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Cybernauts Called to PLANETXXI to Save Planet Earth

CHICAGO, Ill. -- PLANETXXI, an exoplanet and mirror to Earth, has recently picked up chatter and cries for help to save planet Earth. Their voices were heard in CyberCity, PLANETXXI's satellite communications center saying that planet Earth is in trouble. Sandra Snowden, Founder of PLANETXXI LLC and newly launched online entertainment broadcasting website,, says she and her company are ready to help save planet earth.

Through her cosmic character aka Celestina Xi, Ambassador from PLANETXXI, she is sending out an SOS to recruit a new generation of futurists and visionaries - Cybernauts. Together, they will work to solve Earth's environmental crisis and save the planet.

Concerned students are afraid that the future of the planet is grim and they are looking for ways to help. Becoming a PLANETXXI Cybernaut is one way to be a catalyst for change.

While NASA has astronauts travel the universe on space missions, PLANETXXI Cybernauts zoom at warp speed into cyberspace from CyberCity and connect with their counterparts in a "Think Tank of Tomorrow" where they're challenged to create The First Eco City of the Future on PLANETXXI.

Using a blank canvas, students can Dare to Dream Big on their vision quest and design the kind of sustainable, and eco-friendly world they would like to live in and inherit. This eco-city will be their future. Through their illustrations, inventions, and innovation, PLANETXXI Cybernauts can change the paradigm and the course of history. They can also showcase their ideas and videos for all the world to see on PLANETXXI TV's YouTube Channel.

"This is no time to stand on the sidelines and watch others take control of your future. Space greats already have plans to build cities on Mars and to create colonized habitats in space so people will have a safe place to live as Earth becomes more and more uninhabitable," Celestina says.

Celestina agrees that as the climate clock ticks, planet Earth may cease to exist by 2100 and believes that together, a sustainable future can be achieved on Earth and PLANETXXI.

She's calling all futurists and visionaries, especially Generation Z'ers, to become part of the mission. In addition, teachers and classrooms are also invited to join PLANETXXI Cyber Schools of the Future in helping to create a new eco-friendly planet at:

Cybernauts will receive membership to Club PLANETXXI, along with a virtual passport giving them access to participate in all cyber events and virtual activities in CyberCity. Cyber Kids of the Future can also become a Cyber Pal to planet Earth and PLANETXXI. (PLANETXXI is COPPA compliant)

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Take the PLANETXXI Challenge: Create the Eco City of the Future

CHICAGO, Ill. -- As we zoom into the future in 2021, we see first-hand that the universe is filled with limitless opportunities. Space greats are busy with plans to build Mars City, creating orbital sci-fi habitats in space and adding finishing touches on luxury spaceships for galactic-go-getters. There's a real competition in the "race for space," and Sandra Snowden, aka Celestina, Ambassador PLANETXXI, has just entered the race with plans of her own to create The Eco City of the Future on PLANETXXI. And, now she's inviting a new generation of futurists and visionaries of all ages to compete.

Celestina's newly-launched website,, encourages futurists to sign on as virtual cybernauts who can then travel into cyberspace to the planet's space station in CyberCity. Through virtual events, and cyber connections, they can design the blueprint and masterplan for their future on PLANETXXI.

Located in the Goldilocks Galaxy, PLANETXXI is an exoplanet in the Circumstellar Habitable Zone (CHZ). It's a planet of peace and positivity and a place where dreams for the future can come true. It's also Earth's mirror planet.

"Exoplanets are real," Celestina says. "NASA's first exoplanet was discovered in 1995 and a recent study at the Carl Sager Institute revealed that exoplanets have the best odds for extraterrestrial life to exist."

Celestina believes that this is the ideal time in history for people to ignite their cosmic powers and create the Eco City of the Future on PLANETXXI.

"Space is the new frontier and if we work together as space pioneers in the 21st century, nothing is impossible," she says.

So, while many on Earth are having to stay safe at home, futurists and visionaries can join forces and unleash their imagination and innovations through video and share them with the world to see.

For 20 years, humanity has found discovery and lived-in space at the International Space Station (ISS), so the sky has no limits.

"I also agree with scientists that Earth may even cease to exist by 2100 unless there are immediate changes to its unhealthy environment," Celestina adds.

The PLANETXXI website includes Celestina's Celestial Greeting and Welcome to the Future, Think Tank of Tomorrow, Vision Quest for Futurists and the Cyber Challenge: Create the Eco City of the Future on PLANETXXI. In addition, her upcoming YouTube PLANETXXI TV Show, Show Celestina Live From PLANETXXI, will feature weekly futurists and visionaries who will discuss how people can build a whole new, eco-friendly world.

Schools are also invited to join and be part of PLANETXXI Cyber Schools of the Future, and Club PLANETXXI. Cosmic Kids of the Future will introduce Cyber Pal cartoon characters to inspire kids, and even invite them to fly on Star Rider through the galaxy and reach for the stars. The website is in compliance with COPPA (Children's Online Privacy Protection Act.)

"Time to fasten your seatbelts. We are ready to launch," Celestina says. "What role will you play in our future?"

Celestina is available for interviews from CyberCity, her orbital space station and communications center at or (312)953-3108.

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