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Candied Nails Attributes Growth to Affordability, Choices and Stylist Program

PHOENIX, Ariz. -- Soony Costello, founder and creator, Candied Nails, saw a gap in the nail salon market and set out to fill it. Now, the business is growing in leaps and bounds. Her model for success includes long lasting nail art that is not only eye-catching, but affordable too. Candied Nails quite simply puts nail design into the hands of the consumer.

"There are many large nail companies out there, but none match the service and quality that Candied Nails provides," Costello says. "Candied Nails cost a fraction of what typical salons charge. It's great to see people of all ages enjoy designing their nails at an affordable price."

With more than 100 choices, Candied Nails uses real nail polish strips that easily apply to nails. And since the unique and fun designs are created with real nail polish, nails not only feel pretty, but remain healthy and undamaged too. Candied Nails are long lasting, and a clear top coat provides for an even longer lasting finish.

"The quality compared to our other competitors is superb," she says.

Candied Nails' nail strip designs range from floral, geometric, people and animals to holiday themes, characters, designer choices and more. Some popular nail designs with catchy names to match include: Watermelon, Puppy Love, Cool Girl, Unicorn Fun and Splish Splash. There's something for everyone.

In addition, the Candied Nails community has seen a recent growth spurt with the addition of Costello's new Candied Nails' Stylist program. Costello offers "blind" wholesale and drop shipping services which makes it possible for others to create their own online business under a different brand name.

"It's exciting to see how creative people can get with their businesses," Costello says. "Each person adds a unique touch to Candied Nails to make their new nail business all their own."

Candied Nails plans to expand its line to include solid color and design press on nails in fun kids' styles too.

For more information about Candied Nails' wholesale and drop shipping services:

About Candied Nails

An alternative to nail salon nails, Candied Nails are conveniently ordered online and easy to apply. Candied Nails nail polish strips are also cruelty-free, vegan and non-toxic.

Watch a video here:


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Arizona-based healthcare technology startup, Dollar Care, Inc. has announced the introduction of its DollarCARE online platform

PHOENIX, Ariz. -- The DollarCARE platform ( enables individuals with no health insurance or high deductible plans to search and find providers near them that offer the lowest prices on medical and dental procedures, treatments and services. Individuals can select a procedure followed by a location and instantly access the average market prices in their area followed by a list of providers with low, transparent prices.

"Given the unfortunate circumstances we find ourselves in, we will likely see more and more individuals with no insurance and or with very high deductible plans who are paying insane amounts for procedures and services," says Mack Baniameri, cofounder of Dollar Care, Inc. "The reason is because consumers have no idea how much a medical or dental procedure costs until the bill arrives. And most importantly, consumers have no easy way to shop for best prices for medical and dental needs. Our goal is to make healthcare more affordable and consumer friendly. We do that by negotiating fair prices with high quality providers and passing on the savings to the consumers."

The DollarCARE platform also empowers independent healthcare providers to compete and grow their business by attracting cash pay patients. Healthcare providers that offer low prices on the DollarCARE platform, can directly connect with consumers who shop online for best medical and dental deals.

"The fact that the Trump Administration will require all hospitals across the country to provide clear prices for all of their procedures starting January 2021 proves that the time for hidden and inflated healthcare prices is over," says Baniameri. "If a consumer can search for the best prices on hotels and airline tickets, they should have the same ability to shop for best prices for healthcare procedures and services."

About Dollar Care, Inc.

For more information visit:

To contact Dollar Care, Inc., visit

For price information visit:

Dollar Care, Inc.
2303 N. 44th St. Suite 14-1280 Phoenix, AZ 85008
Tel: 800.213.1854

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‘Bipolar is NOT an STD’ made it to the Best New Bipolar Disorder Books and Best Bipolar Disorder Books of All Time

PHOENIX, Ariz. -- Dr. Lauren Goodall, PsyD, author of "Bipolar is not an STD" (ISBN: 978-1089401507) takes notice of her two "Best Book" achievements for her outstanding self-help book.

Dr Lauren Goodall's book, "Bipolar is NOT an STD: Beyond Bipolar, anxiety, depression, personality problems, and relationship offenses" has proven instrumental as a self-help book covering the range of Bipolar spectrum disorder, all kinds of mood dysregulation, and understanding personality disorders.

In a recent interview, Dr. Lauren Goodall, was extremely pleased to get this type of recognition in the book arena. "What I think really matters, is that my book helps a person to understand what is happening and why. By first and foremost understanding this, you can literally cut years off of getting reckless & inaccurate diagnosis, which is unfortunately out there."

She was thrilled to find that BookAuthority, ranked her book at #11 in Best Bipolar Disorder books of all time, and #6 in 2020's best Bipolar books.

Once Covid19 crisis becomes more stabilized, Dr. Lauren Goodall will proceed with discussion/group meetings/book signings to be announced. In the interim, she hopes that this time becomes an opportunity for people to catch up on relevant self-help, and most importantly, heal.

She added, "BookAuthority collects and ranks the best books in the world, and it is a great honor to get this kind of recognition. Thank you for this honor."

"Bipolar is not an STD," is currently released and available in softcover thru Amazon and all major book and E-book retailers. Dr. Goodall is available for interviews, speaking engagements, and signings by contacting her via her Email:

Media Contact:
Dr Lauren Goodall

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Knapsack Health Takes Aim on The Personal Health Record Marketplace

PHOENIX, Ariz. -- Bringing together a team of Clinical Leaders, Healthcare IT Professionals and Software experts, the Knapsack Health mobile application is designed to flourish in the Interoperability and Blockchain movement that is currently happening in Healthcare.

Founder - CEO Charles Spannagel states, "I have been in this field since 2005 (Electronic Medical Records and Personal Health Records) and just as legislative initiatives created the robust marketplace for Electronic Medical Records, we are predicting the same trajectory with the current initiatives of interoperability national standards."

Knapsack's initial offering is designed with the patient in mind but will also partner with medical practices, financial institutions that offer HSA's/FSA's, legal practices, senior citizen organizations, youth organizations, addiction treatment centers and other targeted groups/businesses that could utilize the free application for their group members and customers.

On the topic of patients and consumers, Spannagel states: "Our goal as a company is to provide patients the tool they need to record their health records as well as the manage and track the records of their loved ones. The current state of patient portals and PHR's is highly fragmented and confusing. Patients can have multiple portals but no centralized solution to store and manage their records. Essentially, individuals and caretakers are dealing with a big data management problem. The solution we have built gathers a comprehensive medical history, insurance and demographic information, and a repository to upload any record or document the user wants to keep with them on any smart device."

Knapsack has also begun their "Finger Cuffs" initiative which utilizes a blockchain user interface paired with a Near Field Communication (NFC) receptor. This locks in the patient's visit from check in to check out, ensuring the patient starts and finishes with their own secure record.

Knapsack's Features:

* A complete medical history stored securely on your mobile device (Cloud Server and Application are HIPPAA compliant)
* Ability to add up to 9 additional users (10 records total)
* Track medical expenses for tax purposes
* Store additional health related documentation, visit summaries, lab results, diagnostic tests, etc.
* Translate record for international travel
* Message your record (PDF) safely and securely with password protected encryption

* Free Application for Providers which streamlines front office registration workflow
* Produces a complete medical history for patient
* Obtains Demographics and Insurance Information
* Enlists Practice in a growing network that will give access to additional tools

* Ability to receive medical history, documentation, files directly from user
* Ability to receive tax documentation from user
* Enlists Organization in a consumer network of communication tools

Learn more at:

Personal Health Record (PHR): is an electronic application through which patients can maintain and manager their health information (and that of others for whom they are authorized) in a private, secure, and confidential environment. PHR

Electronic Medical Record (EHR): is a digital version of a patient's paper chart. EHRs are real-time, patient-centered records that make information available instantly and securely to authorized users. While an EHR does contain the medical and treatment histories of patients, an EHR system is built to go beyond standard clinical data collected in a provider's office and can be inclusive of a broader view of a patient's care. EHR

Interoperability: Interoperability is the ability of different information systems, devices and applications ('systems') to access, exchange, integrate and cooperatively use data in a coordinated manner, within and across organizational, regional and national boundaries, to provide timely and seamless portability of information and optimize the health of individuals and populations globally. Health data exchange architectures, application interfaces and standards enable data to be accessed and shared appropriately and securely across the complete spectrum of care, within all applicable settings and with relevant stakeholders, including by the individual. Interoperability

Blockchain: A blockchain is a digital record of transactions. The name comes from its structure, in which individual records, called blocks, are linked together in single list, called a chain. Blockchains are used for recording transactions made with cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, and have many other applications. Blockchain

Near Field Communication (NFC): NFC is a short-range wireless technology that enables simple and secure communication between electronic devices. It may be used on its own or in combination with other wireless technologies, such as Bluetooth. NFC

Government Initiatives:
Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology: Interoperability Road Map

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Penalties Proposed for Organizations that do not meet Interoperability Standards: Interoperabilty Blocking Rule

Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services putting patients first: MyHealthEData Initiative

Charles Spannagel
Knapsack Health
cspannagel @

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Near Death Out of Body Experiences Guides Woman to Become A Doctor and Medium

PHOENIX, Ariz. -- In "Med School after Menopause, The Journey of my Soul" (ISBN: 978-0578526300; $14.99 Divine Publishing, Nov. 2019) author Ann Charlotte Valentin shows the reader that it is never too late to transform one's life path. By sharing stories from her own life, she helps the reader identify how their own perception affects them in different situations.

Each chapter provides a specific message for the reader to contemplate followed by an exercise that can easily be incorporated into daily life.

By sharing her own journey and paranormal experiences through life, she inspires the reader to find their Divine Feminine, intuitive powers and soul's purpose. This book will take you on a journey that will help you create peace and happiness in your mind, heart, and soul.

"I knew I was dying. The first thing I noticed was that I was still alive. I was still there, just outside my body!" said Dr. Valentin as she came close to death in the ER in 1992. She then developed a serious blood disorder and walked a fine line between life and death for several years.

Two years later as she struggled to heal, she again left her body, which activated her life path. As a result of these experiences, she became clairvoyant, clairaudient and clairsentient.

"I wrote this book to inspire the reader to follow their own intuition and develop into the person they were born to become by moving from their mind to their heart."

Ann Charlotte Valentin is a doctor and medium with a background in business and computer science. As a physician she helps her patients heal physically, emotionally and spiritually. She also works as a public speaker and spiritual educator to help others find their intuitive gifts.

"Med School after Menopause, The Journey of my Soul" ($14.99, 228 pages, 6x9 paperback/e-book, ISBN: 978-0578526300) is available at local bookstores, Amazon and other online stores. For more information, visit

Facebook and Instagram: @Dr.LotteValentin

Divine Publishing is a subsidiary of Divine Spiritual Essence. For more information visit:

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*Photo caption: Cover, "Med School after Menopause, The Journey of my Soul," by Ann Charlotte Valentin.

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Local Phoenix Radio Host, Rich Berra, Releases Second Holiday Children’s Book for Charity

PHOENIX, Ariz. -- Rich Berra, co-host of the nationally syndicated Johnjay and Rich Show on iHeart Radio, has released his second holiday children's book, "Christmas Steve Meets Christmas Carol" (ISBN: 978-0578571904). Berra's book is the sequel to "The Tale of Christmas Steve," released in 2017. Proceeds from the sale of each book go to the #LoveUp Foundation ( - a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization co-founded by Berra and his on-air partner, Johnjay Van Es - which helps foster children and families in need.

Following the first whimsical book about a small elf with a big heart, "Christmas Steve Meets Christmas Carol" tells the story of a 6-foot-2 tall elf girl named Carol who, while big on the outside, is scared on the inside to let her talents shine. With a little help from Christmas Steve, Carol learns what happens when you let go of fear and start dreaming out loud. Illustrated by Design Art Studio and published by Branded Pros, the 32-page hardcover book retails for $17.99.

Since 2017, Berra has donated nearly $50,000 in book-generated profits to the #LoveUp Foundation. This year, with the arrival of "Christmas Carol," the radio host and author is implementing a buy-one, give-one campaign: Every book purchased at will be matched with a second book donated to a Children's Miracle Network Hospital, St. Jude's Children's Hospital, a Title 1 school or one of #LoveUp's affiliated programs.

"This year, we wanted to go beyond the monetary donation and share what's at the heart of these books - a love of reading - with kids everywhere," said Berra. "The story, the proceeds and the gift of the book itself to children in need all combine to make the ultimate impact."

In addition to featuring the two hilarious and heartwarming children's books, Berra's Christmas Steve brand has expanded to include fashion t-shirts with funny elf sayings, kids' and baby clothing, natural wood toys and more elf-themed merchandise.

For more information about the buy-one, give-one campaign or to make a purchase, visit For media inquiries, contact Stacey Kole at Branded Pros at

More information:

Social: @realchristmassteve
Facebook -
Instagram -

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*Image caption: "Christmas Steve Meets Christmas Carol" is the newly released children's book by radio host Rich Berra.

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Debuting this November: Christmas at Schnepf Farms

QUEEN CREEK, Ariz. -- The 250-acre Schnepf Farms, one of the Phoenix area's favorite destinations, is turning into a winter wonderland this holiday season. Together with World of Illumination, the leader in Christmas entertainment with the world's largest animated holiday light show, the Farm is unveiling Christmas at Schnepf Farms-a new kind of holiday magic for the entire family.

Located in Queen Creek, Schnepf Farms is turning 40 acres of its property into an all-in-one holiday attraction that features ice skating, a vintage Christmas carousel, 4D state-of-the-art animated movie, cookie decorating with Mrs. Claus, reindeer hayrides, pictures with Santa in his workshop, glow mini golf, marshmallow roasting over open bonfires and the world's largest inflatable Christmas-themed obstacle course.

The culmination of the experience is the World of Illumination train ride, a fully lit excursion through Santa's magic portal.

"We are so thrilled to launch this new event with our partners," said Mark Schnepf, owner of Schnepf Farms. "We believe we have something special to make your Christmas truly unforgettable."

This enchanted holiday experience opens November 26 and runs through January 4, operating nightly from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. Tickets range from $20 to $35 per person and can be purchased at the door or online at

Visitors may sign up at the website now for a chance to win one of 500 family four-packs of tickets. Free general admission for children to Christmas at Schnepf Farms is also offered every Monday night throughout the season. A portion of all ticket sales will benefit the New Leaf Foundation.

More information:

For more information, email or to schedule an interview, email

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*Photo caption: The all-new Christmas at Schnepf Farms opens November 26.

*VIDEO (YouTube):

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ACE Home Services Providing Support for Urban Farm Program at St. Vincent De Paul’s 2019 Fall Festival

PHOENIX, Ariz. -- It's the second edition of the Urban Farm Program at St. Vincent de Paul's 2019 Fall Festival. ACE Home Services will be providing resources, supplies, and other benefits for the less fortunate in the society.

ACE Home Services is a top HVAC and Plumbing company servicing the Phoenix Metro area. For years since it was founded, they have provided homes with quality AC and Heating facility maintenance, equipment installation, and repair, ensuring smooth operation in homes.

As part of their Corporate Social Responsibility and intervention, the company announced they will be providing support to the Urban Farm Program at St. Vincent de Paul's 2019 Fall Festival on their Human Services Campus. The event will be taking place Friday, September 20, 2019 11 a.m. - 1 p.m., at 1075 W Jackson St., Phoenix, AZ 85007.

The goal of the festival is to engage less fortunate people in society to have access to resources related to wellness, urban farming, health, and connections to end their homelessness.

This is the 2nd annual Fall Festival/Wellness Fair by Urban Farm Program and ACE Home Services is proud to be participating once again. In last year's event, the company had over 30 volunteers who helped with farm maintenance, feeding the homeless, and providing support to staff.

For the event of this year, they promise to do even better. Plans have already been put in place to provide more resources, materials, and relief items to help make the life of the people better. They will be handing out backpacks that may help individuals experiencing homelessness and are looking for help on the campus. These backpacks will include items such as aluminum water bottles, cooling towels and cooling bags for food.

In addition to the backpacks, ACE Home Services will also be holding an internal sock drive for the event. It is their hope that these socks will provide comfort to those who deserve it, especially during the coming harsh weather conditions.

ACE Home Services is providing this support as part of their desire to see a better society with more happy people. They're not just about serving customers but also about showing humanity and kindness and accessing the energy in sacrifice and giving.

About ACE Home Services:

ACE Home Services is an HVAC and plumbing services providing support for businesses and homes in more than 28 cities. They offer air-conditioning installation, maintenance and repair, heating equipment placement, bathroom remodeling, water softeners and heaters, water leak protection, heating replacement, and so on. They are fast, efficient, reliable, experienced, highly reliable, and they always put the customers first in all they do.

For more information, please visit their website -

Media Contact:
James Sesay
ACE Home Services

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Restaurant Purchasing Report 2019 – Over 550 Independent Operators Share Their Experience and Insights Regarding Purchasing

PHOENIX, Ariz. -- has published the report of their 2019 Restaurant Purchasing Survey. This report focuses on restaurant purchasing, summarizing input from over 550 independent operators regarding their purchasing, including where operators purchase, involvement in group purchasing organizations (GPOs), the prevalence and benefits of prime vendor relationships, and the rationale and satisfaction with prime vendors.

A copy of the report is available at:

Survey Results:
Despite the purchasing power of GPOs, only 9% of responding operators are part of one. Four GPOs accounted for 67% of those named by respondents: Dining Alliance (23%), Delaware Valley Purchasing Group (19%), Foodbuy (14%) and Entegra (12%).

Unlike GPO involvement, most (78%) operators have a prime vendor relationship or distributor from which they purchase most of their food, beverage, and paper products. The benefits are many, but more than 75% of respondents cite better service, simplicity of fewer vendors, improved relationship with sales representatives, and feeling that a vendor genuinely supported their restaurant's success as benefits of such a relationship.

Forty-five broadline suppliers were named by respondents, yet only five suppliers serve as the primary supplier for 90% of respondents: Sysco (34%), US Foods (23%), Gordon (13%), Performance Food Group (12%), and Ben E. Keith (8%).

Most (84%) operators are satisfied with their prime vendor. This satisfaction is evident in the length of these relationships, with most (52%) operators having worked with a prime vendor for more than 5 years.

Even with the benefits of a prime vendor, nearly a quarter (22%) of operators did not have such a relationship. Almost half (49%) of operators without a prime vendor report that they prefer to work with multiple distributors and suppliers. Additional insights and quotes from operators are included in the 2019 Restaurant Purchasing Survey Report.


Since 1998, has provided training and resources to independent restaurant owners and managers who want to improve their leadership and business management skills to create a higher quality guest experience, greater employee engagement and better financial results.

More information:

*Image Caption: page six example from the comprehensive 2019 report.

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Arizona Department of Housing Congratulates the Recipients of the 2019 Brian Mickelsen Housing Hero Awards

PHOENIX, Ariz. -- Arizona Department of Housing presented the 2019 Brian Mickelsen Housing Hero Awards at a recognition ceremony in Scottsdale on August 21. The ceremony was held in conjunction with the 16th Annual Arizona Housing Forum; the premier industry event for housing and community development professionals in the state.

The Housing Hero Award recognizes outstanding achievements by nominees in eight categories and is named in honor of the outstanding public service exemplified by the late Brian Mickelsen, an original member of the Arizona Housing Finance Authority and the city manager for the Town of Cottonwood.

Arizona Department of Housing congratulates the 2019 Brian Mickelsen Housing Hero Award recipients in the following categories:

Outstanding Affordable Housing Initiative

* South Phoenix Village Infill Redevelopment Project
City of Phoenix & Foundation for Senior Living

Innovative Supportive Housing Program

* First Place (R) AZ
First Place - Phoenix

Exemplary Rural Multifamily Project
* Las Brisas Sunset Apartments (San Luis)
Comite de Bienestar, Inc.

Exemplary Urban Multifamily Project

* The Marist on Cathedral Square (Tucson)
Foundation for Senior Living

Tribal Initiatives

* TOKA Homes III
Tohono O'odham Ki:Ki Association

Outstanding State Administered Community Development Block Grant Funded Project

* Boys & Girls Club
Town of Prescott Valley

Elected Official

* Gila County Board of Supervisors
Woody Cline, Tim Humphrey, Tommie Martin

Arthur Crozier Partner in Housing

* Michael McQuaid
Human Services Campus (Phoenix)

Learn more about Arizona Dept. of Housing at:

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