used for offshore platform conversions, and extends a minority equity position to KYield in a new entity that will own and operate the platforms.

"We anticipate extensive use of automation for cost savings made possible with the KOS, and to aid in health, safety, environment, and quality," said Robert Young, CEO of Praxis. "There are over 5,000 offshore platforms to be decommissioned. Our aim is to recycle platforms for social benefit in developing nations by producing sustainable food and energy."

The initial focus for the alliance is to convert idle offshore platforms to other uses, including for off-shore fish farming and renewable energy such as green hydrogen. KYield will provide precision third-party analytics, monitoring, and reporting to blue and green bondholders, and for ESG certification.

About KYield:

KYield is a pioneer in AI systems with 25 years of research and development. The KOS is a data-centric AI OS with a patented core that is ready to scale. The Synthetic Genius Machine (SGM) is a patent-pending AI system that will provide specific superintelligence as a service when commercialized. More information about KYield is available at

About Praxis:

Praxis is a trusted technical advisor to some of the world's most dynamic exploration and production companies. Visit to learn more.

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Scarlet Ravin’s White Fox Medicinals Invokes Traditional Herbal Healing with Traveling Storefront Medicine Wagon

LOS OJOS, N.M. -- Herbal health enthusiast Scarlet Ravin has enjoyed a supportive counterculture following since the 2007 launch of her White Fox Medicinals, a CBD infused topical line of health and beauty mixtures.

When she eventually left Colorado for California, her business expanded with bottling, branding, and wider distribution. Today however, White Fox Medicinals rests nestled in the northern mountains of New Mexico, with Ravin crafting and selling her soul healing remedies via the White Fox Medicine Wagon, a traveling storefront tribute to ancient and traditional practices.

While still available online, Ravin is going against the grain and seeking to nurture her local community with hands-on service that harkens earlier times and better days.

"While most business are moving into meta space, I feel compelled to create a business module that honors healing from a heart attuned space," explains White Fox Medicinals founder and creator, Scarlet Ravin. "The 1900's style gypsy medicine wagon is my antidote to being cancelled across social media. Medicine is love from the maker and connecting to the roots from which it came. Servicing my community, in person, with a traveling store, redeems what White Fox Medicine has always been about, which is plant based, spirit infused preventative care, that honors the earth and her animals."

From CBD infused body oils and soothing skin balms to crystal enhanced bath salts and scrubs to cosmically aligned herb teas, Ravin has expanded with novel therapeutics that reflect the locally grown sage made available from her New Mexico environment. The Los Ojos Sage Soap and Miracle Balm body potion are part of her newly launched 100% natural New Mexico desert restorative offerings.

"White Fox Medicine has been able to survive the pandemic because our clientele appreciates the value of herbal alchemy as a long-term recipe for multi-layered restoration," notes Ravin. "Now more than ever, with so much of our lives compromised and sacrificed in our post pandemic world, it is important to be able to access sustenance that still vibrates with the high

frequency essence of Mother Earth. I'm extremely excited to present the White Fox Medicine Wagon as a reminder of our early curative roots and power."

Scarlet Ravin has always enjoyed a special relationship with plants. Her deep love for plants and animals led her to leave behind chemical-based products and explore alternative cures. White Fox Medicine(tm) was born and through Scarlet's spiritual insight she found herself channeling formulas and potions that her customers came to love.

The cannabis community found her CBD imbued creations to be exceptional, with rave reviews from High Times, Weedmaps and Rolling Stone. As an international best-selling author, Scarlet enjoys public speaking while she allows higher wisdom to come through her. Her newest book "Psilocybin Transmissions" is a channeled book explaining the benefits of the sacred plant.

White Fox Medicinals are packaged in biophotonic glass packaging offering unique filtering to both protect and revitalize the contents while amazingly extending the shelf life. Animal totems grace each label as another layer that harkens the remembrance of ancient rituals. Everything is 100% organic and typically made on full moon evenings under the power of prayer before bottled.

As White Fox Medicine continues its mission to educate, heal and support wellness using ingredients straight from the earth, the Medicine Wagon is an important earmark of Scarlet Ravin's commitment to spread love across the planet, one road at a time.

To book the White Fox Medicine Wagon for an event, email

The full White Fox Medicinals line is also available at

Makeda Smith
Jazzmyne Public Relations
Phone Number: 323-380-8819


The statements made in this press release have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. Our products are not intended to diagnose, cure or prevent any disease. If a condition persists, please contact your physician or health care provider. The information provided by the company is not a substitute for a face-to-face consultation with a health care provider, and should not be construed as individual medical advice.

Press release intended for media located in New Mexico.

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New Mexico Youth Soccer Association Extends Partnership with Sports Connect to Advance the Game Using Innovative Technology

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. -- New Mexico Youth Soccer Association (NMYSA), the governing body for US Youth Soccer in the state, has announced a multi-year partnership extension with Sports Connect as part of its mission to grow and advance the game of soccer in New Mexico. As the exclusive technology provider of NMYSA, Sports Connect will continue to provide technology solutions for the state association, affiliated leagues and clubs, and the participating players, coaches, families, and volunteers.

Sports Connect is a key component of the U.S. Soccer Connect mission of growing participation and advancing the sport of soccer in conjunction with U.S. Soccer. The U.S. Soccer Connect initiative consists of leading services powered by Stack Sports connecting every level of the soccer pathway. It represents the largest commitment of technology and sport resources to any project in American sports history.

"We are proud to extend our partnership with Sports Connect as the Exclusive Technology Provider of New Mexico Youth Soccer," said Gloria Faber, Executive Director of NMYSA. "Extending this long-standing partnership with Sports Connect ensures our affiliated clubs are utilizing the most innovative solution on the market. Over the years, our clubs have received unmatched customer support as well as consistent enhancements to make their experience even better each season."

As an exclusive partner of NMYSA, Sports Connect will serve as the participation growth platform for both the state office and its member clubs.

"We are humbled by the opportunity to continue our partnership with the New Mexico Youth Soccer Association with a goal of growing the sport in the state," said Adam Abney, General Manager of Sports Connect. "NMYSA has been fostering a safe and fun environment for the development of New Mexico's youth through the game of soccer for decades, and we are proud to serve alongside their mission through innovative technology and best-in-class support."

Affiliated clubs partnering with Sports Connect, powered by Stack Sports, have access to a full suite of features, including Mobile-First Registration, seamless data integration with NMYSA, safety and compliance tracking, professional website designs, data insights, secure online payment processing, and more.

About New Mexico Youth Soccer Association

The New Mexico Youth Soccer Association is a 501(c)(4) not-for-profit corporation and National Youth State Association of the United States Soccer Federation. As members of US Youth Soccer, they represent, govern and serve 18 member leagues and their 45 club affiliates. NMYSA has almost 24,000 registered players, coaches and administrators in a service area that extends throughout New Mexico and into west Texas, southern Colorado and eastern Arizona for certain programs. New Mexico Youth Soccer Association provides rewarding recreational and competitive opportunities for boys and girls 5-19 years old. For more information, see

About Stack Sports

With nearly 50 million users in 35 countries, Stack Sports is a global technology leader in SaaS platform offerings for the sports industry. The company provides world-class software and services to support national governing bodies, youth sports associations, leagues, clubs, parents, coaches, and athletes. Some of the largest and most prominent sports organizations including the U.S. Soccer Federation, Little League Baseball and Softball, and Pop Warner Little Scholars rely on Stack Sports technology to run and manage their organizations. Stack Sports is headquartered in Dallas and is leading the industry one team at a time focusing on four key pillars - Grassroots Engagement, Participation Growth, Recruiting Pathways, and Elite Player Development. To learn more about how Stack Sports is transforming the sports experience, please visit

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‘FRIDAY THE 13TH’ spin-off, ’13 FANBOY’ Coming to a Theater Near You

RUIDOSO, N.M. -- 13 Fanboy LLC announces: After 12 years without a "FRIDAY THE 13TH" film, fans are hungry for new blood. Enter Deborah Voorhees (yes, that is her real name), star of "FRIDAY THE 13TH part 5," and director of the October 22, 2021 horror film "13 FANBOY."

With "FRIDAY THE 13TH" tied up in legal battles fans are not likely to see the iconic killer Jason Voorhees return to Camp Crystal Lake anytime soon.

"We can't bring you an official 'FRIDAY THE 13TH' movie," says producer Joel Paul Reisig. "That's why Deborah Voorhees and I sat down and created this new franchise."

Reisig's previous credits include over 20 feature films; his most recent one being picked up by Universal Studios. "We really listened to the fans," says Voorhees, who also directed the film and plays a small role. "We wanted to stay true to the legionary movies of the 80s. This is truly a throwback film by fans and for fans."

"13 FANBOY" is about an obsessed fan who stalks (and kills) his favorite actresses from the original "FRIDAY THE 13TH" and "HALLOWEEN" films. The story follows Kelsie Voorhees, who as a child witnesses the murder of her grandmother, "FRIDAY THE 13TH" actress Deborah Voorhees, at the hands of a crazed fanboy. As an adult, Kelsie discovers her grandmother isn't the only victim and the killer is still hunting his favorite "FRIDAY THE 13TH" cast members and iconic scream queens to slaughter.

"Horror fans are the best," says Voorhees, "but every once in a while, you get that one that feels scary. I've received texts saying, 'I'm watching you right now,' or 'wouldn't it be cool if you were killed like you died in the film?'"

The cast includes actors and actresses from the original 80s films, iconic scream queens playing fictionalized versions of themselves. The star lineup includes Cory Feldman, Kane Hodder, C.J. Graham, Tracie Savage, Judi Aronson and many more from the original series. Legendary actress Dee Wallace ("HALLOWEEN," "CUJO," "CRITTERS," "THE HILLS HAVE EYES," "THE HOLLOWING," and "E.T.") leads the film. Adrienne King, star of the original "FRIDAY THE 13TH" passed on appearing in "13 FANBOY," stating that the film was "too real, too scary."

"13 FANBOY" is distributed by Deskpop Entertainment, it will play in limited theaters in North America and London, opening on October 22, 2021. It will also be available for purchase on all major VOD networks on the same day.

Please visit our website to view the trailer, locations showing the film, and more information.


VIDEO (YouTube):

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Duke City Cares Launching Behavioral Healthcare Services

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. -- Duke City Cares, the local family-owned company that developed Duke City Urgent Care and Duke City Primary Care, is launching a Behavioral Healthcare service line to expand the services they offer in their ongoing mission to improve the health of the communities they serve and they are looking for great providers to join their team.

According to founder and CEO Dr. Hank Taliaferro, "We are committed to providing value and quality in healthcare and behavioral healthcare is a critical part of our patients' health."

Behavioral Health is an integral part of everyday healthcare. New Mexicans are faced with a dire shortage of these services across the state that is only being compounded by ongoing practice closures. Duke City believes their mission of providing fast, friendly, high-quality healthcare services can be applied within New Mexico behavioral healthcare offerings by making it accessible for those in need.

Through the offering of Urgent Care, Primary Care, Occupational Medicine, Mobile Healthcare, and now Behavioral Healthcare, Duke City Cares can offer a wide scope of services to the patients they serve to improve the health of New Mexicans. Duke City Cares' commitment to its patients and the community aims to bridge the service gap and make Behavioral Healthcare an accessible part of their comprehensive Primary Care offerings.

Duke City is currently assembling a team and seeking a few specially licensed individuals to support this service line. We are seeking licensed Ph.D./Psy.D., LISW/LCSW, LPCC, LMFT, or Psychiatric Mental-Health Nurse Practitioners to join the Behavioral Health Care team. Additional information can be found on their Indeed website job page.

"We are looking for unique individuals who embody our commitment to quality, compassionate care for our patients and are excited to add this important service to the Duke City Cares experience," says Dr. Taliaferro.

For further information about the Behavioral Healthcare program or to apply for a position please contact Human Resources Manager Michal Charles at or visit our website at

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New On-Line Product Disrupts the Automotive Industry for The Good of Consumers

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. -- Autica, a U.S. based internet-based consumer website, announces the development of a revolutionary and disruptive on-line car purchasing solution that provides consumers the ability to purchase and take delivery of a vehicle in one hour or less from an extensive network of localized dealer inventory unique to each customer inquiry.

With Autica, the consumer easily locates, selects and has the car delivered to their home or office for test drive and inspection the very same day. No more speculating on the condition or suitability of a vehicle from competitive websites which can take days to travel to the consumer. Autica allows individuals the freedom and convenience to finalize every aspect of their vehicle purchase, including delivery quickly and remotely. Utilizing a laptop computer or other smart device, the entire transaction is now financed and fully documented without ever having to visit the dealership.

Michael P. Martinez, CFO for Autica states, "The consumer will no longer have to wait endlessly or take an entire day out of their busy lives to purchase a car. They can finally complete the entire purchase from anywhere, on their schedule, with the entire transaction financed, documented and car delivered in under an hour from the comfort of their home or office. There are no hard sales pitches or pressure from the dealer. Just simplicity and convenience, what the consumer has come to expect."

Autica will be ready for introduction to the public in the coming months. Autica is an innovative solution to buying a car and finally gives the consumer what he/she wants -- making a car purchase fast and easy without long waits, pressure and lengthy sales pitches at the dealership or even waiting days for inspection and test drive. For additional information contact Michael P. Martinez at (505) 280-3200.

George Lovato
Autica LLC

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Sunpro Solar, Unirac Donate Solar Installation to Joy Junction

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. -- Sunpro Solar, a national leader in residential solar power, joins Unirac, a solar mount manufacturer, on a mission to donate and install solar energy panels that will power facilities for Joy Junction, a homeless shelter in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Joy Junction provides assistance to the homeless population and underserved families and individuals in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Unlike other shelters in the area, the organization believes that no one should be turned away and that families should be kept together.

In light of COVID-19, many in the community are left vulnerable and without the means to self-quarantine or shelter-in-place; a situation that causes a significant draw on the resources Joy Junction needs to do its work - dramatically more than pre-pandemic.

The donated solar installation from Sunpro Solar will make sure that hundreds of dollars every month are used to support Joy Junction's efforts in the community and not diverted to pay for electricity costs. Solar power provides a cost-saving solution for the shelter that will last long after the pandemic has passed.

"If the COVID-19 pandemic has shown us anything about our [solar] industry, it is that we are resilient, we are tenacious, and we care about our fellow human beings," says Unirac's Karen Paramanandam.

"Our company was founded with the mission to change lives and make our communities a better place," said Marc Jones, Founder and CEO of Sunpro Solar. "We are proud to partner with great companies like Unirac to help support Joy Junction's world-changing work."

Both Sunpro and Unirac encourage residents in the Albuquerque area to visit for other ways to help Joy Junction in its work with the homeless and vulnerable.

About Sunpro Solar:

Sunpro Solar is a top solar company in the U.S. that provides affordable solar energy and battery storage solutions to homeowners nationwide. Sunpro Solar was named 5th largest residential solar installer in the U.S. by Solar Power World Magazine in July 2020. An Inc. 500 company, Sunpro Solar continues to expand as the demand for home solar in the United States rapidly increases. Sunpro Solar has headquarters in Louisiana and currently operates in 15 states. For more information visit

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Eloquent Light Editions Launches New Photography Book – The Light of Days Gone By: Photographs by Craig Varjabedian

SANTA FE, N.M. -- Eloquent Light Editions announces a new photography book by award-winning photographer Craig Varjabedian, "The Light of Days Gone By," which was 45 years in the making. It celebrates with stunning imagery the journey of a photographer and the beautiful light he has witnessed and captured along the way. This beautiful hardcover book retails for $34.95 and is available from the photographer's website Studio Shoppe or

"The Light of Days Gone By" is a testament to Varjabedian's vision and many years of hard work and will appeal to anyone who appreciates fine photography. Varjabedian's photographs from the magnificent red hills of Ghost Ranch and gleaming white dunes of White Sands to more faraway places - from strong Native Americans to weathered cowboys and more - these expansive landscapes and intimate portraits are all presented in this beautifully printed book.

The 48 color and black & white photographs were carefully curated by Varjabedian's long time studio director Cindy Lane, to not only share the breadth of this photographer's career but also to reveal relationships between individual images and from the themes he has explored over the years.

"Working as a photographer has given me the opportunity to constantly be learning something from my experiences behind the camera. For me it's more than just about making pretty pictures-that's nice certainly - but it's more about having the opportunity to observe, to be a witness to the quintessential beauty of it all," says Craig Varjabedian.

"The Light of Days Gone By" includes two essays. In "Past Light in this Present Time," Cindy Lane writes about working and collaborating together for 30 years with the artist and observes that the authenticity of these photographs frequently evokes powerful emotions in the viewer. And in "On the Power of Memory and Trees," artist Myra Bullington looks not only at the importance of photographs as an aid to memory but also shares an appreciation gained from many years of being a creative observer and thoughtful commentator on the photographer's work.

"The Light of Days Gone By" is also being presented as a 3D virtual exhibition by Converge Las Cruces Fine Art. View this beautiful interactive showcase here:

"Craig Varjabedian's photography captures, with arresting clarity, the ineffable whispers of time and spirit layered deep in New Mexico's cultural landscape. Through the artful combination of his compassionate eye and technical virtuosity, he evokes the past in the present and the holy in the everyday," says Catherine Whitney, Museum Curator.

About Craig Varjabedian

Craig Varjabedian is a photographer who explores the back roads of the American West, making pictures of the unique and quintessential. 45 years behind the camera, 14 books, 42 museum exhibitions and hundreds of fine art photographic prints all comprise a rich and rewarding career. His images share awe-inspiring stories of the land and the people who live on it-one photograph at a time.

To learn more about the book:

To learn more about the photographer:

About Eloquent Light Editions

Based in Santa Fe, New Mexico, Eloquent Light Editions is a design and publishing company of fine art books, notecards, postcards and posters.

Cindy Lane
Director, Eloquent Light Editions
(505)983-2934 (media & public)

Note to editors - digital image files for editorial use, download here:

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Gallup-McKinley County Schools in New Mexico Selects Synergy Education Platform

GALLUP, N.M. -- Gallup-McKinley County Schools (GMCS) has selected the industry-leading Synergy(R) Education Platform by Edupoint(R) Educational Systems for its K-12 student information management needs. The district's Synergy solution will include Synergy Student Information System, Synergy Special Education, and Synergy Analytics in a cloud-hosted environment. GMCS serves over 11,600 students in northwest New Mexico and is the seventh largest district in the state.

With Synergy Education Platform, GMCS will benefit from a single solution integrated by design for seamless interoperability systemwide. Synergy will provide powerful out-of-the-box reporting and the ability to create custom reports whenever they are needed, as well the ability to easily call up the data needed for the district's annual Impact Aid application.

Synergy users will have access to the platform's unique suite of mobile apps serving nearly every user type with the targeted tools and information they need for their particular role. Principals and assistant principals, for example, will be able get out from behind their desks and access data in real time as they work on the go, checking student IDs and printing hall passes as needed with an optional third-party mobile printer.

The district will also enjoy full field-level security systemwide for maximum data security and privacy.

"Gallup-McKinley County Schools selected Synergy not only for the quality of our solution, but also because of Edupoint's strong presence throughout New Mexico, where we are the market leader," said Bob Weathers, Founder and CEO of Edupoint. "It's about trust. We have long-standing customers and relationships in the state, and district leaders saw value in that. We're pleased to have Gallup-McKinley join our existing New Mexico clients and look forward to partnering with the district to support students over the long term."

About Edupoint Educational Systems

For over 35 years, the leadership of Edupoint Educational Systems has provided well-designed, technologically advanced student data management systems that empower K-12 stakeholders to improve student achievement. Synergy Education Platform by Edupoint is an industry-leading student data management ecosystem built to fit the way educators already work, with seamlessly integrated student information management, learning management, MTSS, assessment, special education management, and analytics. Synergy is unique among K-12 student data management solutions in providing an array of role-based mobile apps designed to give all stakeholders access to the tools they need when and where they need them. Thousands of schools nationwide choose the Synergy Education Platform to support 4.5 million students in 21 states.

Learn more:

*PHOTO link for media:

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4Ry, USDA and Texas A&M AgriLife to Develop Innovative Spraying Technology for Cattle Fever Ticks

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. -- 4Ry Inc. announced today that 4Ry(R) and Texas A&M AgriLife Research have signed a research agreement. They will collaborate with the USDA's Agricultural Research Service (ARS) to more efficiently and effectively spray cattle to eliminate cattle fever ticks.

Cattle fever ticks are vectors of pathogens causing bovine babesiosis, also known as cattle tick fever, and are the focus of the US Cattle Fever Tick Eradication Program. The project will adapt 4Ry's Charge Injected Precision Spraying (ChIPS)(TM) for conductive fluids. Many pesticides registered to spray cattle are water-based, which makes them conductive.

Dr. Arnold Kelly, PhD, 4ry's Chief Technology Officer and cofounder, will modify 4Ry's patented Spray Triode Atomizer, the heart of the ChIPS system. Pete Teel, PhD, Texas A&M AgriLife Research entomologist, regents professor and interim department head, Department of Entomology will lead the project and provide administrative guidance. Field testing will be conducted by Texas A&M AgriLife Research and USDA ARS at the USDA-ARS Cattle Fever Tick Research Laboratory in Edinburg, Texas.

Meeting all the project milestones will document that the ChIPS system allows for more complete and targeted coverage of cattle with fewer environmental and operator health hazards. Charged spray droplets are attracted to the cow and thoroughly coat all areas with little aerosol drift or overspray. By reducing the amount of fluid sprayed and wasted, ChIPS more efficiently covers cattle, generates substantial cost savings, and reduces health and environmental risks.

"Successful development of our sprayer for conductive fluids will allow ranchers to integrate this technology for sustainable eradication of the invasive fever ticks that cost the cattle industry millions of dollars before they were eliminated from the U.S.," said David Bird, 4Ry's CEO. "The tick problem is particularly bad in South Texas counties that border Mexico. Our modified sprayer will also improve management of other livestock pests, so it will be welcomed wherever those pests are found in association with cattle production."

"Texas A&M AgriLife Research and the USDA, Agricultural Research Service have a long history of dedicated joint research efforts in support of the US Cattle Industry and the regulatory agencies responsible for the U.S. Cattle Fever Tick Eradication Program," Teel said. "The opportunity to collaborate with 4Ry, Inc., on the development and application of this new technology could significantly improve how cattle receive acaricide treatment to prevent the re-establishment of cattle fever ticks in the U.S."

About 4Ry

4Ry is based in Albuquerque. It is commercializing charge-injected atomization and spraying technologies invented by Dr. Arnold Kelly. For more information, please visit

4Ry(R) is a registered U.S. trademark.

About the USDA-ARS

ARS is the USDA's chief scientific in-house research agency. Over 2000 scientists and post-doctoral researchers are engaged in over 600 research projects with 15 National Programs at over 90 research locations.

About Texas A&M AgriLife

Texas A&M AgriLife is the largest comprehensive agriculture program in the nation. It brings together a college and four Texas agencies focused on agriculture and life sciences. It has 5,000 employees and a presence in every county in Texas.

Media Contact
Robert Gore
Vice President, 4Ry Agricultural Solutions

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