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Gallup-McKinley County Schools in New Mexico Selects Synergy Education Platform

GALLUP, N.M. -- Gallup-McKinley County Schools (GMCS) has selected the industry-leading Synergy(R) Education Platform by Edupoint(R) Educational Systems for its K-12 student information management needs. The district's Synergy solution will include Synergy Student Information System, Synergy Special Education, and Synergy Analytics in a cloud-hosted environment. GMCS serves over 11,600 students in northwest New Mexico and is the seventh largest district in the state.

With Synergy Education Platform, GMCS will benefit from a single solution integrated by design for seamless interoperability systemwide. Synergy will provide powerful out-of-the-box reporting and the ability to create custom reports whenever they are needed, as well the ability to easily call up the data needed for the district's annual Impact Aid application.

Synergy users will have access to the platform's unique suite of mobile apps serving nearly every user type with the targeted tools and information they need for their particular role. Principals and assistant principals, for example, will be able get out from behind their desks and access data in real time as they work on the go, checking student IDs and printing hall passes as needed with an optional third-party mobile printer.

The district will also enjoy full field-level security systemwide for maximum data security and privacy.

"Gallup-McKinley County Schools selected Synergy not only for the quality of our solution, but also because of Edupoint's strong presence throughout New Mexico, where we are the market leader," said Bob Weathers, Founder and CEO of Edupoint. "It's about trust. We have long-standing customers and relationships in the state, and district leaders saw value in that. We're pleased to have Gallup-McKinley join our existing New Mexico clients and look forward to partnering with the district to support students over the long term."

About Edupoint Educational Systems

For over 35 years, the leadership of Edupoint Educational Systems has provided well-designed, technologically advanced student data management systems that empower K-12 stakeholders to improve student achievement. Synergy Education Platform by Edupoint is an industry-leading student data management ecosystem built to fit the way educators already work, with seamlessly integrated student information management, learning management, MTSS, assessment, special education management, and analytics. Synergy is unique among K-12 student data management solutions in providing an array of role-based mobile apps designed to give all stakeholders access to the tools they need when and where they need them. Thousands of schools nationwide choose the Synergy Education Platform to support 4.5 million students in 21 states.

Learn more:

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4Ry, USDA and Texas A&M AgriLife to Develop Innovative Spraying Technology for Cattle Fever Ticks

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. -- 4Ry Inc. announced today that 4Ry(R) and Texas A&M AgriLife Research have signed a research agreement. They will collaborate with the USDA's Agricultural Research Service (ARS) to more efficiently and effectively spray cattle to eliminate cattle fever ticks.

Cattle fever ticks are vectors of pathogens causing bovine babesiosis, also known as cattle tick fever, and are the focus of the US Cattle Fever Tick Eradication Program. The project will adapt 4Ry's Charge Injected Precision Spraying (ChIPS)(TM) for conductive fluids. Many pesticides registered to spray cattle are water-based, which makes them conductive.

Dr. Arnold Kelly, PhD, 4ry's Chief Technology Officer and cofounder, will modify 4Ry's patented Spray Triode Atomizer, the heart of the ChIPS system. Pete Teel, PhD, Texas A&M AgriLife Research entomologist, regents professor and interim department head, Department of Entomology will lead the project and provide administrative guidance. Field testing will be conducted by Texas A&M AgriLife Research and USDA ARS at the USDA-ARS Cattle Fever Tick Research Laboratory in Edinburg, Texas.

Meeting all the project milestones will document that the ChIPS system allows for more complete and targeted coverage of cattle with fewer environmental and operator health hazards. Charged spray droplets are attracted to the cow and thoroughly coat all areas with little aerosol drift or overspray. By reducing the amount of fluid sprayed and wasted, ChIPS more efficiently covers cattle, generates substantial cost savings, and reduces health and environmental risks.

"Successful development of our sprayer for conductive fluids will allow ranchers to integrate this technology for sustainable eradication of the invasive fever ticks that cost the cattle industry millions of dollars before they were eliminated from the U.S.," said David Bird, 4Ry's CEO. "The tick problem is particularly bad in South Texas counties that border Mexico. Our modified sprayer will also improve management of other livestock pests, so it will be welcomed wherever those pests are found in association with cattle production."

"Texas A&M AgriLife Research and the USDA, Agricultural Research Service have a long history of dedicated joint research efforts in support of the US Cattle Industry and the regulatory agencies responsible for the U.S. Cattle Fever Tick Eradication Program," Teel said. "The opportunity to collaborate with 4Ry, Inc., on the development and application of this new technology could significantly improve how cattle receive acaricide treatment to prevent the re-establishment of cattle fever ticks in the U.S."

About 4Ry

4Ry is based in Albuquerque. It is commercializing charge-injected atomization and spraying technologies invented by Dr. Arnold Kelly. For more information, please visit

4Ry(R) is a registered U.S. trademark.

About the USDA-ARS

ARS is the USDA's chief scientific in-house research agency. Over 2000 scientists and post-doctoral researchers are engaged in over 600 research projects with 15 National Programs at over 90 research locations.

About Texas A&M AgriLife

Texas A&M AgriLife is the largest comprehensive agriculture program in the nation. It brings together a college and four Texas agencies focused on agriculture and life sciences. It has 5,000 employees and a presence in every county in Texas.

Media Contact
Robert Gore
Vice President, 4Ry Agricultural Solutions

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Morrison Outdoors Joins Pledge 1%, Donates 1% of Revenue to Operation Warm’s #GivingTuesday Campaign

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. -- Just a few weeks before their first birthday, Morrison Outdoors is joining the Pledge 1% movement and donating 1% of all revenue from 2019 to Operation Warm, a registered non-profit providing new winter coats for children who need them.

"We're happy to be joining Pledge 1% and donating to Operation Warm during their #GivingTuesday campaign," says Morrison Outdoors Founder Tavis Malcolm.

"With this donation, we're giving back a piece of every dollar we've ever received, going back to the Kickstarter campaign that launched us," he says. "We've had fortunate early growth as a company and it's important to me that helping our community is something that's built into our business plans from the beginning."

By joining Pledge 1%, Morrison Outdoors is committed to donating 1% of profit, product, or employee time (or combination of those) to charitable giving every year. In the future, they plan to adopt this strategy formally into their company bylaws and apply for B Corp certification.

For now, though, they are focused on giving to Operation Warm at the onset of the winter season.

"Operation Warm is a natural partner for us," explains Malcolm. "Camping is a luxury that we're fortunate to have, and we want everyone to have the same warmth on a daily basis that we try to create with our sleeping bags. This donation will provide brand new coats for roughly two full classrooms of children."

Operation Warm is a national nonprofit that creates brand new, high-quality coats for children in need. Every child, regardless of their economic situation, deserves a brand new coat. Operation Warm partners with compassionate individuals and organizations across North America to give a gift of warmth, confidence and hope to millions of children in need. Operation Warm believes a brand new coat is more than a coat, promoting self-esteem, school attendance and outdoor play.

About Morrison Outdoors

Morrison Outdoors was founded in December 2018 with the mission to make getting outdoors with kids easier for parents. Their line of Little Mo Baby Sleeping Bags raised over $16k on Kickstarter in February 2019, and are now in stores in over 60 REI locations nationwide.

For about Operation Warm, please visit:

For about Pledge 1%, please visit:

For about Morrison Outdoors, please visit:

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First 20-degree Baby Sleeping Bags Hit Store Shelves in REI Exclusive

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. -- Morrison Outdoors, just 7 months removed from their launch campaign on Kickstarter, have brought their line of Little Mo Baby Sleeping Bags to over 60 REI locations across the U.S.

Available in 20-degree (F) and 40-degree (F) temperature ratings, the Little Mo Baby Sleeping Bags are designed to comfortably fit infants from 6 months up to 24 months old. Having no hood or drawstrings, these sleeping bags meet all AAP Guidelines for SAFE Infant Sleep, and both models weigh less than 1 pound each for use in backpacking.

Tavis Malcolm, founder of Morrison Outdoors, explains: "It made no sense to me that we should be sleeping in cozy down sleeping bags when we went camping while our baby was wrapped up in layers of clothes and blankets. We wanted to make something for our baby to sleep in that was warm, comfortable, and safe to use. Now we hope our Baby Sleeping Bags can help parents have at least one less thing to worry about."

For full details and in-store locations, check out the Little Mo 20 and Little Mo 40, both at

About Morrison Outdoors:

Morrison Outdoors was born from a desire to make camping with a baby just a little bit easier. Their patent-pending Little Mo Baby Sleeping Bag is the first 20-degree sleeping bag designed to meet all AAP Guidelines for SAFE Infant Sleep.

Tavis Malcolm, an Eagle Scout, designed their line of Baby Sleeping Bags with his wife, Amber Malcolm, a registered nurse with pediatric experience. Using techniques he learned online and a 1970s-era sewing machine that Amber had found being given away for free, Malcolm turned their unheated Denver-area garage into a makeshift sewing studio in order to develop their patent-pending design.

For more information, please visit Morrison Outdoor's website:

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*Photo caption: Morrison Outdoors Little Mo 20 and 40.

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Stahmanns Pecans Releases a Blog Series About Life on an Estate-Grown Pecan Farm

LA LUZ, N.M. -- Ever want to get a look at what goes on behind the scenes at a working, commercial, estate-grown pecan farm? Well now is your chance. Stahmanns Pecans is wrapping up its twelve-part blog series titled: "A Year on an Estate Grown Pecan Farm." The series began in October 2018 and the final installment of the series will be published on September 2, 2019.

This blog series includes breathtaking, panoramic photos of the pecan groves and the farm throughout an entire calendar year. It also shows how Stahmanns cares for over 168,000 pecan trees spread over 3,200 acres of land that produce between eight and nine million pounds of pecans each year.

The orchard, is a family-owned and managed farm that has been in the family since the beginning in 1932, and the farm has grown with the times, using state of the art farming equipment and environmentally friendly farming techniques to produce tremendous harvests of high-quality pecans every year.

Stahmanns Pecans is an unusual pecan grower because it has its own pecan shelling plant on site. This blog series also provides a look at the pecan shelling plant as well, letting the reader see how these pecans are processed and delivered to commercial markets such as pecan rebaggers, industrial markets all over the world. Processing the pecans onsite assures that the pecans are fresh and delivered quickly to its customers.

So, follow the pecan production process through the budding leaves on the pecan trees in April, all the way through the pecan harvest in December. Then see how the workers on the farm work throughout the winter to prepare both the lands and the pecan shelling plant for the next year's harvest.

Be sure to start at the beginning with Part 1 of A Year on an Estate Grown Pecan Farm and check out our information-packed blog on many other pecan-related topics such as the health benefit of pecans, pecan recipes, and much more:

About Stahmanns Pecans:

As a leader in this industry, Stahmanns' utilizes innovative processing and harvesting techniques that ensure the quality of all the bulk pecans they produce. They focus their efforts on two different varieties of nuts. The Western Schley and Bradley varieties they produce are both Kosher-certified. Additionally, the shelling plant in operation is certified as a SQF Level-3 operation. The investment this company makes in their facilities ensures there is no presence of contamination while all the standards outlined by the company are maintained.

Stahmanns can be reached via the online forms present on their website at

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Stahmanns Pecans Presents a Tip Sheet About Harvesting Natural Pecans

LA LUZ, N.M. -- Stahmanns Pecans shares tips to know when pecans are ready to harvest. Pecans are ready to harvest when they begin to drop from the trees, usually around the time when the tree begins losing its leaves for the winter. Mature pecans have green husks which have turned brown and crack open. That's how you know they are ready.

To harvest pecans properly, be ready for them before they start falling from the trees. This typically occurs sometime between the months of October and December (depending on where you live), although the weather and other environmental conditions may impact the exact dates for the harvest in your area. But the harvest begins before the nuts begin falling from the trees.

Preparing for the Pecan Harvest:

About a month before the harvest it is important to mow and clear the area surrounding each of the trees to make sure that you can see the pecans when they fall from the trees. It is a good idea to clear an area of up to 15 feet beyond the tree canopy itself so you can see the nuts that may be blown by the wind or be flung away from the tree during the harvest.

Once the pecans begin to drop, gather them quickly because damp weather can cause them to get stale and rancid, not to mention that the local wildlife, such as squirrels and crows, love pecans as much as people do. Don't wait and harvest them later. So, it is important to pick up the pecans that fall to the ground immediately.

At Stahmanns, we help this process along by using special farm equipment that uses a hydraulic arm to shake the trees, bringing the ripe pecans cascading down and ready to be collected. Speed the process at home by shaking the branches of the tree or using a long pole to knock them down and gather them.

Inspecting and Drying the Pecans:

Once the pecans have been collected, inspect them carefully for damage due to worm infestations or other pests. Separate the bad pecans from the good ones and store them in a place that will allow them to air dry for anywhere from a week to two weeks while still in their shells. One of the best ways to do this is to spread them out on a plastic sheet in a dry area without a lot of light. Also consider using a fan to circulate air around the pecans to help speed up the drying process.

This drying process, also known as curing, increases the quality and improves the overall flavor of fresh pecans. Any kind of dampness can increase the level of fatty acids in the pecans and may make them rancid or stale.

At Stahmanns, we have a processing facility that automatically sorts the pecans into similar sizes and cleans them and cures them before storing them, still in the shell, in our climate-controlled warehouses.

Testing and Storing Fresh Pecans:

After the pecans have been cured, test them out by removing a few from the shell and break the nut in half. If the pecan breaks easily, then the nuts are cured and ready to use or store. Then shell the pecans and store them in air-tight containers that can be kept in a refrigerator for up to six months or in a freezer for up to two years. If keeping them longer, store them in the shell in a cool dry place for up to a year or freeze them in the shell to keep them fresh longer than two years.

About Stahmanns Pecans:

As a leader in this industry, Stahmanns' utilizes innovative processing and harvesting techniques that ensure the quality of all the bulk pecans they produce. They focus their efforts on two different varieties of nuts. The Western Schley and Bradley varieties they produce are both Kosher-certified. Additionally, the shelling plant in operation is certified as a SQF Level-3 operation. The investment this company makes in their facilities ensures there is no presence of contamination while all the standards outlined by the company are maintained.

Stahmanns can be reached via the online forms present on their website at .


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Friday the 13th original stars reunite in ’13 Fanboy’!

NOGAL, N.M. -- "Friday the 13th" has a passionate fan base that has been waiting for almost a decade for another installment. With the lawsuit between Victor Miller and Sean Cunningham still not resolved a new film isn't likely for several more years, but Voorhees Films has a solution for your much-needed fix, "13 Fanboy."

"Horror fans are the best," says Deborah Voorhees, star of "Friday the 13th: A New Beginning," and writer/director of "13 Fanboy," "but every once in a while, you get that one that feels scary. I've received texts saying, 'I'm watching you right now,' or 'wouldn't it be cool if you were killed like you died in the film?'"

These experiences sparked the idea a year ago, when Voorhees met with veteran producer Joel Paul Reisig. The idea frightened her because "It was just so damn real."

"After several sleepless nights, I realized that if it scared me this much, it would scare others too. I had been looking for a film for horror fans for a while. It just feels like it is the time for this film," says Voorhees.

Together Voorhees and Reisig wrote the script, then gathered up some of the most popular actors from the original "Friday the 13th" movies including CJ Graham, Thom Mathews, Tracie Savage, Ron Sloan, Judie Aronson, and of course Deborah Voorhees.

"13 Fanboy" is not a Paramount film. This is a totally separate series, with no association to the original "Friday" movies.

"Our horror thriller brings your favorite 'Friday the 13th' actors back to the big screen in an entirely new horror series about a fan, who takes his love for the series too far and targets the real-life women from the franchise to kill them," says Reisig.

For financing Voorhees and Reisig have turned to Indiegogo.

"The truth is, studios just were not interested. They think fans are not interested in the original stars," Voorhees admitted. "But we know that our fans still love us!" With the success that Jamie Lee Curtis is currently having with "Halloween" it certainly seems that Voorhees is right!

Please visit their page to see a trailer and for more information:

Facebook page for "13 Fanboy":

About Voorhees Films:
Voorhees Films consists of Deborah Voorhees and Joel Paul Reisig. Voorhees was one of the stars of the popular "Friday the 13th" movies in the 80s. Reisig is a veteran movie producer with over twenty titles to his credit.

Learn more about Deborah Voorhees and Voorhees Films at:

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Smart Cities Prevail Launches Multi-State Campaign On Prevailing Wage Laws

SACRAMENTO, Calif. -- Smart Cities Prevail today released a series of new TV advertisements on prevailing wage laws, part of a multi-state public information campaign launching in California and New Mexico.

View the ads: "HT Tran" ( and "Rebuilding America" (

"HT Tran" tells the story of an Iraq War veteran who came home after being wounded in combat to found the award winning general engineering firm Anvil Builders.

"I wouldn't be alive today if all the guys I served with took shortcuts," Tran says. "Taking care of workers doing dangerous and difficult jobs here at home is no different than taking care of soldiers in the army. Prevailing wage is an investment in well-trained local professionals who know how to get the job done right the first time."

Research has shown that prevailing wage laws disproportionately impact veterans, because they work in construction at higher rates than non-veterans.

"Rebuilding America" highlights the important role that prevailing wage laws play in promoting local hiring and higher quality workmanship on schools, roads and other public projects. Research consistently shows that prevailing wage laws improve the economy and help generate more local middle-class jobs without increasing overall project costs.

"While the well documented economic and community benefits of prevailing wage have been long-validated by respected economists and earned these laws broad bi-partisan support, they are often not well understood by the public at large," said Smart Cities Prevail spokesman Todd Stenhouse. "This campaign isn't just about facts and figures - it's about telling the story of what is at stake and who is really impacted by these laws. More often than not, it's you or someone you know."

Established in the 1930's, prevailing wage laws establish the local market minimum wage on different types of skilled construction work. Typically, the wage includes a base wage, benefits and training contributions - based on surveys of workers performing similar jobs in the community.

In conjunction with the release of the new ad campaign, Smart Cities Prevail has also published resource documents on the impact of prevailing wage laws in New Mexico and California. These studies chronicle the impact of the laws on everything from construction costs to job creation, overall economic output and welfare reliance.

"Reams of peer reviewed data have conclusively shown that when it comes to controlling costs, creating jobs, strengthening the economy and building projects that stand the test of time, prevailing wage offers the best value for taxpayers," Stenhouse concluded.

Smart Cities Prevail is a leading construction industry research and advocacy organization, focused on contracting and labor standards.

More information on us may be found at - or on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

*PDF LINK: "The Impact of Prevailing Wage Laws on Military Veterans: AN ECONOMIC AND LABOR MARKET ANALYSIS."

VIDEO (YouTube):

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National Infertility Week culminates with release of documentary film, ‘The Empty Womb’

SANTA FE, N.M. -- Award-winning filmmaker, Betsy Chasse, announces inaugural release of her eagerly anticipated documentary, "The Empty Womb," marking the end of National Infertility Week. A depiction of the griefs infertility, "The Empty Womb" film features humanitarian artist, Robbi Firestone, who shares her infertility/IVF journey through art; "The Empty Womb" museum installation.

The 18-minute film explores in detail the silent, raw emotions infertile women suffer after failed invitro fertilization (IVF) cycles.

Best known as the Co-Creator (Co-Director, Writer, Producer) of "What the Bleep Do We Know," Betsy Chasse created the category of Spiritual Cinema, crafting media inspiring transformation.

Chasse describes "The Empty Womb" as so: "It's not just about infertility; it invokes a rare exploration of truly authentic communication. Women are speaking up, exploring sisterhood, teaching girls to express true feelings. In the film, Firestone inquires, 'Since when did telling the truth become bravery?'"

"The Empty Womb" project initiates a worldwide movement to unleash the silent, isolating and secretive experiences resulting from infertility.

Firestone's artwork and Chasse's film screened March 2018 in parallel with the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women by Tess Caccitore's "GWEN."

Nation Infertility Week culminates as Firestone's work begins; in Delhi, India, she was conferred the prestigious Iconic Women Bettering the World for All award by WEF.

Firestone says, "Gender Officers such as Georgia Gage, Republic of Liberia, have expressed that girls as young as 11 are labeled infertile after months of marriage. Immediately divorced, she is stigmatized; cursed. Rejected by family and community, she is vulnerable and impoverished; easily absorbed into sex trafficking.

"United Nations NGOs don't represent her. In Ghana, Liberia, India, this child is an ignored 'issue' -- I wanted to be a biological mother. This work supporting infertile girls and women chose me instead."

At New Mexico Philharmonic's Arts and Music Festival Firestone discussed "Art as Alchemy," at the National Museum for Natural History and Science, April 2018. A licensed RScP, Firestone runs a desperately needed coaching business connecting mental health professionals (themselves biologically infertile) to infertile women.

To heal her own experience, Firestone constructed "The Empty Womb" art of her own IVF supplies. Syringes, bloody alcohol swabs, etc., are crocheted into "Baby Blankets," with titles inquiring, "Did Invitro Kill Your Marriage?" or "Are You Willing to Die for your Hearts Desire?"

Firestone's fierce, provoking, raw, despairing, enlightening museum installation, "The Empty Womb," is the first to tackle this timely topic.

Learn more:

Chasse and Firestone are brazen new voices giving rise to a global movement unleashing the silent conversation around women's infertility. Visit "The Empty Womb" Film here:

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Pie Festival 2016 Sept. 10: Come for the Pie – Stay for the Stars

PIE TOWN, N.M. -- The 36th Annual Pie Town Pie Festival is set for September 10, 2016, and will be offering a slate of old time fun for those who come to the scenic and historic town of Pie Town, New Mexico, USA.

Events start at 8 a.m. with the pi-K Run for Pie - and, yes, it's a 3.14 mile run. More information can be found at:

At 9 a.m. pie bakers will arrive with their home made entries for the Pie Baking Contest. Every year a grand prize winner is awarded $100 and bragging rights, plus there are winners in the categories for Best Fruit Pie, Best Nut Pie, Best Other Pie, and Best Youth Pie for under-17 bakers. Rules for the 2016 Pie Festival Pie Baking Contest can be found posted online at:

Entries can be made on the day of the event at the Pie Town Fire Station-just no cream pies that need refrigeration, please. And make sure your pie tin or plate can be auctioned off with the pie as a fund raiser for Pie Town.

Games begin at 10 a.m. with the very popular Horseshoe Tournament, followed by the very messy Pie Eating Contest, the Horned Toad Race (you have to catch your entry first, but the local stable is large), and other games for kids of all ages.

The 2016 Pie Queen will be crowned at 11:30, and the winners of the Pie Baking Contest will be announced. In the afternoon, you can buy an award-winning slice, and pies will be available for sale all day at Pie Town's Jackson Park, along with gifts and handmade crafts. Music will be offered at the park's pavilion, including some foot-stomping fiddle and guitar favorites from Wes and Joe Burris.

At 7 p.m. the annual dance kicks-off featuring "Wild Ride" (dance tickets $7). The dance will be held at the pavilion if weather is good, or in the community center (the old Farm Bureau building) if rain threatens. During the day you will also hear music from Left Handed Fiddler, Austin Ladd and Patti, Jim Ruff and Francie Dieters and other surprise guests.

Pie Town NM USA's Pie Festival first began as a local community canning event and has grown into a slice of old time fun for everyone. Pie Town has been known as a haven for pies ever since Clive Norman, a WWI vet settled in the area and started making pies for those traveling through. In 1924, a red-headed Texas cowboy named Harmon L. Craig bought a half-interest in Pie Town for "one dollar of good and lawful money and other valuable consideration." Craig opened a gas station and garage, and then Pie Town's fame was spread even wider when Russel Lee arrived in Pie Town to document rural life in the 1940's.

Pie Town still retains much of the charm of that era, when life was simple and the pie was a staple of every roadside cafe.

Pie Town offers free dry camping behind the Jackson Park, along with several RV sites in Pie Town and at Top of the World. In addition, Pie Town now offers four pie cafes that will be open during the event. Pie Town NM USA is located directly on Highway 60, West of New Mexico's Very Large Array (VLA) made famous in the movie, "Contact" with Jodi Foster.

Proceeds from the Pie Festival go to help support the community and keep Pie Town a haven for anyone who loves pie.

You may have seen Pie Town on the Travel Channel and on Sunday Morning TV shows or you may have seen the beautiful, historic photographs from the Smithsonian; now, don't you think it is time for a taste?

About Pie Town Rising Stars:

"Pie Town Rising Stars" is a Non-Profit Organization dedicated to restoring, preserving and improving the Historic Town of Pie Town, New Mexico. We have some of the darkest skies in the world, and we're organizing the "Pie in the Sky" Star Party, whose proceeds will go to improve Pie Town's infrastructure, and help make Pie Town a visitor friendly, prosperous travel destination. Learn more at

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