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Solar Mounting Solutions’ Racking Systems heads into 2017 with NYS Code Compliant Design

NEW YORK, N.Y. -- Solar Mounting Solutions announces new racking for solar installations. The patent-pending racking design fully covers concrete ballasts to meet the 2016 New York solar installation code requirements, amendment to 1 RCNY105-02.

The use of concrete ballast is a common alternative for solar installations that are unable to penetrate either the roof or the ground. Many New York business and building owners have expressed their interest in finding solutions for their low-sloped and flatter rooftops that will not make holes in the existing roof. Temperamental ground-mounts have some of the same issues with penetration as those of flat roofs. For example, solar arrays that are installed on top of landfill caps are not allowed to penetrate the liner.

These types of issues are exactly why solar ballasts were invented. To avoid making lasting penetrations, concrete blocks are placed throughout a project to secure arrays to the ground or the roof, preventing wind lift or any other movement. However, the problem with exposed concrete blocks is their gradual erosion over time having been exposed to UV light, moisture, freezing and thawing. This will eventually result in broken chunks of concrete rendering the ballast useless.

To meet concerns of both property owners and state safety standards, the latest amendment to New York code RCNY105-02 now requires racking ballasts to be fully contained to minimize deterioration. This was a direct hit to most solar outfitters who were backed into a regulatory corner in regards to their installation procedures.

To keep up with the demand for solar and the requirements, Newburgh, New York-based Solar Mounting Solutions developed a solution. Their patent pending rack designs fully meet the new code requirement and can be used on new installations or to retrofit old panels.

"Our customers require a racking system that is both quick to install and will absolutely meet the requirements within the state regulatory code," said Ron Bibbo, Vice President of Solar Mounting Solutions. "We've designed a system that meets both objectives; totally covering and protecting the concrete ballast and enabling installers to complete their project in half the time."

About Solar Mounting Solutions:

Solar Mounting Solutions designs, engineers and manufactures solar racking and mounting products. They specialize in designing pre-assembled racking which thereby requires significantly less time to install than other systems in the market. All Solar Mounting Solutions products comply or exceed UL 2703 standards for photovoltaic panel mounts. Solar Mounting Solutions racking is being used in all types of installations from residential to large commercial and utility scale projects. Solar Mounting Solutions is headquartered in Newburgh, New York and is sold through a network of solar integrators and installers across the U.S.

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